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    My daughter bought a new shape Panda , F##Ck### horrible thing in red of all bloody colours , she had it for weeks and weeks and weeks with NONE , ZERO , ZILCH interest in it . Done 60k and was down to £2,495 . Then one morning this guy walks in , " can i have the keys for that Panda ? " of course sir I said , Shows him the car and he says " do you take PX Cars ? . Sure can look I said , what have you got . The 350Z GT over there , GULP well lets have a look , was a 40k car with 9 Nissan services and not a mark on it , "Wife hates it he says " It was like new , I'll swap you I go , as a flippant remark , ONLY went and said that's what I was hoping for Lets go to my office Not had nerve to buy another Panda though OH Forgot to say the 350Z is still in my daughters garage at her house ,
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    Makes me wonder what they do with them Casper .
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    What big mistakes do they make when looking at a car themselves then ?, If they come to me for the same car your trying to look for, it wouldn't be a mistake would it as they have what they wanted in the first place . If they wanted an Audi S3 from you and went and bought Ford Fiesta ST instead then that shows how unstable they were in the first place . You obviously make it work after 15 yrs and bloody good luck to you as well as you deserve the deals after searching for their requirements , I just think those sort of customers expect me to find it , clean it , service it , present it, stump up the cash , price it less than mkt , ring them up for them to say " Sorry i changed my mind I now want a black one " and thats why its a Deposit in my books .
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    Same here feels slow for a January
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    We don't know the sale price only that he took £9k cash balance. He possibly transferred a few thousands by PayPal prior to this.... Also those of you accusing the buyer of being 'greedy' how many of you have rushed somewhere on hearing of a motor going very cheap? I know I have - a few times with a wad of cash to wave under the sellers nose..
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    TV I know the answer you’re looking for is “No fucker” but I always thought the Maestro was a better car than the pitiful Escort/Orion. I’m saying that purely from a driving proposition - I had nowt to do with car selling in those days. Tbh I thought they drove better than VW’s miserable Golf too. I honestly think they weren’t bad cars, although the stepper motor choke system was shit (remember that?) & usually wanted to set an idle speed of about 2000rpm. I also remember having a blast to a pub in a neighbour’s MG Montego - 2 full litres of fuel injected Leyland power. I’d been reduced to Renault motoring at the time in the shape of a 5 1.1 - what a heap of shit. Honestly, the Montego felt like a Ferrari, it went like shit off a shovel! Or so I thought!!!
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    Do you remember the urban myth that a Maestro would say "oh shit" in the event of an accident. It was big news when I was a lad. I had a G reg Maestro Special when I was at college in 1991, my dad bought it me. I hated it and did a straight swap for an Orion Injection Ghia. I have never had as much money as when I lived at home, thanks Dad.
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    Its definitely a narrow market, the buyer is going to be 60 plus, originally from the home counties and with a wife that doesn't get out of the car until summoned! (what's not to like!) I used to think "no-way" when I saw the prices of Auto CR-V's, but stuck my neck out and bought one and it sold. Have one here now that's a bit sticky, but it will go. Of course with a narrow market, you have narrow demand, but narrow supply. They wont have many to go look at, so its buy yours or wait another month for one to come along. I personally don't do very well with "bread and butter" cars. There will always be a private seller within 10 miles under cutting your £3000 Fiesta by a grand. When you aim at the lower end of the market, buyers are particularly price sensitive and will drop their drawers to save £50, apparently...……...
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    That's why I asked the question...………. if course everyone would describe accurately , pay promptly and life would be lovely.!
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    Talking about newspaper ! We have a chap across from us sells a few obscure old motors , has them hanging around forever type of thing . He had a Sorento 05 plate that needed welding on rear arches , so instead of getting it welded he filled it and undersealed the thing went for MOT and the guy there shoved his finger through it shite job mind . Brings it to us and asks us to weld it up , my son pulls reams of newspaper out of it , The Chap says dont know whos done that till my son says to him , Mate its got last weeks date on it Still goes on today obviously. And yes cardboard was used frequently back in the day of P38 wow some old names there , Bet you remember the Simca Engine Tappet Rattle too , was in those talbot things wasn't it if i remember
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    I would suggest a Canon EOS800D, its a good camera with a decent pixel count and also has the flip out rear screen that i find very useful for shooting images at either low levels or elevated shots to capture the best angles for each vehicle.If you want to buy something second hand then perhaps a Canon EOS70D would work well.I use this model and mine gets a regular battering from being carted around construction sites etc . Use the camera in full auto setting until you get used to it,then try using the different settings such as aperture priority to get those shots that you want. Editing is so easy and takes seconds to get the image to your liking.Always take loads of pics and just delete the one s that you dont like.Watch out for background distractions.I actually prefer using a telephoto lens at they have a narrower depth of field that kind of automatically concentrates the focus on the subject (the car) and blur out the rest of the frame.
