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  2. What repairs/servicing won't you tackle?

  3. Border cars

    Not sure I share you fear. They chose to take steroids when the rest of us went to the gym and eat lettuce, we all know who the types I'm talking about. Feck em is what I say.
  4. Car gurus

    With you 100%
  5. Car gurus

    Personally I'd never tell a women with an Irish accent to take a running jump.
  6. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    I've never bought from DA so can't oblige a comment.... However, the image / thought of BHM in pointy shoes and a Tesco suit interestsme....
  7. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    You’re absolutely correct but it’s a disgrace that DA are aiding & abetting them by allowing them to continue unchecked.
  8. Today
  9. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Love it. :0) Yeah, you’re right- nice guy is irrelevant, but he was,and he listened to me - I’m under no allusion that anythingwill change and, in the grand scheme of things, we’re nothing to them compared to the dealer. He said it wasn’t true so make of it what you will. I also thought it might encourage others to complain where necessary if they thought they might at least be listened to Well it’s because of said chancers that we DO need to drive the junk before handing over our hard-earned. You do get to know the good ones as I said, and Emporium (Pointy Shoes)BHM Ltd would no-doubt be one of the good guys. ;0) It’s not an auction really per-se except that it is as long as they know how to describe a Kit Kat. You need to check it’s not my dog’s crap wrapped in tin foil. If you bought a Surecheck BCA /Manheim car thatstates mechanically OK and it in fact wasn’t- then you don’t keep the junk. These DA chancers are crooks.
  10. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Suzuki Ripon. IMO they were a shower of fly cunts when I used to use DA. They’ll sell absolutely any shit. Also worth noting isthey know when a car has issues because theirp/x compound is a distance from the showroom. One lad I know barely got offtheirforecourt before realising the diff was knackered. Apparently thescrawny little rent boy isn’t appraising anymore but the latest twat, sorry appraiser,is no better. What’s all this ‘nice guy’ nonsense? He lent you his ear, gave you a few comforting words but as you say there wasno remedy. To me the definition of anice guy isn’t someone who politely deflectsall genuine concerns & offers absolutely nil in the way of remedial action. In my book that’s a company man toeing the line & treating you like a twat. If you think he gives a stuff about your orour opinions then I’m afraid you’re deluding yourself. PS the only thing I will add is if I was a main dealer I wouldn’t allow test drives because it’s an auction. However my appraisals would be more realistic than some of those chancers on there.
  11. Car gurus

    Car Gurus is years away from being able to be the sole advertiser solutionfor sure. If ever. I’m interested to see what happens with the Motors/Gumtree/eBay merger and how much dough they throw at it. They’ll probably just put all the prices up rather than streamline and reduce.
  12. Car gurus

    You might be right Noa but being solely on CG isn’t providing enough traffic (except on one very cheap car) and EBay has burned their bridges with me I’m afraid. I am also starting to increase my stock value (vs. Quantity) and want more finance business to help compensate the larger ad bill. The biggest thing for me is the nonsense way CG ranklistings, trying to be clever and ranking on value over price (which is far too subjective). For example, in myopinion, my 2012 Passat Bluetech Sport with 80k, 1 Owner, FVWSH inc recent belt in black fully loaded is better value than say a 2013, 4 owner with patchy/no history at a grand less. How can you rank listings on value? Cheers Nick. I am waiting until August allowing me time toget all my ducks in a row, reword ads, start videos again (CG didn’t host them, so couldn’t be bothered to do them). Being on AT at great expense needs to be fully utilised and I don’t want any wastedtime, these next two weeks will push me to get things “ready for the launch” on 1st August. Onwards and upwards.
  13. Car gurus

    Proud of you Mark. There is no point to know that an advertiser out there works well and not be signed up to them. It’s expensive but if it works then it’s worth the stretch
  14. Car gurus

    £280? They’ve tried pumping £379 out of me, tied in for 6 months, but I told them I need to be attracted in with a preferential rate. At leastyou got a phone call today. My11.30am telephone appointmentnever materialised. A fine start
  15. Car gurus

