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  2. We love a leggy one......

    I bet you could still flip that for £6250
  3. We love a leggy one......

    Saw a high mileage 2015 Toyota Auris hybrid go through Bedford bca yesterday, 199000 miles, suprisingly clean with FSH, didnt expect it to fetch much as the batteries probably wanted replacing but it fetched over 4K if I remember correctly!

    I think this is a great one, perfect for showing the customer how diligently the MOT testers you use are. Obvioulsy it's an advisory since rectified with the free included service. If i was a customer i would love this pointing out to me and it would give me confidence that everything had been done thoroughly... negative to positive.
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  6. Handler Protect Warranty

    I use them exclusively, I have found them to fair and reasonable, Also on occasion flexible when pushed by me to cover component parts in grey areas for cover, They are cheap but i would not say cheapest
  7. Handler Protect Warranty

    There is only one sure fire way to make sure all claims are dealt with swiftly and efficiently and that is to self warrant.

    Arse covering nanny state red tape
  9. Handler Protect Warranty

    These guys have phoned me loads of times. Policies are very cheap but as I guessed they are clearly not worth the paper they are written on

    MOT advises do my head in...pass it or fail it
  11. We love a leggy one......

    1990 Volvo 940 2.3 SE Estate. We bought it with 220k on it. Sold it no problem. It was a local car so I used to see the punter every now and then. I think it did 350k by the time he passed it on. We used to sell loads of 740/940/850 Estate Volvos. Bought them direct from main dealer always with high miles and FSH...but the dog hairs in some
  12. Christmas plans everyone

    Where do you go to ski Nick,weve been to Borovets 5/6 times and Pamporovo once,love Borovets,regards,Peter
  13. We love a leggy one......

    As a newbie, do you have a stupid question we can abuse you for?
  14. newbie

    This guy has been watching too much telly,,, do wheeler dealers or wotever its called ever pay vat or any labour costs??
  15. We love a leggy one......

    That’s great Mike.....I do like quality cheapies,let us know your latest star buys.We took a mint one owner 50kXreg Golf In last week.The punter insisted on getting a new test on it before he put it in ( we told him not to bother),it went straight through !

    We used to have a lot of them on Mini's and your right if you underseal it first they then put car has been heavily under sealed almost implying we are hiding something.
  17. BMW Wheels, silver or not

    LOL You wouldn't say that if you saw some of my Cars over the years. That Jag does nothing for me. That said, obviously colours, chrome / no chrome / wheels etc are all personal taste, and good job we don't all like the same thing It's good that you found the right Guy for the Car
  18. Warranty companies

    I'd say your grammar and spelling 'is the worst'
  19. We love a leggy one......

    Don't open the bonnets though , or the coil packs , batteries & air boxes tend to vanish lol

    We've had a couple of 'light surface corrosion' advisories all of a sudden. And one going on about the car being you can't win. You're right- the word 'corrosion' (even light) is the end of the world to a punter. Having said that, I sold a 59 plate very low mileage one ownerV70 a few months ago - it came from Manheim Newcastle- and it had one advise for surface corrosion (10k car so I was sure the punter would bail), but he was fine about it. He said 'scottish car'. You can be sure that the cheaper end of the market punter doesn't have the same attitude!
  21. Christmas plans everyone

    Cheers mate. I should think it's nigh on impossible to find those wheels for sale on their own. Or very expensive.

    Try telling that to a punter on a £1295 Astra.

    Although if you have a large enough oil leak for long enough it will keep corrosion at bay
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