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    A bullshitter. Tell the man to fuck off, you’ll see him in court. PS. He has had the car MOTed. ABS is part of the MOT. This proves the part he’s claiming for wasn’t faulty prior to XX date therefore absolving you of any responsibility even if you had sold it as a retail sale.
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    Agreed. You should just tell the bloke it’s B2B and you’ll see him in court. End of.
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    Spend some money investing in a half decent dslr camera, saw in the reflection your using a bit of a basic one. Even a newer iPhone will take better photos and video
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    There's a MAN & DOM is his name , I'm out no grinding for me
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    Even if you agree to their offers they don’t back them up with cold hard cash. I usually ignore them (because usually the offers are a fucking joke) but this week had 2 very close & sensible offers on two mid-termers, so I thought to myself ‘Why not? Hopefully I’m proved wrong with these email dickheads’. Unfortunately I wasn’t. One decides (presumably because I’d agreed to her offer) that she then wanted a 3mth warranty including for our agreed price. Then 6mths. Then can I revise costs. The other emailer, much to my amazement, phoned. It appeared that his cash offer wasn’t what I think of as a cash offer.......to this Norwich-based imbecile an ex-NHS Mondeo “all the holes in the bodywork have been done, mate” represents cash, if I don’t want it (correct) he’ll sell it privately cos he’s got the money. In the space of 10 seconds he then tells me he’s getting the train, getting the bus, getting his Mrs. to drive him here at the weekend (he must be thinking of making 3 journeys!). I just kept answering ok, ok, ok and at the earliest opportunity brought the call to an end. With 50% of the general public I think I’m an unpaid mental health counsellor.
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    I think you’ll find most of the environmentally friendly vegan weirdos don’t actually live in London? They just like to come and demonstrate then fuck off back to Brighton!
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    Agreed,but you cannot just roll over,you have to try and come up with something to limit the damage.Its a nightmare scenario and JXB is only looking for some creative alternative suggestions ( like AD’s ) than just refunding the customer.I hope he comes up with something.
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    This thing was a shed. I was very happy to off it back
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    Hello everyone. I am on this forum for a while so I decided to introduce myself and be more active on it. My name is Marian, 24, I trade cars for almost 2 years now (just a car or two a month). The hobby started to become something more important than my job, I love doing it and gives me moments of joy most of the time. There were moments when I lost money but I decided to keep going and now I am aiming for at least 10% profit on each car. Last year I made 7000 profit, not having trade insurance just buying the cars privately, paying day insurance and all the expenses before selling them. At the moment I just became BCA member and hopefully I will find time to actually go to Blackbushe and buy my 1st car from there. If all goes right my plan is to get trade plates and start small with some cheap cars and work hard to get more moments of joy and quit my day job. Thanks for your time reading this.
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    I just came back to your reply after few months and I must say(again) THANK YOU.
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    Auctions are there for vendors. Buyers are two a penny now. They give out gold cards like confetti? They don’t care who buys as long as there are lots of smiling faces waving their hands in the air with money in the bank. Auctions are not moral arbiters.
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    All vendors do it , dont be fooled by UKCG , it belongs to BCA and they use it as they wish .
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    About 3 years ago we stopped having joint accounts.... guess who's always skint?
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    You know you’re on a car Trader’s page? You’re looking about £4-4500 trade money.
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    Your correct there Rory we certainly don't use those sort of systems , certainly the best way to lose thousands . If only it was that simple eh .
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    I mean, it’s always happened here. “What can you do for cash” or “what will you knock off if I buy now” it’s just in days gone by, people would leave that conversation for when they have seen the car. When someone rings and opens with “yeah what’s the best price for cash?” It’s the wrong question, usually posed by non buyers.
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    I thought he died... clearly not
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    Ah yeah, can you imagine it? "The instructor said he'd never seen anyone handle an SLS as well as I did that day and by all accounts he shared a lift once with the stig, so he should know"
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    Yeah, it's probably best me going to sit down with an accountant over the next couple of weeks and get into the details. Unfortunately not quite that far north, I'm near Harrogate, but thanks anyway Haha, you have no idea how many times I get that, tempted to just change it to Marcus Thanks Casper, appreciate the kind words, I very much like to over plan to minimise my risks as much as possible. I'm not blind to the risks though and have to accept that it may not work out but I'd rather try and fail than not try at all. It all started from my love of working on cars and doing light restoration work, however I really don't like working on other peoples cars, so I came to the conclusion that I'm best buying a car, doing the work I enjoy and then selling it.
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    Things like adding keys, installing new batteries, diagnosing TPMS, etc. Stuff you can really just do yourself and not bother a mechanic.
