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    Got drunk at a BBQ Friday night (home at 4am), lost Saturday. Sunday, went in garden, lit a fire and sank a few beers. It was perfect
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    I suspect what has happened is someone has been adjusting the volume on their computer and accidently bid for a couple of cars by accident and then not gone to pick them up. Easy done.
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    I had today, can you do it for £2000 cash trade sale, (car was up for £2495) i replied sorry pete we have prepped it past trade sale specs shall i keep your number anything pops up we always like to trade something on. To which he replied what does trade mean as regards what do i get ? I replied the full details will be in your traders guide, he replied of course i forgot about that will check later cheers for your help.
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    Only 1 phone call in a week??? I’d be trying to offload it to WBAC, if they won’t take it send it to the block? If all else fails, burn it out!!!
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    selling old police cars is so last century uber cars is the new scam
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    We used to use a garage and the owner was a right git, tried bending the testers arm to pass this and that all the time, the tester had enough one day and handed in his notice on his last day had another mate of the owner come in 4pm for his test and he also was a bit of a bully so the tester ticked almost every advisory he could the print off was almost 15 pages long put it in the car and left.
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    Worked at a city central dealership where space was tight, was common practice to get the customers to drop off their cars at the NCP across the road on day of handover. We had a number of spaces on the 2nd floor. We were supposed to go over and reappraise the PX cars on handover whilst customers were sat in showroom with a coffee, this didn't always happen. Anyway, on this occasion I went over, looked round the car and all looked OK, didn't actually start it or get in it but looked OK. After customer had gone and a near perfect handover, went to move the car..... Can you tell where this is going? Got in the car, went to start it, nothing, no lights, must be flat.... Back to the showroom, get the jump pack, back to the NCP, open the car, open the bonnet........ NO ENGINE!!!!! CCTV showed it being towed into car park by a white van, customer denied all knowledge and then stopped answering the phone, it went legal for a while and I think the powers that be just decided they were getting nowhere. I think if was only the fact that I used to sell a fair few cars that saved me from getting the sack but I got a final written warning over it. Was regularly brought up though and I used to die a little bit inside every time.
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    Very common some times they even call you asking if your still interested .
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    Exactly this happened to us a few months ago, I asked someone to check the laptop to see how many lots away Enfield was from the car we wanted, I'd left the cursor in the middle of the screen, accidentally over the bid button, one slight movement of the trackpad and a click to wake the laptop up and we were highest bidder on a dog of an Audi tdi estate in ukcgr! Reserve met it was a tense few seconds until thankfully someone out bid us! The car was about the polar opposite to what we normally stock!
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    The only way to find out is too just do it, this way you will understand what everybody on this forum are trying to explain to you. It might take a month or a couple of years for you to figure it out but to be honest been doing this job for over 10 years now and can honestly say you will learn something new all the time. You might think it's a bit harsh but to be fair the advice you have been given is the best free advice you will ever get. Let us know how you get on with your first sale
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    Aston Barclay last night was absolutely eye watering, some cars were going £1000 over cap clean..... I went to the cafe and ate shepherds pie and beans. It was the highlight of my night
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    You don't actually deserve to sell a car to anyone with that attitude pal , Taking money for a potential death is worth a good slap in my opinion . Every car we have bought needs something doing , and it gets done as well . People like you give us all a bad name . So i think you might be better looking for a shelf stacking job at Asda .
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    you cant go straight into retail unless you are a finance assistant (ie not a proper motor trader you are just buying and selling a commodity) the real work starts by buying and trading on and increasing what is usually minimum start up funds this is why most of us proper motor traders started dealing from home after buying from main dealers /auctions peoples homes fettling and either trading on to an established business or reblocking to catch jo bloggs his missus and his cute daughter with no bra (can i say that) once you see that theres more money in retail if you can be arsed to do the detail its the next progressive step next step is car has fault can you repair yourself or pay to have it fixed its all down to time management versus funds versus diminishing returns so theres no answer really i started dealing very early in my life but buying cars from the block back then with proper proper dodgy full mots unknown till driven away by the way was a real curve ball learner as i had no one to learn from the mistakes had to be taken on the wallet
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    Often wish I did more mechanical training body repair training etc can do the basics but wish i had gained more qualifications , keep saying i might do some but too old now I often tell myself I should have 20 years ago and other days I tell myself i cant do everything myself anyway ..and lucky i have good contacts ..
