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  2. I know it sounds sketchy but I’d use eBay. Choose a vendor who’s sold a load of them with good feedback and pay with Paypal and you get protection if anything goes wrong. As a cheaper alternative have you looked at putting WOW on a tablet?
  3. £325 +VAT a deal and then if you do 5 or more it goes up and 10 or more it goes up again etc..
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  5. After a recent incident where my handy daily scanner was stolen im on the hunt for a replacement. I need something small enough to travel with me on my collection capers but be useful. I landed on an autel maxisys mp808. My problem is, where to buy one thats not a clone. Even the autel website itself looks sketchy?
  6. Post a picture of your wang and then friend request a load of kids. You’ll get a great reaction.
  7. Yes, they want £75 per completed deal
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  9. How much do you get? The letter is a bit blurry but am i right in saying they want you to pay them to use their finance?
  10. Interesting - thanks for that
  11. You lost me at the facebook part
  12. try using the word facebook more, that might do the trick.
  13. great post, interesting point about trade to trade being upfront, think it was due to having to mostly deal and trade locally, everyone knew each other and socialised together with many trade deals done in the pub, these days you can trade a car to the other end of the country without even talking to the buyer, and strange how these days a lot of local retailers and traders don't know or talk to each other.
  14. Hmmmm ? Those guys go straight from kart to single seaters. People think they are young to race but by the time they're 20 they've got 12yrs of racing experience behind them? And that's 'racing' not track days, there's a big difference.
  15. If it appears at all
  16. If I send the wife to the bank with cash it doesn't appear at ALL for bloody weeks
  17. 'n ZIP karting boots Used to race 100cc Nationals.....s'when I realised how quick F1 guys like Johnny Herbert (old urns will remember) are. He used to race for Dartford Karting and turned up as as favour for them, late 80's. Simply amazing they can get metal and rubber to go so quick is totally alien.....same as the moto x and enduro guys I raced against, trials is more my thing now, slow n steady
  18. I went to the Bristol one and some brought their own helmets
  19. Is a tough one.. customers aren't everywhere at the moment so we have signed up and have been for a while as it certainly helps keeps the stock moving BUT it is usually the stock we would shift anyway that the enquirers come in on. We do all our finance through them now though as they pay upwards of £350 on every deal and we wont be affected by the changes with rates and comms payments next year as they decide all the rates for the customer and our commission doesn't change regardless.
  20. Did anyone turn up with their own overalls? Lol
  21. To be honest there were one or two! swearing and whining about being overtaken or span out or ramming others however its expected! They just get overly competitive, however it was an awesome night and ill definitely be back for the next event!
  22. It's not my thing. Back in the late 80s I used to race, started with a couple of caterham's and progressed to a Mallock Clubmans series. Did it for a few years. But I have absolutely no interest in 'track day's' or go karting. To my mind, there are always too many guys who take these go karting events far too seriously and suck the fun out of it for everyone else!
  23. Good question. Thinking about it, not that comes to mind really, some would whinge about VAT, others about new fangled MOT's, or drink driving laws, but those really were old boys. Maybe I was on the fringe too much back then. Only watched an episode of Minder yesterday where, Max Wall comes out of jail and Arthur tells him what he has missed "something called VAT, but don't no need to worry about that".....would of been 8%, they were the days? That said with the caveat that car dealers can lean towards half full types, not enough cars, too many cars etc That also said, things were a LOT more relaxed and casual back then, and dare I say it more fun. Trade to trade on the whole was more upfront, bar the usual wrong ern you'd give a swerve, but one important thing that a few forget. In general, I think customers knew a LOT more about the product we were selling, yes really, honestly. They would often change their own oil 'n filter, a bulb, service cars plugs/points/belts/brake linings etc, some would even pull heads. If you are of an age remember of all those car parts shops that were on every estate. ........ and heaven forefend, and this is true as I sit here, some would even wash the car on a Sunday, without paying a criminent to do it, fag in hand to spend more time on their Iphone posting pictures of their dogs latest turd. you know why the AA response and fix times are what they are... because they change so many wheels.
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  25. So who went to the dealer team challenge in Manchester?
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