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    Its certainly keeping us busy. We now convert customer owned vans rather than buying the vans in. VW Commercial will give our customers trade prices. Saves us having to fork out
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    Your absolutely right! These mechanics that love to make you spend your money on parts that you never needed, always think they’re the best mechanics in town!! I hate when mechanics play the guessing game!
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    i would of loved to have seen their faces when the timing chain didn’t fix it lmao....
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    Makes me wonder what they do with them Casper .
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    Hi. If you were already with them previously, then it’s now £200 or so a year. Not a month. Give them a buzz to clarify. DA that is.
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    Different Block to me then Think I'm trying to compete with Mr Retail Twat + fees at the block with the prices saw a battered Fiesta this morning make well over RETAIL
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    Can anyone confirm the deal with DA. I have 6 months left on my subs with the "old" DA and now Autotrader say I have to pay them a new monthly sub to stay listed and access the site. What are others experiencing. The new site is pants in my opinion. Thanks.
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    What big mistakes do they make when looking at a car themselves then ?, If they come to me for the same car your trying to look for, it wouldn't be a mistake would it as they have what they wanted in the first place . If they wanted an Audi S3 from you and went and bought Ford Fiesta ST instead then that shows how unstable they were in the first place . You obviously make it work after 15 yrs and bloody good luck to you as well as you deserve the deals after searching for their requirements , I just think those sort of customers expect me to find it , clean it , service it , present it, stump up the cash , price it less than mkt , ring them up for them to say " Sorry i changed my mind I now want a black one " and thats why its a Deposit in my books .
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    Lipped plates and keyrings. Used to put in stickers too but dropped that a few years ago.
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    Where was she hiding the money, in her eyebrows? Sorry, harsh I know.
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    Just having a look at the listings, there is a lovely RS3 on there tonight for the buy it now price of £32,500. Autotrader states that this will be an estimated margin of -£696. I found the retail advert on the dealers website, where the same car is advertised for, you've guessed it, £32,500.....
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    Good job they're not charging us a small fortune for this service, oh hang on.......
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    Same here feels slow for a January
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    Two car dealer mates of mine paid £1,000 years ago for a triple garage, the kit type thing in somebodies garden on the strenght of them taking it down and removing it, only to turn up start dismantling and the owner of the property to turn up, yep, they have been well and truly had.
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    We don't know the sale price only that he took £9k cash balance. He possibly transferred a few thousands by PayPal prior to this.... Also those of you accusing the buyer of being 'greedy' how many of you have rushed somewhere on hearing of a motor going very cheap? I know I have - a few times with a wad of cash to wave under the sellers nose..
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    TV I know the answer you’re looking for is “No fucker” but I always thought the Maestro was a better car than the pitiful Escort/Orion. I’m saying that purely from a driving proposition - I had nowt to do with car selling in those days. Tbh I thought they drove better than VW’s miserable Golf too. I honestly think they weren’t bad cars, although the stepper motor choke system was shit (remember that?) & usually wanted to set an idle speed of about 2000rpm. I also remember having a blast to a pub in a neighbour’s MG Montego - 2 full litres of fuel injected Leyland power. I’d been reduced to Renault motoring at the time in the shape of a 5 1.1 - what a heap of shit. Honestly, the Montego felt like a Ferrari, it went like shit off a shovel! Or so I thought!!!
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    Do you remember the urban myth that a Maestro would say "oh shit" in the event of an accident. It was big news when I was a lad. I had a G reg Maestro Special when I was at college in 1991, my dad bought it me. I hated it and did a straight swap for an Orion Injection Ghia. I have never had as much money as when I lived at home, thanks Dad.
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    Its definitely a narrow market, the buyer is going to be 60 plus, originally from the home counties and with a wife that doesn't get out of the car until summoned! (what's not to like!) I used to think "no-way" when I saw the prices of Auto CR-V's, but stuck my neck out and bought one and it sold. Have one here now that's a bit sticky, but it will go. Of course with a narrow market, you have narrow demand, but narrow supply. They wont have many to go look at, so its buy yours or wait another month for one to come along. I personally don't do very well with "bread and butter" cars. There will always be a private seller within 10 miles under cutting your £3000 Fiesta by a grand. When you aim at the lower end of the market, buyers are particularly price sensitive and will drop their drawers to save £50, apparently...……...
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    If only that was true I see it as the decent buyers leave the pond life that shouldn’t be in there in the first place will remain and continue to feed the main dealers goal to offload crap at any price.
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    If it was introduced the vendors wouldn’t have a choice. Sytner do just that & let’s be honest, some of the prices on there, even from those with poor ratings, can be eye watering. The response to any form of ratings are VASTLY overrated - if people think the price is right they’ll buy.
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    Bloody hell Casper, that was an anti climax
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    Central in Glasgow (expensive although good selection of stock)
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    Hahaha Smiths 'Ford' my arse, have you looked at the cars for sale? That's no Ford dealer, and I'm surprised they've been able to get away with it? https://smithsford.co.uk/used-cars-for-sale/ Have a look at where they are on Google Earth, it's a small garage behind a row of shops!!
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    I still remember the car to this day. 1 vicar owner from new. The drivers carpet was loose when hoovering it. Lifted it up and there was a packet of condoms squashed underneath. He clearly wasn’t going on his afternoon teatime visits unprepared.
