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  1. From my experience you can tax a car if the MOT is valid for the month you are taxing it into. So for example if you want to tax a car on the 1st of Sept. ,the MOT can expire on the 2nd of Sept and no issues.
  2. Unfortunately not. Quickest way to do it is tax and register the car in customers name, wait for V5 to arrive and get customer to retain their plate online, then use the retention ref. To put on to the car (which is now in your customers name). Takes about 3-4 working days. Only down side is you have to wait for the V5 to arrive for the part ex.
  3. Had a 2003 Mini in px a couple of days ago, they could only find the old, old V5! The blue long one, with the green slip at the bottom, still ok to tax at PO, and new keeper will get latest Red V5 in a few weeks. No charge, just a trip to PO is the only inconvenience. My Mum and Dad used to run a PO, taxed many a car with no paperwork at all, just the reg. number on a piece of paper, and my Mum inputting the reg then trying all the different possible validation characters! It was great when they were an A or B, took a while if they were a symbol, as she always started with the alphabet, then numbers and symbols last!! Always got taxed in the end. Any Post Office, that tax cars, can do this, but I doubt many would!!!
  4. Yeah, I missed the words - in front of the doc ref number. And of course I presumed it would have been the latest V5. If it’s an older type, you can still tax at the post office, they input the reg and validation character and you’re taxed.
  5. You will be able to tax online or at the Post Office. Just add a random number to the doc ref number on the V5, and you’ll be able to tax online.
  6. Sounds like a plan Mark!!! and they’d never know, because of GDPR removing previous keeper details!!
  7. This has got to be my biggest pet hate of all time, and I’m guessing, most peoples to:- “Oh! I didn’t think it’d be worth that much!!” Damn it!!
  8. Not stingy as has 7 stamps from 1990-1999, but obviously will need a good goingover if garaged since 1999! Battery, tyres, belts, brakes the list go on and on and on.... Haha, just finished writing my reply when David posted his response!
  9. I’d go for the unit. 1 - Only 15 mins away, not 50. (When potential customers don’t turn up, you’ve only wasted 30 mins in the car, not nearly 2 hours!) 2- Cars are more secure, will stay dry and clean inside. 3 - Roadside/passing trade is a thing of the past, most people search on line first, so not an advantage. (You’d get the odd walk in but a forecourt of just 7 wouldn’t make many stop by, they don’t know there’s 30 more round the back) 4 - The unit would hold as many as the pitch/yard. If my maths are right!!
  10. Lucas, you sound like a nice chap, but you AREN’T listening to the VERY GOOD advice the VERY experienced PROFESSIONALS are trying to give you. PUT SIMPLY, DON’T DO IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO WAVE GOODBYE TO YOUR £200k. You have ZERO motor trade experience, why would you go and potentially rent/lease a unit/garage on a long term lease without any idea if you can do the job ? You haven’t even advertised a car yet, never mind sold one!! You sound really enthusiastic but you are delusional if you think you can just go out and buy 3 or 4 cars and start a successful business just like that, on a whim. You don’t know anything about cars for a start! Everyone is telling NOT to do it, but you aren’t listening. I’m all for people having a go at their own business but PLEASE listen, you have no idea what you are doing, and you will probably lose a lot of money if you carry on.
  11. I’m pretty certain if you get water in your engine it’s a gonna. Water doesn’t combust so the valves and pistons would get bent, I think?? Dave would know for sure!
  12. Gotta add a few quid to the price!!!
  13. Good news James! It’s got some history, 5 services recorded on the Hyundai DWR System. PM’d you
  14. Yes they do, it’s called DWR.