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  1. Electric Cars

    Someone will come up with Range Anxiety pills,the new legal high for raves and E car owners.Servicemanagers could include them with their service packages.....I am watching the pitch this week,it is still pissing down,DMS down,so no tradeand....plenty of people bringing in rough cars to bid on,great fun not !
  2. Dodgy auction tactics

    These days auctioneers/ managers are generally nice straight people.It used to bethe auctioneers you had tokeep in with ( know what I mean Harry )but they now oftenhave vendors reps watchingover them,so few quick knocks,their hands are tied.They alsomust get above Cap Clean for a lot of fleet stuff because that is what they guarantee toa lot of the vendors.Nowadays,I thinkyou may bebetter off keeping in with the provisional office guys.
  3. BCA Not as description!

    You will definateley get the runaround,don’t give up.I see you are a WAV expert,great knowledge to have,huge profits compared to common car dealers.I find that you can never go wrong with a WAV !
  4. Business / Stocking Loans Question

    I have had plenty of loans,overdrafts but never a stocking loan.All I know is when the job goes backwards,it appears to be the stocking loans that cause the damage to the guys who go tits up.Just lately a seemingly ‘doing well dealer’ near us who came from nothing a few years agohad his stock lifted by the lender.Rumours were that he got into a mess by putting cars on his stocking loan which weren’t his.Also,I don’t know if it is true but someonetold me that BCA stocking costs 9% plus added charges !
  5. Electric Cars

    Hi KB Warriors Good first post.I agree there are many problems ahead for electric cars.Where is all the lithium for the batteries going to come from.Also the health issues associated with lithium and its disposal.I see charging time is now down to 30 mins at specialist charging stations but I don’t think that is a full charge.The technology is years away for electric cars to be popular but maybe not with hybrids.I tend to agree with Stalker,as diesels become in short supply,they will go up in value and will be in demand especially in rural areas.As for Tesla,they are yet to turn a profit and are burning through billions of dollars.
  6. Top Dogs for Finance Commission???

    Rory,you don’t want to know !
  7. Top Dogs for Finance Commission???

    OK James,I have had instances where you do good finance deals with good commission and then the personal loan dept of the finance company hijack the deal.They would tell your punter that they can do a home improvement loan at a low rate which would include their car loan so they are quids in.Then allyour commission gets clawed back !
  8. Top Dogs for Finance Commission???

    Be carefull,If that was ‘prime’ the chances are it couldbe settled early.
  9. Definateley the one to get.Forget Karchers.
  10. Feeling Like a

    Courtesy !,the average employee these days doesn’thave that.They often don’t careabout their jobs and know little about who they are working for.However,ask them a question and they have a ready made bullshit reply.I seem tocome across this every day and get very annoyed.
  11. Feeling Like a

    I totally agree,I would imagine you mightbe able to network some good dealer group contacts for stock etc.aswell as loads of other stuff that could improve your business.I am sure there will be plenty of good people there,I was just referring to the bullshitters.There appears to bemore and more of them about.Just lately I had this guy telling me that for 2 grand per month he could radically improve our SEO and we could then buy a lot more stock at the door.The small print on the extended contract said that no results were guaranteed.....he was told to Foxtrot Oscar.
  12. Feeling Like a

    I think they might all be tied up organising their exhibition at the moment.You might have to send them more proof that you are a pro car dealer.I don’t think the forum can be apriority,aswe probably don’t generate much income for them.We have to be kept at ‘arms length’.Can you imagine if a few of us tried to get into the exhibition,they would probably have us sign some legal undertaking not to ask any relevant motor trade questions to any of the digital bullshitters promoting themselves. I did not get where I am today without knowing a ‘digital bullshitter’ when I see one....CJ would have said that.
  13. Hi Frankie

    Did you get a WAV

    There is one in BCA Newcastle UKCG Trade tomorrow.11 Peugeot,looks half descent although it says ex taxi.It shouldn’t be expensive.I am away at the moment but if you have any interest,let me know because I have a guy who will look at it.If you don’t want it ,I might buy it .



    Trade Vet

    07836 799822

  14. Sold my last diesel

    So to whomwould the punters make their claim.I seem to recall Gordon Brown promoted diesel by reducing the fuel duty and road tax.Sales of diesels subsequentlyrocketed.
  15. Sold my last diesel

    I think If I lived down their I would be more worried about knife crime,moped robberies and lack of police and possibleterrorist attacksrather than clean diesels destroying the planet.