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    After successfully helping guide a small start up in it's infancy to greater things I now find myself at the point where I'm more than happy to help anyone in the motortrade looking for assistance. This doesn't have to be a start up , maybe a business that feels that it has gone off the tracks a little or someone just looking to get some business ideas bounced about. Now I'm NO self confessed car guru or expert however I have learned many things over the last 30 years in the trade and especially the last 13 + years building my own business and I am happy to share this experience FREE of charge if anyone feels they would benefit from it. Many of you won't know me or my business so I have attached my LinkedIn Profile as a link, https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jimreidvehicle If you feel you can benefit then contact me on jim@jimreidvehiclesales.co.uk I'm eager to get my teeth stuck into something very soon! Jim
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    Morning all, I hope no-one minds but I have just sent a link to this thread to our friends at Lawgistics. They are very busy people but might have something helpful to add to the discussion and maybe clarify things a bit ! Have a good Friday.
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    I am open 7 days a week. I open 08:30 til 7pm monday to Friday, 9-6 Saturday and 10-4 Sunday. I regularly stay late to do deals or have customers pick up cars. I personally work 7 days total last year in 12 months I had 14 days off. I easy do 100 hours a week and have personally experienced great growth through my own hard work and dedication. If you want to play at it and juggle the 9-5 with selling a few cars you are no threat to me. I am open when you are working at your day job. Part timer with no/little reviews or online presence is not working hard to maintain the reputation and feedback we/us have gained. I tell you what really gets me annoyed and it really boils my P!55...Its the faces that are at the auctions running businesses with premises and 10+ cars in stock at any time easily operating beyond the vat threshold who are NOT vat registered. They are direct competition to any of us 'proper/fulltime/legit traders'. They hurt us. And also these are the ones who don't give a hoot about warranty and obligations.
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    When does a business need to be VAT registered?A business must register to pay VAT when the value of its taxable supplies exceeds the registration threshold (£82,000 per annum in 2015-16). Please note supplies = sales. Purchases do not come into it. Direct from HMRC So someone selling 40 cars a year at 2K a car would not need to be VAT registered. or combination of cars upto threshold. A dealer selling 30 cars per year at @ 2K and 3 cars @ 8K would require to be vat registered. We all hate paying VAT on repairs and costs then giving VAT Man 1/6th of profit. If someone trades from home, pays all taxes due, maintains vehicle and sell to a high standard I see no problem with them, as majority on here started that way. I did and proud of it. Problem is we have become a nation that must buy everything cheap. Thats why Lidle, Aldi and discount shops have been doing so well and customers expect it everywhere now. We even expect a great deal when we outsource a body repair or specialist engine repair none of us go for the highest price quote we go for reliability and ROI. Someone said earlier about trade only auctions I remember when Manheim did trade only auction weekly and had seperate auction days for Public or trade. Problem is like everything it comes down to cost. Why have all the staff required for a auction another day when you can fit it into the auction days you have. ROI again. However I do have a problem with side of road dealers no warranty and no inspection and sell quick for £200 profit whilst claiming unemployment and do not care if anyones child or family member gets killed in a unsafe car. 1 Guy round here change his trade name 3 times last year. BASICALLY DO IT RIGHT AND SLEEP AT NIGHT. TRADE ONLY FORUMS. THERE IS ONE ALREADY RUNNING. STARTED BY A RESPECTED INDEPENDANT DEALER. When breaking cars you must be registered with DVLA, COUNCIL and POLICE so why cant they run a register along those lines for car dealers, or say we must register with DVLA, Trading Standards & Police and get a registration number issued by those 3 Bodies, that we in turn have to place into our adverts. This would help when dealing with customers proving we are legally trading. That in turn should keep unscrupolous traders out. I have not set out to offend anyone and appologise if my thoughts have done so in any way. OOPS I think thats enough.
