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  3. This, and it’s only 3 cars in 3 months to keep it
  4. Bca tend to start you off on a gold account account now when you open a new account ..
  5. Done well to get Gold account selling 3 per month????
  6. £18,000 - one Audi A3 £5000 = four cars £1800 = 10 motors £180 = 100 bangers from a variety of vendors Rather buy 100 bangers make £150 = £15k Quick cash
  7. Yesterday
  8. Is that you John - just posted it on the Facebook group ? Trying to retail a 19k car with bumper scuffs... 2018 AUDI A3 1.5 TFSI S LINE BLACK ED. ONLY 13K MILES. RECON - COUPLE OF BUMPER SCUFFS AND 2 ALLOY REFURBS ONLY 1 KEY CAPS @ £18,900 £17750 WILL BUY IT. NOT A PENNY LESS
  9. Was mentioned in conversation a few weeks back as headhunted people (clearly my head was not high enough). Was told they are owned by VW group and looking to only offer manufacturers approved vehicles. I am just waiting for the compare used car sites website, it has already happened for the car buying sites.
  10. If you do sell it please let me know as I can help you with some more Vat Q ones! Trust me, unless you have 4 rings over the door you will struggle unless you are 15% off the cheapest Audi main dealer.
  11. Cracking numbers!!! What's your website?
  12. You may? You mean you're shitting bricks hoping he's serious because it's your one chance of getting that money back in one piece and not have to concede to driving a 1.5 Audi everywhere. You may take him up
  13. Whats the inside leg measurement more importantly
  14. Probably best to put it back through the auction you might get more than what you paid for it putting it through privately
  15. Rory can often be found at his local orphanage handing out toys and sweets. When he isn’t helping old dears across the road.
  16. would it not make sense to move nearer them then to save them the long distance journeys?
  17. might be a woman or a transclucent fishymagig
  18. Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that. How do I contact you? Thanks for your offer. I may take you up on that. How do I contact you?
  19. Hi! I have been using Olympus Tough TG-5 for 3 months and I liked it! But then I met a girl who is a photographer and she recommended me to use Nikon D850. I fell in love with both of them (the camera and the girl)!! Btw, we met at Probably the best place to find your soul!
  20. 2 months ago I sold a car that was exported to Italy! But usually my buyers are people who live approximately 1 hour away
  21. Welcome aboard!! Enjoy the day
  22. lots of snails underneath though if you ever lift it up squelch squelch squelch..................
  23. problem with all these machines is if the interior has had the interior fabric protection they cant pull the dirt out,its very annoying i use poundlands foam on the seats after wetting them and walking away from the car for a few minutes im sure other foam cleaners are available but i just pick a few cans up if i ever go into the nearest town as i know they have them had my machine years cant remember the make,i dont abuse it and only use it in wet mode,ie the interior gets hoovered properly before it sees my valeter
  24. I can recommend the Sealey VMA914 if your looking for a proper valeting machine. Good value and pretty robust. Remote control for spray and suck. Must of had ours about 4 years. Still going strong and only a few small parts replaced in that time.
  25. A great little car to twiddle round Suffolk in,I would keep it too
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