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  2. Very true. But then if we cant buy from dealerships and the auctions are too high where the hell do we go for stock!!!
  3. Cat D

    give it a full pdi, try and see why it was cat d, maybe phone the owner or send him a sae with request for info, put a full mot on it, advertise it as hpi shows cat d insurance claim some time in its past, DONT underprice it and the phone will ring, not being derogatory but there is a bum for every seat
  4. Trade plates

    I know a trader who uses them instead ofbuying tax for his Range Rover!!
  5. Trade plates

    its just a joke, were not clear how we can display them legally yet safely, theres no site where you can check if theyre indate, they are abused by even the most experienced, and customers always think they are "insurance plates " ?
  6. What do you do with complaints from customers?

    and at the bottom, where the customer signs it states "i have read and fully understand the terms of this contract" Ido my own receipts, years of experience has taught me how best to cover myself, example today, 17 year old, first car, father signed for it, 17 year old cant. judge picked up on my receipts, and questioned the claimant " why are you bringing a claim when you quite clearly have read the contract, signed the contract,and produced it in evidence in my court, yet not followed the terms of the contract ?"
  7. Prices at the block

    If quality p/x’s dont exist where are we going to all buy our stock :-(
  8. Today
  9. Prices at the block

    Ah yes, the journey from blue to gold. We used police cars for that one!
  10. Trade plates

    Thanks for the replies, Just keep using them then, got no choice really have we? Why you cant do it online and pay by card is beyond me in this day and age. Trade plates are the only timeever use a cheque book. Thanks again.
  11. Prices at the block

    I wondered if it was a case of quality p/x's just don't exist period. I've recently started using my BCA account after a lapse. The journey from blue to gold is a painful expensive one.
  12. I often hear of guys that source stock direct from main dealers; they paint a lovely picture. But, it can only be a matter of time before main dealers who sell off their p/x's direct get to hear about the prices that are being made at auction?
  13. We do our own warranties, we have been using Law Data for years. That issue i mentioned above got to Consumers Direct from both of us, they said to me it was the customer's choice to buy the car from you, from such a distance so you have the right to ask the customer to bring the car back to be repaired to the garage it was purchased from. Consumers Direct said there are so many cars for sale in between us and where the customer came from, why yours? because yours was a better deal / bargain!!
  14. Trade plates

    I haven't received mine as yet, i called DVLA, quoting my plate number, they said as long as you have sent them in before the 31st December you should get them, they have a back log. I reckon its because of the extra insurance documents requested by DVLA. When you call them you have to keep asking them questions because they don't like to say a lot, eventually they will investigate for you and confirm if they have your application. I sent mine in on 30th December the DVLA said they have got my application and it is being processed and they will issue them, they said I can keep using them. My cheque for the trade plates has not been banked yet either.
  15. Interesting thanks. My reciepts dont state that nor have space to write it. I’ll look online for a lawgistics reicept pad
  16. Trade plates

    They always seem to take ages to notify. I sent my cheque off as soon as I got the reminder and I only got the confirmation last week. I'm surprised they have not put it online yet, surely it cant be hard?
  17. Yes, but why specifically"hail"
  18. Trade plates

    Only just got mine thro last week. Previous expired dec. They said as long as u sent the forms off keep using the plates as they had a big backlog
  19. Prices at the block

    I got a letter off BCA on Monday, downgrading me to poverty spec membership as I have not given them enough money over a 12 month period. This made my week.
  20. Trade plates

    We were due new plates this year.....not turned up yet. I'd forgotten about them.
  21. Prices at the block

    Paddock lost most of their quality venders years ago, a real shame.
  22. Bonus !!

    I would rather have had a mk4 gti tdi150 seem to sell better and stronger money for vehicle age comparison and model etc still I'm sure your not complaining keep up the good work.
  23. Prices at the block

    I think it depends on what profit margin your after. I ignore all the guides most of the time. I see what I would retail the car for and work a margin in. I agree some cars make crazy money, I was up Aston Barclay today, managed 3, one had a blown headgasket, great!! Sometimes cars cap quite low and are way out sometimes. we would all be way better off if we could buy cap on most.
  24. Prices at the block

    Manheim Haydock this evening . It was a white Cooper D 23k ex Arnold Clarke contract hire.
  25. Hail (of a large number of objects) fall or be hurled forcefully. "missiles and bombshail downfrom the sky"
  26. Lawgistics purchase receipts state clearlythe buyer confirms they understand it is their responsibility to return in the event of a claim. Irrespective of distance, it is their responsibility to return in the event of a CRA claim. You can allow aremote goodwill repair which if worded correctly will not count as the (one chance right torepair). That's why you need to judge each claim as per its merit / risk / worth / pain in the assness. Is assness a word.... ? BTW, my 4 year old asked me today why hail (hailstones) is called hail ? Answers please....
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