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  1. Bang on.... and you better be bloody grateful aswell !
  2. Just be honest and tell them it’s done 200k more than the clock says.
  3. I’ll do it for £75 and a big thank you. I wonder if the fact it’s Sunday has anything to do with it?
  4. Like Isn’t that a step too far......
  5. That’s customers, just tell them you welcome any professional inspection, because your mechanic will tell you what a fab car it is
  6. Yes, Lawgistics booklets for 30 days.
  7. A stunner in leggings..... mmmmm Camel
  8. You don't see it very often because it's become highly collectable - I've witnessed someone nabbing some and going off with it in a plastic bag.
  9. I’ve pulled all my advertising, my website is blank and my phone is on aeroplane mode and I’ve still had two emails saying I know your own hols but wanting to buy when I’m back. Spose, I can’t complain One of them has even contacted CD5 to forward me an email..... is there no anonymity....
  10. I’ve never used them, but the general consensus is it’s rubbish...
  11. Are you talking Motors or Ebay Motors Pro ? They are two separate mediums?