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    Rather do 6 hours travelling then 12months of stress if it goes to court
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    OK, let me put it an easier way - you want £800 (not enough gross IMO but let's use that). Retail £4995 Margin Target £800 Buyers fees £250 Transport £100 Valet £50 MOT £30 Servicing £200 Paintwork £200 Advertising £50 + any other costs Maximum Bid = £3,315 The answer is IT IS ALL IN THE BUYING
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    She was once the tea went all over her!
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    Question Title ""10. How much money do you keep on you, store in your car on a day to day basis, and where do you store it?"" WHAT A QUESTION
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    Can't convert 'their' customer to your own finance but they wont think twice to convert 'your' customer to another dealers car so long as they get the deal.Facts.
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    Leave means leave, no if no buts no coconuts
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    Well that is excellent, judge obviously seen through the "free check", he wants to see a non biased report from someone who is not on bonus, claimant has to pay for "expert" witness, claimant has to make car available, claimant has to forward documents to court, upon seeing the report if its in your favour judge may even decide the case without a further hearing as he she will read it before giving a date for a hearing, claimant may not even bother if they think they are on a looser, so if you do not get a response in reasonable time from claimant re expert witness, apply to court for strike out of case due to claimant not doing as told by judge, judge has brought up the age / mileage too, good, so the bottom line is claimant has relied on poor evidence for there claim, you may not hear anymore, heres hoping thanks for the update.
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    Actually it is very common that there are misleading points in the government forms and no one asked for your advice about my sharpness. So please mind your own business Mr. Smart! One reason I became interested in this industry was the number of stupid car dealers whom I dealt with!!!!
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    still waiting for that 350m for the NHS mind.
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    Couple of points, 1, I am not your mate, 2, you have tried to nab a bargain and are bleating because it doesnt exist, 3. you are on a car dealers website, we are trade professionals who pay proper money for a proper car and we know bargains on this scale dont exist 4. you didnt go to a genuine dealer because you were unwilling to pay a right price for a right car 5 SEE POINT ONE best of luck with your studies I hope you learn that bargains do not exist
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    Hi Mad Mark The bottom line if you have no experience.If you haven’t got 20 grand don’t even bother and if you have ,be prepared to blow most of that in the first 18 months.As for Flipping Cars,he seems a good guy but he only made 3 grand last year so he may not be as good at this job as you think.The guys on here who do well,despite what they say put in huge effort and work very hard and regularly cope with set backs that cost a lot of money.This job is now very complex and you need rhino skin to compete,so good luck.
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    Can I just remind everyone this is a trade site, there seems to be a few ads creeping in where the "vendors" seem to think they are selling to consumers, both in the descriptions and prices.... Doesn't overly bother us, but you are wasting your time if you think anyone on here is going to pay retail for a car...
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    They’re always fussy about the car they’re buying but not so fussy about their p/x with oil as thick as tar (that’s if you can see any on the dipstick), cambelt 2 years overdue, tyres like Duncan Goodhew’s head & brakes grinding like an old cement mixer.
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    I’m torn. There will be rich pickings but for those who lose their jobs, businesses and homes then I have sympathy with those who just ended up in the wrong place and the wrong time. In truth we’ve had it too good for too long, and sooner or later we need a reset. I think those who think house prices etc only go one way might learn what those of us who remember the 80’s learnt 40 yrs ago.
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    I’m no economist but the 2 things are surely linked?
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    Yes 1996-2000 in my home country. Arrived in the UK in Sept 2000 with little English, £230 in cash and a small bag with a few clothes and a Nokia 6110 phone (remember those?) Had a couple of jobs in London until 2005. Got in the trade in 2005 when I bought a car for £200 and sold it in a 7 day eBay auction for £800. At that point I honestly did not know the difference between brake pads and brake discs. I would never want to do anything else, have no regrets but can understand why today's motortrade in the UK isn't for everyone.
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    The Consumer marketplace runs on confidence. Take it away or reduce it and there will be a drop. Brexit isnt helping. the last financial issue 10 years ago hasnt been properly sorted out yet, however most on here have done well in that time. Dont panic (yet). I think its DH who says if its quiet, look at what you're doing first. Because you are the only one who can change it.
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    No, not yet - you need to look at if for 6 months first, then paint the wheels black.
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    No - 40+ Minimum. Very efficient in terms of prep and having cars ready to go. Few obstacles in front of buyers. Desirable stock. Work fucking hard. I certainly spend more time in the business than anyone else I know.