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    So local rag cocks up on price of a car that we advertised, should be £19995 and they put £1995, phone never stops and they were actually serious, one woman actually threatened me with trading standards if i didnt honour price!!! Then I had guy this week on a 2004 smart car wanted me to take it to Mercedes for inspection,,, i said no, so he arranges for RAC to come here and inspect it, nice RAC guy came but as he said the car is 14yr old and guy seems to be expecting the earth,,, he faults it on few bits,, so I have just got e mail off the "customer" who says "I will not be proceeding with the purchase of your smart car due to numerous faults (car was MOT,d Monday) I do obviously expect you to reimburse my £300 RAC inspection fee" FFS,,, then to cap it all guy just e-mailed me on 99 Bentley Arnage at £20k I am prepared to purchase your car subject to inspection I will want finance over 5 years with nil deposit,,,, how the fcuk does he expect to run a Bentley if he cant find a dipper.... RANT OVER ITS FRIDAY I AM GOING TO GET PISSED,,, HAPPY WEEKEND FOLKS.
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    You will be lucky without watching his video and leaving a deposit first
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    you buy a car and it doesn't blow up
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    It's seems a theme on here that dealer don't like roadside traders and how they try and get out of there responsibilities if a fault occurs with a car. Then we have a dealer wanting / expecting a customer to wait for two day for a fault to be looked at on a car he purchased that day. Then it's seems like the dealer wants the customer to foot the bill for using decent parts instead of cheap parts. Lets be fair, how do we think this customer is feeling at the moment about his new car and the 'experience' of buying it?? My advice is pay the bill and keep the customer happy, forget £13.99 coil packs and put it down to experience. If he had had the car 20 days it's different story. Once he had phoned maybe the best course of action would be to get the car back, lend him a car, sort the problem and take the car back to him. That way you are in control of the problem. None of us like spending money but faults occur on cars, sometimes it will happen on the day of purchase. Moaning about the less desirable elements of the motor trade and then acting like one doesn't help anyone
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    Find a new hobby would be my advice.
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    Rather do 6 hours travelling then 12months of stress if it goes to court
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    OK, let me put it an easier way - you want £800 (not enough gross IMO but let's use that). Retail £4995 Margin Target £800 Buyers fees £250 Transport £100 Valet £50 MOT £30 Servicing £200 Paintwork £200 Advertising £50 + any other costs Maximum Bid = £3,315 The answer is IT IS ALL IN THE BUYING
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    Pain points-Continued general rise in cost of sales,Euro Parts decline in service.Difficulties hiring good all round technicians which applies not only in UK but also in Europe and the US.Govrnment failure to crack down on profiteering and the abuse of tax payers money by Motability......and of course Autotrader and auction buyers fees. Opportunities,lots of good ex lease diesel stock should be hitting the market at right prices.But diesel prices will rise.Joe Public in most of the UK are not PC and not effected by corporate ladder bullshit and still prefer to have a nice high spec diesel outside their front door. Stock-There remains no excuse for traders not being able to buy stock.If they cannot buy online,they have to ‘get on their bike’ to find it.Driving up and down the country used to be normal. August Trade - It is hard for most of us to compare because of rising costs,It is OK talking about number of sales but it is the bottom line that counts.Dealer groups employ bean counters to cover up and produce all sorts of t/o figures to show them in a good light,we don’t.If you asked Trevor Finn what Pendragen bottom line was for last month,he would probably know but he would not tell you,it could effect their share price.Look at Vertu and their TV advertising deals of late,they must be struggling,but not according to their CEO.It is going to be harder for the big dealer group bullshit guys.( not Pendragen) The overall market for small independent pros like a lot of the guys on here,remains good because they have the knowledge and ability to adapt.You are going to see some Dealer groups forced into expanding into the used market,but because of their lack of knowledge and experience some may fail.The guys who run Car Giant,Wales Trade Centre,Big Motoring World,Arnold Clark and Pendragen to name a few are top premier league players and are not effected by changes in market conditions. Over and out.
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    I have a different problem as we aim for first time drivers you know C1 clio fiesta punto low insurance cheap to fix kinda kit, well we got a lot of parents turn up who want to test drive the car to make sure its safe and sound for there young ones / brats, i dont blame then one bit i am sure i will do the same, the problem i get is when some 50+ year old pulls up in his brand new 5 series BMW and test drives a Toyota Aygo he gets out all shaken up complains the brakes are poor the car rattles and shakes and its very slow. I dont even try and defend the car any more i have have given up its a £2500 Toyota not a £65000 BMW you space cadet rant over they all drive like a wheel barrow.
