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  2. Apprentice Mechanic

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  3. Who is doing well?

    Its easy to have a wobble when its slow, same as its easy to get over excited when your flying. End of year results are what matter not a good or bad week. If you have the right stock, prepared well, advertised well, priced well...thenall you can do is wait for the car to sell, and it will eventually, they always do. Cars wont go out of fashion , people don't like walking or public transport !
  4. Who is doing well?

    It's OK Nick......... They definitely weren't Bulgarian!
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  6. Fiesta 2009 3dr seat wont move forward

    I've done it with loads of them , they all do it DONT THEY
  7. Oh yes they do. Otherwise why does everyone that ring me ask What are the "couple of minor marks" that you mentioned in your advert text? I now put that "couple of minor marks" in every advert. Works superbly against the "Oh, but I thought you said the car was immaculate" brigade.
  8. It's more the principle with me, as one of their tele sales found out when I told them where their branch manager could stick their free breakfast. Funny, I requested a call back to tell him in person but have not heard a thing.
  9. Who is doing well?

    I love the political correctness in this sentence
  10. Who is doing well?

    Who is doing well?................. Autotrader!
  11. Fed up with 20 "best price" "last price" messages this week

    ah those were the days the constant phone calls asking if i was coming in now the holiday season has started i called it puppy love
  12. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    this would all point to the fact these motors dont like being left maybe if they were started every couple of days and moved up and down the box? might sound silly but i do this with any long term sticker,turn all switches put heater motors on air con etc etc this stops things from going faulty even worse with old classic cars they need the engines running up to stop the oil seals drying out i have a selection of good used alternators in stock accumulated over time and its surprising how quickly the brushes stick to the commutator
  13. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    EGS/EGCgearboxes - is it possible to ever get one of these pieces of shit to 100,000 miles without knacking up? Good luck Blenheim, after experiencing two of these, & countless punters trying to offload them,they’re also on my AVOID list unless they’re scrap money.
  14. You’re correct & they have been. The trouble is their incentives can only be something like£50 off indemnity (or similar),cheap deliver or a canteen voucher soisn’t really enough to get me to go to an auction with a pisspoor selection of cars.
  15. The most annoying thing about this ( if true, and I'm not doubting you) is the auctions who don't normally give two fecks about you in the early part of the year suddenly gettting on the blower asking what they can do to get you back or offering incentives. Cheeky *****.
  16. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

  17. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    All correct. Letting the vehicle tick over builds up pressure in some funnylittle ball so when the pressure is up all is well. The mosy annoying aspect of this is having to ring around the scrap yards trying to find said part and having to put up with their smart arsed comments about in demand used parts. Oh how we laugh.
  18. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    Thank you Dave. Valuable insight
  19. Fed up with 20 "best price" "last price" messages this week

    Brave people on texts and mails who ask me for last price always get the standard reply. "Call me i have good news" Good news is car is still available if they ask. But at least now you have them on a phone not on a weaker text or mail inquiry
  20. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    Try gently tapping the motors on the selector, it can nudge the brushes a bit !! If that works for a minute then it is likely Brushes !! When I had the Transmission Firm, my Head Mechanic used to fix the Actuators very cheaply, according to him there were only 2 different kinds of electric motors across the broad range of Marques that these were fitted to, and he bought a big bag of motor brushes from RS or similar, 2 minutes with a piece of sandpaper along one edge of the brush, fitted and worked a treat, never saw them again !! I didn't want to do them as a business proposition, but back then we put all our Car Traders on to him to sort 'em outat his home workshop, and sort 'em out he did.
  21. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    I read it might be the actuator and it kinda makes sense. I plan on getting it over to specialist after bank holiday.I have read if you leave it ticking over 15 min then try this works ???. I will have to try this. Currently its lifeless in my unit.
  22. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    Get it read on dealer kit, Pug Planet /Lexia. @Del Boyjust beat me toit If you have a decent Mechanic and not a "Fitter" he should be able to strip the Actuator Motors and then source and fitnew Brushes, if that is the problem, which it very often is at that sort of mileage These Manual Box Auto's are mostly produced by the old Getrag, now Magna, ............... Now typo Magna to MagMa , think Volcano, Bang !! Yeah you got it............ Shite exploding Cogboxes .................... Shame 'cos the old Getrag Manuals were bloody good boxes.
  23. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    I have also suffered this fault many times. It can be anything, abs sensor, handbrake fault, gear selector module or even the wiring! But most likely clutch/actuator. Need to get it on a proper diag
  24. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    2013 508 1.6 tdi with 83k and the EGC semi auto gear box. I have heard of the reputation of this box and till now avoided it. That all went out the window when i was desperate to sell my oldest car and here i am now with a problem. When you start the car and select either drive or reverse no gear is actually selected and you can rev the car stationary in gear. When selecting either drive or reverse a gearbox fault comes up on the dashboard and a i few "ping" noises. Now my customer came 2 times from 40 miles away to test drive and collect this car and then i drove the car trying to induce a fault and i could find nothing wrong. It selected all gears and even in manual sequential setting performed fine. There is no judder or vibration when setting off. My diag reader could not connect to car but there were no warning lights illuminated on dashboard. Anyonehave any ideas as it sounds from my basic research expensive and specialist. I am in wolverhampton your experiences may lead me down the right path. I believe its actuators. E
  25. No one bothers to read adverts do they
  26. Yesterday
  27. Sorry i forgot to add: In addition to the best price last price messages i also seem to get messages asking the following despite it's in the advert: Owners / mileage/ location etc etc
  28. Who is doing well?

    Funny enough I had an auris hybrid, all it attracted was foreign gentlemen from the Yorkshire area (taxi drivers) due to the impending changes. Glad to get shot of it after over 100 calls and not 1 viewing.
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