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  1. Forget all the "up your game" online coach stuff going on here the fact remains: it is quiet at the moment.
  2. Went to Manheim twice earlier this year then gave up with them. Prices were horrific.
  3. I had one guy say his new girlfriend was vegan and was slowly making him change his diet, that she had put three bins in the kitchen for recycling, all natural shampoo, oat milk in the fridge and, of course, HATED the fact he had a diesel car. It was a constant bug bear apparently. I test drove his part ex and it drove very well. Listened for all the normal noises and it seemed okay. Anyway, after explaining that diesels were hideously unpopular I offered him a lowish amount for it... hoping to retail it at a nice profit. Hand over day comes, he's been in the car all day and because it's the end of the day and it's got a load of fuel in it I decide to drive the car home. Get back home and the flywheel's rattling it's tits off. The only way I didn't hear that on the day is the car wasn't warm enough. I remembered he called me the day he was viewing to say he'd been delayed half and hour when originally the journey was 20 minutes. He also turned up with a Costa. It's clear to me he sat and had a coffee while the car cooled so the noise wasn't as obvious. Made a wedge out of the one I sold him and a little on the part ex so I don't resent it and if he'd have rang with a whinge I'd have had a whinge back.
  4. Yes, they may be faulty, yes it's too expensive to have a mechanic check them, but hey, if they sell quick and I can rip people off for a few quid... why not? Money money. Honestly, you're asking this question in a forum? You sound like a proper piece of work. Go out, take some of people's hard earned with your unchecked faulty cars. Yes, you can do it, very easily. Cheap cars sell, if they're faulty or not, so if you can lie and hide it you'll make some money. Remember though, the world will catch up to you. To all the old, proper, members on here ---- don't entertain these threads in future. We're educating the kind of people we don't need in this game.
  5. I know a few people cancelling AA and trying CarGurus. Seems like swings and roundabouts tbh. CarGurus has delivered a couple for us recently on the free package.
  6. If it's there they can have it. I keep a little list of people and if something crops up that I would've bought anyway then I'll ring them. No special effort goes into it but when it does work out it makes them feel all nice and glowy... and I tend to earn £200-300 more than I would've normally sold it for
  7. THIS You can tell these people haven’t been self employed long. Don’t they realise - this is how we eat! Giving that info away is literally giving away profit... not that there is a magic bullet. It’s all hard work atm.
  8. What? Your car isn’t selling in a week and you’re not taking a grand out of it? I thought all these car dealers were lying about the trade being shit. Definitely don’t buy any more diesels. Rubbish sellers.
  9. I’m getting done over then. How do you cope with “my EML light is on” a week later or other unexpected? We get one or two claims a month costing around £50-£100. All of them are our responsibility to pay as I see it.
  10. I think as others say it would depend on your stock profile but ultimately you’ll make a decision based on how much business you think you’re losing. Start without and see how long it takes before the thought starts niggling.
  11. Better to burn out than fade away... (said neil young and later someone else with a shotgun) Big Dylan fan too, love the early stuff aswell but I've seen enough clips of him recently to just not bother. Sad he feels the need to carry on. I'd be ashamed to get up and play like that in front of people, then again, maybe he's more Zimmerman than Dylan? EDIT: FOR THOSE INTERESTED
  12. Nah. This is how spam works on forums. You setup a bot and get it to post on all relevant forums - anything car related in this case and you send it out to post the same thing as many times as it can. Free advertising and probably very effective.
  13. Probably better than your attempt to advertise it.