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  2. “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!”

    Your professional courtesy is appreciated! I love a customer telling me about the car they just missed out on, they know not to mess around on mine then
  3. have been busy during the week including 2 on Good Friday but nothing booked in for today and the phone hasnt rung yet. If nothing changes by 2, I'm locking up and going home!
  4. Who Can Recommend a Turntable?

    /\ /\ /\ LOL, This springs to mind
  5. Has it had an ECU software update? this car may have a timing chain issue and have fault **CODES** deleted? I know you have replaced the ECU but did you clone the old one? Will it start every time with a bump?
  6. Ref that fuel pressure check.....relieve the rail pressure before doing the check, otherwise you are looking at historic residual pressure, not if it 'makes' pressure correctly on start up. Just fixed a poorly Mondeo with this issue for the local garage. And good luck, this issues are 99% silly things. PS and remind your guys about the benefits of basics like hanging a vacuum gauge across it to check for exhaust blockages etc.
  7. Thanks, the guy who has had it trying to sort it for me is a Vauxhall technician and has resolved many cars for me before. He has access to any Vauxhall diagnostics and the usual log on and link directly with Vauxhall themselves. I will mention all of the different things you are suggesting as he is as keen to sort it for me as I am to get it done. thanks again
  8. Today
  9. Holiday time for me too, just not worth the grief of the bored, the dreamers or the 'looky me' poseurs. A cheapy may go as a distress sale, but asperational custom over a bank holiday, rarely did when I had sites.
  10. If Vauxhall replaced the crank sensor then that would say the CPS (crank position sensor) output has been 'seen' to go missing, randomly. Try and find if it is indeed random, such as only when hot (or cold? ) using only one of the keys (they haven't been split, maybe both on the same key ring? ) only when just unlocked, you know what I'm saying here. Immobiliser engaged issue will show on diagnostics, at least mine does, so a OEM surely will. Somewhere in the back of my mind there is a dim light with engine wiring loom issues on some Vauxhalls.....? Whatever, it seems the hardest issue here to resolve is to find a proper fault finder not a parts darts championand as said getting a grip on the basics, is it loosing fuel or ignition?
  11. Hi again everyone, thanks for your suggestions. The car has been connected to live data when the guy at Vauxhall’s had it. Likewise when auto electrician had it too. The crank sensor was replaced with a genuine one and not a cheap one. fuel pressure was checked but showed no obvious signs of faults. Immobiliser, I would have thought would show a warning light whilst cranking? I was hoping that someone may have actually had this problem before and might have that snippet of info that could relieve us of this awful headache. Thanks guys. Gsry
  12. Mileage descrepancies

    I'm assuming jaguar buyers would be complete know it alls
  13. Mileage descrepancies

    You will find they do it after and then ring you with issues like that private plate one you had where they think its a cat d or something else untoward. Always found it weird doing the check after purchase but tends to happen quite a lot.
  14. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    What a feeling, can't beat the buzz of a deal good work.
  15. If 2/3rds of your stock come back with problems right away just check you are prepping right. If you are and its just genuinely something has just happened we could not have forseen don't be to hard on yourself. If its a case of we should be better than this up the prep game. I hate bank holiday weekends, more and more. Had yesterday off in today and closed completely Sunday with Monday off. Im a grafter and when its deathly quiet is the only time I hate being at work. The lads managed 2 yesterday one was pre confirmed the other remote finance prop who came and collected. Bit of a result
  16. New V5’s

    Changes to the vehicle registration certificate (V5C) Introduction From 15April 2019, we have been issuing a new version of the vehicle registration certificate (V5C). Following a review in 2016 the V5C has been redesigned. The new design improves the customer’s experience and has been simplified. Any new V5Cs issued from 15April 2019 will be the new version. However any previous versions will still be valid. As a result of the changes, GOV.UK will be amended to include these changes. We are also reviewing any references to the V5C on our forms. Document changes Here are the changes to the document. Front cover The document reference number has moved to the top and the words ’Don’t share, keep it safe’ Multi-coloured guidance section has been added to the bottom Enforcement message has been added to the front The name and address on the front has moved to the top Date of acquisition has been moved to below the document reference number Internal The vehicle details have been rearranged to the top half of the page to create extra room Change of keeper and change of name and address have been separated Customers can now supply contact details Section 5 (permanently exporting this vehicle for more than 12 months) – country of export field has been added Section 6 (new keeper’s slip) – name and address fields removed Throughout Data capture boxes introduced for accuracy and simplification Signature boxes removed and replaced with declarations in red Welsh version on one side and English on the other Back page of the English document has been left blank V5CW – serialised across the three pages that are V5C issuing sections (at the top) V5C – serialised on the front cover and back page that are document issuing (at the top) Document reference number has been added to each section Simplified instructions Perforations have been changed on the last page (the only separated section is the green 'new keeper' slip) Further questions on this change If you have any questions about this change please contact
  17. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Thank you Simon, very kind. I do feel extremely lucky, unlikely to happen again any time soon but it makes it all worth it.
  18. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Well done Mark, you deserve it
  19. New V5’s

    Not yet and didn’t know they were changing,what’s actually changed?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Mileage descrepancies

    Wait until you sell a few “prestige” cars you’ll soon come across a few know it alls
  22. Mileage descrepancies

    Do you mean the ones with no previous owners details? If so been having them for a while Mark.
  23. Mileage descrepancies

    I'm finding no one checks hpi's before buying, ever, they are also clueless about the CRA15
  24. New V5’s

    Came accross my first new one today! Will take a bit of getting used to! First impressions though I don’t like it prefer the originals! Anyone else had had them yet?
  25. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    It must be worth it when you look at the likes of the Holdcroft set up, literally a purpose built set up for the whole groups stock! They do it right as well, cars washed to appraise properly and fairly in our experience
  26. Who Can Recommend a Turntable?

    Hahaha, FFS!!!!
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