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    Well that is excellent, judge obviously seen through the "free check", he wants to see a non biased report from someone who is not on bonus, claimant has to pay for "expert" witness, claimant has to make car available, claimant has to forward documents to court, upon seeing the report if its in your favour judge may even decide the case without a further hearing as he she will read it before giving a date for a hearing, claimant may not even bother if they think they are on a looser, so if you do not get a response in reasonable time from claimant re expert witness, apply to court for strike out of case due to claimant not doing as told by judge, judge has brought up the age / mileage too, good, so the bottom line is claimant has relied on poor evidence for there claim, you may not hear anymore, heres hoping thanks for the update.
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    I really hope you come out of this well , I seriously do . But a few questions spring in my mind . 1 ;; Why sell a car that wants a service ? bad idea in my head as your just waiting for another garage to get stuck into your wallet . 2; Same as above with the brake pads isn't it , why not change them when doing the PDI ? 2,000 miles in a performance car can be as low as 200 miles in a lunatics hands , especially when he's first let loose in his new 250 bhp car . 3 ;; £1,000 off the car as a discount for £60 worth of oil and filter and four brake pads , 4 ;;Did the car get inspected in your own workshop on a ramp so as to be positive the gearbox wasn't losing oil ? As I said i really hope you come out on top , but performance cars in the wrong hands that's not FULLY prepped and totally sure about is a route to disaster in my mind , we sell some meaty powerful stuff on one side of our business and they are prepped to death, serviced , nut and bolted , driven 100 miles , back in workshop and checked again . Ramp time is no less than 8 hours for each car . Its amazing what we find that's been done wrong , cheap parts , not tightened up , missing , leaking , and the rest . All the best .
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    As above, I have had this before, is broken wires in the harness where the boot pivots down, relatively common.
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    Because I do it as a private seller at the moment I am trying to buy under 5k maybe a bit more for certain cars and sell for 500, maybe 1k profit. (just found a desperate seller that wanted a Skoda Kodiaq that sold me his 12plate Merc c220 82k miles for 3500 and luckily I sold it in 5 days for 4750£) So you dont declare your trader earnings for tax or NI, you dont have trade plates and you i imagine use these cars on test drives, You dont put a warranty on them either i imagine, Why dont you pay tax on these earning what makes you so special Come on,give her a break.Where you whiter than white when you started out.I wasn’t when I was door stepping aged 17.I paid plenty of tax in my day job though working 7 days.
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    Fuck me. £75 a valet. And that kid should’ve stuck with it. £90 a pop and he could’ve been doing better than some dealers
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    Actually it is very common that there are misleading points in the government forms and no one asked for your advice about my sharpness. So please mind your own business Mr. Smart! One reason I became interested in this industry was the number of stupid car dealers whom I dealt with!!!!
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    Had one in this morning , Come 50 miles on a £13,795 car . Loved what he saw, got a 05 knackered BMW 320d sport px part service history 184,000 miles and well used shall we say regards body work and interior Wanted £2,000 , silly boy Then offered me £10k for my car , silly silly boy , He left , why do they come shopping with only 80% of the funds needed , No way on earth I would ever go shopping with not enough money , what a weird hobby , No wonder they no funds as they must spend it driving round the 5 counties looking at what they cant have . Another yesterday came on £3,799 little motor in our small car section . Dad says son wants to spend 3k but he will pay me £3,,250 as the car is so clean I said well let me explain it this way We like £650 profit £100 goes to VAT man £135 goes on service and MOT £100 on adverts £75 On valet £50 towards Rent £20 on Fuel £20 on power Electric /water etc £25 web site costs £100 wages = £625 expenses = £50 profit . See why my offer is thought out and not a guess like yours He said i was just trying my luck and paid £3,799 .
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    No - 40+ Minimum. Very efficient in terms of prep and having cars ready to go. Few obstacles in front of buyers. Desirable stock. Work fucking hard. I certainly spend more time in the business than anyone else I know.
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    I meant watch an identical car from say a main ford dealer with direct from such and such on the window will always in most cases do silly money compared to a private car or independent trader car at auction but in reality may be no better . I put an old C4 diesel in fsh 120 k miles tidy enough with good mot 2 previous owners px at the time did £800 an identical model car apart from was mine was blue it was silver and silver one 6 months older 150k no history and 4 previous owners did £1250 due to being a main agent trade in
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    Went to Manheim twice earlier this year then gave up with them. Prices were horrific.
