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  2. I was in Euro this morning listening why an old guy couldnt have a refund on the brakes he bought last week, It doesnt matter if the parts we supplied where wrong said mr euro(i had to bite my tounge at that comment) it still doesnt mean you can try and grind bits off to make them fit and when you cant bring them back and blame us. The mind boggles at what he tried to grind off.
  3. I've told them not to bother with that shit, just thanked them for the recall....see what happens
  4. Same here with CRV’s. Couldn’t get enough Exec Autos ever. It’s a shame but they all have their day and eventually the wave just crashes. (I remember same with Espaces, 306’s, Micra etc. Good old days ;o) MK 2 CRVs aren’t too bad still for nice ones (when you can find them). I think MK 3 will be good news when they’re up for 44/4995 and below. Kia Sportage are good news now here, but only good spec ones - and most don’t seem to be.
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  6. hi, i would like to give driveway insurance and Road side assistance for the cars i am selling is there any company does it...i know HPI WAS doing long time for free is that still there ??
  7. Mileage descrepancies

    It would of sucked the oil wells dry doing 700K in one of those
  8. Manheim surecheck help please

    I think your correct. Unless it’s something they can plug in & convince themselves it’s a £30 bodge repair. If there’s a code or two to be read on the shit £25 code reader I have in my drawer then the ‘Spares Or Repair Brigade’ struggle with the concept ofspending £150 in parts & a mornings graft - basically it’sbeyond their mental grasp. There’s a reason why many people are skint. It’s because they are lazy & greedy.
  9. Yes, the switch flicked at the beginning of the year - if you look at the prices of them there are some VERY cheap cars on the pitches so I’d guess many have been sat around for ages. Done well with them on & off for a decadebut then all of a sudden......nothing. I’ve just soldthe Mrs’s & have one mega-mileage heap of shit left that’s showing me about a £50 profit & I still can’t get rid. In theory this should mean I can pick up anotherpetrol auto CRV for ‘er indoors on the cheap
  10. Manheim surecheck help please

    I've found that punters are more scared of buying a 'broken' car off a trader than a private seller, as the implication is that if trade can't/won't fix it what chance do they have?
  11. Not in the parts department on a Saturday morning!
  12. The customer is always right!!
  13. Who would want to be a main agent service advisor

    lets hope your pads are better than 92% eh on the inclusive free safety check would you like another coffee???????????????
  14. how's that for inflation Ebay classifieds, nearly 40%!

    have to disagree the crv's are quite well built in my opinion
  15. Urban legend. New Harleys are now bought by middle aged guys raiding theirpensions for tax free lump sums
  16. Its not organised at individual dealer level its organised by group / franchise owner. Small single site main dealers are few and far between and increasingly rare. You have to get into the big groups or alternatively try something new like bike dealerships maybe ( can't see the hells angels at a harley dealer being to into it but something to think about)
  17. Sitting here at Toyota waiting on a recall, ffs these poor sods get some needless and pointless shit from Joe Public, the big difference is they have to be sooooo polite, where as I can point the rude and ignorant twat to the door. Best is an old boy with an intermittent central locking issue on some 12 month old Toyota POS, sometimes it opens all tbe doors, sometimes it doesn't. They have had it back three times and they can't replicate the fault. This travesty of automotive design is so shockingly bad, the old boy may have to cancel his holiday to Benidorm () due to the worry.....some other shite comparing John Lewis came to his house to fix his washing machine, I'm in stitches here. ......I've a suspicion that he doesn't know how to use his remote control and so does the service advisor judging by the looks we are exchanging. He has mentioned this to the customer only to be met with more abuse than a Premiership referee gets fact most of the problems seem to intermittent with these cars....
  18. Mileage descrepancies

    I had a 3rd gen Firebird that did over 700k in one year, busy fella
  19. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    My better half ran late S60's for years all with Red Dwarf miles on them, but one of them had an intermittent ABS problem and, for the life of me, I just couldn't resolve it. It had to go into the local Volvo indie. I didn't spend any dough on it but was getting to dead end and, thinking ABS ECU dry joint issue? It was loosing the nsf ABS sensor output totally at random, and hence bringing up loads more lights, yet everything checked out OK Ended up with the scanner on it data logging when we went on holiday in that S60, yes it pissed me off that much. All this just trying to find a pattern....that f*cking ABS output never dropped out in over 700 miles, until the first 200 yards into the first school run after we got home So, admitting defeat and fearing the worst I dropped that bastard off to the indie at 9am. Get a phone call to say all done come and collect it at uprated torque bolt with threadlock, and an hours labour job done. .....every day a school day but what a stupid CV joint design, don't touch Volvos anymore unless older models, hateful things build wise.
  20. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    But guessing is always more reassuringly expensive
  21. I couldnt agree more there old news now but still bringing more money in the block than i have them for sale for. Good riddance i say they where a bag of bolts held together with glue and quite possibly the worst car i have ever driven.
  22. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Reluctor ring, pump, sensors, brake light switch, wiring, fuse, sas, can comm error fromall other modules, bearing / hub nut loose, tyre mismatch etc etc etc etc etc ..................... There is probably around 300 different faults it might be ....................... No point guessing, get it plugged in to a decent generic and see what that says
  23. Mileage descrepancies

    LOL, that's just Stevie Wonder tester, who is also retarded, who in their right mind wouldn't take 2 minutes to walk outside and double check that, especially on a 59 fezza !!
  24. Yesterday
  25. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Driveshaft outer torque bolt, couple of quid?
  26. CRV's have had their day here sir, like many cars, you fly with them for years, then seemingly overnight, the switch goes off. C1's are going off the boil too, they've been too expensive for too long.
  27. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    I thought you were doing this full time now (since moving to the site). Last I heard you were flying, has something changed? Oh and I’d sooner go for a crew type bus than 3 in a row. Vito perhaps?
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