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  2. Thanks for the reply TomInormally do a combination of both as I findit helps the plate stay flat as I've seen them bevel out slightly over time so the tape or pads prevent this and then Istick some screws injust got me thinking today what the best way was when the guy I was fitting them for said he would prefer no screws as it looks much nicer was what he said but as you say and I also agreethe screws add to security both from general driving and not fear of frost etc getting to the tapeand guess it makestheft harder though I've not really heard much of that in my area .
  3. July, how’s it going

    I had an old boy come in and look at a Ford B Max and said he was dissapointed it didnt have 7 seats.
  4. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    I hate main dealers with a passion they look down theirnosesat used car dealers like we are all gypos. I seldom buy anything on there tbh I'd rather payabit more from BCA.
  5. I prefer to screw them on tbh as ive seen number plates on the forecourt in the past especially in the winter where the double sided tape has given up.
  6. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Ahh, the memories of DA. Years ago, I was banned from a Honda dealer over a crock of shite I rejected, not unusual even back then. But, the DP decided to try and have a stand up row in front of house with customers milling around the show room telling me I "HAD TO BUY IT WITH ALL THE FUCKING FAULTS" ...guy was really exploding, not very professional. I was being uber cool and trying to do my level best not to wet my self as he grew redder and redder with arms flapping like windmill, all this in front of the usual Honda silver haired walk ins and those with cars in for service. ... one of the funniest events in my life, the guy in meltdown all over a 3k Golf diesel turbo that sounded like a bag of spanners, with a top speed of 20 mph and smoking like a Routemaster on a cold start, siiting out the front of the showroom with the whole site in a cloud of blue smoke as it tried to idle. Unfortunately it ended badly as the DP called me "fucking peasant" under his breath just as I walked out the door, resulting in a Honda DP being pinned against a wall in full view of his staff and civilians until he begged forgiveness.....maybe I deserved a ban afterall From what I heard the guy got sacked a year or so later for the usual stunt of creaming back handers on the choppers and, the staff were glad to see the back of the idiot. I know lots of colleagues banned from certain venders, with one thing in common. The vendors are sharks, those banned being proper dealers.
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  8. New here, saying hello!

    Welcome and good luck! You sound positive, which is always great.
  9. Written off car MOT

    And as you said it unfortunate but i guess they never will .
  10. One ofTodays job was changing some number plates on a car was actually me that fitted the previous onesbut the guy wanted some fancy 3d ones when Ifitted the previous set Iused both green double sided tapeand some plastic poly top screws which is my usual way some times replace the tape for foams pads or use screwcaps etcdepends whats kicking about the place but normally used two methods offitting and I like this method on my stuff Got the front off fairlyeasybut getting the rear off was a struggle one off the hardest one I've had and I've changed a few sets in my time eventuallygot it with a hairdryer and gentle pry what do you guys use to remove the stuck on ones ..seen some suggest dental floss etc on other forums on refitting Iused some foam number plate pads from a caravan accessory shop that seem to have done the job only usedthem as was passing when needing some usual get rolls of tape from the factorbut always open to suggestionswhat do you guys recommend forsticking them on or you think your better to screw on I've seen people even use velcro pads I used a hair dryer and some glue and tar remover to remove the sticky residue any other ideas . hope you all having a good busyweekendand thank you
  11. Written off car MOT

    you are asking for vosa and dvla to work together, they just will not, and never have done unfortunatley.
  12. New here, saying hello!

