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  1. December Thread

    Sold my 4th today which puts me in the black.... Paid out AT today, plus a quarters rent+ Annual insurance, + VAT and the family bus insurance.....
  2. How Much To Fill A Discovery Tank (bet I win)

    About 15 years ago a sourced a A4 1.9 TDI for a relative, which Iwasgoing to deliver to Norfolk, I filled up in Exeter (misfuelled) and got as far as Taunton before it lit up like a Xmas tree and stopped. Got trailored to Taunton Audi who raped my wallet of £800 for the privilage.....
  3. Anyone up to speed on a 2005 BMW 6 series

    I’ve got that feeling, especially with my boys being 4 & 5.
  4. December Thread

    I was thinking, how many Tiguans 30k new, let alone used.....
  5. December Thread

    It’s Brexit detroying confidence andstability. On a cliff edge we are in the words of Yoda.....
  6. Refund

    This ^^^^^ Take control. Be polite, firm and fair.
  7. December Thread

  8. Auction buyers....

    What I do inmy video is exactly what they do over thetelephone.
  9. Auction buyers....

    No, all they do is walk round it doing a telephone appraisal to thepotential buyer, they do not guarantee anything. They’ll watch it start up when it’s just about to go through and describe what they can. They are then told to bid appropriately, anybid is put down to who they were bidding for
  10. December Thread

    In December 2016 I sold 18 cars. December 2017 = 16 cars. December 2018 only 3 so far...... Not looking good
  11. Cazana - "Top 20 Used Cars in 2018"

    I have to add, I maybe blunt but I'm right.
  12. Cazana - "Top 20 Used Cars in 2018"

    Who cares what Cazana says, ask the public who or whatCazana is andthey'll havea guess at maybe......a region on Mexico...etc etc. Completely unknown by the public, they are simply a non entity.....
  13. Taxing car for own use

    That's exactly my view
  14. Should I come Back to the Game?

    Welcome Beechwood, if you have previous experience then dip your toes, you'll have hardly any overheads and as long as you buy right there is good money to be made. My only advice would be to make sure you do the job right and make sure you cover your ass. I am of the opinion the CRA benefitsus more than the SOGA, but you just have to be completely transparent,qualify your billy and cover your ass. Good luck