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  2. Is it supposed to move forward? Not all of them do if its a basic model I seem to remember
  3. OP didnt state if it moves normally Take the seat out and have a look on the bench
  4. Are we going to have to refund this customer?

    I'd want it back , it says it in your add..... you need to change wording . a deposit is a deposit in my book , non refundable , what's the point of taking one if your going to give em back .
  5. Rory has a little semi?
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  7. Thanks for the advice all. I've looked every fora video but failed, so i'm guessing its quiteunusual on these mk7 fiesta? I hope i dont have to get a new seat. Its hard enough to match the trim, but even harder to get a breaker to split an interior for one seat
  8. No no no Rory, he has ten years experience,so we should all invest our time and money developing this fantastic pyramid scheme. Oh,and don’t forget he’s managed to do all of this on his laptop with no resources from the spare room of his little semi in Leeds. We should all be grateful Brumz is here to sort out our advertising woes. Classic
  9. but, If it moves normally is isn't a coin...then. Some car seats have two cables under the cloth, Clio for example, one tilts the other does the slide motion.
  10. When I type Car Dealer in to Google, I get that explanation too
  11. Cloud Cuckoo Land Cloud cuckoo land is a state of absurdly, over-optimistic fantasy or an unrealistically idealistic state where everything is perfect. Someone who is said to "live in cloud cuckoo land" is a person who thinks that things that are completely impossible might happen, rather than understanding how things really are.Wikipedia
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  13. I am right in thinking that you are at this moment in time trying to gauge the uptake on us perhaps loading cars onto your website before developing it any further. i thought perhaps you may only be a few weeks away from going live. i think you may be a little late to the party on this one but I do wish you all the best and hope you shake things up, but they have been quite a few before you with deep pockets that have n't cracked it. i will say I am all for someone trying to make something for them selfs and if the interface for loading cars on is not to clumsy I will for one will load my cars on if it does n't take to much time. what you need to do is right some code that can automatically grab the information from people's website with the dealers doing absolutely nothing (you only need to initially get there permission) add call tracking/email tracking monitor the equiries and take it from there. the only way you will get sufficient number of cars initially is make it so the dealers have to do absolutely nothing and I mean nothingand when you start generating sufficient equiries for them by doing your seo or what ever Itis witchcraft, then you will find people will then start paying for it. when dealer auction first started out not many dealers put cars on there because they could n't be arsed so initially they went out and did all the work for them to get the ball rolling.
  14. Don’t worry brumz we will all tell you what you want to hear so you can carry on doing what you are doing. what do any of us regular contributors know about advertising anyway. Our advice is awful.
  15. I feel for you Craig, you've joined here with a passionate pitch, I for one are hoping you are a success and I mean that honestly. please don't take the critism personally, if you agree with certain parts implement the change these guys are the BEST Guinea pigs you could wish for, you may well out qualify us all for marketing and seo but these boys are real world and there's a big difference! Good luck!!
  16. Thank you Mr V for your input. The name came from the expression Brum Brum, I guessed everyone would know what a Brum is from being a child. It’s the first thing that came to mind. The logo was created by me, I have been a website designer for years first of all starting out in Graphic Design. I have looked at the logo a couple of times and thought about a change, along with the name also. Maybe one day we might consider a rebrand, all sorts of companies do this at some point. Listen Mr Dealy, you are obviously delusional mate. How could I have explained it to you any clearer? You clearly do not read your replies properly either, now if you READ it properly I have NOT asked you to spend money promoting my website!! Where in my responses or any of what I’ve written said “If it works, I’ll charge you?”. if you don’t understand my English or terminology I’d rather off you pop. Exclude yourself from my post and not reply. Like I said I don’t have the time to be responding to lame arse messages and responses like this. Bigger problems on my mind mate, bigger fish to fry.
  17. Help with essay

    Use your own initiative.
  18. Check the runner isnt jammed with a coin
  19. Help with essay

    True but they are good for a laugh -I can’t believethe absolute fucking shite these pillockscome up with.
  20. You want us to personallyspend the time andmoney to promote your websiteon the basis that it’s free and then if it works you can charge us for theprivilege....
  21. My 2 cents, branding is way off... Brumz? Naturally it makes me and will make most people think of Birmingham and chavs, all within 3 seconds, and I'm a brummie born and raised. That's not a dig just my constructive feedback, did you get the logo made on fiverr? Craig I'm all for new business a million percent and I'm with you all the way but I'd seriously look at your branding, like others have said we've seen it all before with business who have spebt a ton on branding and still fallen at the first hurdle. Before anything else, as you will probably know branding is the first thing to get right, forget everything else if branding isn't right I won't even consider you and that's what's exactly happened to me, I was all in and willing to sign up to your site until I went onto it. It's all well and good preaching attitude and application wins, no it doesn't, if I don't buy into your branding within seconds I'm off, it's the way we are now unfortunately.
  22. For the minute it won’t be any time soon. Our resources are quite limited in that sense. Plus it would have to be an administrators manual action to ensure proper use.
  23. when are you expecting to have all this up and running
  24. If you already have your cars listed with descriptions you can copy and paste the details over. Everything else is explanatory with drop down menus and you’d need to upload your images. Soon enough I’llbe working on creating an RSS imported for our site to pull listings from dealerships sites.
  25. Help with essay

    We seem to be having a run of these bullshit posts right now
  26. Help with essay

    Calls people paedophiles for no reason
  27. You will have to ignore my ignorance because if I am honest I don't really get all this social media and only opened a Facebook account so I can advertise my cars on there and to be honest they pull it all from my website so I do nothing. Would I have to manually type every advert out for you or can you rip it direct from my website.
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