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  2. Another negative review, whats your take on this

    Reviews are a pain in the ass but they are a sad fact of running a business, yes people do read reviews and decide what your business is like before even speaking to you, you must reply to the review and turn it around in your favour, explain that it has cost you xyz removing car from sale, preparing it to his standards loss of turnover etc etc state that deposits are none refundable and a contract such as the one he signed is legally binding.....worded correctly it can make him look like a skint chancer wannabe rather than an innocent hard done to saint...
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  4. Another negative review, whats your take on this

    I am absolutely with you, itslike when someone idiotcuts you up on the road and then gives you the bird, unjust and completely unfair. But, to act with road rage is wrong. The secret now is to respond by belittling / dismissing theprick in the most politest and professional way. Your review readers will see he’s themoron and appreciate your rational reply.
  5. Another negative review, whats your take on this

    You don’t need a court order for eBay, just complete a defamation form and the comments will be removed.
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  7. Challenge

    Yep, already reduced my spots from 14 to 8 and removed the finance charge they added for april. will just have to start “cycling” my adverts regularly to get all Cars seen throughout the week.
  8. What is it about giving advice to friends and family?

    ever since can you just all it needs is have you got can i borrow it will only take
  9. Challenge

    After reading this thread I'm fuming with the amount of money i've been spending on Autotrader in comparison. I cant believethat some people are happy to pay these big bills. Sowell done for taking a stand Arthur and I hope it works out, keep us informed! Exactly as others havebeen saying is we need to make a point to AT that we won't put up with it, and we need to do so withoutimpactingsales. Hopefully I haven't lost you all here but surely the thing to do so that everyone can contribute to standing up to AT, is that collectively we all commit to reducing our packages by 10, 15, 20% as an example. If you can make the most of your forecourt and keep all of those spaces full with cars that are actually up for sale and not sold, in theoryit shouldn't impact your business dramatically? It wouldn't surprise me if on a busy month at least 20% of my spaces onlinearen't in use, either with a car thats already sold or even a space that Ijust don't use. For ease of numbers: 100 dealerspaying £2500 a month commit to reduce there package by 20%. Total before: £250k a month to AT Total after 20% reduction: £200k a month AT losing out on 50K a month as a rough average. These are conservative numbers and I'm sure we could get alot more dealers involved than that. Best case scenario they reduce our packages. Worst case scenario a lot of us will see if we really need to advertise ALL our cars on AT. Depending on feedback,I'll be happy to make an online petition to see how many people would be willing to put there name down to reduce there AT package slightly, then I'll forward to Autotrader! Thanks
  10. Another negative review, whats your take on this

    save your forty quid and do it yourself, i did, and the company was based in poland or somethingjust contact them, you'll find how to in there terms and conditions for posting reviews, remind them its subject to a court case, that they can have the claim number if needed, and they could be party to a contempt of court if they dont remove the post in 24 hour, i did this and bloody hell it worked [ by posting reviews you agree that the company you posted the review with to pay any costs to them for any legal duties they have to reply to, so its easier just to remove the post] send £40 to= have a word with wife at word with the wife towers haw2fe
  11. A4 avants 2005-2007 ish

    My bread and butter. Yes they do have problems,but once you know them you know which ones to buy.
  12. Best "wish I'd bought one years ago" tools

    ps, tip DONT use tfr, prolonged use get a mask
  13. A4 avants 2005-2007 ish

    I don't know how any of you buy them at the right money?! Every time I see one with sensible mileage and good history go through the block, always makes crazy money!! Always leaves me wondering how anyone makes any margin in them!!! I can never get near an A4 Avant....
  14. A4 avants 2005-2007 ish

    I have very few issues with them. Just remember to change the gasket in the Ecu - rain water loves getting in there!
  15. A4 avants 2005-2007 ish

    You must be lucky, B7 A4's were troublesome 5 years ago let alone now.
  16. A4 avants 2005-2007 ish

    Why would I have aftersales problems? we have very few cars back with problems.
  17. Having never met you before, I can only picture you as a cross between Victor Meldrew and Jack Dee
  18. A4 avants 2005-2007 ish

    Troublesome aftersales ? Not everyone can get away with Arthur Dealey's approach
  19. I hate this too, and they still expect a free lifetime warranty.
  20. Another negative review, whats your take on this

    yup to the punter
  21. Challenge

    We had the Mitsubishi franchise there until November, it’s now fiat aftersales, used cars, mot’s etc..
  22. Legal solutions 4 u offer a service where they get it removed, from memory it’s about £40.
  23. Thanks Tradex all ordered, A Tornado was the trade name given to the cleaning device sold by the autosmart brand, if you have a van close to you they should be able to sort you out a demo you will need a sizeable compressor to get the best of out of one, there amazing on door shuts tailgates all the hard places you cant get into
  24. A4 avants 2005-2007 ish

    I totally agree - all seem to know exactly what they want - all want a cheap bullet proof car with decent history and allwith the same questions. has it been serviced regularly - when was the cambelt done - can I take it away today - yes to allof the above sir - now does your credit card start with a 4 or a 5....and the rest of the card details now please mr customer
  25. A4 avants 2005-2007 ish

    I always found cheap Avant punters to be sensible and good to deal with.
  26. Have a look on YouTube, i’m sold!
  27. Another negative review, whats your take on this

    I can not be swayed on this......... Reviews are disgusting, same as social media. Its unfair and unjust. The general public is horrendous and entitled. Having said that, they do matter now, even though they can be incredibly unfair. Best thing to do is reply to the comment, explaining what happened, then get all your friends and family to post good reviews. Its so ridiculous that it comes down to this, but the human race is becoming repugnant.......
  28. Another negative review, whats your take on this

    Not for one minute would I bother sending a solicitors letter to google, as if they would give a shit. I think Andy was talking about a letter to the punter. Something strongly worded threatening action although you would never take it. I think quite a few punters would bottle it and take the review down, maybe not but worth a shot
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