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  2. Toyota Yaris MMT

    hope a chocolate plate wasn't fitted
  3. Toyota Yaris MMT

    Just a bit of an update on this as promised, Got the car back Friday,It was the clutch causing the judder in first and reverse gear, mechanic showed me the old clutch and it was totally shagged. Drives perfect and without any issues
  4. BCA partner finance cars

    Exactly what I thought when I've looked through the section at Paddock Wood, looks like a load of knocked about p-ex's with problems, the partner finance dealers don't dare attempt to retail.
  5. BCA partner finance cars

    I always assumed they were p/x’s taken in or lemons boughtby dealers with stocking loans and sold back through bca? As I’ve seen some right nails within that section.
  6. BCA partner finance cars

    I would want to see it first, see a local dealer to me get handed a 30k stocking loan the fool went straight out changed his stock portfolio run out of money trying to prep them bought cars he didn’t understand and lost the lot with 3 months, that stock was a pile of junk overpriced serious faults ect but it all got sold on.
  7. BCA partner finance cars

    In theory they should be retail-ready or almost ready cars that have been sitting on forecourts for a while before being repoed and shipped to BCA. Who knows what they are really like though, some dealers prep a lot, some prep sweet *uck all.
  8. BCA partner finance cars

    OK, so not a 'dud'?
  9. BCA partner finance cars

    Yes just like most other finance companies. The cars should actually be in much better shape than the average finance repo. Someone just did the prep, just couldn’t sell the thing quickly enough.
  10. BCA partner finance cars

    so BCAPF exists as a auction vendor in its own right?
  11. BCA partner finance cars

    Repo from a dealer who defaulted would be my guess. Same as manhiem they sometimes list nextgear vehicles.
  12. Sorry to sound an idiot here, it's not my area of expertise, but I noticed a car entered from 'BCA partner finance' in a upcoming sale. Does BCAPF actually purchase and own the cars? Why would a BCAPF car be back at auction? I thought BCAPF offered stocking loans?
  13. Hello

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  14. Bye bye autotrader

    Cut their necks and get them there lame ducks gone.
  15. Bye bye autotrader

    Your 100% right toalways aim for the big margins and I always do but I just don’t see the point in holding out for big margins with anything that’s been in stock for over 60 - 90days, get rid, get a nice part ex, a bit of finance commission or reinvest and keep the ball rolling, although I did see a great quote the other day “affluence breeds impatience and impatience undermines well being, you don’t see many poor impatient people”
  16. finance

    Close Brothers are human beings when looking at deals , Deal with cars from new to 20 yrs , up to 130,000 miles , make quick decisions too for the customers which is good when they are sat waiting in front of you crossing fingers & toes and shaking with worried looks on their faces . 6/10 cars might be a stumbling block though , they usually like more than that to get more business , which i can see really . Try smiling nicely when the rep comesand tell em your looking at finance to attract more sales to expand .
  17. Anyone interested in buying a CLK?

    A Dastardly bit of work, far from Perfect, almost a Creepy Coupe, that would make a lot see Red. I can't see a Patent Pending on the that.
  18. Electric Cars

    Shhh, ya spoiling it ......erm, we also need some HUGE changes in the national grid that's already running at bursting point......the countries skint so..... I think I still be selling IC reggies in a few years to come yet.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Electric Cars

    So, these charging points, where are they in my village ? where are they going to be in that block of flats, no drive roadside houses etc ? bit of work to be done yet i think ! wood pellets drivepower stations, wood all the way from germany / usa, joke ! Onto chargers, this is from gov website = The chargepoint must have appropriate security measures to ensure that its functions are resilient to cyber-attack. The chargepoint must ensure that any communications are exchanged in a secure manner with an appropriate level of encryption to prevent interception by an un-authorised third party. So if you can hack the chargers, you stop the country in 1 day flat ! joke ! and the chargers, fitted by "suppliers" are only guaranteed 3 years so you must add this "cost" after 3 years, you can onlyuse a contractor registered through the Highways and Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS). seems like a job to be in maybe ?
  21. Bye bye autotrader

    The problem with aiming for small margins is that you will then only ever get small margins, you'll never have a nice juicy £5K one (I've had less than 5of those over the years so not there yet sadly). If a dealer clears £250 per car they need to sell 20 cars for each £5K. That's 20 TIMES more chances of something going pop & bang, 20 times more chances of screamers, 20 times more MOTing, 20 times more valeting, 20 times more servicing and repairs and MUCH higher AT or premises or storage bill. One guy can have 20 nice cars, the other guy needs 400! And several times more staff. And less finance penetration as % and a much lesser chance of another high value p/x for retail... Listen, I lived in £2989 land for years (you know I hate XX95 pricing) and I regret it. This comfort that we have with certain price points works against us sometimes :-)
  22. Dodgy auction tactics

    It was about time someone reported them to the office of fair trading...they do have powers to conduct undercover investigations... And power to rifle through paper work...
  23. Electric Cars

    Yeah one lap at the moment as they want them to keep the power cranked up, to keep up the quick average lap times-rather than turn them down and have more laps. Mind you, one lap is what- 37 odd miles. Mugen team /technology is way ahead of the others is the issue. Amazing bit of kit. (Might have been John McGuiness’ last TT,ride & he came second.)
  24. Electric Cars

    They were faster top end than the stocks, amazing as they are carrying so much more weight, I think they come in at 245kg average? It is only a one lap race isn't it?
  25. Last week
  26. Hello

    Welcome BIGNIT, Have been in the same boat as yourself, Lots of knowledge and helpful people on here apart from couple of HMRC employees, they will be here shortly. Where abouts do you advertise and what sort of stock do you mainly sell?
  27. Electric Cars

    Talking electric, just been watching the isle of man TT and an electric bike hasjust done a top speed of 176mph and an average lap speed of 121mph on the 37mile 1 lap race, amazing.
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