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  2. Haha Yup, but just as a heads up take advantage of promotions such as Buy Now - Start Paying in 6 months, should help you squeeze an extra few over the line each month running upto Dec
  3. Hopefully your right! however Brexit does kick in very soon so it might just go tits up.
  4. If you don’t mind me asking what sort of cost does that type of system run out at
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  6. A lot of valid points there And I agree though a lot of the guys I've worked for over the years now have managers running the business whilst they get rewards from it holidays to Spain etc 6 times a year or still have there car sales but went in a different direction and set up other companies doing different stuff like renting houses out etc don't get me wrong they do deserve it having being fully hands on for years . Still hands on but being rewarded for there hard work how Another thing to bear in mind is some people will now be saving for Christmas at this time of year and making there old car do them with those on monthly pay only got 3 or 4 wages left . I've seen a mad rush in late January earlier February before
  7. Click Dealer DMS system is connected to their web site set up , Invoices for cars and other invoices for repairs and that " all numbered " , Gabriel , VAT , Buying a car invoice , PX Records , The amount you spent on the stock cars and a list of profits after that spend , finance commissions on tap , all at the touch of the key board etc . Great system . Oh and the web site as well of course .
  8. Completely agree...... I'd give you a like if i could...
  9. This made me chuckle. I don't see the huge difference in this period (Aug-Sep) from the last many years I've been doing this. It's the period we're in. I mentioned before some may do extremely well as it will be the right car, the right price at the right time for the right buyer. We all have moments like that, it's a tremendous feeling. The only thing I've noticed that is different, is the amount of good quality stock available at the moment. That i turn has driven the prices up tremendously as we've all seen and the fact that there are some new "BIG" players in the used car market so they are no longer entering stock through the AH and are in turn reselling their own P/ex's as well as buying stock from the AH themselves. It will all settle down and it will all pick up, there is no need for a major panick or conspiracy theory about Brexit and the likes, it's just the way business goes. Take the Highs with the Lows. Of course in your spare time review prices, review pictures, review articles, adverts, etc... In my eyes, "Those that run a business and have spare time are not running a business correctly". Just my 2 cents
  10. Similar to my place Son has taken over from dad and has one mechanic who can also test when its busy. Dad still walks around kicking the odd tyre.
  11. Hi mate, managed to get 2 today but both fixer uppers to some degree.... 5 series Estate 11 plate which needs front and rear bumpers spraying. And a white 11 plate TDI scirocco which has more lights than a Xmas tree but probably dpf related.... both below cap average and some nice profit in them hopefully. Couldn’t get near the mint stuff....
  12. Mark101, just speaking from experience. 2 tins of beans on a shelf one dented and one not, which one are you going to buy, most would buy the undented one even if there was a price difference. Of course there is an exception to that rule, but I would rather appeal to the majority than the minority. Nice cars sell to nice people.
  13. I didn’t bother been mad the last few weeks. Very few cars going through again today.
  14. I agree Mark as long as your ticking over .. I guess It's like I said in an earlier post grant it swings and roundabounds some will be quiet and some will be busy like yourself Always good to hear the people n here doing well all the best hope it continues .. There's an mot station like that here problem is there is only one mot tester and mechanic really it has the capacity for two he's one of the better mechanics I know the old guy that owns it had a few strokes and other health problems nice old fellow the garage is attached to a petrol station shop I've never understood why in his mid 70s he doesn't slow down a bit lease out the workshop mot station and keep the petrol station shop for a bit of income .for him and his wife
  15. Has anyone had any experience using Its part of Europcar to advertise their ex rental cars for the trade.
  16. Another mental day at Aston barclay Chelmsford, and was totally mobbed by dealers.... however it did look like a little bit of normality returning to prices today.
  17. I wish i could get into my Mot station he is booking nearly a week in advance now. Luckily i have the first two spaces with him every Saturday but i asked for more this week and he laughed at me
  18. We are incredibly busy..... we are in central essex
  19. Everyone I speak to.... MOT station = immediate availability Wheel Centre = 50% of usual input Mrs (Main Dealer) = bored (and she never gets time to be bored) Bodyshop employing 20 Full Timers = 12 repairs month to date Me = Phone has only rang once today on a car (cheap PX shitter) Am I worried? Not really, been looking to buy some shares and take advantage of a downturn. It will come back.
  20. I don't think it just the motortrade either . Ticking away but not run out out the door . From what you hear down the pub or around town . I know a joiner drinks in or local on a Friday a good one got all his work word of mouth no facebook internet website or anything for over 10 years was booked for months in advance a fortnight ago was the first time he had to advertise his business in the paper looking for work .
  21. Forget all the "up your game" online coach stuff going on here the fact remains: it is quiet at the moment.
  22. Airvidox - Can't remember the reps name but I think we paid about £12.50 If you want to try it out, you can get it on amazon @
  23. About £400 ish for Sage and VT. You pay about £10 for every 50 or 100 (can't remember which) VRM lookups as this his hosted by a third party (they sort that for you too). Much better than copying VIN numbers to invoices and stock books. Set your sales price and automatically allocate invoices to each vehicle, so you always know your SIV. I got them to create a new report which takes the VAT margin into account. You can quickly see what changing the price on a car does for your nett margin.
  24. It's all in the link Mark101 put up looks like the full package is about £420 a year ..
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