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    I have actually reduced pretty much everything for the last 7 days or so, hasn't made a difference, in fact the one vehicle i held at the full price sold yesterday So all the prices have gone back up again.
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    ...Interesting... I may not be shouting in the dark any more. Judging by the sentiments on here and other fora about our ever-increasing overheads and shady practices of the big boys, It seems that the time is approaching for the pendulum to swing back in our favour. It's not just AT though, is it (although they are MOST DEFINITELY on the list)? There's many a greedy, greedy rascal out there, for whom the day of reckoning should be nigh. Enough is enough. It is no longer sufficient or acceptable for the silent majority to stay silent. We are honest, hard-working people (mostly) who have spent many years and many pounds building our businesses on quality and integrity through the services we provide and we should expect the same in return. Those suppliers that see the Motor Trade as a cash cow to be exploited need to be educated. And stopped. Those 'customers' that see the Motor Trade as unpaid servants who provide unlimited expertise and knowledge to them for little more than a scrap of bread and a sack of abuse also need to be educated. And sent elsewhere. Those media luvvies that think we are all dodgy rogues from a 1980's (not very good) fictional TV series also need to be educated. About the definition of hypocrisy, for a start. It is quite clear that the peasants are revolting. This should be fun. And let's face it; we've not had much of that for a while, have we?
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    Yip, 100% correct and well pointed out, however remember Sales & turnover also include extended warranties and upsells and if you buy it at £2000 and sell it at £3000 then its the £3000 that goes towards the vat threshold ,so as I suggested it does't take long to get to the vat threshold especially if you are dabbling in £10k cars. But you are right " DO IT RIGHT AND SLEEP AT NIGHT" or as I always say "DO IT RIGHT OR NOT AT ALL" amen! But as SK Motors has now pointed out he his looking to go vat registered and trade from trade premises, so I'm sure you will join me in wishing him all the best in his future.
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    I mentioned on Twitter Car Dealers that I had told my rep that I was going to be leaving. It has been something I have been thinking about for a good 12 months and everyone always talks about how they are going to do it and how much they hate AT and they are evil giants. Well no one is doing anything about it. I was waiting for someone to do it first and then I would follow suit...... BUT NO ONE DID IT. So I have done it on my own. You all moan, but still pay your invoice every month don't you? After a VERY long phone conversation and some retention deals, I stuck to my guns and said no. I now have just over 4 weeks left before my adverts come off autotrader. I am going to put a little more time and effort into Facebook. Online classifieds are going to be Motors, RAC cars and maybe ebay and a new website that is currently under construction. I am going to be using the local paper too. I am really excited to see what results are going to come from this and can't wait to see what difference it makes to my profit. I am full prepared if I see a negative impact, if that is the case I will phone my rep and say, 'look, you were right, I am coming back' . But how do I truly know unless I give it a go? If anyone else decides to join me let me know . James
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    I wouldn't worry about the customer service, pay more attention to the complex pricing structure which changes by the week and requires a Enigma machine to decipher !!
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    She was once the tea went all over her!
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    Can't convert 'their' customer to your own finance but they wont think twice to convert 'your' customer to another dealers car so long as they get the deal.Facts.
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    Leave means leave, no if no buts no coconuts
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    Actually it is very common that there are misleading points in the government forms and no one asked for your advice about my sharpness. So please mind your own business Mr. Smart! One reason I became interested in this industry was the number of stupid car dealers whom I dealt with!!!!
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    still waiting for that 350m for the NHS mind.
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    Couple of points, 1, I am not your mate, 2, you have tried to nab a bargain and are bleating because it doesnt exist, 3. you are on a car dealers website, we are trade professionals who pay proper money for a proper car and we know bargains on this scale dont exist 4. you didnt go to a genuine dealer because you were unwilling to pay a right price for a right car 5 SEE POINT ONE best of luck with your studies I hope you learn that bargains do not exist
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    You need to chill out and grow a sense of humour. An attitude like that against respected members of this community won’t get you anywhere.