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    Chancer. He is an absolute chancer. Ignore texts, and call him. If he doesnt respond, send him an email stating you will only correspond via that medium. That stops the text noise binging at you at 11pm and winding you up. He is only entitled to payment for work you have authorised. And you should be paying that directly to the VAT registered garage carrying out the repair after receiving an invoice. Make that part of your terms and conditions. As for an issue with the brakes at 100MPH? No chance. He has provided evidence of abuse of the vehicle. Think about it. Is this guy ever going to go into a small claims court against you when he has sent you that information? No. So stand firm, wait for an email back detailing his intentions and send him a firm one back. When you have control, he will shut up.
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    Ok lets be honest about this, if anyone had a cheap source of cars or a particular day auctions seem cheaper than any other day would you honestly expect them to give that info away ?
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    I recall I had plenty of S Yorks 827’s out of Rotherham but not so many of their well used Astras.I think we got mainly ex Essex Escort and Sierra estates out of Colchester.I remember discovering something ‘untoward ‘ at the auction where they did not declare all the entries so I complained to Essex Fleet office.From then on they would notify me about what was being entered and they got more money for them.As for the Met,I must have had hundreds of Sri autos and Astras which were really good,these were often average mileage with clean interiors and out of WOMA. Regarding stuff being supercharged,those Senators were,we were carefull who we sold them to. I am enjoying this thread but I imagine most people will be bored by it !
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    While the majority may have been heavily used,there are still hundreds of good ones being sold off,you would be surprised..Unfortunatley as Tango has confirmed that when they are decommissioned they take little care and leave dashboards in a mess and wiring exposed.If they replaced the dash’s with stuff that was originally removed,the tax payer would get an average of a grand more per car. May I be nosey and enquire which forces you were with around the millennium because the chances are I will be able to remember what cars they used.
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    AD must be on holiday.Remember to contact him you must send him a deposit first. Dave may have been seconded to Merc HQ Stuttgart to advise them.
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    I’m sorry but to question 3 I wouldn’t of been able to help myself with replying “you looked in it”
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    These guys are pretty good. www.crockofgoldattheendoftherainbowcarauctions.com
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    Thanks for the kind words Guys Yep, I've had pets all my life, Dogs and Cats, you show them love and they return it in spadefuls. I'm still gutted about poor Puss, but the 2 new kitties have taken away some of the pain and the house is now a lively place again. Thankfully they can't go out yet, won't be old enough / neutered until September, so hopefully this bloody race track outside will be calmed down a bit !! A load of bikers came through here yesterday well over 80 mph, I tried to grab an off cut of timber to chuck at them, but by the time I grabbed a bit they were gone They went in Mels Shop 6 miles down the road, foreigners ............... We've been here 13 years now, this year is the worst for shit drivers ...................... Bloody Tourists are a PITA !! A lot of locals like us have grand children that visit often, and there are a few young couples with kiddies, it's only a matter of time before someone gets run over, I've moaned to the Cops to Police it, but as usual they are as much use as a chocolate cock, well a lot less useful actually Like others have said I prefer animals to a lot of Humans
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    Haha! No need for those extremes these days. More like "my one yr old had my phone." Nephews came around the other day while I was bidding Copart. Made sure they stayed well away from the laptop!
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    If you want to make money, do paint....
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    There is no set commission. You tell them what you would pay for it and sell it at your usual margins, exactly like any other stock (minus the investment). You could even tip them the equivalent of the buyers fee if it oils the cogs. Be prepared, they will look at how much you sell it for and will think you are ripping them off - human nature, not realising all of your costs involved.
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    the giveaway was as he drew down deeply on his roll up specially imported drum baccied (from the costas) cigarette he gunned the cold engine to 6000 revs and at the same time watched as lots of unburnt fuel managed to dissipate into the cold morning air and strangle a passing pigeon
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    Of course everyone on here just started a car sales business out of the blue with a stock of 20 and went full time from day one...
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    If you have got to the stage with a customer where you are negotiating price most of the time they have decided they are going to buy the car and are just after discount for the sake of a discount. Most customers won’t walk away from a car for the sake of £200, as Rory says hold your ground if you know your car is competitively priced.
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    You have to show them who's in control here.
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    Doesn’t everyone charge their business 40p per mile of personal car usage? You can do so with £200’s worth of Corsa if you want. Anyhow, the family car is an old CRV but the days of me giving a toss about cars has long gone. Any one of my heaps of shit with the red n white plates thrown in the window does me. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, for God’s sake lets not start another debate about the usage of trade plates because; A) I don’t care & B) It’s all bollocks cos I’ve been doing it for well over a decade without issue.
