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  1. AD I don’t think that you understand that your business model is possibly unique.I think most dealers including me would have liked toemulate what you do but we can’t pull it off.Yourvideos,presentation and especially the advance deposit message connects with your punters.I can’t recallanyone else being successfull with your policy ofinsisting on a £200 deposit prior to viewing.
  2. The flash 50s and 60s car dealers that I can recall when I was about 15 would be in a constant rage these days.I was reading Bernie Ecclestone’s biography and it recalled when he was a car dealer and when he decided to pack it in because it was not worth the bother any more,no money in it.That was 1973,the introduction of VAT was the last straw for him !
  3. Hi Flip Its all part of the learning process.Listen to the pros on here.Get the car back and check it out.It could be registered as a taxi or been modified and used for motor sport,never believe punters.Be prepared to negotiate a refund.Dont even think about going to court because the claimant could embellish the claim with consequential damages.The bottom line is,ifyou lose you have about a month to settle and if you default you get a big CCJ against you which will effect youfor years to come.I have to tell you that worse things than this will happen in your first 18 months in this job.
  4. Sourcing--what do you charge?

    Be carefull Benji,we have all had this.Seemingly genuine punterasks for certain spec,colour etc,guaranteed sale.You buy one,they make some excuse and later find they have bought something entirely different elsewhere.You are then stuck with the other one........You need a good non returnable fee upfront.
  5. AA or RAC partners?

    We had an AA guy in a few weeks ago and I think hewas wanting us to advertisestock on their website.Inreturn you could use their logo and your punters got some sort of free breakdown cover.I think if you are doing cheaper stuff,prominently advertising free breakdown cover may give out the wrong message.I passed anyway,can’t remember why.
  6. Worst Test Drives

    Brilliant.You cannot follow that.Theyshould book this guy for the CDM awards ( and maybe BHM aswell !)
  7. Meet-up for forum members at CDX 2019

    I think their drummer lives up the coast from us ?
  8. Meet-up for forum members at CDX 2019

    Which bands Dave,it will establish whether you reallyare boring.
  9. It reduces the possibility of corruption.
  10. Dave is clearly a ‘ local hero’,remember the movie.
  11. February.......

    Yeah,we also bought one today ( ex deceased lady) from her son.As an exercise I had bid book on the condition he took it elsewhere so I could see what others were bidding.One bid £900 less than us and WBAC had offered the same online butwhen he showed it to them,various extra charges were brought in to play and they were then £400 less !
  12. February.......

    Took your advice and put a car buying ad in the local paper,£50 quarter page.If you recall,the ‘21st Century digital guys ‘ on here said this was a total waste of time.We geta call from a guy who has given up driving.So I go and see him and he is 90 and we agree a price.So I say,give me your acc. details for payment and wewill pay you nowetc.He refused andinsisted on a cheque ! BTW I gave him a proper price,thinking back to when I was 23 with my first pitch,I would have probably got it£1500 cheaper.So thank you again Noacross,we will extend the ad.
  13. If that was us and my wife found out she would be saying ‘ WTF are we doing charity work for’ you know what happens.
  14. Customer valuation Experts

    Hi David I have to say that it is a shocking admission that you actually spent time with this guy.Forty years ago the rule was that if any punters produced a Parker’s ,you gave them short shrift......You must be good natured.
  15. Recommendation

    I can imagine aninspectors response ‘so when you settle this account,how do you do it,what time of day,do you declare the journey your business vehicle for corporate governance purposes ? On the other hand,I was in the local and watched this guy just hand over plastic for a round of drinks andit is scanned and handed back.So I said,do you not get a receipt for that,how do you know you have been charged correctly.The look I got,Ithink he thought I was stupid !