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  2. Its not organised at individual dealer level its organised by group / franchise owner. Small single site main dealers are few and far between and increasingly rare. You have to get into the big groups or alternatively try something new like bike dealerships maybe ( can't see the hells angels at a harley dealer being to into it but something to think about)
  3. Sitting here at Toyota waiting on a recall, ffs these poor sods get some needless and pointless shit from Joe Public, the big difference is they have to be sooooo polite, where as I can point the rude and ignorant twat to the door. Best is an old boy with an intermittent central locking issue on some 12 month old Toyota POS, sometimes it opens all tbe doors, sometimes it doesn't. They have had it back three times and they can't replicate the fault. This travesty of automotive design is so shockingly bad, the old boy may have to cancel his holiday to Benidorm () due to the worry.....some other shite comparing John Lewis came to his house to fix his washing machine, I'm in stitches here. ......I've a suspicion that he doesn't know how to use his remote control and so does the service advisor judging by the looks we are exchanging. He has mentioned this to the customer only to be met with more abuse than a Premiership referee gets fact most of the problems seem to intermittent with these cars....
  4. Mileage descrepancies

    I had a 3rd gen Firebird that did over 700k in one year, busy fella
  5. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    My better half ran late S60's for years all with Red Dwarf miles on them, but one of them had an intermittent ABS problem and, for the life of me, I just couldn't resolve it. It had to go into the local Volvo indie. I didn't spend any dough on it but was getting to dead end and, thinking ABS ECU dry joint issue? It was loosing the nsf ABS sensor output totally at random, and hence bringing up loads more lights, yet everything checked out OK Ended up with the scanner on it data logging when we went on holiday in that S60, yes it pissed me off that much. All this just trying to find a pattern....that f*cking ABS output never dropped out in over 700 miles, until the first 200 yards into the first school run after we got home So, admitting defeat and fearing the worst I dropped that bastard off to the indie at 9am. Get a phone call to say all done come and collect it at uprated torque bolt with threadlock, and an hours labour job done. .....every day a school day but what a stupid CV joint design, don't touch Volvos anymore unless older models, hateful things build wise.
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  7. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    But guessing is always more reassuringly expensive
  8. I couldnt agree more there old news now but still bringing more money in the block than i have them for sale for. Good riddance i say they where a bag of bolts held together with glue and quite possibly the worst car i have ever driven.
  9. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Reluctor ring, pump, sensors, brake light switch, wiring, fuse, sas, can comm error fromall other modules, bearing / hub nut loose, tyre mismatch etc etc etc etc etc ..................... There is probably around 300 different faults it might be ....................... No point guessing, get it plugged in to a decent generic and see what that says
  10. Mileage descrepancies

    LOL, that's just Stevie Wonder tester, who is also retarded, who in their right mind wouldn't take 2 minutes to walk outside and double check that, especially on a 59 fezza !!
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  12. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Driveshaft outer torque bolt, couple of quid?
  13. CRV's have had their day here sir, like many cars, you fly with them for years, then seemingly overnight, the switch goes off. C1's are going off the boil too, they've been too expensive for too long.
  14. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    I thought you were doing this full time now (since moving to the site). Last I heard you were flying, has something changed? Oh and I’d sooner go for a crew type bus than 3 in a row. Vito perhaps?
  15. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    £75 It’s for my kids mainly 6 and 9 years old. I’m a gas and heating engineer on the side, so need something to do both
  16. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Or steering angle sensor
  17. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Usually ABS sensor
  18. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Defo get it back to you, letting someone else look at it will get heavy.
  19. Manheim surecheck help please

    Good man for standing your ground and getting shut..
  20. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Just had a text from a customer about an old 2003 Volvo V70 I sold him, he's had the anti skid service required message come on, anyone care to take a guess as to what the most likely cause is? Also, do you think I should let his local garage look at it or try to get it back for my chap to look at? Cheers!
  21. Mileage descrepancies

    Try tapping the reg in here!
  22. Yes you can make a business out of this. The company I used to work for would sometimes have 60 plus bookings a week. In the past I've worked all over Europe and the UK. VIP type Events are a big thing in the dealerships especially around the time of new reg releases.
  23. Bee(stie)

    Cheers He didn't land in it, once it was touch dry, I looked and Bee had gone I don't do Paint for Customers, I'm too slow at it, but there's no one decent round these parts, so I started doing my own stuff out of necessity,but it's a bit of a challenge in a dirty mechanical workshop This is the Bumper off the front of my S Class, I'm now getting a good finish straight off the gun .............. LOL, apart from the last 10 months, the last Paint I did was Cellulose in the 80's I started again out of necessity, I had a mate with a booth, he was gonna do my Car, but he had a big crash in his Rally Car just before it was due to go to them, he went a bit funny in the head and sold up his Garage, and they don't do Paint anymore So I bought a load of new kit, put an extract fan in, bought materials and sundries, and also bought 10 litres of Chalcedon Blau Base I wanted plenty, so I knewas it's all from the same batch no matter how many times I screwed up I'd have plenty.............. I'm still on the first 5 litre Can prob about 1 litre left I started with the Boot Lid, did that 3 times until I cracked it,(I am a fussy bastard with my own Cars and the Base was a tiny bit "tiger stripey" being a very pale blue lol), so then once I'd Polished it up I moved on to the 2 right Doors,then 2 left Doors, done a load of plastic bits like Side Skirts, Bumper, Door Mouldings, Mirror Covers etc etc, all that's left now is Roof and both Rear 1/4's. Roofs not as bad as it sounds as this Car has a nice big Sunroof, so I'm going to have a bash at doing them all together rather than blend up the (large) C Pillars, I don't like blends, can always see 'em I also did a Wing, Door and Side Skirt for Mels C Class along the way, when she chucked it down the ditch in January,I just fitted them bits straight onto the Car, haven't polished it yet, but it looks mint straight off the Gun. I guess it took me about 3 Panels to get to the stage where it really doesn't need Polishing, the 2 right doors took me half a day to wet flat and polish, too much orange peel, turned out a new Devilbiss and not leaving so much time between Clear Coats cured that I'm quite happy now doing my own Paint, just something like a full shoot onthat S Class is a big fucker for a projectwith a ton of colour coded plastic bits to do as well I'ts also matching nice edge to edge as I'm doing it a bit at a time, but I'm very careful with direction, distance etc etc. One day, if I ever get round to building a3000 sq mworkshop I'll build a nice big booth in the corner. This Car is just dragging on and on because I don't often get a long weekend to get a chunk of it done, but she's lookin' good now, should be back in use in time for the winter
  24. Can you really make a business out of this ?
  25. So just how much does it cost to hire Kylie for the evening
  26. Only around 5 to 8 nowadays, and sometimes I can 'go green' with an ad' too Just looking and I have 12 out there, how did that happen....I came up here to retire, you know the odd one of two
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