    Hello Good luck wish you all the best .
  13. July, how’s it going

    phone call this aft from a "we have a few more to look at" viewing this morning . "hello, you've still got that car that we viewed this morning i hope, be in at 9 monday with a depo, donot sell it " And this is a guy who has bought from me before, you try telling them, do they listen ? no
  14. New here, saying hello!

    seriously though, all the best
  15. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Seems like I've let them off lightly. In fact, how many of you are banned from certain dealers on DA? Im currently on a ban from BCC in Bolton (name drop, not really bothered as I found them a shower of shite). A wasted 800 mile round trip a couple of years back to collect a 2010 Clio Estate, sorry, builders van. It was a shed, stinking of fags, head-lining damaged, seat damaged, it needed a new interior and was described as being in "nice condition". After inspecting it I strolled back in, dropped keys on the desk told him I what I thought and then left. Didn't even wait for an answer so they banned me. I couldn't give a toss as when I see their listings, I just think, probably another piece of crap. I did also get banned from a dealer in Somerset which was a bit more annoying as at the time it was the closest dealer on DA to me! Then, after a couple of years and without asking, I got reinstated. No idea why!
  16. New here, saying hello!

    Accountant, VAT, notify inland revenue, Be legit
  17. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    They were acquired by Cox Automotive (own Manheim)a while back. Cox also owned Motors until recently so maybe DA could get sold on again. Wasn't there some time up between DA and AT happening or did I dream it?
  18. Hi all, I have just joined and popping by the general forum to say hello. I am just in the process of setting up as a trader. Having done a lot of research, there is still a lot more to do but I am confident in what I am learning. This forum seems to have a great vibe and I look forward to collaborating with you all. -- If you are interested, I am based in SW London and plan on buy cars around the 3-6k mark, hoping to flip within a couple of weeks of purchasing. Still trying to do analysis on this approach etc. Cheers
  19. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    It does appear that DA has changed from a professional, honest way for one business to sell to another business, to the 'bought it how you saw it' business model of the average car auction.
  20. Alloy wheel repair

    That's very true, and considering I'm 'smoking' this car, that dead person could be me!
  21. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    the reality is all of these online company's like DA are valued on the basis of number of e-clicks / users, its likely DA will be hoping at some point to cash out the same as autotrade-mail did with selling to autotrader, DAwill have zero appetite for getting rid of dishonest sellers as it affects the numbers, regulating it so the seller has more credibility only earns that seller more money, it would notearn DA any extra money, like all online based company's the value is in the amount of users - not the quality of the users, hence its unlikely things will change. if they start telling the vendors how they "must" use the system - the dishonest ones leave and the honest ones take offence because in their eyes they were doing things right anyway, the result is the platform becomes worth less money, instead its easy for DA to quote "guidelines" for sellers which we know is not worth toffee. i only ever used the site once the result being an arrogant sales manager thinking i was mug of the week ,so i decided to police the situation myself - bought an a4 avant from an audi franchise, phone call later all good and we will see you tomorrow for collection, i drive 130 miles with my trailer, car looked great, i say is it ok too run it up the road, yesfine they say see you in a while, result is the gearbox is winding-badly, i return the car and leave, could not at this point even be bothered to speak to them, i set off for home and ring them, the cocky manager says its a trade car and the local trade buyers would have take the problem on the chin, i say they havn't though have they hence youv'e dragged me 130 miles to try and took me up on DA, i tell him iv'e left the keys on reception and hang up, half hour later he rings me saying cant find the keys, i tell him again left on reception and hang up, over the next few hours they keep ringing and i just ignored them, they never did find the keys because they came home with me...not a nice thing to do but f**k them they deserved it.
  22. Ebay more expensive than Autotrader

    When you look at it this way AT has always been the cheapest ad platform. IF used correctly of course.
  23. July, how’s it going

    2 were in the bodyshop, got those out and listed. 5 were in/awaiting mechanics, got 1 out and listed. I knew they all needed prep, but all mechanics/bodyshops have been dragging their feet more than usual (1 bodyshop had no electricity for a week ). For the most part they have healthy profit margins, so at least that's something!
  24. July, how’s it going

    you mentioned 1 on sale 6 in prep? could i ask what your buying criteria is? just curious if you like to buy prep cars on price or just being unlucky at the moment..
  25. Ebay more expensive than Autotrader

    eBay’s cost per sales has always been lower for us but we’re selling cheaper stuff. Had to pay anextra £30 a month to renew this year but it’s worth it.
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