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  2. Imports

    Only ever imported Jap stuff direct,had a good relationship with agent in Japan but lot of trust involved, a top grade jap import was far superior condition than anything available here.
  3. Imports

    Are you talking about Jap cars or just in general? We aren't doing anything with Jap cars so interested to see a bit more info if it's for everything?
  4. Selling to a buyer without a viewing??

    Totally agree with this. I am in Norfolk and have done this to customers in Cyprus, Aberdeen and London in the last 6 weeks alone.
  5. Imports

  6. Never been this dead before

    Oh I miss a few, sit here with 4 windows open over 2 monitors and some of the guys say I look like I'm a horse racing addict.
  7. Imports

    We used to import lots of Jap stuff but now its probably more beneficial to export them with exchange rate, be careful with UAE most of stuff that gets nicked from Japan ends up there and gets cloned.
  8. Imports

    Had a few Mazda Eunos' from the East, and a few from Cyprus a few years back. wouldn't do it again due to legislation, tax, HMRC, safety and environment certificates. paperwork was a minefield. I know a contact who still makes a good living from specialist Scoobys, EVO's, Nissans etc. but he's been doing it for years, is a big petrolheadwith a big loyal following all over Pistonheads. is this the type of stuff you're thinking of? if you know you're stuff and what people want over here you might be onto a winner TradeVet but advise you do some homework mate
  9. Imports

    Looking to import Japanese performance stuff, or rare stuff mostly.
  10. Imports

    I was on the MX5 band wagon back in the day southampton docks brings back fond memories, I got a friend who does the VW golf thing from germany mostly g60's vr6s and he does well but i would say its more a passion than a business. as mentioned above more info really needed to say if its good bad or ugly.
  11. Imports

    Had a few Irish imports but with the euro to sterling being crappy it doesn't make much sense atm unless it's something rare. Ask away and I'll try and help.
  12. Selling to a buyer without a viewing??

    They are not the sort of people who end up buying online in our experience. We continue to do a good few a month this way and expect it to increase as people get lazier/more used to remote purchase. Payment in full in advance and really had no major issues to date so I can only go from that experience.
  13. We (potentially) lose out on quite a few customers who want us to deliver unseen. No matter how much faith I have in the car, I just won't do it. There will always be the "Oh there's a 1cm scratch at the bottom of the door, I want a full refund under the consumers right act...." Just not worth it for us.
  14. Imports

    We are currently in the process of importing two cars from the UAE. What do you want to know?
  15. Imports

    Does the UKnot have the cheapest used car market.I think we need a bit more information about what you intend to import.
  16. Imports

    Anyone have any experience on imports? Was thinking of importing and specialising in a certain type. Thanks
  17. How Did You Get Into Motor Sales?

    I got into motor sales because of an exporting company. Still pretty noob but you get the hang of it after reading and comparing models and chasssis number
  18. Agree. I know this sounds negative but no deal is better than a crap deal & the way punters are at the moment it’s bad enough when they turn-up - sending cars miles away to a potential messer would not be my ideal way of doing business. Nowadays I prefer to see the whites of their eyes & give it to them straight.
  19. Mercedes C class

    just found a c220 in auction. Are you interested in importing your car from Japan to there? I'll guide you through the process.
  20. Last week
  21. Gut feeling 100% on this one. In no way desperate to shift stock!!
  22. Hello all, This is my first post to the forum, be gentle. Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for trade insurance for premium & sports cars? Any suggestions grateful received. Thanks Stu
  23. Driving licence Check

    Hey Lee, I've mentioned before to a few guys but our place uses a thing called Licence Manager, we just found it to be relatively quick well if you know their coming back as sends them a notification, they put in a few details and then we can check on the status of their licence. Like you said in some cirumstances they've left their licence at home so it's handy in that circumsance, if they dont have it like you said you can call the DVLA. J
  24. Selling to a buyer without a viewing??

    Absolutely + 1. Trustyour gut feelings, experience is learnt from pain & gain.....
  25. you will understand when you get to our age you can feel its going to go tits in your waters
  26. On any given day that I have the good fortune to converse with a member of the general public I think exactly the same.
  27. How do these people function on a daily basis?
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