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  2. Yet Another Platform for Used Cars...

    Apologies if you answered this already -but too many words for my brain to take in this morning: How are you going to get customers (potential buyers) of our cars to your site?
  3. Yet Another Platform for Used Cars...

    Ha ha!!! I saw the brumz thread; I have been doing my homework.... It's not pie in the sky, and I'm not asking for investment money. The fancy terms: Convergence of buyers and sellers - perhaps I should have said potential buyers and sellers as the platform is not solely targeted at people in the car market, but the overall theme is that the respective services are focused on the movement people and goods ( big boat in Spain) Targeted demographics - This one is accurate; each service has it's own value proposition targeted and a clear demographic. They are subscription-based; again a fraction of what they already pay, but crucially there are also a number other novel services as well as an underlying privacy incentive why users will be willing to subscribe - I've already done the survey and know how to make this work. Pool of subscribers - speaks for itself This is not a case of trying to squeeze out as much revenue from dealers as possible - it is of course mutually beneficial! ...and I can't swim so still not looking for a big boat! I've looked into gumtree/ebay/autotrader/etc., and I see improvements and simplifications that could be made all round and yet remain productive; the same goes for some of the other services I'm incorporating. The monthly subscription for dealerships will be somewhere between £18-£25/month; yet to finalize the model... ( two up two down cheap semi either!) I understand the scepticism, which is why I chose the awesome title "Yet another platform..."! But don't be too concerned, you'll be able to make sound judgments once the service goes live. The platform is still under design which is I why I'm looking to engage now in order to bake the service into the platform rather than it being an add-on. By the way, there are also no additional fees/charges to prospective car buyers beyond the platform subscription (which includes a host of bundled services) - and added feature/financial benefits will be incorporated as further incentives for car buyers. No one is being nickel and dimed on this platform... I'm happy to take any questions/queries on this. Alternatively, perhaps better if i come back once the service is up and running so you could judge for yourselves then
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  5. Warranty for home trader

    Lawgistics -Fantastic company really really good and I rate them highly. General consensus they want to fight a lot. Their warranty aftercare wasn't so good for EPV if you recall the Q5 preggers lady / kids in car post. I think with A1 they are on side, set up like a conventional warranty company and have a more flexible approach. Probably just better set up to deal with the admin side of warranties.
  6. Petrol or Tar 'n or Glue remover?

    Ha Ha Ha It also works of you pour petrol on and light it
  7. Motor trade insurance

    Reading between the lines, itsounds to me that what you’re really trying to achieve is to find a workaround in order for you to drive flash cars on SDP basis otherwise what relevance would “what if I have mates in a car” have? Back in the day, I was 18 and had a motor trade policy. LikeMark above, it was as much to do with insuring sporty cars which were otherwise out of reach at that age as it was trying to sell a few. I’m 45 now and once you’ve experienced some “real life” events, you soon realise that trying to skew the rules, findingways to bullshit the police with “I’m on business gov” isn’t plausible and certainly not credible. You're 18, take the medicine because sooner than you think you’ll be 45, wishing you were 18 again and will be staggered that “how can I drive a flash motor on a business policy” was your biggest issue.
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  9. Motor trade insurance

    Hmm, seems like they’re cracking down a lot more now. Tbh in our area there’s a high amount of uninsured drivers so I wouldn’t be surprised if I got pulled over. If the cars coming up on MId and I’m driving normally they can’t really pull me over without good reason or can they. I’m going to ask the insurer this tomorrow but if I’m in a car that’s only insured for business use am I allowed to grab a bite to eat whilst in thecar during my break or do I have to find other ways of transport
  10. Motor trade insurance

    It is a very grey area, I’ve had a trade policy since I was 18, in my early days it was just so I could insure my Subaru’s etc. However many a time was stopped late at night with pals in the car etc and I just said I was road testing the vehicle long term for faults. Never had any hassle apart from last year bear in mind I’m ten years older now, I got pulled out of my C63 for no insurance, they argued because it was a Friday evening in casual clothes I wasn’t working (I was actually on the way to collect a bill payment from a customer). Anyway to do without the grief I am now insured for sdp aswell. I didn’t bother with this early on as my company would insure me for sdp however they would only cover me for upto a 1.8 N/A cars so not really any point.
  11. Motor trade insurance

