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  2. September......

    Don’t offer one!
  3. Car transport

    45p to 50p per mile driven plus any fuel on top is the rate i pay. Built up a network of trade platers over the years, got them all in a WhatsApp group now and just put the jobs on there. Works ok, used to use movex but it's just gone to be a rip off especially since Manheim took it over.
  4. Car transport

    We use shiply for all our jobs. although I’ve learntshiply take a deposit and then keep it, so I’ve started dealing regularly with some of the local transport guys and simply calling them whenever I’ve got a job, I normally get a job for normal shiply price minus the deposit fee when going direct
  5. Brexit scaremongering

    It’ll all work out in the end, it’s in everyone’s interest
  6. Place your bets

    You wina signed photo
  7. Car transport

    Take it you bag a few at a time and push costs down? If distance is an issue, then delivery is the solution.. Was lucky enough to lift a Golf in June, all but full tank, smoked on off until it sold.. never put a drop in it.. Every little helps! Top points here, best by far Nick .. although when i see electric vehicles then only picture that comes to my mind is Clarkson on Top Gear taking the proverbial
  8. Car transport

    I payManheim to deliver all my cars, it makes sense when you buy online.
  9. Brexit scaremongering

    He will Nick, Boeing snaffled up Bombardier year and saved loads of jobs in Northern Ireland; probably the best heavy industry left over there! His airline Trump Shuttle flew Boeings (727's) in the 90's. The business I was in helped him operate them due to FAA paperwork "discrepancies" for over a year.. Got to meet the man himself in NYC & Dublin (maintenance), would like to think he may still take a call now (in my wettest dreams), never sold him a car though.. He was a business man, just wanted it sorted & paying its way.. Donald loves his a/c... His latest 757 is nicer than AF One.. media never covers the fact he sends that 757 around the US on humanitarian flights for handicap/seriously ill citizens, people the airlines wont carry.. He has always done this with his fleet, even removing seating for first aid support, at his own expense (well tax deductibles not just now he is POTUS Best quit yapping and get back to motors.. my other passion apart from anything with wings! Over and out
  10. Car transport

    Not worth it in this instance 1) £6 taxi to train station 2) £23 train to Nottingham (2.5 hrs !) 3) £12 taxi to BCANotts Not charged for fuel cause it had 1/4 tank but they had taken it home the night before and added an extra 50miles Ok with this being a cheapy, but its not on if its something of value. Also the driver came down in convoy with his Mrs in her own car for the return leg. Can't have been worth it for them
  11. I like the Vovlo powershift, like to smoke the odd one and would avoid a manual if it came on the radar, old habits nothing more.. Can I ask, is all this above in relation to the Ford ?? Almost pulled the trigger on a Kuga with powershift last week but walked away.. The powershift comments have my bloody eyebrows across my forehead.. I'm auction bound for a full english in the morning too!
  12. Brexit scaremongering

    Sorry, can't help with thatbut Mr Trump will be happy to hear it :-)
  13. September......

    Good luck with the new site, would have thought the extra PDI work done would help avoid warranty claims? any tips to help avoid ??
  14. Car transport

    Beat my BMW i3 collections from Leeds and Brighouse (195 miles): London to Leeds off peak train ticket (around 11am) - £13 The first 85-90 miles (on BCA electricity) - FREE The next 80miles - £3 for a motorway electricity recharge The last 20-30 miles on BCA petrol for the little range extender engine - FREE
  15. Brexit scaremongering

    All positive stuff then If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going.. been there, got the t-shirt, took the cash - I'm out
  16. Brexit scaremongering

    The numbers are straight from their Orders & Deliveries page on their website. They are accurate. The first two Singapore Airlines 380s were stored in France for a while, one just started flying for a Portugese wet lease operator. Numbers get updated monthly withnew orders and deliveries, scrapped aircraft etc. They show thousands of planes that still need to be built (320s and 350s mostly) and it would take them approx 10 years to build them all. They have around 35 more 380s to build, another 5 years give or take.
  17. Car transport

    For a 55 mile trip would you not try and shift it yourself whilst doubling up on some other errands ? Maybe its me but under 150miles, I will put myself out... I lifted one north of Aberdeen in April, almost 400miles, got a flight for £67 & fuel was £45.. all done in under a day had overnight with family not seen for a while.. Worked a treat, but thats me.. Worked so well I lifted one from Nairn in May, got a £50 flight to Inverness.. grand ride back in superb weather along Loch Ness.. Just saying - I dont mind if i can fit in & costs stack up Thanks , book marked
  18. September......

    Picked up this week but last week was dead as it seems it was for most
  19. Brexit scaremongering

    Good for you for finding some numbers so fast; I was referring to the A380; this one has some parts made in the UK (wings are at Broughton) I'm not sure where your numbers came from, however they show all A380 are "in service" when in fact there are already some retired/on verge of being scrapped as this a/c is too expensive to operate.. Also read somewhere the military transport Airbus make (propellor a/c) has seen a drop in sales, parts for this are made in Bristol (wings again I think).. Airbus supply chain will never be interrupted, unless they have a drop in sales, they have their own freighter a/c flying daily between Airbus manufacturing airports around the EU. I'd dare say it will be quiet at Airbus, I had a great time at Farmborugh this summer as a guest of Boeing... a good customer of mine (my brother) has been an instructor for them for 12yr For the Airbus production lines to work, they need orders from customers worldwide - its nothing to do with leave vote ~ its Airbus that have taken an opportunity to hide behind it..
  20. Car transport

    Yes but was you then charged £40 for fuel, and the car delivered next day with an extra 200 miles on clock ??
  21. Car transport

    I thought I did well with this :
  22. Car transport

    BHM recommended them and if he uses them they must be good value for money. I reckon he’s what you could refer to as “careful” with his dough.
  23. Seen the video, writing the book... are you going to have some shirts printed.. so true, never stop learning - also some never fail to surprise (public mostly)
  24. Car transport

    That's a good price, so will try them next time. I had a qoute a month or so back from Southend to bodyshop in Chester, that was £329 + vat. I ended up getting a train ticket myself & bringing it back for £95 inc fuel, took around 8hrs all in.
  25. Car transport

    Yes someone else mentioned anyvan, just had a quick look at website seems easy enough to load job. Quoted £116for a 70 mile job which i suppose is about right, Would rather pay a bit extra to be fair than have a cowboy turn up with a rusty old transit....
  26. You never stop learning. With30+ years of experience I justseecars as a commodity, its a numbers game. I can turn my back in the hall and not make as second thought on the carthat I have been out bid on, it used to bug me... I'm confident enough to do the job my way or highway You learn to take hits pragmatically, but they do become less. I could write a book on this post.
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