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    Ive always been that way try to help and please everyone sometimes its actually a weakness cause you never can thats how I got the name casper as i take flowers to the graveyard for a neighbour for her husbands grave who is no longer fit to go one off the lads started calling me it and it stuck although I've been known to blow the odd gasket or go ape at the odd mechanic or painter/panel beater in my time.one thing I hate is rushing sub standard work or its doesn't need that cover I lost it one day with one for not refitting an engine cover leaving it on a workshop floor . but is mostly decent people on here so I always try to be nice friendly and polite with the ladies and gentleman on here Ive my old dad to thank for thats who said when we were kids manners cost nothing and treat people as you expect to be treated another one he said was if someone gives you advice always take it if its good enough use it if it doesn't work go back to doing it your way . he sadly getting older by the day and not as fit as he once was everyone offers good advice here and I try to do my bit good luck to all
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    I want my arse wiping. Anyone care to do it for me?
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    Met an interesting coach builder guy recently who owns several high value classic Mercs.It turned out he previously had an accident repair centre for many years.However it had grown to 40 staff with wall to wall agrovation and he got the opportunity to sell out.He is now doing better than ever after being asked to renovate one car.He has a workshop at home and with his son he now renovates top end classics like Ferrari’s for selected customers.He does not advertise and has 3 years work booked in.
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    Chancer. He is an absolute chancer. Ignore texts, and call him. If he doesnt respond, send him an email stating you will only correspond via that medium. That stops the text noise binging at you at 11pm and winding you up. He is only entitled to payment for work you have authorised. And you should be paying that directly to the VAT registered garage carrying out the repair after receiving an invoice. Make that part of your terms and conditions. As for an issue with the brakes at 100MPH? No chance. He has provided evidence of abuse of the vehicle. Think about it. Is this guy ever going to go into a small claims court against you when he has sent you that information? No. So stand firm, wait for an email back detailing his intentions and send him a firm one back. When you have control, he will shut up.
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    Yes,being an MP in a marginal constituency is very differcult.This guy got stitched up by his own party.
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    Good luck today. It seems like you've been reasonable and fair and the customer has unrealistic expectations of a car that's this age and miles. Let us know how you get on
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    Who’s this c***?
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    Hi to lucky 13 , welcome aboard Every thing has a mkt doesn't it . We cant all or want to sell the same stuff . Cheaper stuff makes me smile too , we sell the lumpy cars too and the inbetweeners , and the cheaper stuff " I'm not one to miss anything " But I love a cheapy PX £50 old cheapy that goes on the ramp , comes off clean , Snow foam it , Shiny wax thru pressure washer , quick carpet/ seat clean oil change and £995 it , quickest one was 8 mins to the first phone call but usually its first 24 hours , have some fun with what's yer best price brigade " £1295 pal " but it says £995 online lol , yea but £1295 is a better price and that's what you asked me . had a Fabia once and two women resulted in fighting for it You eeffing bitch this and effing bitch that omg they were nose to nose for a £795 car , smallest one won too . Worth selling for the entertainment we reckon . Secret to cheaper stuff is to talk to the customer different to a 10k car . Round here its very hey up mi duck ye come to look at this little Corsa then , smashing little thing it is , They love it long as its clean with a long MOT they will take a part service , one key , scratched , cheapy , Other trick is we just don't rip em off , Sell one every year to one guy £600 is his ceiling , drive anything he will , gives me the px free +£600 every Oct . Got one waiting for him now £550 Corsa took in for £100 a month ago . So happy selling pal , stick with what makes you happy and some money .
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    i don’t think BHM is much of a socket... I reckon he would be the plug
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    Get a really good repair and keep your trap shut, imo.
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    wife repairs any i get uses material from under seat usually invisible mending should be a pre requisite of joining the motor trade or this forum far more important than a vat number ive contacted the mods
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    What is the exact make and model? Year? Mileage? A grand off for a service and pads sounds a bit generous/desperate to me.
