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  1. You forgot the fat* tie knot and fake Rolex from the same seller as the Mont Blanc pen *also spelt Phat
  2. Biggest and hardest part of YOUR job is soucing decent stock. FFS dont rely on and give already tight margins away to a trader. Not unless your buying classic Ferrari's. I would never have paid anyone to find me stock less so a 8 year old Vauxhall diesel. (Hateful things) Get your ass to the auctions, buy privately, knock some doors. Paddle your own canoe
  3. HSBC vs. Santander

    Santander for Business, Various Personal & Mortgage. Been with them since they were Abbey National. No complains
  4. Rogue Traders

    Slippery f**kers that need avoiding at all cost.
  5. HELP

    Ow much 4 cash?
  6. Bangernomics

    The only dodge was if I was going back to the car and there was a hottie walking past then I would walk past the 406 as if it wasn't mine.
  7. Bangernomics

    Hands up if you smoke around in an old shitter. Was just reminiscing about an 1999406 HDI I had about 6years or so ago. Took it in px and it stood me at the price of the 5 month tax disc that was in the window. Plan was to run it till it refused to go any further without spending a penny on repairs, neverwashed it, never locked it. I loved that car, it was so comfortable and went forever on £10. Mrs C hated it with a passion and im sure itwas the talk of theneighbourhood for the wrong reasons. Was genuinely gutted when it finally died. The radiator sprung a leak, cracked a few eggs in to the expansion tank which seemedto keepit limping on for a few weeks. Had to carry many litres of water but the day finally came when it had to go. Scrap man crossed my palm with £150. Thats Bangernomics at its best. I do still have a soft spot for a shitter. I don't really have much interest in cars. My current smoker is a Caddy van, its a bit blinged for work purposes but certainly nothing fancy.
  8. Its adjusted via the right hand stalk. Tell him to read the manual.
  9. Worlds fastest camper..

    This is the other one I have just finished and it was collected yesterday, the customer spent all his budget on the interior. He wanted leather seats all round, top end bed and furniture, touch lights, night heater. It turned out really well. Its a LWB, that 40cm over the SWB makes a huge difference. Its coming back in the winter for all the exterior bling.
  10. Range Rover Advice

    It could be argued that the fault was not there st the point of sale.
  11. Worlds fastest camper..

    You are right about these vans holding the value. Cheap decent vans dont exist, I do give strong money. Experience had told me to avoid those bargains that do turn up more and again. If you want to get top money then you have have to go the extra mile. But people will pay it, last three campers I have done where pre sold and im in talks with a guy who is interested in my next one. There is plenty of profit leftin them.
  12. Worlds fastest camper..

    The buckles slip between the cushions, and you dont feel any of the ribs. They are very comfortable Thanks guys. Really pleased with this one. Its being collected tomorrow and going straight to Wales for its first outing.
  13. Worlds fastest camper (Build) Well maybe not the fastestone ever done but its my personal best. Started it on the 16th of April and finished it around lunchtime today. I had the pop top roof fitted a few week previous to starting, as I had another van in I could not start this build. 13.5 working days ofearly starts which I kind of really like as I like to be home at a normal time. Its being collected on Saturday the customer is over the moon with it. But there is norest for the wicked as I can now finish the customer supplied vanI have been doing in between jobs. I will post some pics of that one when its done as he has really gone to town.
  14. Unreasonable Customers

    Well seeing as they went and bought the new battery and no doubt got royally bummedwithout first contacting you you then sending you the bill I would be inclined to nip in straight in the bud and remind them of the process of dealing with faults by first giving you the chance to fix. Personally I wound politely explaina battery is a consumable itembattery as they can tend to go without warning, and its just unfortunate its gone now. Bye! That said if they have not had the car long and you sense a storm brewing I would price up a battery from your usual supplier(s) and offer a good will gesture of that price.