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  2. Ferrari - write off?

    I get you, some of the guys I've metwho are into slot cars and other models can be real geeks. I'm 57 now and don't really want to meet any more females, unless they are buying a car or getting one fixed !! Mels fine, much better in all respects than the ex wife so I'm in front I'm not that artistic, Mel does the scenery bits for ours, but tbh it only gets serious use when family are up,and we have a set of 6 cheap bomb proof Digital Porsche Boxters plus a couple of spares that we let the Grandchildren loose with I have a couple of R/C Race Cars I built with big Glow Motors, the best thing I ever got was an electric Starter, runs off a 12V Bike Battery and spins up the flywheel !! The RC Cars haven't been outta the Workshop Loft for a few years now, mind I haven't been on the Slot Cars since Xmas !! When I was younger I did build an IC Helicopter, I was housebound for 6 months after a huge Car Crash, busted femur etc etc, wanted something to occupy me,real big bastard 'copter, sold it in the end, kept crashing it, every time it crashed it was literally hundreds for a set of Rotors and other mangled bits, it is a real art flying one of those, and I never mastered it I wasn't much better with the Planes either, loved the Power Boats though, except when you capsized the cunt halfway across a lake and had to sit and wait for it to float back on the breeze........................ ahhhhhhh boys and their toys eh !! I'm a fucker for it, Iget a shot of something someone else has got and then go spend a bucket on getting into a new hobby, get bored, repeat The only thing i really stuck at over the years was the Barefoot Waterskiing and real Motor Sports
  3. All business need to start somewhere. Good luck.
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  5. How are you planning on driving traffic (potential buyers) to your site?
  6. I think the problem I have is asking people online. I visited around 6 dealerships yesterday and pitched it towards them. Surprisingly, none of them had anything bad to say about my concept or why the website is. Free advertising is free advertising nonetheless. I think too many people have a general misconception of what I’m offering. I don’t think it’s about being too late, I think it’s about introducing a different approach to how car listings are done online. To add to your block list? I wouldn’t worry, I’m not about to jump on yell and start sending people generic emails. If people cannot see the value that my website would potentially add to their business then that isn’t my problem. There are people who do. :-) As for those that don’t see the potential, nor support startup businesses and would rather follow multinational corporations that make enough money then go ahead and keep spending your money. “There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed”.
  7. Just Give it back. And if your boss is the decision maker, its down to him to deal in person with it. Not You. Time wasted over a deposit when you should be selling the car to someone else. Me? I NEVER take a deposit before someone has seen the car. Its amazing how quickly they can get to see it when they realise someone could buy it before them. But then its just me here so I'm not competing with other salesman(and women). And Id rather not let a billy put a car on hold till they can get their finger out and come to look at it.
  8. Hyundai - your experience.

    theres a bum for every seat. i10 sells (in my experience) to people who dont care about cars. cheap to run is all theyre bothered about. Minis? Each to their own....
  9. Just logged in to this and first thoughts...not another car platform. Mate not wishing to piss on your party, but you are about 10 years too late. Have you done any research? Similar companies seem to be popping up about once a week. Another name to have to maybe add to the very long blocked senders list. Good luck anyway!
  10. LOL, you know fine well I'm talking about all these billy bunter newbies with their old shite
  11. Ferrari - write off?

    Yeah, I get that. My comment about 'no girls' was a bit tongue in cheek. Unfortunately 'model making' isn't a good way to meet girls! But, as with many things the beauty is in the simplicity. I have a few friends that have revisited flying R/C planes and it is fascinating following their journey back into a sport that has now moved on way beyond where they left it in the early '80s. These guys were competitive flyers. But as much as they all want to still make planes off plan from balsa, they don't want the hassle of glow motors!
  12. To name a few yes, these are the main ones that were working with currently and will expand as and when we need to. Tell me one classifieds provider that offers this service without chargingthenI’ll shut the website down.
  13. Is it just me or are all forums getting more and more posts from total wankers in the last few months .......................
  14. Ferrari - write off?

    I'll tell you why that is ............... Mel can take 2 Controllers and competitively race2 cars around different parts of the track, changing lanes, pitting for fuel etc etc, I know other ladieswho can too.......................shows all us fellas right up !! This is an example ofSlot Rallying, the detailing is amazing on a lot of the stuff, a far cry from the old "Scalextric Set" most of us had when we were kids. The digital age made it all into a big boys toy, up to 6 cars on 1 lane, they run out of fuel and run slightly slower when full to the brim, change lanes to overtake, sector timing, 4wd Cars etc etc........... I have a couple of Cars which are still boxed sealed, (RAC Rally Talbot Sunbeam for example), they are worth more than some of us pay for real car px'es lol
  15. Hyundai - your experience.

    Yes, I've bought the mini.
  16. My experience of chargebacks is that it doesn’t make a difference what card type, and the banks don’t have a dialogue with you they just do it. If your employer can’t afford £250 to refund what seems like a genuine situation where the customer has a right to a refund then I’d be looking for a new employer. Put yourself in his shoes, website says refundable and gives no conditions, why should he expect any issue? if it happened to me then I’d be doing chargeback plus writing to company MD directly with my complaint before following it up legally. Might cost me more than £250 but I take exception to being misled. Fortunately the writing to MD’s generally works, my son even got his iPhone replaced by Apple after local store told him he was out of warranty (they’d timed it from date ordered not collected)
  17. Indeed he is, all the way to the bank, although a bit frustrated about how it’s ended up.
  18. “Just to name a few” ? Your asking dealers to put time and effort to buy into your new venture surely we potential customers deserve a little more than to name a few ? ps good luck with the new venture no one likes a David and Goliath story more than me.
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  20. Hello Lazz, We are currently working on providing links to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Our Google business page when we set this up, Reddit, blogger, and tumbler just to name a few. These all provide great do follow backlinks for the listings on our website, not to mention generating a decent amount of traffic.
  21. Could you please list which platforms/websites the cars will appear on ?
  22. You mean the same as you would if you advertised a vehicle on Autotrader, Gumtree or Ebay which you have to pay them the privledge of doing? I’mnot sure I follow when you say to publicise my website? Have I not made this clear in my opening message? I’moffering a service for free..Did you not get the concept of I advertise YOUR listings across various platforms? This would in fact suggest it’s me that promotes YOU. If this is your stance towardssomebody offering dealerships FREE advertising which in turn would benefit not only me for the content but YOU as a dealership then I’m sorry to have offended you! But what if? What if somebody came across YOUR advert on MY website and you made a sale? Wouldn’t that have paid for itself? I mean after all you spent the best part of three minutes creating that advert. Every business needs haters and negative comments thrown their way. It only adds to the dedication and commitment needed to succeed.
  23. Dash camgoing to be more expensive then the car you require it for
  24. Hyundai - your experience.

    Have you bought any stock yet?
  25. Is this a waste of time?
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