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  2. What repairs/servicing won't you tackle?

    Is it a convertible
  3. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    The effort this Dealer Auction vendor took today when describing the car was amazing. "Taken in part ex" That's it. Good effort!
  4. What repairs/servicing won't you tackle?

    My dent guy has gone to london to do a roof on a new Bently a full week all expenses paid, havent you london folk got anyone any good you have to steal ours...very odd.
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  6. What repairs/servicing won't you tackle?

    This is a good one , Dent man came yesterday telling us he had spent the weekend in YORK celebrating his sons uni exam pass . Heavy drinking he said , " i turned round to hug my son and say well done , we went back to the hotel and it wasn't till then he found out it wasn't his son The mans not here for long
  7. Car gurus

    I think that's how car guru works Mark , all connected to the search process they use in my opinion , area by area , we have the same result , nothing nothing then 5 all at once and back to nothing again ,
  8. Autotrader Price increases

    Must be a Canadian thing. (Terence or Phillip- yeah, what’s that all abooot guy?)
  9. Car gurus

    Well, that's typical. Really quiet then out of the blue - one sold (pre booked) and two further walk-ins SOLD. AT doesn't kick in until August, so all CG
  10. Border cars

    I know someone who services workshop equipment. However this person is a bit of a bullshitter. Anyhow the other week he was telling me he was at a large Ford main dealer. He claimedthey had nowt booked in - not a single car on a lift. I thought this sounded like bullshit, perhaps not??
  11. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    The problem, as I see it, is that many buyers are leaving or in AD's case choosing not to engage because of a few dealers playing by their own rules. Ultimately I believe this lack of regulation of sellerswill kill the platform. Buyers will be driven away and the good sellers will then struggle to achieve the values they require. As soon as something new opens up DA will be done.
  12. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Any description of the car!
  13. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    For balance, are there any good DA stories? Times when they have come through and been on our side? Be nice to hear some . I’ll start with thatI feel that they’re very helpful and nice people (sorry BHM) when you need to speak to them,and theyappear to work hard to get you the junk if it’s provisional. Like AT, it’s all about the bottom line, and the more dealers and buyers they have on there, the more money they’re likely to make -this MUST obviouslybe their underlying goal. Keeping us lot placated isn’t gonna be a major target (if at all)&whilst trying to keep the dealer happy, itwill be a balancing act, with us the little kid up in the air on the see-saw with the fat kid (with pointy shoes) on the other end laughing. As I saidbefore, you get to know thegood Dealersand I have no issues with them. I don’t buy nearly as much off there as I used to, but this is mainly because of the high prices they fetch nowadays. Again, as a business model, it must be fantastic-wish I’dthought of it. It’s just the aggressive and unreasonable stipulations that get me and, as has been stated, a quick drive and report isn’t asking for much and the ones that don’t are either stupid or liars. Paying up front is similarly ridiculous, although there are a couple of dealers who I have got to trust and would do so if they wanted (they don’t) . The answer will remain: if you don’t like it, don’t bid.
  14. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    The vendors on Dealer Auction who merely disclaim everything and waffle on about how they want paying are a bunch of jokers. The ones that don't use the diagram to show damage, or that mention nothing about the car. However, we still bid on their cars, although I generally try not to! Saying that, I stuck to my guns with the last one, car was described reasonably but they wanted paying in advance. I refused, explained why to them, they backed down and I got to check the car over and then transfer the funds. Fortunately it was a HSBC to HSBC transfer so was instant.
  15. No more BMWs

    I used to have loads of Bmw's from the 80's & 90's, they were great cars in all engine sizes I just don't bother with the four cylinder ones anymore especially the petrol ones
  16. What repairs/servicing won't you tackle?

    We do everything mechanical in house ourselves. Only a part time trader so sometimes its easier logistically to do it ourselves due to timing with full time work and not being able to get to garages when open. We have a good relationship with our paint chap normally rotate a car every Saturday morning leave it with him for a week to make right. However i don't do f***ing electrics. Had a mini convertible in with an intermittent roof drove it to mot and pack parked up on driver then wouldn't start ended up being some control module under the seat had corroded but we use a local chap for that very reliable and very cheap.
  17. Code Reader Snap on ???

    It would appear my newest is now a 14 plate and it has an EML lights on . I think im gonna go with the solus for the money and might try something else in the future always sell solus and break even.
  18. Border cars

    Renault seem to be offering zero margin and hoping for bunts on upsells, if I can believe the latest stickers on the windows of the showroom nearest me? And 4k minimum px on Zoeanother must have electric golf trolley.
  19. July, how’s it going

    Possibly Maybe you are thinking of Play Dead or Its So Quiet? Thats just Human Behaviour.
  20. Autotrader Price increases

    I don't consider it scary at all. But somehow each story of the customer/buyer should be shared for the others to learn from it. I usually check the prices and feedback on Dealer Refresh though. There are major changes in Canadian automotive market (recently).
  21. No more BMWs

    I think BMW R&D must use some guys from the old Triumph Meriden Cooperative for gasket development. I've seem more oil tight TDi Discos than these later Screemers, sorry Beemers
  22. Ebay more expensive than Autotrader

    I'm getting enquiries on cars I sold in March from Ebay, but FA from the new faces
  23. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    DA quoted T n C are "£100 of damage/reconditioning", why are these guys making their own rules up? Are they are in need of a SpecSavers appointment Ohh, the missing bit... .... it is "vehicle description will/may not be relevant to the actual car for sale" Yesterdays experience would confirm that with an appraisal guy who could give the late n great Arthur Daley a run for his his money, see VIP section for 'DA the good, the bad, the ugly' reboot I'll predict that DA will get even worse with the current drought of main agent sales, a lot of those boys are really hurting and things are getting savage.
  24. Yes you read it right. Just had a 3 month trial with Ebay/gumtree, always been with Autotrader. All I am bothered about is £ per sale. Ebay/gumtree£120 + vat per sale. Autotrader £90 + vat per sale. Marked increase in enquiries with ebay on board but the quality of leads are a lot worse than autotrader. Think I might give cargurus a trial or fbautomotives facebook marketplace for £25.
  25. No more BMWs

    Yes just a new rocker cover gasket fresh oil and a new oil filter job done. No more oil dripping on to exhaust
  26. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    I suspect Tesco don’t make them in my size AD, you’ll like this descriptionof the vehicle. Do you notice what is actuallymissing from this description? ; PLEASE CALL TO ARRANGE COLLECTION PRIOR TO TURNING UP. OUR CARS ARE STORED OFF SITE, COLLECTION MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9.00 AM UNTIL 4.30 PM ONLY. UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENT Please note: None of our trade vehicles are mechanically appraised through our workshops nor do we road test them in any way, and they are strictly sold as seen- we will however list any faults that we do know about/notice. Once the vehicle has left site there will be no partial or full refunds, so please check the vehicle over before driving away whether that be you or your delivery agent. Please allow £200 for reconditioning charges as mistakes can be made and we may miss the odd item on a car. Prompt 3 day collection must be met in order to purchase this vehicle, Mon-Fri. Please inform us before you collect the vehicle of a rough date/time as our trade vehicles are stored off-site. After this period we reserve the right to cancel the sale and relist the vehicle if we think it is necessary. Payment must be made by Debit/Credit card in person with pin confirmation, BAC's or cash upto £5000. If you are paying by BAC's, once you have processed the payment please send us a screen shot of the transaction to the email provided on our Dealer-Auction so we can identify it easier in our banking. We also ask that you pay at least 24 hours before collection as BAC's is not instant and we will not release a vehicle until the funds are definitely in our account. Thank you and good luck
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