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  1. How have they got their hands on these? We sold a nice Rover 25 a while back and the customers are something else.
  2. Just picking up on what others said about EbayMotorsPro - dead as any thing for a long while now. Signed a long contract not long ago and feel like trying to get out of it somehow. Feel like the eBay browsers have moved onto Facebook.
  3. Why? Not being facetious just curious. Usually luxury/ aspirational goods markets fail just before a depression/ recession. A pretty solid indicator.
  4. Can you imagine the amount of cars on the don’t buy list!?
  5. Does the air con work?
  6. I'd write her a letter of complaint and threaten to take her to court for defamation if she doesn't remove the reviews within the next 14 days. It's £60 and probably worth it for a laugh. Dirty miserable old girl needs teaching a lesson. Tell the finance company to fuck right off aswell.
  7. Is it hypocritical to criticise him for taking advice from an Internet forum while giving advice on an Internet forum... ?
  8. Sounds like your business partnership is nearly fucked mate. Don’t sue your business partner though - you‘ll both end up way out of pocket and it’s a bit of a bitch move. In terms of my other advice for future you have to take responsibility more. If you’d have offered to pay the £3k increase caused by your accident, something they probably think of as your mistake which has pissed them off as they’re out of pocket, you wouldn’t be in this situation. Don’t drag it out or go legal. Sit round a table with all 3 of you there and discuss what’s going on. It sounds to me like only one of them has taken you off the insurance? Does the other know? I doubt they’re both sitting around plotting against you so get things out and decide whether you can still work together... seems a shame after 20 years your first thought is post online in a Internet forum that’s brand new to you and take advice from complete fucking strangers. Sorry. Harsh but true.
  9. Can see it working on new cars. Would hurt the franchisee model and probably mean more px’s go to WBAC.
  10. Is this thread a joke... I'd have laughed the phone down. Don't even entertain him.
  11. I put a link below. I found out by watching demos of it on YouTube. A mechanic I use has it and he uses it more than his £3000 Snap on. Was a bit sceptical when I first saw the demos, then the price but after seeing him use it I’m going to get one.
  12. I know it sounds sketchy but I’d use eBay. Choose a vendor who’s sold a load of them with good feedback and pay with Paypal and you get protection if anything goes wrong. As a cheaper alternative have you looked at putting WOW on a tablet?
  13. Worst month of the year so far.