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  1. Trade plates

    I know a trader who uses them instead ofbuying tax for his Range Rover!!
  2. Trade plates

    They always seem to take ages to notify. I sent my cheque off as soon as I got the reminder and I only got the confirmation last week. I'm surprised they have not put it online yet, surely it cant be hard?
  3. Prices at the block

    I got a letter off BCA on Monday, downgrading me to poverty spec membership as I have not given them enough money over a 12 month period. This made my week.
  4. Newly part time Trader

    If you have the time trawl the classified advertsand try to buy some stock via private adverts.. Its always good to flop the cash out and hit them hard with a low ball offer!
  5. Add 2.5% on to your asking price
  6. Accepting paypal?

    Id only do it as a friends or family gift
  7. VW Transporter T5

    Shit yes I forgot about "that" tax bracket on the 2.5 Kombi. Not a great colour to boot.
  8. Finally got a unit

    Thats a great size unit and nice and bright too
  9. January 2018 sales. Busy?

    Thanks for the comments guys, as it goes I ran the idea past a the MD of a company have got vans off in the past. Big leasing company over Leeds He said my biggest cost would be insurance and on a small set up you would do well to break even, and lets not forget you would need a spare vanas a back up should anything go wrong. Last thing you want to is phone some a few days before the before their hols to have to cancel cause the last person cant driver or its had a major mechanical fail
  10. January 2018 sales. Busy?

    Id love to Build a couple of rentalsover the winter, Rent out over summer then sell in autumn and repeat. It is something I have thought about, its how I would go about financing such an operation.
  11. January 2018 sales. Busy?

    Its not slowed down in camper world, I have two and a half definite camper conversions on the books first one is coming next week.The half is part 2 ofconversion I started in October. So thats me busy till March, I dont even have the time to do my own Camper, one restriction I have is the size of my unit. One van comfortably fits in, bare in mind I need space to work around it and space to store fittings, which are far from small items! Bed, Furniture,bumpers, wheels etc. My space issue could be answered as one of the other tenants might be retiring, his unit is twice the size, so I have my fingers crossed. I think I would keep my existing unit though. My other restriction is my time and the fact I need help. I need someone who could pick the job up quickly,be creative and a good problem solver.
  12. VW Transporter T5

    Kombi's do hold the money well and 69k is nothing in T5 land. What colour is it?
  13. trady platies

    I just renewed my trade insurance and they wanted blood. They even wanted copies of licences even though I had given the license viewing codes. I remember a bit of a trauma getting plates, some guy from the local office came round to check me out. I guess that wont happen these days.
  14. Thoughts on this car?

    Tom Hartley does £230k+ from home
  15. Thoughts on this car?

    You will also be competing against Mercedes PCP deals.