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    that you are happy to discuss the price in person when they have looked at the car with you. If they arent prepared to come and look, there really is no point in going any further.
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    You say, “when you are here, and you’ve seen the car, and I am happy to sell you the car, we can discuss the price”
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    This line has come over with the Eastern European’s. It’s not an English style of negotiation and I fucking hate it, it’s such a blank way of doing a deal. No personality, no charm, just show me the money.
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    Amazed it took them so long to catch on.
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    Just like them ebay email messers
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    No they won’t and I think you’ve missed the point - they don’t care about your opinion or 100 moaners because they do what’s right for them and whats good for them isn’t always good for us and visa versa. Their YOY profits are up... again... can you say the same? 20% price hike in April I hear...
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    Hi 15, I believe that whoever has entered that car in to the auction has committed an offence by offering for sale a clocked car, without carrying out their due diligence and checking that the mileage is correct. As you did . The problem you have now is if you stick it back in the block you'll have to declare it and blow your bollocks off, if you don't declare it you'll be committing an offence. I would get something in writing regarding the mileage from the VW dealer and take it to the auction, remember your argument is with the vendor and not the auction house. Ask them to pass on your information and see if they will change their mind and refund you. If they still won't play ball then Trading Standards are extremely helpful, I had a similar situation with a clocked car and the auction/vendor wouldn't play ball. Two days after my call to TS, I was given a full refund from the main agent including my auction costs. Trading Standards are there to help us too.
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    I agree, would like to see Full Auction get back up and running. One thing that seems a little strange with FA, is the amount of staff they seem to have, according to their Christmas cards anyway. Considering they have had hardly any cars for sale over the last 3 years, I cant work out what's been paying the wages!
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    Just advertise it with what you think is the correct mileage and when a punter rolls-up tell ‘em it’s had a clock change. If you look in the service book you may find ‘speedo clock change’ recorded (+ a cambelt change for all them horrible greedy VW cambelt dickheads ).
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    It was edited later it has been corrected now .
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    Ha Ha,Steve’s alright ? ( whoever he is ) good as gold etc.To us hard boiled traders that sounds like a coded message.
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    That's a fact it's the world we live in . If he fell over the lose paving slabs loading the tool box in to the van he would be probably put a claim in
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    Yes your right! But it'd be the Driver at the wheel who will get the 6 Points and the fine. I'm sure the owner will just get a fine. Unless the owner tells the police he didnt give permission and the driver would get done for TWOC (although it'd be funny to try and tell that to a copper with a straight face when you're sat in the passenger seat )
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    For once I agree. Every trader I know who does well works incredibly hard. It has to be almost obsessive and 247. You can't be motivated all the time, no one can. You have to be really disciplined and keep on at it. Also in the current day and age most of the businesses I consider a success and most of the people who seem to do well don't have prior motor trade experience. I sometimes think 'the way it was' is a hindrance more than a help.
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    The problem with aiming for small margins is that you will then only ever get small margins, you'll never have a nice juicy £5K one (I've had less than 5 of those over the years so not there yet sadly). If a dealer clears £250 per car they need to sell 20 cars for each £5K. That's 20 TIMES more chances of something going pop & bang, 20 times more chances of screamers, 20 times more MOTing, 20 times more valeting, 20 times more servicing and repairs and MUCH higher AT or premises or storage bill. One guy can have 20 nice cars, the other guy needs 400! And several times more staff. And less finance penetration as % and a much lesser chance of another high value p/x for retail... Listen, I lived in £2989 land for years (you know I hate XX95 pricing) and I regret it. This comfort that we have with certain price points works against us sometimes :-)
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    We use them, it’s OK value for money, plus they will take care of Facebook page etc. and do websites for you if required. They're part of the Newsquest group so it links with local press etc. Plus, remember (as mentioned on another thread) that people will google search and go from there nowadays, rather than necessarily going to a dedicated site. They work to try and push themselves up on the rankings and they’re fairly high up because it’s such an established company. They assign a free call tracker number to the ads, so when a punter calls, it announces it’s from X&M so you know it’s working. Or not About the same response as we get from Motors, so not brilliant but alright for the spend - it I wouldn’t want to pay more-and miles better value for leads than the Autotrader daylight robbery. We got our arm twisted to try it a few years back but on a 3 month trail.
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    dvla computer cant digest so many changes in such a short time so rejects,i would either be looking for recompense from a higher source by finding who to write to at dvla towers by asking or write it off and take the medicine my insurer who is lv wont let me tax a car unless its registered in my name so slamming cars on the MID is not an option anymore for me and lets be honest here its going to be a right paper trail if you get a bumpsy whilst driving it or worse selling it within a short time and your paperwork isnt triplicated just tax a barge you will never sell if you arent bothered what you drive its really much easier in the long term and allows you to make it a pigsty too if you want