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    I would personally stick to the detailing body shop side of things and become a total pro at it. Why? Because there's a lack of bodyshops about and the ones that are about mess you about on time / quality or money. This trade is lacking good quality body workers unless you go to the arm and leg insurance type places.
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    At our old site in Hastings we had a 'messer horn'. One of those £2.99 fleabay air horns. We shared the site, but not the cars so it was bloody good fun at times. Typical scenario.... I would be chatting, well more like u'umming with the VAG twat as he is bending down inspecting the tyre treads on the 4th tyre with his magnifying glass after, already being onsite for an hour, all whilst having to explain the 'hawwwwwwhhhhhh' coming out of the sales office every 5 minutes VAG twats cost us a fortune in gas canisters until we stopped selling them.
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    Had one of those on Toyota , Bought the car and came back with his mate dressed from top to toe in SNAP ON , hat , coat boots gloves the bloody lot was brand new They came back to announce the clutch was make a loud clicking noise , metallic click Mr Snap On said . My son confronted him with , " Mate its the Air Con Clicking " and proceeded to explain how the air con worked and why it clicked , then pointed to where the clutch was and said" its on the other side of the car pal , " I chirped up that i thought he would have known that dressed in SNAP ON Then they left
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    She was once the tea went all over her!
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    They’re always fussy about the car they’re buying but not so fussy about their p/x with oil as thick as tar (that’s if you can see any on the dipstick), cambelt 2 years overdue, tyres like Duncan Goodhew’s head & brakes grinding like an old cement mixer.
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    Hi Keiren, I’ll bite. If you’re upfront about the issues, and spell it out in the advert and document it at sale, getting the punter to sign to say they are aware and understand and that you won’t entertain any comebacks etc, then you’re still officially ***ked if they kick up a fuss. After all, we are the ‘professional’ motor trader and they are the poor old had-over innocent customer. However, that’s the worst case scenario. Most people are normal and if you’re up front with them, you will normally be fine. From time to time however.... On the whole, I would try not to sweat every detail. Just get on with it and treat as you would like to be treated etc. Better off selling well prepared cars with a new mot and all that Good luck.
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    I'd call him. Just a quick call to say I just had a chat with another buyer interested in reserving it "unseen" over the phone as it ticks all the boxes for him but he can't travel for a few days. "I just called you out of courtesy as you had travelled to us and invested some time in case you were still interested"
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    Jacked them in last month........ Maybe they've put an advertising spurt on to entice me back. I'm really missing the ficticous leads too, things haven't quite been the same since I left.
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    Is that the one with really creepy guy who can't f**king read an ad' saying "whats the mileage?" If so, that twat calls me quite often
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    Good luck and welcome . Auction part exchanges for cheaper stuff put a fresh mot on everything and make sure its mechanically sound and also clean and tidy my advice to anyone starting in the game is if you wouldn't drive it yourself or put your family in it don't sell it
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    You will find most of the larger group auction vendors won't be paying any entry fee and, have free collection too, that's how much things have changed over the years.
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    F*ck me sideways you really want this timewaster turning up don't you... Exactly my first thoughts after 30 seconds Good old buses those six 'undreds, my wife ran a few of those.
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    In truth hand on heart it would be easier to become a doctor, there is nothing easy about the second hand car industry the customers dont like you the suppliers dont like you the revenue dont like the advertising companies 100% dont like you..hell somedays i dont even like myself.
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    They are the cocaine capital of the UK! Their air is polluted with more than diesel particles.
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    Find an old timing belt and leave it in the passenger footwell, clean off the shocks, grind the lip off the disc's, change the oil £10, wipe the filter with an oily rag, hoover the air filter and MOT for £36. You won't be seeing much change out of £50 I'm afraid.
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    I may be wrong but the way I would do it if I was outsourcing repairs and paintwork.Take your latest set of annual accounts and divide the cost of sales with no of cars retailed and you may be in for a shock.So if it is a grand per car ( it’s probably more ) you have to generate 1200 profit when you allow for VAT to calculate the cost of the average sale.I think Mark does repairs in-house so hopefully his costs will be less.