    I have to agree. Business use isn't taking your mrs to the cinema. It's driving to the body shop, MOT station, service centre, etc etc I don't see the issue, get your dad to give you a contract so you're officially an employee for when your driving his stuff and have your own policy for SDP in your IBIZA. Yes you'll have to pay for it but it'll be a lot less painful than being classed as an uninsured driver (touch wood you don't) if you ever end up in a situation where a claim has to be made. My driver who has is an official employee who receives pay slips and pays PAYE etc had someone go run into the back of him on his way back from collecting a car for me. Although it was a none fault accident, I had to send off copies of pay slips and all sorts to prove he was actually an employee as stated on my insurance docs. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to find a way out of paying, don't make it easy for them.
  12. Warranty for home trader

    Thank you
  13. Warranty for home trader

    James, can you explain whyA1 are way aboveLawgistics, what's the difference ?
  14. IBIN silver /goldfrom all over the country and alwaysincludedelivery, I don't collect. This ensures it drives at least onto the transporter and no wasted journeys for me, I've had a few which transport couldn't evenget started so you then get the call saying get onto Surecheck, which I play the game, wait penitently and they resolveremotely. I havealso had a few which have been driven down and self destructed on the way and been fully refunded. Delivery gives you a lot more assurances. I think I've only been to an auction once this year.... But, you can't do this as a newbie, you need years of experience to be able to even have a clue as to what you are doing buy online. You need the right foundations tobe able to make the right choices to buy from the right sellers in the first place.
  15. Warranty for home trader

  16. Oh dear it’s advice like this that gets the trade a bad name, I know we always end up carrying the can, but this advise is disgraceful. Just because others have done it don’t make it right. Flip needs to find outwhy it failed and bitethe bullet if it’s failed- then move on.
  17. No, of course. Anything clearly wrong with it on the 15 mile drive down is repaired before the MOT, together with the service.Then MOT, then run for for a couple of days to make sure nothing crops up, then PDI.
  18. You’ll need to know what’s wrong with the car, if anything, by driving it. No point in having a car in for a MOT and service if there is a knock, bang, jerky gear change, air con regas needed etc.
  19. I test the car first to make sure there’s no horrible faults. You have to know ifit’s worth investing in, not point in MOTing it if your gonna be ripped by the tester.
  20. The title of this thread says it all.
  21. Ok so MOT and PDI are last after road tests. I'm doing it a bit arse backwards.
  22. Alloy wheel colour

    Nice response I assume you use a polisher or by hand? Wish I knew how to do that. Tried it on a black A Class by hand with Meguiar's Ultimate Polish. Thought it looked great. The following morning it rained, and all these white pasty patches came up on the car, which I had to wipe hard with a chammy to get off.
  23. Motor trade insurance

    Another question is if I’m driving for business use but have mates or family in the car would that be an issue. To be honest I can’t see why but according to my dad you can’t have passengers or it’s classed as SDP which I believe is strange
  24. Yet Another Platform for Used Cars...

    I'm in, sounds like a great idea, how much money do you want And a two up two down cheap semi in a not so nicepart of Leeds......
  25. Zafira recall

    Booked mine in 3 weeks ago for 26 June.
  26. Petrol or Tar 'n or Glue remover?

    Now, I am not being boring......but....... if you wipe the said petrol rag over the said tar spots, leave for 10 mins and go back and wipe again it comes off very simply....otherwise a carpenters chisel and mallet suffices.....
  27. stock showing on finance

    I suppose you will never know exactly how many customers have not phoned you because the car they are interested in shows up as having outstanding finance. But if you think that this may contribute to the lack of enquiries, then simply unsubscribe from Autotraders hpi service. The hpi reports will still appear to customers, but minus the finance part. If its still quiet after you have removed the package, then the only advice is pretty much all of the above...see David Horgans post. It can be very easy to fallinto a rut, and the hardest thing can be self motivation and self criticism. Hope it picks up for you.
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