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  2. Mercedes E Class 3.0 CDi

    And keep it for 7-10 working days!
  3. Mercedes E Class 3.0 CDi

    ....... but send it off to BBA reman and they'll still happily charge you £195+VAT!
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  5. Mercedes E Class 3.0 CDi

    Mind i bought a Brabus edition 2004 e320 cdi with brake assist visit workshop message (never again).
  6. bca brighouse is 45 year old

    Like any business - we occassionally spot a niche (like your Maestro story) - you have to fill your boots becuase any success gets replicated. Trick is to be Maverick and be the first to spot and do things (whilst keeping your mouth shut, however tempting it is to broadcast success) and get out as the bubble is about to pop - repeat.... I am not clever enough though.
  7. As in so many threads the discussion often goes off on a tangent, i was just commenting from both sides of the fence as a smart ass lease holder.
  8. bca brighouse is 45 year old

    Stories,stories.....I liked Tewkesbury,the first time I went there I saw this big guy in the ring who I had seen somewhere.It was Bomber out of Auf Wiedersein Pet,remember him.Bridgewater was good also,got tipped off when it opened that Austin Maestros which were crap and cheap as chips did well into book down there provided they were proper cars.Anyway sent a few down from the north east to try and sure enough they did a fortune because retirees on the south coast loved them.It finished up,I had my own line of Maestros in the sale and the same dealers from Devon and Cornwall used to buy them.Unfortunateley,the word got out and other North East traders started sending down clocked,newly painted up Maestros and killed the job......
  9. Trading from home: The councils reply

    Good luck with this one tradex, you need a legal type who doesnt like planners or the council and enjoys his job of winning arguments.. Chiefly to get you the right result..
  10. Apprecicate youre seeing it from both sides of the coin here, however the post was about the problems faced by this new purchaser of the property in question and how it will affect is trading with vehicles... needless to say, and based on your additional input; it will be MUST HAVE on any potential for property purchases any "home trader/worker" may become involved in... I can see it potentially being used to restrict a lot of new "work from home types" who do not operate or own a white van delivery businesses or drain oil from HGV's etc.. however with it being written in such a way as you state, it could / will prevent people working from home with just an internet connection and PC.. Caveat emptor Having recently sold a four properties, and having read the deeds in some length, none contained such a restriction; I am pleased to say for their new owners.. With the media keen to highlight "working from home is now becoming the new norm" this problem flagged by the OP should be flagged in a wider audience... Never mind warranty companies wishing to cover themselves... At this rate, self employed wont be able to buy home to "work from".. no one is going to rent on the commercial terms unless absolutely necessary.. Think you would have to say YES tradex.. British properties are some of the smallest in Europe, many with insufficient parking given most households start by having two cars before the kids get vehicles.. any that rent seperate rooms out can be a nightmare as each renter may have a vehicle !
  11. Is this a new build? There lots of covents on these properties, friends buying of persimmon, solicitots noticed it and said you cant park van at house? Persimmons sales knew he had a van, she even mentioned how big it was lol
  12. Eos. Another car on the avoid list. As most have said, I agree its not a surprise the dealer lost on that one. You have to show willing, and in the case of the power roof, it is an integral part of the purpose of the car. Happy to drive one with the roof up? Buy a golf (or something less likely to go wrong like an Auris). Ive got a Volvo s60 with a faulty sunroof - tilts but does not slide. I will sell it as is and declare the faulty sunroof to the customer and note it on the invoice. But on this, it isnt detrimental to the purpose of the car.
  13. How to deal with a texter

    "Thanks for your message, sorry but we can't help you as don't offer any diesel cars nowadays, we prefer to see our customers only when upgrading or replacing their car" may make him think if nothing else
  14. Would this also be a measure to ease parking 'issues'.....seems like new house never have enough parking?
  15. why i dont open sunday

    You sound like a clone of myself, my partner the opposite of myself which maybe why we have worked together for so long and never had words, honestly, we really haven't. He is the genuine Mr Nice of the outfit, I can't remember him ever cussing over so much as a jack falling on his toes, yin and yang?
  16. Pain in the arse - knowall customers

    Same here, we haven't lost sales I can think of.
  17. Pain in the arse - knowall customers

    Indeed! Well done Rory! How many do you stock?
  18. If there’s a more successful trader on here i’d like to meet him!
  19. Classic car mot exemption after 40 yrs...

    I'm on a different train of thought on this and see it as a tax break for people who can afford to have an old banger thats all nicely tarted up. I appreciate that most testers would have no clue what to do and that in the majority of cases the cars which are now exempt from MOT will be restored and in good overall condition, but think that instead the owners of these cars should be giving the MOT money to a local, well deserving charity. They can afford a second car for sunday outings, they can afford to give £50 to the local hospital, or whatever. So its time for the classic car clubs to take the initiative. Just my 2 penneth worth.
  20. bca brighouse is 45 year old

    Tewkesbury was victim of the floods and never recovered but nice auction to travel to, all motorway, never any traffic and some really nice fellow traders, happens when you're a little more remote. I am wondering (never been) whether Bridgwater would be similar?
  21. bca brighouse is 45 year old

    Yes two halls and separate cafe at castle brom.... well it was until December last year. Closed down and sitting abandoned now awaiting demolition for hs2 to run through it.
  22. Pain in the arse - knowall customers

    Thank you Simon Not really PITA customers at all (sorry OP), in fact really really nice genuine people. They bought my Cooper S a couple of weeks back; got a phone call saying they couldn't open the passenger door and would it be alright to pop around for me to have a look. I was hoping it was a case of pressing the remote twice (like some cars allow you to set up) but no wasn't that. Better than that, much better than that - there was nothing wrong at all, they just didn't squeeze the handle hard enough. I explained that the passenger door gets far less use and as such will stiffen up slightly (it wasn't bad). I told them you don't need a mechanic, you need a physiotherapist to strengthen your grip. They both laughed, have just recommended me to their friend who has already called me and have earmarked a Smart Fortwo for father in law - that's the customers I like and will bend over backwards to help whenever theyt want.
  23. why i dont open sunday

    I find Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday slow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are my selling days (so far) Saturday is the best though. Doesn't matter what day of the week, I cannot tolerate customers who arrive with a massive chip on their shoulder, start off on the attack becuase they have preconceptions of what dealers are like. Maybe its because I'm a larger guy (about 16-18 stone depending on my calorie intake), andthey feel a needto prove something but personally, I am a calm, level,polite and laid back guy, so I can usually soon disarm the attitude but I really do hate it, especially when they start talking dealer language and if anyone else mentions a flippingtiming belt to me, that calm attitude of mine may just flip. On the flip side (daughter calls me Liam Neeson), when I do go, I really can dance.
  24. How to deal with a texter

    Update. Text from him this morning (clearly the prime form of communication) 'Thanks for your time, Ive decided to look for a diesel instead' . Next!
  25. Pain in the arse - knowall customers

    Consistently selling 40-50 a month this year. I probably discount maybe 5 total sales in a month if that. Just don't need to, they are priced well anyway.
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