    Ha. Et Tu Brute?! ;o) No worries mate, was brave of you to try to give up the addiction and you did really well your first month without them as you say remember I still sell cars via AT apparently. According to the odd punter every so often. It’s been a quiet few months for many (on and off AT) so will be difficult to gauge scientifically,as peaksand troughs are the name of the game. Just because you may (I honestly hope) get busy soon, may or may not be a consequence of going back on with the robbers of course. Did you try Motors Mark ever? I think if you’re not on AT, you need to be on a few others (still at considerably less spend of course in my case with 50 plus stock). Maybe (and probably) if you are on AT, you don’t need to be on anything else.
  16. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Batchelors Motor Group
  17. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    I dunno who they are as never bought off them. And not likely to ever be buying from them either. Suzuki Jimny Auto, finishing tomorrow. Yorkshire. To be fair to them, they’venot tried to hide their (outrageous IMHO) stipulations.
  18. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    can you name them?
  19. Car gurus

    To be fair to Car Guru's, I have sold two or three recently without ever having subscribed, so I cant really knock them. However, what did make me laugh the other day was a Seat Ibiza alongside one of mine, with a whopping "Great Deal" message alongside it. Mine said "Fair Deal". However upon checking out the "Great Deal" the car was Category S, mine a one owner HPI clear example. Not sure that really was that "Great" a deal and certainly not a fair like for like! Then again, maybe they were a paying customer, so don't suppose I can complain!
  20. July, how’s it going

    Ticking over pretty nicely. No records being broken, but much better than the previous two months.
  21. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Whilst I was in a ranting mood with Car Gurus today, I also made a complaint to DA via their contact us button. Thought I’d hear no more about it as usual, but, to my surprise, the head bloke called me. Nice guy. Whilst he understood my point of view and somewhat sympathised with me, the nice conversation ended with no remedy. The dealers basically list what they like, and say/stipulate whatever terms they like. All DA can do is try to educate them as to how to best go about the listings to attract the most buyers. My suggestion of not having that dealer on their books fell on stony ground of course. Things like ‘absolutely no test drives or inspections’ and ‘payment in full in advance’ etc are what they are itwould seem. NO TEST DRIVES - IT’S AN AUCTION – SOLD AS DESCRIBED – NO TEST DRIVES AT BCA ARE THERE?!! I said that in my head that means ‘ car’s shagged and I don’t care-you can go forth and multiply you trade scum’ and surely goes against the two way trust that should exist on DA, and, to be fair, does with many vendors on DA. Whilst its called an auction, it’s a bit more than that,and it’s only right that we get to check the descriptions and the lack of descriptions before paying. That and checking there’s an engine is always advisable. How long does it take to start the junk up, drive it a few hundred yards and then neatly report your findings I asked? (You can be damn sure the said dealer in question has indeed driven the junkbefore doing the deal on the car they sold. Or transporting to their compound etc) Anyway, I said I’d draw their attention to this forum and you good people’s feelings about DA. He said he would be really interested in honest feedback, so over to you. I forget to mention the recently raised points by others where a shagged, seriously mis-described car is re-listed forthwith without any mention of said issues-despite DA being made aware of the offending dealer. The list of dealers not to buy off grows in the meantime of course.
  22. Car gurus

    I had an odd phone call from CG today, lady said hi your on the free package yep i know, well you wont get any leads that way the system is designed not to send you leads in your area so your better off paying us £280 i said well they way you have tried to sell it to me you can take a running jump.
  23. Car gurus

    Well guys, I know one or two of you will be dissapointed in me but I have just signed up to AT again from the 1st August. Car Gurus started well for me but the last couple of months have been rubbish and Ebay never came to the party to match the price other dealers are paying, so that leave AT. I will give it a few months to compare and contrast and for those interested, will post results. PS: Sorry NOA
  24. Car gurus

    I’ve been moaning at them again today. Days in stock etc and, as you say, their whole ethos is skewed the wrong way. Theyforget that we are the customer, not the punters. Same with Autotrader, but I’ll resist my bi-monthlyhate-rant for now. ;o) Back to CG, I was also moaning about the upcoming price increase (it’s still cheap in comparison). The account manager is nice enough and agreedwith me, but, of course can’t do anything about any of my gripes. I’ll put up with it a bit longer. Think I’ll end up spending some of the money with Facebook in the end as that’s doing well surprisingly.
  25. Border cars

    Sorry get what you meant now . And yes I agree the debt is scary over the last 20 years I've always tried to keep mine at a manageable level only working for myself and subcontractingwork out to a local garage and self employed mechanic which seems to have worked but at the auctions all I'm hearing is ticking away or quiet or up and down.worst its been in years etc I also would like to take a momentto wish fellow traders on here years of success
  26. Car gurus

    I hate the Car Gurus adverts, for me, it paints the wrong picture of vendors
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