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  2. Hello there. Newbie to the trade game. We have sold quite a few cars over this past 9 months. But we have had this 2012 Honda CR-V for over 3 months now. I am not sure where I'm going wrong I have it listed on Facebook, Gumtree and eBay currently. The ad has been simplified because I thought it was too long. I have also taken newer photos. Am I pricing it too high? Am I taking bad photos? Is my listing too vague? I have attached the Gumtree Ad below. Thanks for all your help!
  3. Its just as much of a gamble as buying out the block, grade 1/2 with a clean mech report yes otherwise no chance.
  4. I used to go to BB on a regular basis but the cars went down hill and the prices went up. Plus its a shit hole!
  5. Hi All i typically go to auction to buy vehicles but recently have been looking at bidding online instead....anyone have any tips? Is this a complete gamble? Or is now with the bca reports a good time to be buying via online bidding?
  6. Your absolutely right! These mechanics that love to make you spend your money on parts that you never needed, always think they’re the best mechanics in town!! I hate when mechanics play the guessing game!
  7. The thing I didn't understand about this story and as I think someone has mentioned that they paid a deposit by Paypal, and that this gang has done this several times. So who does the Paypal account belong to, and why after the first time were the Police not smashing their door down. There is an electronic trail here surely?
  8. you have to email them and give notice, I just cancelled my payment method, typical autotrader and no attempt retain my business
  9. Hiya, same ol same.... still breathing though ( just )
  10. Haha not the first tie I've heard that happen. IMO it can only go downhill now AT are involved. They tried it with their own platform and f**cked that up so now they are trying to get involved in DA??? Sounds like a buyout coming along. Not bought off there for years myself.
  11. Bedford is a f/ing nightmare now! Sat there waiting for an hour and a half because they lost the sodding car, then it had 0 miles and the gate were as helpful as the "I'm here to Help!" jackets they were wearing. Luckily one of the guys in the new "car collection" room was really helpful and got me enough diesel to make it to the petrol station. From now on getting everything from Bedford collected by Movex or delivered by BCA. I was fuming! Always been a pricey auction. As others have mentioned though one or two slip through every now and then from Blackbush though and always Grade 1-2. (Touch wood, fingers crossed for future) Never thought I'd see the day Enfield and Pwood made more over CAP than Chelmsford! Haven't bought 5 in a day from Blackbushe in about 2 years haha! I'd be overly chuffed if I got that many!
  12. Problem is the ones that play the darts game have the mindset there the best mechanic in world infact that's just not the motortrade you get the digger drivers that's the best the lorry drivers that's the best etc you seen them all Id never claim to the best at anything and would prefer praise from others . To know I'm doing something right
  13. Nor do they chase up any provisional bids. Was highest bidder a few weeks back, reserve not met. After 3 days I phoned the dealer myself and did the deal on the phone. Saved me the commission.
  14. You'll be getting charged at the end of the month as far as I can see, so if you want to cancel youre better off giving them a call. If you have any further questions regarding your subscription, please contact 0330 128 1250 and select option 2.
  15. Bread & butter cars or something special?
  16. From when? Anyone know how to cancel? It’s not clear on the site
  17. Well, we have. When we find the car, we send them the details via email, they look over them, pay us 10% of the car price before we've even physically seen the car. We don't advertise, we get so many recommends, all of our customers totally buy in to the process.
  18. This Pepole are wonderfull and selling Cars to a Great Price Thanks 5 Star Seller Mike from Germany
  19. I’m a legacy customer so what will I be paying? I rarely use it
  20. Thanks Highline, nope, no offer to send it, just said it would £99.00 per month... obvs with an existing account as above... not sure I want to continue, back up poor, site not as easy to list as old site, same old same old Autotrader...…..
  21. I bought 5 yesterday, but it was still amazingly expensive. Not sure what these people are selling these cars for. But they can’t be making much money.
  22. I must have bought thousands at Blackbushe.My favourite ,you can often nick something even when stuff appears unbuyable.However you have to put in a lot of effort with research which is now a lot easier.To buy two or three you have to target about 80 and if you attend you have to be switched on for hours to nick the odd one that slips through.( similar to XFS yesterday)
  23. Still working my 9-5 for now and after some recent shake ups i have parted ways with my original business partner and started again. We split the stock and he kept the original company name (Was never a fan). I dont want to get to into it on here but it was a mutual agreement to split i think we had a different direction in our heads for where we wanted to go. In regards to your question about engine changes and with risk of being called out for peacocking i make Incredible margins on engine change cars or the spares or repair stuff. I only do engine changes on one particular make and model. I can have an engine out of a donor car and back into the broken car before 5 pm on a saturday its often the headgasket or Valves that fail (Clutch changed and supercharger service ) presuming i started at 7/8 ish. I know these cars this well at this point i blast some music and im on auto pilot. In all honestly i enjoy getting my hands dirty as well.... Sometimes. Now if i buy the right donor the engine is free so for a Saturdays worth of work i make a very decent margin. My issue here is finding the right cars so that i can do this every month and be comfortable making a proper living before i leave the 9-5 (My plan is to be self employed before the end of the year) Take for example car delivered on Monday. Won on ebay auction for £620 (Advertised poorly) add the £230 delivery. Free engine actually made a profit on the breaker spend some on consumables clutch coolant oil etc. This car will be up next weekend for £3495. Id expect to be chipped a little on the price but should see a decent profit on what is considered a cheapie i dont think thats bad at all especially with how difficult it is to buy from auctions at the moment its keeping me ticking over. I am not trying to say i will be doing this forever but with how difficult it is to buy stock at the moment im happy with my current plan.
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