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  2. We generally do okay with the time wasters but they have been out in force this month determined to waste my time.
  3. Dead here also, brings out the nutters with every reason why they cant buy the car.
  4. Very Quiet. 2 Sold all month. Have our most up sale now at 9 should be closer to 12 by the end of the weekend and then im off on my holidays. Hopefully set ourselves up for a busy September.
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  6. There is an August thread already running somewhere
  7. 3 sold all of August, out of a stock of 4-5. Two of those sales were last week. Left sold cars online though, and now stock is 6 (not huge I know) and it feels like it's gone quiet since Saturday.
  8. i thought from the title this was a Customer you were going to tell us about disappointed now, I like a good moaner story
  9. To be honest, on a 57 plate. Don’t worry about it. Just make sure it’s got oil in the box and drive it until it either stops (very rarely) or sets on fire (quite regularly).
  10. Only 10 so far, but some nice deals and a couple of heavy stickers gone, so ticking over. Have had the same issue with finance props. Mentioned it a few months ago. Sign of the times I guess? I’ve not needed to buy for a while luckily, as was holding enough and didn’t feel the inclination. Started to look again last week tentatively and prices seem more reasonable, but we’ll see.
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  12. How’s it all going gents? 15 so far this month with 38 in stock, with some lumpy finance deals. Had a lot of finance declines however, the quality of finance customers are getting worst by the month but so far very happy with how it’s gone.
  13. Never thought of that might use that one if they overhear can always point to the tool box in the corner The arse falls out them though tescos are better
  14. Always been an asda man myself and can say the bags for life never rust
  15. that,s what i said when they said they,ve another to look at...............facom.
  16. Might get a cloth one only a quid
  17. not even a leg measurement this forums going to pot
  18. i love my morrisons carrier bag,must have had it 10 years thinking of upgrading to marks and spencers but not sure if the bag for life is good value long term
  19. I’ve got a teng one that I’ve had 9 years now and it’s still going strong. I just got a big roll cab thing off sgs engineering, I’m impressed with that too for £600
  20. Thanks guys yeah they Some times have trade in boxes etc too . I guess
  21. I’ll be the odd one out here and say snap on, Ive always had snap on boxes and never had an issue.
  22. Ring your rep ours often has a few chests he can do part ex deals on
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