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  2. Who’d a thought it? An man ‘in the trade’ telling us he has extensive sales & buying experience with a query regarding awkward customers. He sounded 100% genuine to me.
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  4. I think Fabio has shot his bolt, never to heard of again, another one post wonder
  5. The only think this dingbat Steve would want to stick in for you is his finger into your arsehole.
  6. You‘be got the desirable spec, I’ve got the desirable mileage and provenance. Shall we sell them both for £17k and do 50/50
  7. There's such a variance, I was thinking 8k maybe 8.5k for mine ?
  8. Well, I have had a debate with Manheim re my T32 58 Plate, 85k FSH - LWB panel van 1.9 103 Brake In Silver with poverty bumpers. Auctioneer sold as no VAT, invoice was plus VAT. Obviously, I am VAT registered but preempting the VAG Man, hippy, end user, I want a VAT free van. Manheim has agreed with me that it is VAT free and credited/re-invoiced after their investigations. I have stuck it on at £7995 - too strong?
  9. If I stick a full tank of fuel in it and some nice mats, have we got a deal?!
  10. Well mine's arrived, 2012 12 T30 Shuttle S 84ps SWB 9 Seater, 170k, local car family owned, no VAT........ No history, needs a bit of tidying but drives lovely...... I'm thinking new MOT, new Cambelt and a full service and a quick flip. Looking on AT the prices look really strong, nowhere near CAP, anyone like to have a punt at a sensible retail value ?
  11. I'm like Nik, I flit between RAC and AA each year at renewal. About 12 years ago I broke down on the M5 after buying a motor from Bridgewater, they would only drop me at the services, they wouldn't take me home even though I had "relay" because the car was untaxed..... I had to get a friggin taxi back to Exeter and arrange recovery..... never again. Since then I always pay for delivery, its worth every penny imo.
  12. ask your local sprayer or dent removal man, they will know who's trading locally, granted trade supplied cars are not as plentiful and not as cheap as they were, but they don't come with A- £200-500 indemnity, or B-£200 delivery by a stranger., and of course you get to drive them before deciding / paying. amazes me how new retailers set up but don't have an interest in the local trade supply, it's a bit like buying a freehouse pub and not knowing where the local brewing companys are, just saying...
  13. I've seen this also I know one guy personally who only buys and sells to traders .
  14. Not a clue BHM, but I do work for a couple of busy traders who seldom retail but turn a lot of metal.
  15. I’ve been with them for years - an excellent service. They must check the MID cos years ago they refused me because the car wasn’t insured, I put it on my MID, phoned back & the (different) person on the phone never said a thing. I called them out six months ago (although subsequently cancelled because a fellow trader came to my rescue) on a trade car & nothing was ever mentioned about road tax - tbh no one at Autoaid has ever mentioned road tax to me. Funnily enough I’ve just had my renewal today - their annual fee has just risen from £43.31 to £59.99 - in percentage terms that’s some hike in price!
  16. No, not at all, all replaced in recent service.
  17. I'm also with Autoaid. Never had to use them yet so i'm not sure on untaxed car policy. It's super cheap for personal cover
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