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  2. Is this the End ?

    BAN on NEW petrol & Diesel cars from 2040 - Well this is the ' breaking News' but how real is this? 23 Years - Is that long enough -Will I still be here Is it too long - Is it too little too late ? Is the 'British' public behind this ? Will they all change to EV, ? How will this affect sales of used diesel - petrol cars ? Thoughts ?
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  5. Does this ring true with other dealers?

    Were "Wet behind the ears". If you need advice on how to passyour gcse look elsewhere
  6. July sales 2017

    Not been busy with cars, had a couple of nice touches. I have been busy with the VW camper side of my life. I completed and sold a full conversion now on the look out for a clean base van to convert. I have a customer dropping a Caddy Maxi off for a load of work on Friday plus a Leisure battery and few USBpoints on a T5. And On Monday another T5 leisure battery job. I have a customers T5 Camper is a very poor condition that needs a whole pile of love to get to a saleable state. And a Motorhome that is having parking sensors fitted, TV relocating, 240v Inverter, Retro fitting traveling seats. Cant see me getting to BCA this week. But on a serious note I can see cars taking a back seat (pun intended) and more efforts put in to building my camper business.
  7. Does this ring true with other dealers?

    This man sounds like a dreamer milking us for free information, if you're stupid enough to waste your time.Fuck him, he's a nuisance.
  8. July sales 2017

    I take your point completely Rory, but there's extremes I won't repeatedly stretch to. I'm far from 9-5, infact it's approaching 10pm and I'm still at my gaff now, but 80+hrs over 7 days a week is not sustainable, let alone enjoyable. I didn't leave my job to start my venture to see none of the home, and the family I work so hard for. Don't get me wrong, there's times when one must go above and beyond the reasonable working day, tonight is a prime example, but I offset that with the days I've had half a day because as far as I was concerned, I'd done for the day. Aslong as the business IS making reasonable money (which it is), and if that difference is the difference between 40k a year, and 50k a year, so-be-it. Other people may see things differently, and that's grand for them, but I'm not trying to build an empire, just a living. And I'll work to live, not live to work.
  9. Something different

    You want to slow down a bit mate before you fall off that thing!
  10. diesel scrappage

    1990s - "Petrol combustion is bad, very bad, you need diesel.... diesel is the future. We're going to tax the arse off you if you don't use diesel" 2017 - "Diesel combustion is bad, very bad, you need petrol.... petrol is the future. We're going to tax the arse off you if you don't use petrol" You just know that in the 2020s/30s, some new research will reveal that some new technology is available that will save the planet, and render the government's previous fossil fuel of choice obsolete.
  11. Something different

    2.5 spanish....lovely thing
  12. diesel scrappage

    Environment secretary Michael Gove is expected to reveal details of a targeted diesel scrappage schemebefore July 31. The Government has until Monday next weekto publish afinalrevisedUK Air Quality Plan for tackling nitrogen dioxide and it is expected the scrappage scheme plans will be part of measures set out in the plan. According toThe Times, the original plan of £500 million to fund a diesel scrappage scheme and £250m to help local councils launch clean air schemes “has evolved significantly". The source from the Times also says Gove is expected to introduce new tests for diesel toxicity levels that go further than current EU standards. Gove has previously criticised the EU testing regime over how itenforces emissions standards. The Government has also refusedto rule out further changes to VED in the Budget this autumn.
  13. mot due? email

    You do, yeah. The date they're mentioning is the anniversary date.
  14. Does this ring true with other dealers?

    Dave, I admireyour enthusiasm. Butyou are just "Dave" ananonymous phishing researcher. Or pretending tobe. Let's be frank. Your anonymous build up is BS,if you want people to get behind you,show usproof, you show your cards,otherwise your just a dreaming faker. Don't say believe in me or it'll take time because that's BS aswell. Proof..........
  15. Advice please with BCA purchase.

    Agree, the shite I've bought from Wimbledon is ridiculous... Anything worth buying from there always goes for good money, hence why I haven't been there in a year.
  16. July sales 2017

    Until 10 days ago, I thought it would be an awful month, then I ended up doing my three best deals ever in quick succession.
  17. Advice please with BCA purchase.

    That's not a burn on BCA, as in fairness, Manheim also have sites where all the old shit seems to end up (Wimbledon). I was a Manheim Northampton today for the first time in about 8yrs, I still don't know why they start at 1.30pm instead of 10.00?
  18. What really annoys you about customers ??

