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  1. Hi,just seen this.Tinternet not good where I am at the moment. The bottom line is that what the big auction groups need to do to attract the business is to have contracts with their major vendors which often guarantee 95% of Cap Clean for all their entries.BCA might have 100k Autolease entries per year alone.Also they bought and sold over 300,000 WBAC cars last year .So it could be in the auctions better interests to try and surpress their results.I agree with Stalker,why is it when proper stuff regularly brings a grand over,yet book valuations continue to rarely reflect the market.This has only happened in recent years.Like most things in this job,things are rarely what they seem.....I hope that makes sense !
  2. I have always found there are loads of bonuses to be had with the grading system but traders tend to only refer to their problem buys.I think it was Manheim who introduced online buying and grading and as I recall they were inundated with manufactured complaints from dealers trying to take advantage and get money off.
  3. I may be wrong but the way I would do it if I was outsourcing repairs and paintwork.Take your latest set of annual accounts and divide the cost of sales with no of cars retailed and you may be in for a shock.So if it is a grand per car ( it’s probably more ) you have to generate 1200 profit when you allow for VAT to calculate the cost of the average sale.I think Mark does repairs in-house so hopefully his costs will be less.
  4. It won’t stop there.The next thing could be that dealers will be ‘ awarded ‘ a star rating .The more stars,the more you pay !
  5. Hi Good intro.We all get stuck with stuff and get it wrong.At least with cheaper stuff,the downside is reduced.You have a workshop,it is a sideline,why not try some higher risk stuff.Big petrol barges with a new test.Some people say that if you want to make money in this job ‘ you have to swim upstream ‘ .
  6. You can’t be,you appear straight forward to me !
  7. I hope you are not in ‘ The Trouser Leg Club’ Mark.
  8. So the French are going to sidestep EU regs with secret subsidies and get away with it.It is the same in the steel industry.Meanwhile the UK follow the rules to the letter and huge plants in difficulty employing thousands get closed down.
  9. Must have a vanity plate Dad.Sounds like he is a potential contestant for Lovely Island
  10. He had hundreds of court cases against him thrown out,he evaded extradition for embezzling millions.He ran rings around governments,lawyers and accountants.He was a world class conman and remarkably he only ever served 10 days in jail and the charges were later overturned.I must read more about this guy.
  11. I have read a De Lorean book.What a guy,he had a henchman and they used to have a way of taking over healthy family dealerships and milking them dry.He was doing that before he mesmerised the Labour government into investing about £120m to build his car in Belfast which would he said would help quell the sectarian troubles.
  12. There will be a lot of RHD new stuff sitting around at the moment.How might the manufacturers react if they offer to take 500 of X every 3 months less 50% and pay now.?
  13. Water damaged,18 plate,1k ,there will be little wrong with it. 5 grand should be OK.Just a quick call to Aviva or whatever to get it taken off the list.Then ‘ bobs your uncle ‘ ,it will ‘ waltz out at 10 grand ‘..............sorry,I think you should just forget it .
  14. It will probably happen.Amazon can order and prepay for 1000s of stock without blinking.Off topic,Anyone following BBC 3 Breaking Fashion about selling crap fashion ( called fast fashion) with the help of social media influencers.Real eye opener about understanding the must have mentality of millenials .