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    First post & milking us for info? Come on, screw your heads on lads. I’ll stick my head above the parapet & say I’m sick of these parasites.
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    I used to do 6 races per week in my prime including National championships and also teach sailing if they want some help on their new yacht. Bloody expensive hobby but I have seen the light and sold my yacht, I now bare boat charter (rent) as I was told many years ago: If you want a boat, stand at the end of the jetty and chuck £50 notes in the water, one after an other. Or better still; If it flies, floats or fucks........rent it!
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    Guys obviously getting rid of his shit, his other items for sale are bigger headaches.... Jeep Grand Cherokee and Fiat 500 X Cross.... he must have some perversion for high maintenance tat
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    do you have an 8 year old child who looks like him?
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    Never has, never will. Unless you specialise in Minis they’re a hard sell unless they’re CHEAP. Absolute dickhead ‘Champagne taste, lemonade money’ big-talking punters, fussy as fuck, always want more for less - give me a shitty old Shogun any day of the week!
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    Ladies and Gents, below is a response letter to a severe case of "buyer response" who threatened all sorts, I didn't hear another word from him after this letter. It would be interesting if you have anything similar or great complaint letter replies to share..... Dear Without prejudice, on the 23/12/17 you purchased BMW 535D registration xxxxxxx a 13 year old vehicle with an accumulated mileage of 120599 miles for the total price of £4000, in return I purchased your car for £5000. The quality of the vehicle is to be viewed commensurate with its age mileage and price paid pursuant to section 9(2) of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. You were provided with ample opportunity to view and inspect the vehicle at the time of purchase, which you did to your full satisfaction. The car had been fully MOT’d by Coopers BMW Main Dealer just 335 miles prior to your purchase, it was given a complete bill of good health apart from the advisories which were pointed out to you. You were also made fully aware that the car required a major service as explained in the video and to you personally. You acknowledged the car required a major service and further maintenance pursuant with its age and mileage. Having carried out the required recorded pre-sale checks, including an independent PDI check which you have counter-signed, I am confident the car was of a satisfactory quality and fit for purpose at that point of sale and as such fully conformed with the statute of contract. You also acknowledged over the phone you really loved the car and the apparent suspension error message was as suspected a sensor failure for which I agreed to pay. You subsequently contacted me following the Christmas break to say your wife had thrown you out because she knew nothing of the purchase and she thought the car was a monstrosity and hated it. You acknowledged in writing that you would be willing to pay for any inconvenience caused and administration costs. I advised “buyer remorse” is not a reason to return, however I would be willing to accept it back as a Part Exchange and give you a reduction on the price of your car following its preparation for retail and once the registration documents had been received from the DVSA. It was at that point, both your wife and mother-in-law became aggressive and offensive to the point I had to put the phone down. I advised you I would help you but not deal with aggressive third parties. Following the meeting with Trading Standards on the 10th January I can advise you your complaint was not only unreasonable it was untruthful. There are two sides to every story and once I had told them the truth and given them the full facts they agreed I had fulfilled all of my responsibilities as a seller, they even advised me on how to deal with you and made me aware that I can equally complain to them about abusive phone calls and threats. In response to your letter dated 3rd January, I do not accept your claim to reject nor do I accept any admission of liability. You accepted the car knowing full well it was your responsibility for the expense of a major service and future maintenance and repair. Your purchase receipt forms part of the contract and you have signed and agreed to return the vehicle for inspection in the event of a claimed statutory repair or rejection. If you wish to return it for a statutory inspection, please call to arrange an appointment within 14 days. I will however remind you “wear n tear” and expected general maintenance is specifically excluded from the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I trust the above clarifies my position in the matter. Yours sincerely
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    You need a good couplle if bodyshops to use. Unfortunately with bodyshops as you grow and start selling nicer cars or having more stock about you a lot of them will think you are raking it in and want to start taking the piss with charging for jobs or letting standards go. Its always worth spreading the work across a couple of places to keep them in check IMO. Never be too dependent on any one company in this job.
