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  1. I must have bought thousands at Blackbushe.My favourite ,you can often nick something even when stuff appears unbuyable.However you have to put in a lot of effort with research which is now a lot easier.To buy two or three you have to target about 80 and if you attend you have to be switched on for hours to nick the odd one that slips through.( similar to XFS yesterday)
  2. Brilliant again ! Good deal,who would swap an Orion Ghia injection for a Maestro ?
  3. You are right,just checked.My recollection was getting in with a punter,switching on and saying ‘how ya doing’ and it would reply with ‘hello,drive carefully and check your oil water and tyres etc. It must have just said something like that every time you switched on.I suppose it was over 30 years ago.
  4. Brilliant.They actually did a top of the range talking Maestro where you could give it various instructions.The trouble was you needed to speak in a BBC Radio 4 voice.If you had a regional accent they did not understand .You couldn’t make it up ! I think Tradex would remember them.
  5. I take it you do know about signing up to a Making Tax Digital compliant provider.( that’s £20- £30 per month ). plus if you are like me, you will need somebody to upload all your invoices onto the system.Good Luck.
  6. Only by chance I did well out of Maestros.In about late 80’s,I knew a BCA guy who became a manager at the newly opened Bridgewater.He told me that dealers in Devon would pay well into book for nice Maestros as they were very popular with pensioners.The Trade hated Maestros and up north you could buy (without any bother )quality,low mileage examples well off the book.For a while,I used to send a wagon load down each week and I had my own section in the hall.Sounds rediculous but it was true.
  7. Paid for your own Guide,not many did that. ( smiley face )
  8. Now they were shite.I think they were described on launch as having a state of the art transverse alloy block which represented a breakthrough in automotive engineering.What happened,they kept blowing head gaskets and jumping out of gear and there were so many warranty claims I think the cost put the manufacturer Rootes Group ( who had been around for ever ) out of business. Something similar might happen with these new higher powered hybrids with valeters and mechanics getting electrocuted.
  9. Do you not mean newspaper and cardboard ( smiley ) I think Marinas and Avengers were good compared to the modern shite.You must have had a upmarket operation as we never bought short motors,we used the scrapyard.
  10. Hi Halfpenny Great intro.You are needed on here but can you apply to use the private lounge.Look forward to your input.However be prepared to get slagged off from time to time by the younger ones.Isopon p38 ,we used to call it Mary Bakers after Mary Bakers spongemix which was often advertised on telly.When Spitfires were introduced they were good sellers but I seem to recall you had to tell the punters to be carefull when driving in high winds.The wind could get under the softop and blow them over !
  11. Did anyone read this Lawgistics account.Guy who purchased by credit card wants to reject after several months on the grounds that he was not informed that his Cat converter could easily be stolen ( which I think it was) and therefore his car was not fit for purpose.Lawgistics had to deal with the credit card company to throw out the claim.....whatever next.
  12. Agreed,but you cannot just roll over,you have to try and come up with something to limit the damage.Its a nightmare scenario and JXB is only looking for some creative alternative suggestions ( like AD’s ) than just refunding the customer.I hope he comes up with something.