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  2. I have a nice place which presents the correct image for what I am selling and I treat my customers well and they receive a relaxed personal service in a way they would not from a franchised dealer. In short, I can offer a better service than most franchised dealers. However, all this stops in 3 weeks. I am moving. I will be doing my "day job" in Europe for the next few months, then I get a unit from the 1st March next year and will be virtually full time. However I will be operating my car business on exactly the same principal as I did from home.
  3. Hello everyone. I am on this forum for a while so I decided to introduce myself and be more active on it. My name is Marian, 24, I trade cars for almost 2 years now (just a car or two a month). The hobby started to become something more important than my job, I love doing it and gives me moments of joy most of the time. There were moments when I lost money but I decided to keep going and now I am aiming for at least 10% profit on each car. Last year I made 7000 profit, not having trade insurance just buying the cars privately, paying day insurance and all the expenses before selling them. At the moment I just became BCA member and hopefully I will find time to actually go to Blackbushe and buy my 1st car from there. If all goes right my plan is to get trade plates and start small with some cheap cars and work hard to get more moments of joy and quit my day job. Thanks for your time reading this.
  4. Guessing he means picking the right stock unlike the OP and wasting valuable storage space (driveway)... Selling bad cars and bangers woulf annoy your neighbours too... Like xfs mentioned sell cars to older people that dont give you hassle. When they turn up they won't be effing and blinding so the whole neighbourhood hears them... Park across someone elses drive and then rev the bollocks out of the banger you're selling... Plus there's the benefit of working by appointment....choosing his hours...and not doing 120hours a week like the rest of us! Manchester on Weds had a 2007 VW Caddy with 70k odd on it... Cap clean £2k... Hammer price £3650.... And AND It had no v5 !! Each definitely to their own
  5. OMG - mind reader, word for word.
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  7. Thanks TV I used to run a couple of car washes and do the valeting before starting in this job nice of you to say I agree completely though, get the Albanian wash to do the majority of it, get your cars advertised quickly and on with a mini valet and then just give them a quick tidy up back at base.
  8. you will be great dealing with all the nice customers you are gona get
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  10. I've have started to notice more trade cars from N.I aiming to sell to England which I thought was unusual
  11. I used a few different ones there decent guys sometimes they rush a bit but guess they have to and as you say can always finish it off yourself I also have a tyre guy use too he does a good job at fair price ...
  12. Some of these Eastern European car wash’s are good guys and they can do a lot for £30.Then just finish them off yourself.No need to use one of these new bullshit breed of prima Dona valeters called detailers.They tend to be too expensive,too slow,don’t like doing wet vacs and when you show them how to cut corners,they take the huff.They don’t understand that a lot of the best car dealers started off as valeters.
  13. What sites might that be ?
  14. I pay £35 for a full valet inc polish im located in Manchester. Mobile valeter
  15. Hi Casper got the karcher and also a numatic use the autosmart brisk low foam and its never let me down over the years... apart from the time my cleaner didn’t understand the 1:20 ratio ... was an interesting day
  16. Hello mate, I have someone who works part time for me and does all the cleaning and valeting. I have had to train him up over last few years but he is defo up to standard now and reliable for me. I have 20-25 cars at my site and it is much better than giving it out to the local kurds/romainian car washes as you will be spending a lot of money on poor quality valeting and more swirl marks than a twister ice cream lol. As for you and your dad if you guys can manage it then good on you! Saving costs initially however after a while though you will start to focus more on the business itself which is that you are a car dealer not a car wash detailer so outsourcing or having your own staff on it would be much more effective. My time is better spent on sourcing more stock, dealing with customers etc Prior to that I had a mobile guy that came to my pitch and charged £10 mini valet or £50 full vallet full interior washed, machine polished and engine was shined up using the trade special can of xxxxxx . It all depends on the stock £500 micra vs £5k Audi A3 and how clean or filthy they are 5 dogs and a chain smoker or a 1 lady owner bible in the glove box only used for sunday church. Once the cars have been done you have to remember they don’t sell straight away and with the weather it’s very unpredictable so overtime you will need to wash them again and again or shine them up before potential viewings etc so that we’re it gets expensive at car washes and will be the test of your time doing it by hand. Retail is detail especially on cars, if it’s perfectly shining when the customer arrives the sale is more likely on = show me the money baby (unless it’s the last price crap then I walk back into my office lol). Anyways I hope this helps. Cheers, A.
  17. Thank you for the replies - confirms exactly what I've been thinking. May I ask your approximate locations FWIW? Cheers
  18. Thank you for your thoughts and advice much appreciated ...
  19. Hi 15 cars i pay anything from £10 for a mini valet on older stuff and the better stuff ranges from that to £50 depends on which car wash/ valeter I use I use a mobile guy also who does full valet machine polish etc for £85 I also do some.myself .. depends how I'm feeling how busy I am or if I'm in the mood sometimes I think the car wash places rush to much .
  20. Fuck me. £75 a valet. And that kid should’ve stuck with it. £90 a pop and he could’ve been doing better than some dealers
  21. Yes sure, realised that, but they've only phoned for the cheap, white German diesels - the 'trader' from Dublin that I've been chatting with this afternoon has said his punters do not care about miles or history - they just want white and cheap! :-)
  22. Up until a few weeks back, I was using a local lad (full ADHD - totally hyper and incredibly difficult to deal with, but I felt sorry for him) to valet most of my cars. His usual rate (including shampoo/wet vac, machine polish where needed and under bonnet) is £90 and £110 for 4X4/7-seaters. I told him clearly that I planned to put a fair few jobs his way and I wanted a standard price for everything - we agreed on £75, but he was horrendously unreliable and the quality of his work went from good to not much better than the local Kurdish scratch and bodge. A few weeks back, I pulled the plug on him, woke my Dad up out of early retirement and we have started doing it ourselves, saving a lot and the standard is much higher. I'm in the South of England and stuff costs a lot here but I'm interested to know what fellow traders are paying for valets?
  23. There has been a further dip on the Sterling exchange rate recently hence a few more Irish buyers. I also expect they are trying to get in before the potential Brexit fiasco.
  24. Do you mean from a customers perspective, and if so, how do you present the benefits of buying from a home trader?
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