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  1. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    That’s great, the walk ins though must have seen an advert, do you ask them ? I’m a bugger for forgetting to ask. Out of interest, what business use class is your unit ?
  2. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Which advertising mediums areworking Mark ?
  3. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Well done Mark, you deserve it
  4. New V5’s

    Not yet and didn’t know they were changing,what’s actually changed?
  5. Ageas insurance MID app?
  6. Welcome to the Car Dealer Magazine Forum

    Fed up with this “Bashar al-Assad” lookalike staring at me at top of the forum page. Spam from Bangladesh.
  7. Trader Newbie

    It’s where a lot of us started and learnt the ropes, nothing wrong with keeping it cheap for aslong as possible, as long as you do the job right and keep the neighbours sweet,then go for it Max. It sounds like you’ve got your head screwed on, good luck to you.
  8. Tradegirl loves na na na na xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. Stop realingme in... I’m still not sure if yoosea girlie or a bloke...
  10. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    He could of hired a transit LWB for the bi-annual fags and booze run.
  11. Facebook

    Sounds like good advice, especially if done overthe bonnet of the saidcar...
  12. is for sale

    Spam fritter lovely.....