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  2. I know they aren't used much anymore, but just be aware a bank draft is a cheque written by a bank that takes exactly the same amount of time to clear as a normal cheque.
  3. in reference to the ex326, if you could kindly let us know, if you apply, how you got along with it, may help someone in the future, thankyou.
  4. Another reason I don’t like the 500 which appear to self destruct around 50k. Hope you wash your face with it mate.
  5. I've just blown £2,500 on a Fiat Panda, started off driving it back from the auctions in my 2014, 26,000 mile car and thinking oh ffs this needs a clutch in it at that mileage! Not the end of the world I thought as it was fairly behind book, until my workshop rings. It has also taken out the dual mass flywheel, still not the end of the world I thought. That's the good news they say, the bad news is where the shaft enters the gearbox it's bored the hole out in the gearbox bell housing. Unsurprisingly there aren't any secondhand gear boxes available for a Panda 4x4 Twin Air 6 speed manual, so I had to buy a housing from Fiat which only come in solid 18k gold.
  6. Nice to know Im not the only one .
  7. Great news and thanks for the update love to here a cheap repair success story .its always better when you think your heading for tht expensive fix .. wishing you a quick sale with it now ..
  8. I blew £1500 fixing a £3995 Zafira a few years back. It was one of those where I wish I never started but your in so deep you have to keep going. It ended up fixed and the patient customer was happy in the end
  9. It's useful for part exchanges. Using the VW part exchange facility(free for those that don't know) I give the punters a nice printout with the figures. Punters seem to go for it every time Although I do cut the VW logo off the top first
  10. Thanks, if you collect and deliver I’m in
  11. got it fixed, reputable ebay Navigation specialist who for £23 provided a pen drive with all the maps for UK and Europe full instructions on the how too, The authorisation codes and the software, Followed the instructions and very happy to report i have a fully working unit, I was sure i was heading for a replacement unit or a Electronics specialist software rebuild or something gps-discountuk on ebay
  12. I've been pondering on the idea that BCA and Manheim stopped feeding data to CAP awhile ago now, which kinda makes sense.
  13. We have a couple of space left Secure Store NI Safe, Secure & Pest Free Indoor Car Storage
  14. “The clocks are out Sir, how many miles would you like?”
  15. 99% of the time, I do this myself. I have also started doing this on minor cosmetic prep (wheels, very light scuffs). I explain to the customer (if they complain). Yes Sir, the wheels need a refurb but I have left them to allow the customer to choose the colour. We always MOT after POS so that you get a brand new FULL MOT. This has a few benefits. 1) Helps cash flow 2) Sometimes people do not care about a scuffed rim (if it is minor) 3) I sometimes use a refurb instead of discount or I will say, "I will knock off £200 if you accept the wheel condition for example." In which case, I haven't actually given any discount. MOT's are always done, no room to negotiate on that point.
  16. I'm not much of a football fan anymore, but there's a big disparity between the teams at the top and the teams at the bottom. Some over perform for the size of the club and budget and some under perform (I had to suffer watching The Bournemouth Everton game on telly with a mate on Sunday). Rory has staff, works v hard and has some heavy bits and is def up the league table & deservedly so for his effort, risk and exposure to get where he is. I've always had the cars MOT'd, serviced and Pdi'd once they've sold, because- well this is the way it's always been over the years. I realise that things change and you need to adapt or die, so I've learnt many lessons over the past year or too, from the likes of Rory and others on here, including that I maybe need to have them 'ready to go' due to todays 'I want it now' society.
  17. Sorry to go off topic on this one but thats very good numbers and a hell of an aim for me basically restocking yourself every month. Do you work alone or have a staff as well ? If your buy yourself i can see why you put so many hours in. Sorry for prying just trying to educate myself a little
  18. Someone was looking out for me yesterday. New oil pressure switch fixed the oil light. The temperature light coming on was my own fault i had been changing some stuff on the car and put the wrong speedo back in it. So the temp light coming on was him turning the cruise control on ................. Before i get agro for changing the clocks there was a damaged element on the old one and the mileage isn't stored in the clocks on these cars its stored in the centre Nav unit. All fixed and back on his way.
  19. No - 40+ Minimum. Very efficient in terms of prep and having cars ready to go. Few obstacles in front of buyers. Desirable stock. Work fucking hard. I certainly spend more time in the business than anyone else I know.
  20. Good to see that the big sites are moving there cars with the correct advertising. I take it based on your average sales you look to move around 30 cars a month ?
  21. I agree Rory, it happens. I honestly don't know of anyone who hasn't taken a fair old hit one way or another doing the job to some degree.
  22. We have 45/50 max probably been hovering around 40ish for sale the past couple of months at any given time.
  23. Out of interest how many cars do you both stock to be turning around these numbers ?
  24. You must have lost on some. No ones been in this job for a few years and not lost out. Its not possible. Ive had a few big hits. Q7 that came in as a part ex. Sold it. Some twat bought it and did about 3000 miles in 2 weeks. Engine completely knackered. Had to give a full refund, rebuilt an engine it was still not right.Gearbox ended up needing replacing. Ended up bodging it up and ebay selling it. Lost at least £4k. Game of averages, win far more than we lose.
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