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    So it was you who bodged that car i bought
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    Nice intro Halfpenny and welcome. Early nineties and preparing an old Maestro to send down the block with a few other cars I had ready. Big rust hole in the sill, and running out of time to fix it properly, and had no wire/fibre glass to bridge the hole. My eyes rested on an out of date Glass's guide, which was then carefully rammed into the offending hole. Perfect fit!! Skim of p38, brush of underseal and jobs a good un!! At 3.30am the following night i suddenly woke up, remembering the glass's guide has my business name stamped on the spine of the pages....
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    Plus two. In an ideal world, what would you like to do to improve the old DA site, were the charges about right, would the addition of dealer ratings have any merit?
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    not bought anything off DA since trader got involved... trying to justify doubling subscription with their usual bollox that they've added more features blah blah blah. in my opinion ruined a site that was working fine, and i guarantee buyers fees will go up with in the next couple of months. they can fuck off.
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    Them were the days Casper , fixing exhausts with coke cans and that stuff you had to wet then apply to the said repair , went bone hard and come off 10 miles down the road
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    That's why I asked the question...………. if course everyone would describe accurately , pay promptly and life would be lovely.!
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    Talking about newspaper ! We have a chap across from us sells a few obscure old motors , has them hanging around forever type of thing . He had a Sorento 05 plate that needed welding on rear arches , so instead of getting it welded he filled it and undersealed the thing went for MOT and the guy there shoved his finger through it shite job mind . Brings it to us and asks us to weld it up , my son pulls reams of newspaper out of it , The Chap says dont know whos done that till my son says to him , Mate its got last weeks date on it Still goes on today obviously. And yes cardboard was used frequently back in the day of P38 wow some old names there , Bet you remember the Simca Engine Tappet Rattle too , was in those talbot things wasn't it if i remember
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    I do hope it picks up in the next few weeks, all I’ve had the past couple of weeks are time wasters!
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    Tell me about it! I’ve only just got back into car sales after about 6-7 years and back then around 2005-2010 years all my cars would sell within 3 weeks at most!! Now its looking like 6-9 weeks!! If your lucky lol. Im hoping its just the time of year, if so i picked the wrong time to start up again!
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    I would suggest a Canon EOS800D, its a good camera with a decent pixel count and also has the flip out rear screen that i find very useful for shooting images at either low levels or elevated shots to capture the best angles for each vehicle.If you want to buy something second hand then perhaps a Canon EOS70D would work well.I use this model and mine gets a regular battering from being carted around construction sites etc . Use the camera in full auto setting until you get used to it,then try using the different settings such as aperture priority to get those shots that you want. Editing is so easy and takes seconds to get the image to your liking.Always take loads of pics and just delete the one s that you dont like.Watch out for background distractions.I actually prefer using a telephoto lens at they have a narrower depth of field that kind of automatically concentrates the focus on the subject (the car) and blur out the rest of the frame.
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    We've got one at the moment. Really lovely Volvo S40 Sport. Incredible History, really a proper car. Phones up and start complaining that they want a full refund because they can't find the locking wheel nut. Refuse to accept that it is in the car, as we show all our customers that it is present and where it is when going through our PDI, and the PDI is signed to say they've recieved it. Suprise suprise, the same day he starts complaining a Volvo S40 Sport has come up for sale for £600 (ours was £2.5k). This one has 70k more, No History and doesn't drive as it needs a new clutch. He was saying that he'd rather have a diesel than our petrol, but there are just no diesel Sport ones around. We've had 20 Facebook messages, 30odd texts and 3 phone calls going on and on about this bloody wheel nut. Sent him an F-Off letter, and haven't heard anything since.... Yet....
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    A bullshitter. Tell the man to fuck off, you’ll see him in court. PS. He has had the car MOTed. ABS is part of the MOT. This proves the part he’s claiming for wasn’t faulty prior to XX date therefore absolving you of any responsibility even if you had sold it as a retail sale.
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    images looks fabs just quiet everywhere at the moment. Only you know what sale in your area. I know a guy got 60+ cars when is this quiet Big showroom rent + staffs+ advertising bills + more bills he can’t even sleep in the night .
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    Agreed. You should just tell the bloke it’s B2B and you’ll see him in court. End of.
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    thats easy to say but how do you buy any of the hot cars at bca and manage to good price them on autotrader its impossible?
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    Just to let you guys know... £40 gearbox mount from Mercedes fitted and everything is sorted!! And will no longer be using the garage who diagnosed a timing issue!! Thanks for all the advice.... now onto the next headache lol
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    What a moron. If he found some others up at more money, would he be beating your door down to throw some extra dosh at you?
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    I found this free websites for ford V and M serials: https://fordradiocodes.online and https://fordradiocode.eu Thank me later! ;)
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    Get a business account and use Ads manager. That gives you more control and enables you to be more creative. Eg you can create an ad to directly serve to people who’ve seen more than 50% of a Car video you upload, target people who’ve visited your website, etc. It’s really quite amazing what you can do with FB advertising.
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    The effort this Dealer Auction vendor took today when describing the car was amazing. "Taken in part ex" That's it. Good effort!