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  1. Ferrari - write off?

    You're right it's not worth much now. I'll give you a grand.
  2. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    We were going fine until the 8th and then it has just gone dead, no enquiries, not even the timewasters. Historically April has always been a poor month for us so I'm not expecting much. I've also found this year that sales are coming in batches, could do nothing for a week then 6 in 2-3 days.
  3. Autotrader Vehicle Checks

    From what I can tell, looking at Nicks adverts the full check is still active on all his cars apart from the S class which he says has a mileage discrepancy. So no check showing on that and it's not being flagged up, which is good.
  4. Autotrader Vehicle Checks

    In update to my post above, I contacted my rep who agreed it was ridiculous and got in touch with Experian to get the discrepancies removed... Came back frustrated when he got the same response from them as I did I had no choice but to remove the AT check, he did say they are taking all feedback on board and a lot of dealers are having the same issues so it might get tweaked in the future. The car that was showing a discrepancy was getting a lot of interest before they introduced the check, not a single enquiry since the car was flagging up as a discrepancy on the advert and since I've had the AT check removed, I've now taken a deposit on the car. I'm trying out motorcheck.co.uk for HPIs at the moment, £3 for a hpi check and they also have spec check. Well worth a look.
  5. March sales so far ?????

    Into double figures and the margins have been decent but it's felt like a struggle this month, not as busy as Jan or Feb. Buying has been easier this week so hopefully with fresh stock we can see a good end to the month.
  6. Autotrader Vehicle Checks

    Saves me from creating a new thread.. I'm having issues with this new AT check as in a couple of my cars (which are all ex lease company vehicles) showing mileage discrepancies. To give an example on one, the discrepancy is from 117, 953 to 117, 638 in space of a month. I spoke to Experian who were of no help, said they needed some sort of proof ON THE EXACT DAY of that mileage input to take it off, which I didn't have as the car had not been serviced or MOT'd at that particular time. They promised to investigate it further but have now come back with the following and I quote 'I understand that this is flagging a discrepancy but the actual discrepancy showing is not big enough for us investigate and we would consider this as not a discrepancy' So basically they are saying it's not a discrepancy even though it is showing as a discrepancy but they cannot remove the discrepancy because it is not large enough to be classed as a discrepancy!! Meanwhile I now have a 9k car that is flagging up as MILEAGE DISCREPANCY, THIS COULD BE A SERIOUS ISSUE PLEASE CONTACT THE DEALER. Shame because the AT check itself is a good idea but the guys at Experian are clueless.
  7. Expecting retail money back OMG

    Must be one of them days.. I just had a call on a car I've just advertised yesterday for 8.5k and his first words were 'I know you've bought that off a private seller as I was going to buy it, you must have paid 7k so I'll give you 7.5k and you've got yourself a quick sale' They think we work for free.
  8. Vehicle Clamped

    Yes, count yourself lucky. I know of dealers who have had to pay 5x more. Also, I got fined £35 by DVLA for driving in an untaxed car with plates in window. It was a zero tax car. Lesson learnt.
  9. A bit of feedback on my own ads please

    Nick your photos are some of the best I've seen. The video doesn't do much for me, definitely needs a voice over which I know doesn't work for everyone. I can't really add much else apart from I noticed you've wrote the car can be taxed at a post office - surely you would just do it online? Unless it's a different taxation class.
  10. Recommended battery charger for under £100

    I just bought a similar CTEK to the one Nick posted upon his recommendation on another post, went for the CT5 Start/Stop battery charger, absolute brilliant piece of kit, most of my cars are start/stop AGM type so it's perfect for that. Already paid for itself (£79 from Amazon)
  11. How’s January started out?

    Currently on 18 with a few leads coming through. Usually stock around 25-30. I can't really complain but it's not been as good a January as previous years.
  12. Manheim surecheck help please

    I don't buy many from Manheim admittedly but on the odd occasion I have claimed, never had an issue, including a gearbox, door speaker and clutch/flywheel. Am I the lucky one?
  13. Sold 15 so far, all diesels. I don't have any petrols in stock as I stock mainly ex fleet cars.
  14. another lead from car gurus!

    We sold one on the free package then went for 6 months paid, sold nothing in the first month, 3 in the next month, nothing in October and then 1 in November. It's paid for itself but certainly can't rely on it. I do find the customers odd.
  15. Based in North, selling mostly ex fleet diesels here. I've not noticed their prices drop, in fact I am paying more for them this year than last. Been a good year to be fair, the demand is still there. 2015 Volvo diesel sold to London just last week.