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  1. Ebay more expensive than Autotrader

    eBay’s cost per sales has always been lower for us but we’re selling cheaper stuff. Had to pay anextra £30 a month to renew this year but it’s worth it.
  2. Border cars

    Noticed a lot more dry spells this year... where before there were 10 days straight where it felt very quiet that's extended to 3 week to full months of feeling very quiet. Not good. Then you have a month where you sell a load only to lose the profit made to niggly warranty claims. You only have to look at the amount of due diligence you need to do in this job (paperwork, PDI etc) and the many variablesto see why it's hard.
  3. Printed invoice pads?

    Written invoice, lawgistics PDI, warranty policy, sign here, here, here and here. Oh and here
  4. BMW radio code

    Nice... did they give it to you gratis?
  5. Forum problems!

    Bet you all didn't know what to do with yourselvesfor two days
  6. Another (My First) BCA Tale of Woe

    Tale of woe and stilltakes a grand out of it. Woe is me more like XFS.

    Depends. Can you give more info on your new mode. I think it’s hard to say if it would be more effective. Can you givemore info? What is your average PPU now? What are you planning on dropping it to? What value of carsyou selling? How many are you buying a month now? How many more do you need to buy? Can you buy, prep, MOT, afford to advertise X amount more cars? We decided to drop our average margins £150 about 3 months ago. Evenwhat might seem like aa relatively minor drop like that has meant a lot of changes for us. Be careful. It’s very easy to get in trouble.
  8. For those worried about electric cars....

    That's quite coherent posting so far - I'd keep necking 'em and see what else comes up. My friend worksin Germany on renewables/ environmentaland he told me the UK is around 15-20 years behind the more developed parts of Europe who are still not near ready, not to mention the additional demand on the UK'sover-stressed grid... which relies too heavily on fossil to make it genuinely environmentally friendlyanyway. I could go. Once they develop interchangeable electric batteries it's a game changer(i.e. every car manufacturer conforms and makes cars that can runon the samebattery, maybe bigger or smaller depending on the size of the car) you turn up at what used to be a petrol station (now named a Tesla Battery Point)and for a fee they unclip your used battery and put in a freshly charged one, putting your old one on charge, until it finishesit's usable life where it's sent backfor reconditioning. As far as I'm concerned if you want to be a true eco warrior today buy a proven 7-10+ year old petrolcar in good nick and maintain it properly (ideally buying it off me ).
  9. I’d have thought it you’re selling write offs you’d need to be 100% on the law. I’d also be curious to know why you’d want to sell something with no warranty? The simple answer is yes, none of us are under any obligation whatsoever to offer any kind of warranty. However, if the clutch fails within a month you’re probably, not withstanding extenuating circumstances,legally obligedto fix it. Nothing to do with a warranty, just your legal obligation. The key is for youto understand the difference between the law and a warranty.
  10. Anyone seen this?

    I had this idea about a year ago pleased to see it being done. One day i’ll have to actually go and pitch for some money. They’ll certainly need it to get the public aware. The idea is to cut out the middle man - auctions. I’ll probably sign up.
  11. June Trading Activity

    Now and again. Depends on the punter. I would normally speak first and if they continue dialogue on WhatsApp that’s fine. We’ve spoken, they’re just more comfortable by text. No problem. If it’s all text and badgering about cost they can take a jump.
  12. June Trading Activity

    Do you ever ring them and remind them of what they said? Love it when they answer
  13. Cap black book

    Occasionally if the punter wants a heavydiscount or to take it the same day and I want thesale(overage/ unpopular) the MOT can be a negotiating point. PDI, Service, MOT etc areimportant as normal matter of course I agree. There's a chap near me who's knocking out three at a time across his driveway. I've no problem with it apart from the fact he leaves the BCA yellow sticker and barcode on full display. Really makes my blood boil.
  14. Cap black book

    We all startedsomewhere and we all have the option to go back there... sometimes it looks very appealing but there's a reason we changed.
  15. June Trading Activity

    People I know who have never been quiet are quiet. We just had a really good week which was much needed. Hoping for some strong action right through to Mid November from now because for me it never felt like 2019 really started.