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  2. Part Exchange Banger

    North east near Durham
  3. Valeting - if you can't do it yourself...

    same as me, wow just looked at link and look at price !i rinse mine out after every use and protect it from frost
  4. Is specialising the way forward for small indys?

    its a very good idea and known quite a few do it, and still do, but faced with choice a consumer will walk away, DO NOT LET THEM SEE ALL YOUR STOCK ! split up your stock, show 3 different colours, dont let them see the others until they definetly dont want the first 3 ! if you havent got the room to divide them throw a sold sign in the window of the one they havent come to view! Trust me here, too much choice and there head spins and they walk !
  5. Part Exchange Banger

    Stephen, what part of the country are you in?
  6. Part Exchange Banger

  7. Valeting - if you can't do it yourself...

    and turn black air vents white out with the satin black aerosol
  8. Car fault but owner lives 90 miles away

    wonder what the fault code is ?i have had a few fault lights come on with just sold cars, no signs before, it can be folk not used to the car and caused by there driving, wrong gear, [ labouring engine]missed gear [over rev] etc. if you ve been asked to put the car right or refund and car has not shown light since then youve put it right havent you ? check hes insured and taxed car by the way, he maybe just doesnt like the car
  9. Car fault but owner lives 90 miles away

    spoke to trading standards recently on this one, he can return it but you have to pay his costs but you can get this back via a mileage charge
  10. .. and damage glue used to manufacture seats apparently
  11. Car fault but owner lives 90 miles away

    He's an organised chap...done all of his google research correctly by the sound of it! Personally i'd get an independent local to him to diagnose and repair the issue once authorised by yourself or just get the car back and refund. I did the latter recently even though I knew the buyer was spouting a pack of lies, sometimes you just don't want those kind of people phoning with a new issue each week.
  12. Car fault but owner lives 90 miles away

    Thanks for this. I will take a look now as i don't really need this again!
  13. Yep - string him out with letters but don't be too quick to answer - play him at his own game. Although he has been to Honda, as usual he's over egging it so you'll trip him up. I'm not sure why many on here are so keen to refunda chancer, or perhaps in this case someone who has a minor fault and panicked.
  14. Car fault but owner lives 90 miles away

    The problem is you are responsible for the repair, you haven't covered yourself. I'm withLawgistics and use theirpurchase receipts etc. You can buyon eBay and be done with the problem again.
  15. Valeting - if you can't do it yourself...

    Steaming will stretch cloth, fabric and velour.....
  16. Photos

    Wow very impressive Umesh, think I'm going to need someover for a voice over haha
  17. Photos

    I've got a relatively cheap camera circa £100 ish - Point & Shoot - take some 'arty' pics - not too sunny days & no filters as mentioned - Video I feel is a must -but not silent movies a walk around with description - SELLS cars for me .... I feel the more the merrier but do get carried away sometime up to 100 pics ! plus 360 interior and exterior spins !
  18. Valeting - if you can't do it yourself...

    Hmm dunno but thank youfor that thought mate
  19. Car fault but owner lives 90 miles away

    It just got a little weirder. The reason for the post was that i received a letter by recorded delivery this morning stating i had to put the car right or money back etc and he had been advised not to drive the car as it was not safe. Consumer rights were quoted and a copy of the Honda invoice for diagnostics was attached. Having now spoken to Honda they say they just reset the fault code and asked him to monitor to see if it comes back on! So now i write to him to see who has advised not to drive the car and if the light has come back on?
  20. Photos

    Thanks BHM
  21. Photos

  22. You don't say!!! I'd be more surprised if he WASN'T trying it on. Also if they do have a minor grievance they normally over-egg the story (the Honda dealership visit on a £895er smells fishy to me) & once you've caught them out they disappear.
  23. Photos

    Cloudy days that's all we get around here super will have a play over weekend and see how I get on thanks
  24. Photos

    iPhone or an Android. Most importantly cloudy days for photos would be my only tip...bright sunshine kills a photo IMO
  25. Part Exchange Banger

    Scrap ohhh bit to much in them to scrap might try the flee bay route see how that goes
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