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  1. Warranty for home trader

    James, can you explain whyA1 are way aboveLawgistics, what's the difference ?
  2. IBIN silver /goldfrom all over the country and alwaysincludedelivery, I don't collect. This ensures it drives at least onto the transporter and no wasted journeys for me, I've had a few which transport couldn't evenget started so you then get the call saying get onto Surecheck, which I play the game, wait penitently and they resolveremotely. I havealso had a few which have been driven down and self destructed on the way and been fully refunded. Delivery gives you a lot more assurances. I think I've only been to an auction once this year.... But, you can't do this as a newbie, you need years of experience to be able to even have a clue as to what you are doing buy online. You need the right foundations tobe able to make the right choices to buy from the right sellers in the first place.
  3. I test the car first to make sure there’s no horrible faults. You have to know ifit’s worth investing in, not point in MOTing it if your gonna be ripped by the tester.
  4. Yet Another Platform for Used Cars...

    I'm in, sounds like a great idea, how much money do you want And a two up two down cheap semi in a not so nicepart of Leeds......
  5. Petrol or Tar 'n or Glue remover?

    Now, I am not being boring......but....... if you wipe the said petrol rag over the said tar spots, leave for 10 mins and go back and wipe again it comes off very simply....otherwise a carpenters chisel and mallet suffices.....
  6. Alloy wheel colour

    LIKE But..... I think PINK on Pink would of clashed......
  7. I generally take it them out for 30minutes andream the asses off them. They then go in for an MOT, the PDI processis completed partially during my test, during the MOT and any subsequent repairs. Customer signs the Lawgistics PDI on collection confirming all ok....
  8. Alloy wheel colour

    Nik, is this one of yours........
  9. Cap black book

    Bang on
  10. Cap black book

    Retail back. Guides are just guides.
  11. Are Used Car Prices About To Collapse ?

    Having a great month......
  12. Petrol or Tar 'n or Glue remover?

    Tony. Super unleaded does it faster
  13. Petrol or Tar 'n or Glue remover?

    Petrol on a rag.
  14. Toyota Yaris MMT

    No no no Dave, don’t get him wrong. He’sanhonest and upfront,tax payingquality dealer from Bradford. I’m also out.