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  2. I'm looking at buying a BMW for the wife from the block, it's a 65 plate car but it's on a naff looking 60 plate with the previous owner's initials. The car is being sold on this naff 60 plate and naturally the wife would rather have the 65 plate. It's a shame the local VRO offices closed years ago as they used to be pretty helpful with this type of stuff. Does anyone know the procedure to get the old 65 plate back and will it be the plate that car was first registered with when new or will it be a different 65 plate? What will happen to the naff 60 private plate - I can't imagine it's worth anything and I don't want it Also, how do I notify the road tax that the plate has changed? Many thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys, as per title, I need to transfer a car I've had in trade for 6 months to my personal name. Can I back date this to 6 months ago? If so is it better to send the V5 off or do it online and say i've sold the car to myself. I know its been discussed before but can't find the thread. Car has been taxed since I bought it. Thanks in advance.
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  5. Buyers beware.....

    I've said this for a long time. Ratings system should be in place. I stopped using DA some time ago, fed up of deceitful vendors who have cottoned on to the fact that most buyers send Movex drivers to collect vehicles and have to use them for their onward journeys. Try calling them the next day to complain about the undeclared faults and problems and they simply say they are not liable once a vehicle has left their premises.
  6. Buyers beware.....

    i think we should have a hall of shame in the private area and just keeping adding the bad vendors likewise one for the good vendors?
  7. Buyers beware.....

    Name and shame the vendor
  8. Buyers beware.....

    Very common on these we have seen a few with the exact same thing. never the less terrible they didn't mention it
  9. Buyers beware.....

    Great sellers, very popular, don't miss this one, 7 seater, Drives and looks nice, Please view photos for condition and service history What a terrible appraisal ^
  10. Anyone seen this?

    This isn't exactly revolutionary. Sites like Wizzle and Autoi do exactly the same thing. There won't be enough stock imo. Anything worth having will be bought at silly prices and anything not worth buying errr, won't be bought. Among it all is the age old problem, the public wanting unrealistic prices for their cars. I've bought off Autoi before but opportunities are rare and most of the time you will see joe public wanting retail money for his car, that's despite the fact he's already received a guide price on what he should sell his car for, if he wants to attract bids. Nothing wrong with the idea. It's not new though.
  11. Collecting from BCA auction Blackbushe.

    has he got back yet?
  12. Last week I won a silver S Max on DA. Sent my driver on a 2.5hr journey to collect it yesterday and the panroof blind is absolutely fucked. They've re listed it without images or mention of said fucked blind. Just a quick heads up so no one wastes time and money like I did. RegKT10 XSU
  13. Anyone seen this?

    I had this idea about a year ago pleased to see it being done. One day i’ll have to actually go and pitch for some money. They’ll certainly need it to get the public aware. The idea is to cut out the middle man - auctions. I’ll probably sign up.
  14. Anyone seen this? Thoughts? Thinking about signing up to see what sort of stuff is available. Anyone using them already?

    I see your in walsall there is a good exhaust shop we use a lot on the outskirts of the city centre. Not sure if im allowed to say the name on here but fee free to pm me and i will pass the details over
  16. Collecting from BCA auction Blackbushe.

    Good description that , Good driver though , very steady , He drives a 3 speed Triumph Mayflower as his daily drive , 1950 's i think
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  18. Are Used Car Prices About To Collapse ?

    Yes we still buy from market place and eBay, I don’t really think it matters where you buy them from as long as they are desirable. We bought 3 more tonight but wow was it expensive at Aston Barclay compared to last week. and thanks for the price update, on the x3 lol, actually sold that today on finance today. Unfortunately not at half a million quid lol
  19. June Trading Activity

    We did 4 this weekend and 1 today. very busy, 22 for this month now I think. aiming for 30 for the month but think that is a big ask. Sold quite a few cars using WhatsApp desktop easy simple way to do business
  20. “Imda closing “

    DPF not a problem at least the facts are out there just in case others might have thought the same !

    But anyway to the original poster I very much doubt it would be a direct fit you should have some mechanical knowledge and I’m sure you could sleeve it without too much difficulty. I assume a petrol st will have a large centre bore than a diesel.
  22. “Imda closing “

    Sorry Umesh my mistake:-(
  23. Made my own web site today

    Great job sir
  24. Main dealer trying to pinch my business [there's a novelty ! ]

    I was thinking the same, another toothless law.

    If they have a turbo yes

    Your slightly mistaken, diesels are quieter than petrol hence why people never notice their cars exhaust blowing when it’s diesel
  27. “Imda closing “

    Ladies and gentleman the IMDA is definitely NOT closing !! The email that some of you may have ‘Mia read’ is “ The IMDA is closing the forum in its current format, the forum is old technology and not user friendly on mobile devices. We’ve been discussing for some time what to do with it and a few months ago we set up the ‘IMDA Facebook Group’ for members, this has been a massive success with lots more interactions as we thought it would! The email was sent to tell current forum members that the forum will be closing and suggest those not already on the FB group should do so or they will be missing out on all the conversations! The membership is growing everyday and we’re very proud of what we’ve all achieved in such a short time with exclusive offers for all IMDAdealers. The message was also to inform members of the new website which is near completion, again will be much easier to navigate to access important information and offers. Umesh
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