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  1. Sell good cars, ask for testimonials, get feedback, build real reputation.
  2. Where's he getting his cars from? He's doing well buying at the minute... I could do with a new source
  3. What sort of stuff did it tell you to buy? Would be interested to see your stock.
  4. Having only done it the dealer portal way I don’t know if it makes a difference. I suppose it might depend on the kind of stock and the overall presentation. Maybe link your adverts and we’ll see if there anything missing, how the price is etc
  5. saw your other thread & if you can't sell them on AT you won't sell on ebay
  6. This line has come over with the Eastern European’s. It’s not an English style of negotiation and I fucking hate it, it’s such a blank way of doing a deal. No personality, no charm, just show me the money.
  7. No they won’t and I think you’ve missed the point - they don’t care about your opinion or 100 moaners because they do what’s right for them and whats good for them isn’t always good for us and visa versa. Their YOY profits are up... again... can you say the same? 20% price hike in April I hear...
  8. You think that by begging them to listen to you they’ll listen? They don’t care about you and what you have to say because as much as you moan you still pay them their pound of flesh every month like a good boy and even if you didn’t pay they still wouldn’t care either.
  9. If he’s fobbing you off and I think I know the type of place you bought it from you might aswell get on with fixing it, save the letters and post costs and chalk it up to experience oil pressure sensors are common on these cars but don’t pay BMW rates
  10. The problem is while ROI on facebook is great it doesn't do the volume. I know that sounds stupid to say because "just spend more then because you have good ROI" but there comes a point where I can't get anymore buyers off Facebook in a month and not everyone will naturally find their car on there. You must use everything available. I get what you're saying though; maybe some are spending too much in one place and need to redress that balance?
  11. I’d just sell it. As is. No explanation, don’t even mention it. You’re jumping to massive conclusions saying it’s done 130k. Where’d you get that idea? Agree with Nick - it’s an admin error. All that could happen and be proved worst case is it’s a 1000 miles more so worst case you get taken to court and the price difference a customer would have paid for 1000 miles difference isn’t even a worthwhile argument so the case isn’t worth pursuing. Not that that would ever happen. Otherwise... You can always sell it to me.