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  2. Legally I dont know where you and he stand. Morally Id have just given it back, Twat or not there is nothing wrong with good customer relations.
  3. Are we going to have to refund this customer?

    Look to be honest, despite the fact he sounded like a bit of a tw*t, i agree, he placed the deposit at around 5PM on Friday, we were open Saturday but not Sunday, then theres Monday and today, in reality, we've 'held' it for 3 days and he's now made it clear he doesn't want it anymore. This is really more about are we even 'allowed'to keep the deposit? For most things, i believe he'd have a mandated 14 days to cancel? It just seemed strange that no one around me even mentioned this? And when i did, it felt like i was being told it doesn't even apply in the situation?
  4. Hyundai - your experience.

    Congratulations you might have 2 cars next week
  5. Seems a tad harsh to me, a few days holding the car isn't the end of the world. If you have held it for a couple of weeks then fair enough keep the deposit.
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  7. Ferrari - write off?

  8. Hi All Ive tried to do my own research into this, but the information has just been so conflicting its driving me crazy. And where i've only just started the job and this seemed quite heated, i didnt want to bother any colleagues as they seemed quite annoyed by it all. I did ask one colleague about 'distance selling laws', but he just brushed it off and said its nothing to worry about Last Friday, we got a call from an eager buyer who had seen an ad for one of our cars on auto trader. After a bit of a chat, he agreed to place a £250 holding deposit on the car. Today, when he was supposedly on his way up to see it, he had a change of heart. My colleague spoke to him on the phone, and he told us that he'd decided he wanted to go for a auto instead of a manual. My colleague told him that, as we hadn't mis-represented the car, he wouldn't be entitled to his refund back. He knew the car was a manual, and he still put a deposit down, why should we lose out when this car could've gone to someone else? Naturally the customer kicked off and first mentioned that: 1 ) Our advert on auto trader clearly says the deposit is refundable (although, it does say *subject to terms* right next to it) 2) RE - subject to terms - our website doesn't actually SPECIFY in any way, what *terms* these are. In his defence, this is true, it doesn't. It actually gives the impression that if someone changes their mind for whatever reason, they're entitled to a refund Customer eventually hung up the phone, citing that he would just do a chargeback. To be honest, he sounded like a royal a-hole, and the thought of this guy getting his deposit back seems completely un-just. BUT, i have to wonder - as he hasn't ever been to see the car, and all the transactions/communications were done over the phone, is this situation not covered under the standard distance selling laws? We don't take deposits by credit card because of the haggle s75 can bring, but won't this case be just as hard to 'defend'? I'd really like to be able to go back into work tomorrow and actually have a clue what i'm talking about lol, so thanks for any help you can provide
  9. Hyundai - your experience.

    Thanks for thereply, really helpful! I know some of it will be trial and error but I like to get as much info as possible before taking the plunge. Been to see the Mini, think I'll get it at the right price and apart from a dent and a scrape in the bumper it's tip top. Taking a look at the i10 over the weekend so could have two cars by next week......
  10. Hyundai - your experience.

    No experience with i10s, but i20s have been popular for us, and never had any mechanical problems with them. Granted, the ones we had all had low mileages. But they're generally cheap to run, and buyers seem to like them.
  11. Robbyrob

    Having problems getting a code for a Delco 500CDR(D) GM0500W9325536 , any one can help me please Cheers Robbie
  12. I have my first two cars lined up for purchase, both private sellers. One is a mini, the other a hyundai i10. I know the former is very popular butisthe hyundai i10a car that sells well? How do you guys know if a car does well, is it just experience? Is there anywhere online that will give you that sort of information? Thanks.
  13. Sometimes a call to BBA Reman is worthwhile but it’s best to get it checked in writing they can do it before sending.
  14. Ferrari - write off?

    I know this threadis crap but any Ferrari that has been into a barrier is going to be a total loss. If by some sure fluke this story is real pm me some pictures and I will advise you on how to get the car written off. P.s, If you want a replacement 488, give me a shout.
  15. Main dealer trying to pinch my business [there's a novelty ! ]

    A couple of years ago I purchased a sports car and stuck my private plate on it. About a year ago a main dealer group opened a franchise for that make and directly targeted me with service and MOT advisories despite not ever taking the car there however a previous car I brought from them carried the same plate.I also got a follow up fromthem withindays of doing an HPI check on my car. It seems there is a service similar to security watch (I believe provided by CAP) that can keep interested partiesupdated when someone carries out an HPI check on a car, eg a dealer for PX or if any changes are made but this is not logged within the check. This info can then besold on as it can identify people looking to change.
  16. Main dealer trying to pinch my business [there's a novelty ! ]

  17. Ferrari - write off?

    Agree 100% adrenaline junkie here I been very busy all day, how the fuck did I miss out on this, the potential at around 10:30 this morning would have been way too hard to resist I rolled my Lambo Gallardo a while back, absolutely smashed it to bits through the esses, patched it up over night and drove it flat out round the track again the next day !! .......................................... The Digital Scalextric is great fun when there's a crowd of us at mine
  18. Ferrari - write off?

    Adrenaline Junkie's get back on the horse again & again & again . Once an adrenaline nut always one , A little excursion doesn't stop with a wee crying paddy fit and " I'm not playing anymore" By the way its worth Feck all now , Spot one of those that's had a whoppsy at 500 paces
  19. Ferrari - write off?

    Rub away!!
  20. Thanks again tradex - I must admit I've got so cheesed off with this XK that part of me just wants to get shot of it! It's been a long time since I've had a car that's been such a pain. I can't remember the last car that caused me so many headaches. It's made me tempted to change to more mainstream stuff but then again that's not without it's problems either! I definitely should get it checked out though - am I right in thinking that one of those head gasket tests that change colour to show the head gasket has gone are reliable? I'll get onto the workshop to do this.
  21. Ferrari - write off?

  22. Ferrari - write off?

    Didn’t Clarkson say he had to flog his Ferrari after leaving it in London and coming back to more phlegmthan a swimming pool has water in it?
  23. Ferrari - write off?

    Can you post any photos up? I love rubbing one out to smashed up Ferrari's even better if there's bloodstains on the windscreen
  24. Cheers fellas! Scrawf
  25. Ferrari - write off?

    Hang on guys, I can provide some assistance on this one.... When i was 5 years old I had a Tonka Dumper Truck which i used to sit on the rear of and ride down the drive at my parents house (no seat - i just sat in the dumper part of the rear). Until one day I lost control of it going down the driveway and crashed. I really hurt my knee and required 5 stitches, my mother told me on the way to the hospital i might lose my leg. Afterwards i was reluctant to ride the Tonka Truck again.... however with a little persuasion I did indeed overcome my fears. I swear after the first accident it didn't feel right. So i decided not to play with it outside and only keep it inside as an ornament.
  26. Ferrari - write off?

    Just to keep the story alive what Ferrari was it ? I have an old 360 that you have to work very hard to lose the back in, i have driven 320 bmw with more twitch
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