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  1. If it ran low on oil it must have put a warning light on. Could be worth scanning to see if it has stored it and at how many miles to see if he carried on driving regardless
  2. I have put the odd recon engine in and not mentioned it. Your just opening a can of worms
  3. Get yourself a premium rate phone number whilst your at it.
  4. I just stick everything in to quickbooks.
  5. They are an Achilles heal in the 1.6 TDI Caddy, quite a common fault and I do believe that once one injector fails the rest follow suit.
  6. These people have always been there.. Its social media that has given them a World wide stage. Unfortunately there is no filter between us and them. Im on various T5 Facebook pages only cause of the business Im in. The numb ass questions that get posted on them are beyond stupid. I mean eyewateringly numb. Im amazed some of these people manage to get dressed in the morning RIP common sense
  7. Im selling a mountain bike, its pretty cheap for what it is as I need to make space for a new one.. (Garage full of crap you know the script) Stuck it on Facebook last night. Very descriptive advert and with the words genuine buyers and no offers. Im convinced the Human race is on a very slippery slope. I've have ever bottom feeder and his dog, with either best offer for CASH, swapz for gold chains and can i have more info and pictures.. There are 10 pics and a thorough advert what fucking more do you want.. Its a bicycle! Best one so far is a guy about 10 miles away asking if I can do a video!! Give me strength
  8. I have just started using Quickbooks. Pretty easy to use, you can run off plenty of reports. Accountants days could be numbered
  9. Sell the bottom end shite to Benji.
  10. My last four campers have been easy. All sold before I started them!
  11. I lost the spare key for my bike. Local lock guy wanted £150 to do me a spare. Quick call to the Ducati dealer. £34+ VAT for a blank, £10 to get it cut elsewhere and then a quick trip back to the dealer to get it coded for free.
  12. I dont have a card machine, cash, cheque or BACS for me. Only taken one cheque this year, mostly its BACS sometime cash if its small amounts.
  13. Nothing handles like an early MX5/Eunos.
  14. I know someone who would cream for that.
  15. MrC


    Benji is that you?
  16. That was an expensive phone call, however could hve been more expensive if you needed to claim and the refused on the fact you didnt declare. I changed something minor on my last policy with a month to go and its cost me a oner
  17. This time next year Rodders
  18. Personally I hate texting but its heer to stay. Much rather have a chat
  19. Anything up to £15k inc the VAT. Im ok at the moment as I am just finishing one and have 2015 Highline sat waiting to be converted so end of July I will be looking again.
  20. If you come across any nice and I mean nice T5 Highlines for the right money drop me a PM
  21. Ive never understood quite why BCA treat customers like dog excrement. Any other company on any other sector would last 10 minutes.