    I used to work for an auction selling antiques and would get asked this ALL DAY LONG!!! Erm, no. It's 120 years old. How could it ever be immaculate? I know of some fakes in mint condition though if you'd rather one of those? I'm the same with's used. Even brand spanking new it's been on a car carrier ship, sat in a giant car park, the apprentice salesman has caught his trousers on the paintwork and made a tiny scratch...nothing is immaculate once it's out of the factory.
  19. mot due? email

    I feel this is a really good tool. Saw a car we sold about 15 months ago drive past today and couldn't resist running it through Glass's (i'm not alone in doing that right?) and then did a MOT check to see how it fared at its last one... ...quick phone call to the customer 1 minute later. 'Hi Mr Customer, just a quick courtesy know you haven't had a valid MOT since February right?'
  20. Does this ring true with other dealers?

    Hi Simon. We have some work to do! What aspect doesn't give you the slightest confidence in us. We need to resolve that asap! We're new and wet behind the ears for sure and wouldn't hide that fact. We know we're an underdog but relish in that. If it doesn't work, we've at least tried it. Not amazing BTW but refreshing! Can we count on you to give us a go? Dave
  21. The question "is it immaculate?" I always answer negatively & tell them any dealer who tells them it is is clearly a liar & don't bother going there - used cars by their very definition cannot be immaculate. 20% of the time they agree & come & view. The other 80% start whinging & usually add that they've been to see a few that were described as immaculate but clearly weren't. But you won't get through to these punters with this mentality. I think most of "dick" customers would be like that no matter what, champagne taste, lemonade money and thinking they're lawyers after speaking to a couple of their mates.I beta couple of times per month I tell a punterthey need to either increase their budget or lower their expectations.
  22. Does this ring true with other dealers?

    Dave, I'm not negative, I'm a realist.You ultimately are researching here with the potential to trial a product which you hope to sell to us.So far,from your approach you haven't given me the slightest confidence to believe in you. You sound to me like a market trader trying tooffer an "amazing" new product, then when you show the product it'll be an apple peeler. Big build up with a huge let down.I wishyou the best of luck and would love to be proved wrong I mean that. Simon
  23. Does this ring true with other dealers?

    Hi Arfur, Thanks for the comments. I do understandthe sceptasim but we're all in with this and have a refreshing change to others out there. We came here to hopefully get a positive response which we have got but others have also been negative about it. It's the negative people like yourself that we'd love to win over. Can we count on you to give us a go? Thanks Dave
  24. Does this ring true with other dealers?

    This sounds just like a dreamingstudent writing a thesisWhich will inevitably turnintoa quickly disappearing flop.
  25. Does this ring true with other dealers?

    Thanks Mojo121 and thanks for the kind words. Site name is still a secret until 1st August when we go live with the site, message and essentially asking dealers to get involved and get stock on pre launch 1 Sept. How do we get buyers on...Thats what our marketing team have been up to for 9 months working on a 16 week initial ramp up via all channels.Hand on heart truth....its chicken and egg which is why we are here. We need stock on it. if i personally went somewhere and there was no stock. i'd never visit it again so it really important for us to get stock on from the dealers so that people browse. Hope that make sense. Cheers Dave BTW current commitment (whether we get these or not) is approx 20k cars. Its not enough currently. Anyone interested please let us know! lol.
  26. What really annoys you about customers ??

    I think most of the customers that are complete dicks wouldn't be complete dicks if the industry didn't have such a bad reputation. What annoys me is "What problems does it have" and "What's wrong with it". I usually explain they've found a dealerthat doesn't knowingly sell a car with faults, and if they drive off and there's evidently something wrong to bring it back and then I explain that if I was dodgy, which is the implication to their question, I wouldn't tell them there was a problemso the question is a bit redundant becauseI couldbe dodgy and the whole speech I just gave could be abit of a ruse.
  27. Does this ring true with other dealers?

    We'll give it a go. Don't get me wrong, I wish you all the best, I just know how hard it is. Anyway, what will your site be called and how are you planning to get buyers to it?
  28. What really annoys you about customers ??

    I once got asked how long I have been here for, I replied 26 years this year feels like a life sentence with a smile, to which the couple replied 26 years aw never mind we where looking for someone more established.
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