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  1. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    Nice Doblo at Ingleston Tues,if you have a BCA account,I know a good pro indi buyer who will be there who wouldcheck it out.10 plate,it shouldbe 2 grandish
  2. I had forgotten about Pendle.I recall it was a disaster,the best sales guys walked.I have no idea how it worked,you must have a few more gems to enlighten us.
  3. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Carefull you don’t lash out.....£5.99 bottle at Majestic ! Don’t tell me,it is from the north side of the vinyard. Have a good weekend !
  4. BHM’s successfull returns policy is probably helped by the large Alsatian he has chained to his fence..!
  5. Either your quality control is second to none or you are selling none runners !
  6. Business Recovery Cover

    I have hadany car cover with the RAC for over 25 years.
  7. “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!”

    I usuallysay,we sold it to one of our regular customers for the full price and his part ex looks better than when he bought it from us.We actually have someone to buy that and they are on their way now.....We much prefer part ex deals....That usually confuses them.

    BCA branch network must deal withhundreds of complaints per day.They cannot pay them all or get their vendors to pay so by not cooperating with dealers saves them a lot of money.If I was with BCA,I would be in favour of the system knowing that most dealers are fickle and will just give up.
  9. Gumtree / eBay Motors

    They told me it was a promotion,so last week we signed up to the same deal.( thanks to Nick )

    BCA try it on every time with Assured complaintsand it works for them as most claimants just give up.You have to remember that what we are paying £28 + vat for is technically an AA inspection.So next time it happens why not request by email the name of the AA inspector and a copy of thereport you have paid for.They will refuse of course,but you can then take it up with the AA and involve them aswell.I have to say I don’t have problems with BCA Assured because I am sensible with claims but they know where itwill end up if they don’t cooperate.It cost them 5 grand last time.
  11. Trader Newbie

    Hi Max Welcome to the jungle.
  12. Car Gurus

    Should have said 25 cars
  13. Car Gurus

    We have a few cars on Car Gurus in with our Click Dealer package.We have done few from that.So we have signed up to a enhanced package with them for 20 cars at £260 p/m
  14. Bye bye autotrader

    Just got our EBay/Gumtree contract through thanks to you Nick.The guywas insisting it was £399 p/m but when we told him that our other branch had just done a deal £227 he relented.
  15. Data breach

    Thank you MR Ripley,but I think most of us on here would prefer to follow Scottish Dave and his own Proactive Rupture Reaction Activity Plan you refer to,rather than yours.I have to say it may not be a good idea for you to copy his plan,he might get very annoyed......Good Luck with your business.