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    Seems to be a lot of different advise out there regarding this subject, I am the opposite to Nick I put everything on, the second its sold / collected we remove it and the customer has already signed all the paperwork showing what time they collected the car so even if it takes an hour for it to show live as being removed and an accident happens in the mean time I can easily prove it isn't down to me. This advise is from our broker who services lots of garages in the area so as nicks guy bit of an expert in his field.
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    Because it makes almost no difference to my end advert look. If there is a big dent or a scratch I will remove it from that photo and then the dent devil / bodyshop will remove it in real life before the car gets anywhere near a customer. Simon picked up on the wheels not dressed here but they were, in fact you can see spots from the tyre shine on the plastic wheel arch trims and this is what made it look worse. I will tell Nicole, my 13 old daughter to do a better job next time :-)
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    Currently in Vegas’s celebrating his first sale Vegas
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    You can still do it Nick, add a bodyshop and that’s your pension sorted. Oh and I’d be a cider drinking, tractor driving gigolo
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    I've checked with Lawgistics and you can sell only to finance buyers if this is what you want to do. Mark, how do you have a LIKE button? I have the Edit back but no Like.
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    Oh and I had a very similar lunatic ringing me on a £10,250 C250 estate last week. He had a BMW X5 in chop, sounded nice, pan roof and 20" wheels, M Sport, over 100k on it but still, not the worst swapper I'd ever see I expect. Without valuing it, I asked what he was looking for out of it and he said "well, I've seen them going for £10,500-11,000 on Autotrader...." so I said well, expect to see around £2000-£2500 less than that as a trade in but please, let me have the reg and I'll do some research and come back to you with the best price I can. 5 mins research, an HPI check and I'm at £9k, so my off-the-cuff assessment to him was right. I call him back, willing to go to £9500 if it's very tidy and I have a good margin in the outgoing car so I'm happy enough with the deal at that price. I tell him the "good news" "No no, that's miles away from where I'm at, not interested" "Sorry to hear that, may I ask what sort of figure did you have in mind?" I ask. "Well, I was expecting at the very least, you to offer me a straight swap. You have the profit I'm sure in the Mercedes, so it would make sense for you to do a straight swap" "Ok, well whilst I can see how that is attractive to you it means I am having to value your car £1250 over it's worth and I have to sell two cars to make one cars' worth of profit" I state. "No no" he continues, "you still have the profit in the Mercedes so you're not losing out" "Hmm, well that means the profit from the Mercedes in theory transfers to your BMW, in essence, and that means I'm having to sell two cars, the Mercedes and your BMW to get my profit, the profit on one car, meaning I'm standing to make nothing on your BMW, which with respect, isn't attractive to me given it may take several weeks to sell your BMW, as nice as it sounds" *3-5 seconds of silence as it dawns on him his maths is so bad it's embarrassing* "ooohh eeerr...no but...errrr" he stammers "I'm sorry we couldn't make a deal" I interrupt to save his blushes "but perhaps it may be better for you to advertise your car privately and give me a call when you have sold it and we can get you in this fine looking Mercedes I have" "Yeah, exactly what I was going to say" he lies on "I will sell it privately, that's what I'll do. If I'm still interested I'll ring you back and make you an offer on the Mercedes" Don't bother I thought. I sold it on Saturday, full asking price to a sensible bloke who could add up. I don't know how some people survive in the world.
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    Yeah, I think if you don't have a large detached place these days, a unit is way to go !! Also stops all the pondlife banging at your door at 8pm because a sidelight bulb has blown 6 months after they bought from you I'm sure you already know this, but look at yr business plan, then double the ex's and halve the income, if it still stands up, go for it
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    I agree. Since monthly DD came about selling them is not a huge problem. It’s great to have a car registered just before 23/3/2006 though, the first reg date when £500+ tax can be applied to a car. You put half price road tax all over the advert :-)
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    Are you sure the chain hasn’t stretched. I had this on one a while back.
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    My sons a mechanical prep genius my friend , that's my secret weapon . Regarding the no losses well I'm known as the smiling assassin here , a loss isn't acceptable in my head .
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    Consider karma - what goes around and all that...... If you bin her off for the temptation of a higher profit then you are no better than the buyers who make an agreement with you, only to go and buy another one elsewhere and ignore your calls. I would take more pleasure out of being a gentleman and honouring an agreement and even more pleasure telling the other guy, sorry mate - it’s sold (without saying snooze you lose).