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  2. Fiat 500

    Door handles fall off , front suspension is weak and requires sub frame off to fix , misfires , coil packs , gear linkages . Seats are usually badly marked , Cack is a description I'd use for the little bleeders , They dont sell "period " unless you can nick it . Used to sell loads and pay over book for em then people learned just how bad they are , NOW we pay bottom book minus £600 plus reduction for conditionunless the owner is insulted you've paid to much . Still don't earn much by the time you have fixed its problems . It has to be a Lounge and white to even get interest , if its blue, red , green or god help pink , it will make a better garden ornament
  3. Cargurus listings

    No Point em being there in my mind , useless leads never get back to you anyway . Wouldn't pay car guru in bent washers .
  4. Cargurus listings

    If you search by make they are there.
  5. Fiat 500

    i had one 59 plate white with red interior, Just a POP with 120k and 9 services,Lasted 30 days, Looked good in white and the red
  6. Fiat 500

    whoops sorry forgot to mention the rear axle which is made out of tissue paper
  7. Cargurus listings

    I had this. Turned out it was me doing something wrong. Can’t remeberwhat it was. I’ll see if I can dig it out...
  8. Cargurus listings

    Same here. Can't see any other local dealers either
  9. 58 Mondeo 2.5t Sport (petrol0

    its different to the Focus, I was surprised as well, the part is £300 from Ford or I can do the scrap yard lottery
  10. Cargurus listings

    Just performed the same test and I am delighted to say that none of mine are appearing either - suits me.
  11. Cargurus listings

    Our cars have suddenly disappeared from Cargurus, anyone else also have this, I usually search our postcode and within 10 miles to see whats about and not much is advertised.
  12. Today
  13. Have people stopped buying diesels?.

    im not a fan of the guardian but did you read the article are you aware we have no coal fired power stations anymore? we burn twigs imported from canada oh and all the nuclear plants will be shut within 15 years scary stuff
  14. Not sure it is. Looks at Gove's plansto ban wood burners because of emissions which will go forward post Brexit.
  15. Fiat 500

    check its mot history also check the rear axle carefully where the springs sit in the cups basically if its white 58 plate grey interior and boring wheeltrims get it a birthday card now unless you price it till the phone melts
  16. Fiat 500

    58 with 62on clock in white. I just get so many sticking around now I get a little cautious. Not like the good old days. I’m sure this will be my last year.
  17. Fiat 500

    Yeah. Need to have an edge with spec. or colour (not pink as AD will testify to). I’ve sold them and have been OK, but have been low miles. Need to bid him in the unmentionables for it. What’s the age and mileage etc?
  18. zafira 1.9 cdti to buy or not to buy....

    Their own MDE (Medium Diesel Engine) is poor in my opinion. not sure about the newest, they should be better if they use somebody else's engine. I didnt mind the 1.3 cdti, or the 1.7 cdti (izuzu and izuzu derived form) as Dave says, if its well maintained they are fine... The 2.0 Inshitnia engine however is in its own league of shitness, and it doesn't matter how much you service one of those they still go wrong.
  19. Fiat 500

    Sooooo many out there to pick from imo its a race to the bottom. Thats on top of the odd ball issues they sometimes come with
  20. Fiat 500

    It will make a nice ornament from my experience.
  21. Fiat 500

    Guy wants me to take his 500 in chop but I’ve never had one of these as everyone I talk to slates them. Anyone do ok with these?
  22. 58 Mondeo 2.5t Sport (petrol0

    Focus ST, Kuga
  23. 58 Mondeo 2.5t Sport (petrol0

    cheers....... pops
  24. What do you class as high mileage ?

    you soon find out when it turns into a landmark
  25. zafira 1.9 cdti to buy or not to buy....

    even better in the 1.5 non turbo version they went on forever if the alternator regulator in the kick panel didnt catch fire i love the fiat multijet 1.3 and as you rightly say its all down to giving good oil regularly,a kids tricycle has a better chain on it than these so cleanliness is next to..................well you get the picture
  26. 58 Mondeo 2.5t Sport (petrol0

    maybe its too fast for you...........son
  27. Can you believe it?!

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