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  1. If he is kicking up, offer him 50% deposit back, normally works and then get on with your business....
  2. We are with natwest, a payment we made to buy a van had been stopped by the fraudulent team as we never made payment to this guy before, we were not told by natwest what had happened we waited and waited as the funds did not show in the sellers account, made a phone call to natwest and told me what has happened, asked me a few questions and money was sent. However we would never let a motor go until we see the money in our account. Think it's best practice and a lesson to be learnt. Better wait than sweat and worry about it.
  3. I have claimed twice from BCA on BCA assured, first time - car would not select 1st gear stationary, they refused to take the car back or repair, after their engineer came and inspected. So I took the car back to the BCA branch where I bought it from with paperwork and both keys. Asked the manager to have a look, he said he won't and the AA man has a day off, I demanded that someone has a look as I'm not taking the car back from there and want a full refund. The manager inspected and made some lengthy phone calls. He then agreed to take it back. The other a Golf DSG, report all green. Got it back and it was shaking like a leaf on idle, they wanted me to get it diagnosed and report back. I refused as I didn't want to spend any money on it. They got it picked up and checked the garage couldn't make out what was wrong with it after about 2 months. Got a full refund with that one as well. Don't give in or they will have not honour anything. (I buy about 100 cars a year from BCA)
  4. Has anyone else had an email about a price increase? About 15%
  5. Tacho and operater's licence is only required if the gross weight is more than 3.5 tons.
  6. I had a dolly and I still have an A frame, they are very handy to have, easy storage etc. Only thing is they are illegal because they are not braked and all four wheels should be off the ground as the car is not taxed when you buy from the auctions.
  7. I'd be a buyer of that (if that's a genuine private sale) plus depends where abouts you are. Even better if it was a high spec Ford Escort, I mean a Fast Ford....
  8. Lmfao. I sell quite a few Van's, so sign writing glue and tar etc. We've found that Auto Glym Glue and Tar remover is very good.
  9. I've owned a dolly before, pulled 100s of cars from BCA Peterborough and BCA Bedford plus a few from here and there. Then I used to use taxis, £25 a time after a while I employed a driver, we both used to go and pick the cars up one at a time which was a bit time consuming, currently I am finding the most cost effective way is getting BCA to deliver them as it costs me £36 + vat a car from Peterborough (60 miles round trip), if I have 5 or more at a time (which I normally do). With the driver it costs about £16 labour charge, £10 fuel in the car we go in, usually fuel in the car we bring back plus my time. (Which i can't put a price on). Per car I have thought of buying a 3.5 ton gross recovery many times can't really justify it as either I will have to drive myself or get someone to drive it and that's more cost on top of running one. With BCA delivering, I can spend all the time spent on picking up cars at the garage, which means I can see customers etc, and make sales.
  10. It will go, may be you're selling it too cheap. nice miles we would be £1995 minimum with that, if it's in good nick. Got some bloke came in yesterday to look at a Volvo V50. As soon as he came in he said we want that car... then aaah I've got to see if there's enough room for my 2 kids booster seats in the back and if the boot is bigger than a Focus hatchback. He again says we like it etc. Was here for about 45 minutes, at the end he said I'll let you know. You or I won't be the last to get these odd people, suppose it's all part of the game.
  11. Thanks. I'll try again tomorrow, may be it times out after a while.
  12. Anyone else having difficulty advertising a car this afternoon? Advertised a van this morning, no problem. Trying to advertise a car this afternoon through the dealer portal, its letting me put all the details in , upload the photos and at the end will not let me save the advert then go live. It says in wastebin. Also at the top it says "Saving failed, maybe you have a slow internet connection. Internet is working fine. Is there a technical issue at Autotrader's end?
  13. I buy 3 to 6 cars a week from BCA, I attend the auction, very rarely I will buy online. We always have BCA ring the next day to confirm purchases, don't think it's rude of them to confirm of my bids / purchases, in fact I think it helps buyers as well. I once had a car booked to me, I didn't bid on it, I remember I said to them I wouldn't even look at that let alone bid on it. They removed it from my account without any further questions. I find BCA quite polite and helpfull, been buying from them 20+ years. It's all about making sure the vehicles go to the correct winning bidder for them and know that motor is sold. You'll get used to it.
  14. What do you guys have or recommend? We have been at our current site since 2002. We are moving to larger premises in the next couple of weeks. At the moment we have an open front with no fence or bollards at the front of our current forecourt, we have buildings all round and access from the front. We have been here 17 years, near the centre of town and across the road from my house and not had any issues here with vandalism or theft (apart from a chancer who tried his luck with the Evoque a few weeks ago). The new premises is on an industrial estate and I would like to either put hoop bollards around the perimeter or a twin wire 8 foot fence with gates for security. We will be installing CCTV and security lighting. What do you have or recommend?
  15. Now why would you want to do that, the customer will be plugging that in every weekend and be calling you more often than you would like them to if there is a problem. Surely you're joking, otherwise you're buying yourself more hassle than you need to be.