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  1. Damage..

    There is no such thing as bad publicity
  2. Damage..

    Its killing me to. If it gets shitty I will ask for pics, I agree forums can be dangerous places full of keyboard warriors. I'm not sweating to much and would happily go to war on an open forum to defend myself.
  3. Damage..

    I have not asked for pictures for that very reason.
  4. Damage..

    He brought his van down from Inverness. As it was such a big drive I offered him a bed for the night if he wanted rather than do a 700 mile round trip. (Just so we are clear the offer was not in our bed.. Mrs C has rules) So yes I did and will go above and beyond.
  5. Damage..

    99.9% have been great, They are VW men BUT not VW Golf men. Hearing you all loud and clear. So far I have had no response,I havefeeling I will hear of him again. Really no idea what his game is, I am man enough to admit if I had damaged something and I would put right the issue. Watch this space
  6. Damage..

    No cctv im affraid.
  7. Damage..

    I had a customer collect his VW Caddy this morning after I had done some work on it. Everything wss fine and dandy, i have not long had a message that he has got home (Inverness) 350 miles and says there is a dent on the rear n/s quarter and paint damage, as if some thing has fallen against it. 100% nothing happened when it was in my custody. And if anything would have happened I world have addressed it. Or knocked money off the price. Never been in this situation.. Any advice would begreatly received.
  8. How impatient are your customers?

    Mine are great.. Just took a deposit on another camper that I wont be starting till mid April if Im lucky. Customer waslike yeah just when ever.

    Any recommendations for a PAYG decent alternative to HPI. Thanks in advance
  10. Unusual Scenario

    Why not swap it back to an OEM back box and sell the chav one.
  11. Right to Reject

    I have no words
  12. Strange Part Ex's

    Only last year I was offered a couple of grand in postage stamps as a swap for a car. I did post a screen shot of the message on the forum. It still makes me laugh.
  13. Mental Ebayers

    Camper advertised at £25k, call this morning.. Will you take £16k.. I laughed so hard some wee came out
  14. Best Paint Colour names...ever!

    Jewish Racing Gold Fuck Off Blue Dog Shit Brown
  15. Consumer Rights Act 2015

    Having the one opportunity to repair, Im guessing thats after its would have been agreed that the fault would have been there at the point of sale. If the fault was not there at the point of sale then CRA15 should not kick in?