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    When at the block I sometimes see total pigs getting knocked down to the Internet for decent money & think sarcastically ‘that’ll be a nice surprise for the buyer’. A couple of times recently I’ve dipped my toe into the chilly waters of online bidding. To summarise, it’s just as well I have a painter & mechanic who work for next to f.a.
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    I think that is great - put all the crap under one Group. Be easier to filter my auction searches.
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    Can you imagine the amount of cars on the don’t buy list!?
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    Because you are ex Police
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    Current stock I bought a 57 plate Merc with 1 main dealer stamp. Got the car back and checked the pack, full Merc history. Someone had missed one page in the book but it carried on from there. Got a 59 Merc with no history. Checked the pack - no history book but at least a dozen Merc service invoices in the folder (on a 60k miler) Swings n roundabouts
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    As far as I can see you have no contract with her finance company and therefore no obligation to them. You can quite happily tell them to do one. I would then place it in writing that you intend to pursue her for defamation through the courts, that you have instructed your solicitor to begin proceedings and that she will shortly be hearing from them. Obviously you haven't, but it'll make her back door twitch a bit when she reads it. I had a similar thing about ten years ago, couple phoned wanting to trade a very tidy Freelander in for a 206 I had taken in part ex. The deal made no sense to me at the time and to be fair I ignored their messages for a few days. They were persistent so I did the deal with them, but thought they would be trouble. The wife was a proper stuck up cow, some sort of trophy wife. They were a nightmare. Within 2 days the penny dropped this wasn't the best move they had made and so the messages began. First they wanted the old car back because she suffered with claustrophobia. I couldn't because I already traded the Freelander out. Then they tore the 206 apart, found the most trivial of faults and plastered reviews everywhere. I threatened them with court and the reviews were removed. They also told me that the 206 had been over-priced and that there was a law against selling over priced cars. She couldn't tell me which law it was but there definitely was a law. She would "accidently" send me text messages meant for her solicitor. After a month of obscene messages from them at 2 am, refusal to let me have the car back to inspect, I think I refunded them around £500 as a goodwill gesture to shut them up. I made them sign an agreement that it was in lieu of me undertaking any repair work due to our inability to reach agreement and that it was not a price adjustment. I made them come to me to collect the money and when the wife showed up this time she was rough as rats, no make-up and aged about ten years in a month. Shame. Going back to her moaning about the drop in the Picanto's value...….Brexit, tell her its all because of Brexit. Probably why its squeaking as well.
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    Sorry but my view is different.If the valeting/ detailing business works,getting into retailing from the same premises may be a distraction.Involving 2 others with no experience will not help and will substantially increase your workload and you will likely fall out.OK using your Dad as he should work for next to nothing.While it is easy to sell cars,the bottom line is that even if you have years of experience,it is now very hard to make any decent money in this job.
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    Just had one of those middle aged couples in miserable as hell never buying a car today or soon it seems but wants to discuss every detail about every car we have. Anyway get them a brew and go to sit down for a chat, as she is about to sit on the chair for whatever reason he decided he wants that chair and pulls it closer to him and sits down.... almighty comedy timing she sits on thin air smashes to the floor and chucks the tea all over her lap. Funny enough after that they didn't fancy a chat about the car and she gave him a right ear bashing and left in a huff. cheered me up a bit and had to hold in the laughter until they left.
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    Nearly 5 year old thread that is pretty impressive.
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    Some of these posts really make you question yourself on times, i remember a newbie running around the block telling everyone about this amazing new painter on the scene just started up and was cheap as chips as he wanted to grow his business....you guessed it by the end of the month the painter had so much work he put his prices up.
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    Try building a relationship with a local trader who will look after you if you show willing to buy all his decent cheapies, they will bring them too you once they realise you are serious, you'll even get to drive them first before buying too, and they'll even give you a few bits on sale or return once they like you, if your running a busy car cleaning company you will not have time to go to auction, whatever you do don't buy cheapies at online auction, you'll end up a busy fool.
