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  1. I retried Autotrader last year. I posted 4 adverts without skimping. Number of cars sold 0, Wallet much lighter I use eBay Classified adverts, no buy it now or auction and it works for me. Price make it a no brainer. I also do use Gumtree with mixed results Facebook selling pages... Hmmm what can I say about that!!! As its free I stick everything on there. I have sold off Facebook but I really struggle with the weapons grade bellends. Offering £1500 "CASH" tonight for your £3k car wears thin after while.
  2. First week of Feb Sold TT Roadster 2 x 207 1 x Corsa CDTI 1 No Show on an X Type 2 Virtual Tyre kickers on a MiTo 1 Mega tyre kicker on a Clio, 2 test drives and 3.. yes 3 viewings!! Wanted to come back with his mate an RAC man to come and look at it. Never heard of him again! A splattering of the usual low ball pikey chancers Sold sweet FA for 2 weeks now!!!! That said I have someone looking at my MiTo tomorrow, fingers crossed.
  3. Dear (name goes here) Thank you for your recent offer. When I cant pay the bills, there is no food in the cupboard and the kids have no shoes I might consider your offer. However in the meantime please call this number 01*** ******** its the local brothel, you will be able to get fucked there. Kind regards
  4. 4 wheels.. Usually whats got the most fuel in. 2 wheels Ducati 1199