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    My thoughts exactly , By the time I've taken the car , complained about the bloody mess they make , took it again , Re done it when it comes back its quicker to do it once and have done with it . Employ a valet guy omg that's hard work , There's only two ways of doing things in my world , MY WAY & the bloody GATEWAY. I always feel sorry for the gateway hinges They hear me but don't bloody Listen. Do it yourself , save money , save sanity , simples
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    maintained to a good standard yes probably, as for driven better than or being better than a one lady owner car, then.....er nope
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    Eric Cantona Seagul ramble, so only read if v bored: I’m not that old (47), but I have always liked the music of Bob Dylan. I wasn’t around for when he defected to electric (my dad was there -so he always said), but, I’ve always liked his recordings and so on over the last 40 odd years. Last year, my Mrs bought us tickets to his show at The Bournemouth International Centre near us. They were an extortionate price, but I thought, oh well, it’s Dylan. Will be a good show and he's the man.... Anyway, the day comes and it’s packed outside etc. He’s obviously raking it in still! Never mind the queues and the extortionate prices for the drinks in a plastic cup and the bottles with no lids:It’s Dylan. Worth the money and you get what you pay for... Anyway, after the first opening bars (musical) I realise I’m a sheep and been duped. It’s utter crap and tuneless noise. Never mind that I can’t recognise the song that I think he said was blowing in the wind. Must be a new jazzed up better ‘all bells and whistles’ version that I’m not getting. Maybe the next song will be better. It wasn't. Utter taking the piss, over complicated drivel. He was literally laughing all the way to the bank without a care to us, the audience. Almost as if WE actually weren’t his customers or he at least didn’t give a damn. We were not near the front in the ‘even more pricey’ seats. The people that were there seemed oblivious to it and were clapping and going along with it. They would clearly pay double and not moan or wake up From a bit of a distance, everyone else, it was clear, had realised also the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes. It’s all I could do to sit through it. As we left, a busker outside was singing early Dylan stuff. It was brilliant. I gave him a couple of quid, as did others.... Of course this is my side of the story. The people in the front row singing, will disagree and say it was worth the money and more, as he is ‘the best’. One of us is wrong of course. It might be me....
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    There is no doubt that a new set of replica alloys helps sell stuff.We were doing it years ago when a new set of rims and tyres were £600 and you could flog the old ones online.However the downside with these Chinese imports is not only the higher cost because of the low pound but also the low quality of the rims which can mean they buckle quite easily.I was told that retailers are now barred from using them in Australia as they have caused accidents.Our guy’s view is now that it is too big a potential liability to fit them and run the risk of being charged with some criminal offence in the event of an accident.
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    haha that's a kick in the teeth adding an owner too!
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    Bet you were like a kid on Christmas morning Tango I bought an old polo a few years back was a 40k miles 1 lady owner since a year old needed a good polish some new number plates new set of trims but mechanically sound past mot no problems etc anyway called the owner from the log book lovely old lady she had kept the full service history because the a3 she bought didn't come with any she said she had enjoyed chatting and would post it to me few days later in through the post arrives fully stamped up service book all by her local garage and a touch up paint so kind of her I send her a nice thank you card in return by post .
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    Hi 15 cars i pay anything from £10 for a mini valet on older stuff and the better stuff ranges from that to £50 depends on which car wash/ valeter I use I use a mobile guy also who does full valet machine polish etc for £85 I also do some.myself .. depends how I'm feeling how busy I am or if I'm in the mood sometimes I think the car wash places rush to much .
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    Second shout for george parts are also ten pence of the shelf, mine feels like triggers broom had so many bits replaced but its still the original machine. Takes a right beating as well the poor thing.
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    If that's your business model then my advice would be don't give up the day job.
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    Sounds like you were a greengrocer too in a different life
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    i love my morrisons carrier bag,must have had it 10 years thinking of upgrading to marks and spencers but not sure if the bag for life is good value long term
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    I did check all of my ads seems like AT will be going through some teething issues changing sponsored to relevant .... most punters are clever enough to search low to high so I’m not convinced on the change over. The AT rep told me they are tailoring the site to suit the customers buying requirements (gearbox/colour/breast size etc) ... I replied so what about the £££ each month I’m paying you what about my needs and requirements.... stone cold silence I could hear a pin drop ... but as always AT has always made me the sales so i don’t have much of a choice, but I’m defo going to try and feed it back at my end of month call lol
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    All very funny but what are the ramifications for the testing station.Advisories are in the public domain,how would VOSA view it.If the customer was offended,some lawyer might agree and claim damages from the testing station ( not the tester) .....An alternative view !