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    join halfrauds trade club and you get cracking discount on CTEK chargers and they are good bit of kit
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    .... and on a zero hour contract!
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    Nope, anyone can use them.
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    Ours is £25 a panel...location, location, location! (we're gonna really struggle to hit those AT price markers looking at what some of you boys pay for work)
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    54 plate doom blue Fiesta 5 door with 130k up it for me at the moment. Owned by a ward sister and it's one of the filthiest cars I've taken in for a while. Never missed a service though and drives fine, but the interior....
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    I love the look of these old Pontiacs, although prefer the look of a few years earlier. Tbh I’ve always fancied a ‘74 with the ‘new’ front & small back window but I’ve never quite had the balls to delve deeper, tbh I’m just a sad, pathetic ’Nearly Man’ when it comes to yank cars. I also imagine now they’re all full of welding wire & filler and I’d feel apprehensive driving one of my ‘heroes’ only to find it drove like a heap of shit. I recall about 6/7 years ago, when prices were half-sensible, I tried a 348 & a Mondial T. I’d summarise them as absolute piles of shit that rode & handled like they had concrete tyres, felt like a badly assembled kit car & had the sort of performance a decent hot hatch delivers. I now drive a £100 scrapper taken in p/x.
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    Yes everything was green on the mechanical report. I had an A3 a while back 14 plate noise on the engine and the door had a huge scratch down it. They took it back but that was when we were on a black card so that may have helped. I suppose we will just have to wait an see. Should get a call tomorrow.
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    One guy in Notts BCA doesn't even look at them properly , just wanders round noting a few things down , I wouldn't pay him in bent washers . All this appraisal looks good on paper or when they all talk about ,it but in reality how can it work . They can only use set phrases to describe what they see if they look in the first place .
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    Open fleet policy covers anything and to be fair only staff use it as a smoker for leaving around. As we have the original V5 we have renewed tax online. I understand the problem will be if we sell it as DVLA won’t issue a new V5 or complete change of keeper.
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    Must have a vanity plate Dad.Sounds like he is a potential contestant for Lovely Island
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    Brake Discs are wear and tear items are they not , Same as AUX Belt . Regarding corrosion on Suspension items, you need to see it really as that's a discretion item on MOT test , unless you had it on a ramp and have it written down or pictured , I picture under the cars on a ramp so if this sort of thing happens we can state " well i'm looking at the pics now and it shows nothing like your saying " Same with tyres and they have come in handy when customer tries to claim they are 2mm and pics show 6 mm . Pics shut it down very quickly , only used the twice in 4 yrs we've been doing it but pics don't lie , unlike customers .
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    After 15 years of selling cars from online adverts the idea of not answering my phone to strange numbers is a novelty to me :-) If I try to return a missed call and get no answer I follow up with a text message. I wish there was also a way to know which car they were calling about. On all my photos I have my web address covering the number plate so when I include it in the text message it rings a bell for people.
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    Because when you miss a call and try to call back, you will be calling from a different number and people don’t always answer calls from numbers they don’t know.
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    Sorry i wasn't quite clear. Having your dad on the policy is perfectly fine in the way your are talking about above. If however you was going to have him as he policy holder and him not be involved in the company that is 'fronting' of a policy At this point you are talking about 3 people being involved in the company and the profits my only concern is how many cars you are going to need to sell at 750- 3000 to pay 3 wages ???
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    LIKE I agree completely this is nothing to do with the category he is upset about his head gasket
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    Bit like me, I'm always looking for a profit in anything....
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    Thanks Trade vet glad to see you using the respect my name and reputation command don’t slip up again. I’m not someone to be messing with P.S self nominated and made the shortlist 2019
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    Doesn't make for good TV though You NEED to go Limited in this business, others may disagree, but I'm very firm on this, be it trading from a site, home, tent, caravan or pub car park. And be VAT registered if like to sleep at night.