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  2. Expecting retail money back OMG

    in my local pub it was suggested that i put i a card up on the "contacts" board, i disagreed strongly, and, not one customer could work out why, i told them i do not mix business with pleasure, and would not sell a single car to anyone there, i was greeted by shock, and the general consensus that then my cars must be poor quality although they wouldnt say so, the majority of these people who were listening actually work for someone, and could not see a problem in me being approached after a few drinks and being reminded that 6 month ago i sold them a car that now had a "problem". two people agreed with me, and they both work for themselves a friend in need is a pest arthur daley 1979
  3. Missold bca

    Bought a car from bca that was sold as all good and a/c working fine. I later find it has no a/c no button nothing. i call bca today and they ask me how much less do I want to pay. Shall I be cheeky?
  4. Missold bca

    Bought a car from bca that was sold as all good and a/c working fine. I later find it has no a/c no button nothing. i call bca today and they ask me how much less do I want to pay. Shall I be cheeky?
  5. Missold bca

    Bought a car from bca that was sold as all good and a/c working fine. I later find it has no a/c no button nothing. i call bca today and they ask me how much less do I want to pay. Shall I be cheeky?
  6. Ten Year Old Vehicle Main Dealer Health Check

    235/60/18 103 VNew:Continental 235/60/18 103 V Cost£60.00 Wheel AlignmentRecommend full 4 wheel alignment. Cost£104.16 Glass/Mirrors/Door Locksoffside front door strap broken Cost£650.40 Water/Oil/Fluid LeaksRadiator leaking Cost£601.20 Power Steering FluidPower steering pump leaking Cost£15.48 Mandatory Lights Rear (external)nearside rear upper/inner sidelight bulb blown Cost£285.60 Front Suspensionplay in offside inner steering rack arm Cost£251.28 Front SuspensionO/S/F lower arm bushes worn N/S/F lower arm bushes worn Cost£89.52 Miscellaneousfront gearbox stabilizer deteriorated --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- get the name of the person who did this check, ask for him to ring you with about impending court case, advise him that you will ask the court for him to appear to substantiate this claim, advise him his best course of action is for the company he works for that the safety check picked out items that were consistent with the cars age and mileage, remind him the car has recently passed a mot and ask what his qualifications are, if "reception" wont put you through, tell them you are coming down with recording equipment unless they contact you in 24 hours with a explanation as to why, as a example they want £600+ for a power steering pump that is merely damp not leaking after 150k+ miles, you want the company to say that this check had picked out items consistent with the age and mileage of the vehicle .
  7. Newbie hello

    I looked into plumbing Dave, but apparently thattrade doesn’t have “overnight millionaire” opportunities, so got go with motor trading I’m afraid (jokes)
  8. Today
  9. Tell him that mostof the above is considered fair wear and tear on the 150K mile10 year old SUVand it explains the depreciation that these “luxobarges” suffer from and from which the customer benefitted greatly by buying the car for a tenth of it’s price new!
  10. Expecting retail money back OMG

    I had to turn a very close friend down this week when he asked 'what could I do for him' on a car I have in stock. If this was in the private forum I would tell the full story but lets just say, I can't ever imagine he would ever willingly give me even 0.5% of what I will earn out of this particular car retailing it.
  11. I've got broad enough shoulders even if you were being mean Grant. If I've bought it and dropped a bollock then the buck stops with me. It's a fine line sometimes on what you take a punt on and what you shouldn't......... I saw the pound signs and perhaps didn't think beyond that (still a decent enough car though in fairness to it).
  12. Cheers! And I really wasn't being mean. Fault with the punter NOT with the car.
  13. I agree to a point but it was a decent price to buy hence me taking a punt on it. Drives fine in fairness, 1 owner car with all the history plus belt change etc. You ar3 right though as one with half the miles is probably 3 grand more but the types of people these are don't want to spend that of course. Oh and happy birthday!
  14. Not wishing to s**t on your post but i'm a firm believer that what you stock determines what kind of people you attract. 150K 'I can't afford better' complicated SUV = hassle. I'm not saying it's a fault with the car but more the punter. I'm not deliberately trying tobe a c**t btw, celebrated my birthday today with two refunds and three warranty claims, we all get 'em
  15. Seen plenty of "oil leak but not excessive" on the advisories list over the years.
  16. Fluid leaks may be a sticking point concerning faults present at sale
  17. Like, but test the waterwith the customer first. Explain to him he needs to be a realist......... Stealers are stealers, old used monster mileage cars are old used monster mileage cars and show all the associated wear n tear. You don't get gold for the price of silver Mr C and you shouldn't expect it.
  18. Ten Year Old Vehicle Main Dealer Health Check

    just take it back for another mot to show the customer is being ripped off by main dealer
  19. clio 2006 dci red eml light and stop light and reduced power

    wiring loom that runs over top of engine, inspect carefully for rubbing, mine did this and i found wires had rubbed.
  20. Low mileage cars attract odd people...

    Does anyone remember ‘Chief Nut Job’ from last year? (Who was that?)
  21. Newbie hello

    Do you trade cars ? How Long have you been doing so if you do ?
  22. Low mileage cars attract odd people...

  23. Low mileage cars attract odd people...

    What are strange, I personally love to watch all the options, and then choose the best. Nothing extraordinary. Well, unless they are REALLY strange.
  24. Share the information: is it true that you sometimes sell cars to such services like a Hertz PHL, and then they rent them out or do new cars not go there? I am curious, but I don’t know from whom(
  25. Same as MttR, car was MOT'd so was roadworthy at sale. Clearly car does show signs of wear and tear due to its age and mileage - its whatcars do. Its all about expectation - would the garage who inspected it like to find him a similar car for the same price with no items showing wear? - I suspect they would advise him to spend more money on something newer/lower mileage........ No point in falling out, tell him that's what you get of money he paid, throw him a few quid as a gesture ofgoodwill to assist in getting the car to the standard that he is comfortable with, however if he doesn't want the car deduct £500 or sofor use and take it back. For sure if you think he's going to be difficult take it back, its not worththe hassle...
  26. Ten Year Old Vehicle Main Dealer Health Check

    Sounds like buyers remorse , just found out it wont be worth above £1,500 next year with another 15k on the clock and the wifes threatening to stop his allowance . Plus he may have to replace some parts after 6 times round the planet and 10 yrs . Shopping outside his budget I reckon . Plus the MAIN dealers just love milk this type of situation on the chance you may send them a cheque for £3,000 to get it all done . .
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