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    I forgot to mention its hard enough to keep the auctioneer from running you up when your standing in front of him, god only knows how many bids they bounce of the wall when your on line.
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    They're called Discoveries because every day you discover a new problem
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    Yup. Business plan: Call yourself Quality Motors... go to BCA/ Manheim... listen to people moan... moan a bit yourself... buy some cars... fix some cars... advertise some cars... moan some more... give 3 months outsourced warranty... every car checked thoroughly... satisfaction guaranteed... excellent reputation... many happy customers
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    Yep go with your gut although mine usually says feed me.
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    My Daily Drive Was Jags Until Recently, I had a XJ8 and Then a Stype 3.0 Petrol Auto Badged up as an R, I got very Cheap From the Block as a smoker, Lovely Driving Cars and So cheap To buy, No one wants them due to fuel costs, but 23mpg will do me fine. I Keep saying I am going to buy a range rover sport to use but just cant hand over the money, So Drive around in old saloon executive whips. My Current New daily drive as of this month is a Lovely Lexus Is200 Mk1 These were a cracking car in the day, This is a sport one with the LSD, in Black That shines so bright due to being waxed within a inch of its life. My special Car Hidden away is a MG Maestro EFi In Trophy Blue, (The Only one in this Colour In the World) Its a bit of a legend in the Maestro Owners World & yes I know its a Maestro lol
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    Available for sale. £99 + p&p. Not absolutely 100% guaranteed to work on all models all the time, but certainly worth a shot for those niggly, intermittent EML issues.
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    There have been recent revelations about you-know-who's (Clue: Greedy, arrogant, PLC Control Freaks) latest attempts to screw their subscribers (ie, CUSTOMERS) by denying visibility of ads, where the dealer refuses to allow their ridiculous part exchange 'valuations' to appear on those ads. If this is news to you, I suggest you find time to read some of the postings on their own forum, especially if you are one of their CUSTOMERS. And if you don't know who I'm writing about, where have you been? Anyway, I feel it is time for this extremely shady practice to be brought into the open. And publicly ridiculed. Sorry, discussed. And shown to be the snide, pernicious, grubby, money-grabbing arrogance that it really is. So. I've a feeling Ranty Friday is going to make a comeback this week, alongside another open letter to whoever is currently in charge at that impressive organisation. Unless, of course, the consensus is that I should just leave them to get on with it, unchecked. I'll let you decide.
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    as long as I'm still selling cars as result I don't give a monkies tbh. Im not a fan or loyal but AT does a job. advertise good cars at realistic prices and they sell and I make a profit. I've tried other avenues and still tinkering with FB and eBay which gets the odd sale but very time consuming. As Umesh said on the video the other day, if it doesn't work for you, cancel and advertise elsewhere. the moment some other website gets me the same amount of enquiries for less I'm off but until then I'm happy where I am. Thankfully I don't just rely on advertising, its repeat business and a busy service centre that keep dealers afloat during lean times. give great service and people come back. I've noticed a big increase since my reviews went onto my adverts, customers commenting on my ratings and saying that's what made them buy from me. give good service and you've got a good future
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    What really peeves me off is the way everybody looks down on us in the motor trade as if we are scum of the earth and we'd sell your mother for a fiver. I've been speaking to a hell of a lot of Dealers from various parts of the country and of varying sizes explaining what I'm doing and the reasons behind it and I tell you what I have never spoke to so many Polite, Courteous, Respectful and Welcoming people for years. It's amazing how many of them share the same views as me, but what I really find encouraging is they all say enough is enough and instead of fighting each other are prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder to protect their livelihoods before it's too late. Speaking to them brought back the good old days where you could just chat for ages, build relationships, swap opinions everyone's head was between their bum's as they've had to lay staff off and take on more duties themselves to keep there head above water due to ever decreasing margins but they still had the time of day and respect for me. When they picked up the phone and I introduced myself the first thought that probably went through their head was "oh no not not another telesales call" by the time the call ended we'd laid the foundations of a long relationship to come. So IMO the days of "A True Gentleman or Woman of the Trade" aren't dead but instead making a comeback and I look forward to having a close prosperous close working relationship with you for many years to come.
