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  2. Your probably right there Mark we were saying the other day about the value in xr4xr serrias and that who would have thought that back when we were kids Funny thing is there will be someone out there buying them as an old car trader at auction said to me once theres a bum for every seat or as my dad always says they always find some idiot i wouldn't pay that but guess if thats your thing
  3. In fairness in another ten years they’ll probably be the ones having the last laugh
  4. See that most of them have not had there first mot either
  5. How much for an old zr?
  6. There is a pretty thorough description directly above your post Helen.
  7. If you buy a car with no log book how do you get a new one to tax it do you need the details of the person you bought the car from
  8. Go for it if your young and fancy free. Some of my best days were the early days when I had my finger on the pulse of what people wanted and wasn't afraid to take a risk. Now I find I over analyse the pitfuls and potential for huge repair costs / problems which out weigh the potential profits and have therefore become wary of the " interesting cars" I built my business on the interesting stuff at the time Nissan 200sx / Imprezas etc. Have you looked into the JDM import market, it still intrigues me but I've never had the bottle and or sources to buy remotely from Japan! I have now gone much more mainstream which is boring, ropey profits but also big bills looming down the line on newer cars. Not a single call last week aside from the one about the golf I sold the week before which now needs a new dual mass clutch, bang goes the profit from that one. Long story short I dream of a 9 - 5 with a steady pay cheque and minimal stress, which has certainly been a big part of being self employed for me for the past 7 years (at least) of the 14 i've been going for. The problem with the trade is you can get stuck in a rut where you occasionally "have it off" which keeps you hanging in there for longer than is good for you!
  9. Any suggestions what the prob would be it only happens once a week or so I didn’t realise they were incredibly rare are they good and would you recommend or can you give me any info about my problem Much did it cost to fix it mate
  10. I believe any UK or NI car will keep its original DOR. More likely an import from the South or Isle of Man. NI cars also don’t need an MOT until 4 years old so don’t be surprised if it looks like it was done late.
  11. Thats what i think too had a suzuki vitara years ago which was registered april 2003 but was nov 2002 first used in the service book etc
  12. Does it not mean first used in NI Feb 2011. First used in England/Scotland/Wales December 2011
  13. Looking for advice as I’ve never come across this before. My friend wants me to look at a Irish plated car . NI plate. I don’t often get involved sellling to friends and family but happy to go looking with them at the block. My mate has found this Qashqui diesel with NI plate, 1 owner from new registered in this country up the North. The Mot history states first registered December 2011, but dvla, hpi and other sites say February 2011. Therefore making it a 60 plate instead of a 61. The vendor has no history and my mate tells me the car is immaculate with great spec and drives fantastic. I wouldn’t touch it not knowing if it ever had a service but I feel he thinks I’m just trying to get out of going with him to view. Your thoughts please.
  14. Ha. Yes. I only have Bookface for work. Apparently we should be on Instagram too now so I’m told! Can’t cope with that much change /really have no idea what it is. Anybody using it with success?
  15. Very modern funnily enough i only set up a personal one not long go for a couple friends to send holiday snaps don't mind it for business but deleted Twitter and facebook personal pages . As I'm not the type of person who likes to say we are out break into to our house . Or what I'm having for dinner
  16. I Mean shockingly bad pictures its as if they are trying to be sales prevention team.
  17. Its like I said in my earlier post if you want to buy one they restore or recommission it for you ..
  18. very true, some groups who use the auction software are even being advanced funds on a unit when they deal it, they are getting paid out a minimum before the auction even pick the car up.
  19. You will find most of the larger group auction vendors won't be paying any entry fee and, have free collection too, that's how much things have changed over the years.
  20. Same here, and I've had loads of them, there's always the odd rogue for anything but to have had a few that drink oil, I'd like to hear more
  21. Whoever pays 30k for an any old Rover 75 needs his or her head feeling. .......unless the glovebox is full of Faberge eggs.
  22. How have they got their hands on these? We sold a nice Rover 25 a while back and the customers are something else.
  23. phew 29995 ! you could by a nice amg car for that.
  24. Iv'e never had a bad one, call me if you don't want any youv'e got
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