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  1. Probably will last about as long as a limited car sales companywith a Z at the end does on companies house.
  2. Mobile ECU Remapping

    You say that but I used to send files to a guy somewhere in Eastern Europe for remapping, he’d charge about £30 and the cars consistently ran better, were cleaner on emissions and had more power.
  3. Ferrari - write off?

    Didn’t Clarkson say he had to flog his Ferrari after leaving it in London and coming back to more phlegmthan a swimming pool has water in it?
  4. Ferrari - write off?

    you thought Car Dealers would give you constructive help...
  5. Am I being had?

    You're not thinking this through -what do you think the scam is? If Scrawfdoesn't get sent money in the first place then hewon't be sendingthe car off.I think the scammersends the funds, receives the car then draws the money back by claiming fraud orthe car has an issue.
  6. Am I being had?

    Setup a PayPal account registered to a bank account you don't use, get him to pay, whip the cashout of the account. Scam the scammer.
  7. More advice please

    Fancy photos, I like the fade/ blur whatdoucallit round the outside, especially on the internals... how is that done?
  8. If only I had a crystal ball.........

    how to not sell a car
  9. Auction fees

    You definitely aren't the only one thinking that...
  10. Autotrader shares

    Looks like my recent guesswas right, there are quite a few large funds shorting them at the moment.
  11. Making Tax digital

    What do you mean by this?
  12. Autotrader

    Everything's cyclical. AutoTrader isat it's boom at the moment, highest share price ever and huge profits. I'd guess they've squeezed all they can.
  13. Fca application

    Just get the finance house to do it for you - most reps will help.
  14. Self employed mentality and employed taking a salary mentality are very different... it’s amazing the shit I used to take. Could never go back.
  15. BCA bank hol opening times?

    At the moment it seems nearly every dealer works 7 days a week and goes to an auction on bank holidaywiththeidea that they’llbuy a load of cars at a steal because no one else will be there. The reality is it’s no different to a normal day and with an army of private there on a jolly things can often be worse, 9/10 I’ve gone I’ve wished I’djust stayed at home, turned off my phone cooked a nice meal or gone out and done something- sorry, it’s just what I see in this trade and it kind of depresses me!