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  3. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who can refurb the TT digital dashes, all the better if in the south. Also, any idea on price? Cheers
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  5. Thanks tango will do a bit of digging and some research ... all the best
  6. Dont know if Currys still sell the above mentioned ones I remember they used to do that extra guarantee for £20 that covers it for 3 years. If there is a fault take it back and get a brand new one upto same value. And it was unlimited times too. Dont know if this gurantee is still about. Argos do soemthing similar as well It basically protects your £££
  7. Talking about scratch removers I remember a true story from years ago about one called colour coat 2000 back In the early 90s younger self thought it was a good idea to wash dads newly acquired year old car with a brillo pad lucky only did the wing and he caught me on time and only rubbed it light . remember visiting the motor show guy claimed it would remove the marks to my dad saying oh yes thats what we put or scratches in with they used to set fire to an old bonnet and polish if the residue as a young lad I was fascinated funnily enough that car got scrapped some 13 years later still with the light scratches on the wing . And also funnily enough never seen or heard of colour coat 2000 since then ..
  8. Never used it myself so honestly couldn't tell you i do think most of that stuff is all gimics though . Use g3 and t cut .myself
  9. I just got the advert pop up, so thought it might be crap myself. But, hey , got to ask before I buy it myself.
  10. Thanks grant much appreciated what fabric cleaner would you recommend .?
  11. A pup scratched my A pup scratched my hand the other day jason you think it would work on that .lol skin so soft
  12. Brilliant stuff My pus filled boils are now healed I recommend it my friends all big time Is that ok uncle Tom?
  13. There is a lot of spam on here think the man about the finance last week had to be the worst .
  14. Titan wet vac from screw fix £70 and it’s very powerful, a hard brush and some good fabric clean. That’s all you need.
  15. Nah. This is how spam works on forums. You setup a bot and get it to post on all relevant forums - anything car related in this case and you send it out to post the same thing as many times as it can. Free advertising and probably very effective.
  16. Surely he is just a car dealer want to try something new .
  17. Probably better than your attempt to advertise it.
  18. Nice wheels do transform a car though don't they I hate miss matched wheel trims or scuffed alloys . Lot of the main dealer and bigger national dealers don't seem to care theres a car supermarket near me and every second car has scuffed up wheels and thats them fully prepped And on the forecourt there only averaging a year and a half to two years old cars too no sure id like my two year old car .. to have scuffed wheels
  19. I simply don't need the paperwork and additional hassle and my target customers usually don't need finance. I have a finance guy I can refer to if absolutely necessary, but its rare. I don't take swappers either unless its something I can sell with confidence and a clear profit. I want the customer in and out, deal done as simply as possible. When I move to a unit, and have a larger stock, I probably will offer finance on a restricted scale. ie. lender of my choice, prime only.
  20. @XFS I’ve totally heard you when you say you don’t need the money, don’t need this that and the other and I’m totally with you on the sell from home nice house positives blah blah blah. I do exactly the same myself but as much as you say you want to do business on your terms etc etc I still can’t get my head around why you don’t want to be able to offer finance?
  21. I like how you are sticking M Performance kits onto all your M Sports. Belgrave Motor Company in Sheffield started off fitting replica M Sport wheels onto base spec ES / SE E90s and look at them now
  22. Smarter not harder I like that tango ..
  23. Or you end up in hospital with lack of sleep. I always say work smarter not harder
  24. Helps to get ahead doesn't it. That and a natural ability to know what sells and tell which cars will break down on the way home and what will fly out and not come back under warranty
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