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  1. How do these people function on a daily basis?
  2. Im not a fan of selling without a viewing that's not that i don't have any confidence in what I would be selling... Its just prople are fecking wierd.
  3. Never been this dead before

    Mine was a 2008 SXI 3 door in dog dick red 43k miles and clean as a whistle, sold for £2500. Advertisedeveryday day since March, one viewing back in the summer.
  4. Never been this dead before

    I have an enormoushate affair with Vauxhalls.
  5. Never been this dead before

    Took a deposit on an Astra I had since March! Thats it the last of my cars are gone
  6. New Trade Plate Laws

    Why does it matter if the plates are inside of the car. ? At least they are less likely to fall off an be lost if they are inside
  7. Never been this dead before

    We all know that wont happen
  8. Im on the tools but no mechanical oily stuff. Radio 2 keeping me company all day
  9. Never been this dead before

    The guy I bought my latest T5 off on Saturday only deals in clean low mile 3 year old max T5's he told me 99% of his go to conversion companies he has no problem selling and doesn't chip on price. He stopped doing cars about three years ago and has never looked back.
  10. Never been this dead before

    I'm flat out busy... Since I stopped doing cars. I have a customers Transporterin for a part conversion that will be finished by Wednesday. Yesterday I bought a 2014 45k mile Transporter ready to be converted and today I took 10% deposit on that van... I've not even bloody started it yet.
  11. Whilst finishing the paperwork the customer asked to use my loo. The toilet door was very much in ear shot of where i was stood with his wife. He didnt take a **** and we heard every thing.. And he was very clearly having bowl issues. Talk about awkward
  12. No words needed
  13. Can anyone make sense of this?

    All it takes is one BMW pervert to get stiff over it. Last year I nickeda 2004 (54) S Type Jag. 3.0 petrol Blue with cream leather and hidious light veneer dash. (Stay with me on this) 50k miles full dealer history, clearly it had lived in a garage and polished after every drive, the hammer fell at £900 plus the BCA tip. I stuck a full mot on it and advertised it at £3495just for a giggle. First guy who saw it gave me full asking price. And yes he was the Stereotype you have in your mind right now. Sometimes its worth being cheeky.