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    Exactly...So why do the auction houses allow it? obviously because they are out for every penny and do not give a damn who buys the cars. I have said before on another thread that i do not see how a "private" buyer can go along to a trade auction ie sold as seen and legitimately buy a car and then get in it and drive down the motorway. Just does not seem realistic these days.
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    You have to be very careful with not only what you put on FB and Twitter but also how much too. If you put a picture on there with a large logo or message in print FB knows this and will not allow you to promote the post, so worth watching. Also in our opinion if all you do is post cars on Social Media it wont be long before likers stop liking and following posts, they will start to block from their timeline, just me thoughts. It's all about balance!
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    You should have taxed it on DD then just cancel the DD online in you bank account settings soon as you stop using the car, works a charm !
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    Hi WD, james has just pointed me to this. I spent 10 years in the industry advising and working with Finco's, courts etc. I won't go over the number one rule about never buying before you HPI, you know that, but thats always the golden rule.. So, to the issue. Firstly you need to verify that this is a Bill of sale agreement ( the legal term for a log book loan), you are correct that there are differences in how these work, but despite what the BBC have suggested, these are just as likely to be registered with HPI as any other loan. Although the finco has more protection with a bill of sale, recent government review has put them under pressure to work with dealers in situations like this. Sadly, they probably will have title to the car and if it was registered with HPI then we don't have the option to take the route that it wasn't registered. So, its all down to negotiating with the finco. They are only entitled to their original value, so its worth trying to negotiate this down, it may be that they have added fees etc. which you can get taken from the balance to reduce the amount owed. The only glimmer of hope here is that you have been talking to the debtor and you can ask why they have not repossessed the car already if the debt had gone bad, it may be of course that the debtor has moved. They are obliged to go after the debtor for this, but sadly as you now have the vehicle and they know where you are they will take the path of least resistance, you. My advice, store the car somewhere safe while you negotiate, otherwise they could, and probably will, just turn up and take it back... Legally, your customer did not have legal title to the vehicle to sell to you, so you can pursue him for wrongful conversion ( the legal term). However it sounds like he may not be worth very much and you could just be throwing money away. So in summary, Try to get the finco to go after the debtor ( give them his details). Negotiate with them on the value, tell them the car is stored somewhere and you are happy to go to court, this may encourage some negotiation, but if they play hardball you are holding their property, however they will have to provide you with proof of their interest ( which i'd be interested in seeing to see if there is a way out). Lastly, work out if your customer is worth pursuing. if you can get this sorted for £2k, its probably just an expensive lesson, legal fees would be significant in this. Drop me an email, i'm happy to review any documentation you have and give you any help i can Andy
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    Hi all, had a delightful chap named 'Sam' from nr Portsmouth on the phone enquire on our Lexus IS F - £16k. SHORT STORY - he doesn't own an R26.R - he has a clone. wants a straight px for his c£19k retail grey Megane R26.R. c160 built from new. asked him for the reg and he gave me the reg of a grey R26.R that K-Tec supplied last year (found out via pistonheads and by calling David at K-Tec). customer called back to say the reg was wrong and gave me the new reg (another pistonheads listed car at RS in the Midlands). Asked customer for plaque number, he gave '170'. interesting seeing as the plaques only went upto c160. Just thought I'd post on here in-case someone got excited and took it in PX without doing the normal due diligence - unlikely but thought I'd let you know. Cheers. Alex
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    Its all about the RIGHT Numbers .. as the old saying goes .. "turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is a reality" in reality no point in volumes if the profits aren't there!
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    to be fair to warranty company bearings dont go in a week and maybe when cambelt changed just prior to sale ,fitter overtightened serpentine to ac pump? why not self warrant and chuck all the money in a pot for such eventualities if your cars go out right as this is what i do with strict rules no third parties can tinker without my say so