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  1. MOT before or after sale ?

  2. An incredible day....

    I'm already top end
  3. autotrader problems this morning

    Don't change something that isn't broken...
  4. court Mediation service Help

    Mysterious you is.... prey tell...
  5. An incredible day....

    Noa 1. Golf GT TDI £6390... Bought toretail 2. BMW 525d Touring £2990.... Bought toretail 3. 2006 Zafira £1790...PX to clear 4. 2004 C70 cab £2290.... PX to clear 5. 2007 Pug 207 £1490..... PX to clear
  6. An incredible day....

    I'vebeen working like a dog all week to get cars advertised (I'm well behind) my last car sold on the 15th (7 this month). With 10 advertised this morning Iv'e sold5 today, that'sthe most I have ever done in aday, I sold plenty of 4's in a day but 5 ! I've just halvedmy advertised stock from 10 to 5 in a day......... unbelievable....can't believe it..... Still got 12 in prep..... Whats your most memorable sales day ?
  7. MOT before or after sale ?

    Yep, I think that's where I was going with TS having issues....
  8. MOT before or after sale ?

    Always MOT prior to sale so I know exactly whereI stand with the car mechanically. I then incorporate the MOT, PDI, history, warranty bookletinto its video presentation. Thisinstills confidence into the mechanical preparation and condition of the car..... It really helps potential customers to make a remote buying decision, when you are upfront about the prep you've done to the car. Isn't there also an issue trading Standardswith advertising cars (prior) to checking its mechanical validity ? I could be very wrong.....
  9. MOT before or after sale ?

    Always MOT prior to sale so I know exactly where
  10. court Mediation service Help

    TV, was your last experience at court under the SOGA or CRA ? What happened?
  11. Recommended battery charger for under £100

    Yes of course, totally normal with a main Dealer PX, the vehicle registers take a while to be updated. Ican completely reassure you of the cars genuineness, please call me to discuss fully. Cheers Nick @ "guaranteed happy cars"
  12. Recommended battery charger for under £100

    Thanks Nickjust bought it.
  13. XC90 active vinyl seat tear - repair?

    I paid nearly £250 for bothfront seats last year on an Active, your guy is definitely cheap.
  14. Recommended battery charger for under £100

    Thanks Nick, I don't understand these new stylechargers....I'm used to the red square box type thingy's..... what is the pros / difference in these whizzy modern doesn't even look like a battery charger ?? I know, I'm showing my age.....
  15. I'm looking for a new battery charger, what can you recommend for under £100 or preferablyless than £50