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  1. Looking to change website from AT to another. Asked Car Dealer 5 about the reviews we have on our AT website, they said they can transfer them.
  2. Which is the best website provider to go with other than AT Razor as I'm thinking of ditching them. Reason being the website also has price indicators.
  3. I was at BCA Bedford today, what vendors? There were alot of UKCG today.
  4. Happy New Year To All. Has AT caught on with getting rid of price indicators when you take the date of first registration out? I have a car which is about £600 above good price, I have taken the date of first reg out before and it worked, but now it don't seem to work, won't let you save the ad without the date. Anyone else had this?
  5. 16 for December. Which I am very happy with as I thought it was going to be a dead month. Sales included 1 bought about mid December by a father as a Christmas present to his daughter, 1 Christmas eve and 1 new years eve about 3.30pm.
  6. Try BBA Reman they may be able to help.
  7. Buy 5 to 10 at one time from BCA Bedford always transported. Buy odd ones from online they are driven.
  8. I would ask him to get the car back to you or you go there and get it and inspect it. He could be pulling a fast one. I would give his money back and sell it for more money Audi A3 sell. What size engine is it? Presume its petrol as it has a timing chain?
  9. If every car dealer who advertises on AT boycotts the price indicators, think AT will get the message that price indicators are not wanted. Or at least get rid of the high price which I have done so. Go into stock management and take out the year of registration, we have sold cars with no price indicators on them. It is December, thought it was going to be dire this month but I am very pleased that we have sold 7 this month so far. (Don't want to knock it)
  10. BCA partner finance seem to be keen to give stocking loans. I think they only fund stock bought from BCA.
  11. I've been through my emails can not find any emails regarding this. Will have to send them an email tomorrow. My package has been the same for years.
  12. Are Auto trader doing their offer this year double your listings for free, as no emails come yet from AT about this or is it too early for them to announce?