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  1. I had a FB ongoing inquiry from Mel about my Freelander, I have asked her repeatedly to call me to discuss, no call...... The last question I got before the abuse was "whats the dif between and HSE and an XS" I simply told her / him / it to do their own research.... cretins
  2. I used to get the "lasta prica" continually via eBay, but for me eBay has now died. AT works.
  3. Run it into the ground the scrap it... makes perfect sense
  4. Best month of the year so far with 14 sold, two were petrol.
  5. Serious point this... I cannot remember the last time a jolly foreigner has rung or emailed asking this for a long time...... neither am I getting "will you take £xxxx"..... are they all now on PCP's.....
  6. DISCLAIMER..... Please don't attempt to read my post / advert, just cherry pick certain parts of it and then make huge assumptions about me..... You are not a moron TG, you've got balls.
  7. As a retailer you cannot sell a vehicle SAS, you cannot dissolve a consumers rights. You can however sell it as unfit for purpose, unroadworthy, untested, without a current MOT and only fit for parts or to be repaired. It must be trailored away and the billy must be fully aware and has signed / agreed in no uncertain terms
  8. Wise words, and if it wasn't broken when purchased it's down to expected wear n tear associated with a used car........ Billies need to understand this from the point of sale, its their responsibility to maintain the car, their expectations should be befitting to the vehicle they purchased and the price paid. Our responsibility is to make sure the car was fit for purpose, safe and as described at the point of sale. Substantiate this with documented proof etc which the customer signs on collection. Do your job right, be reasonable and fair. Treat customers how you would expect to be treated in the same situation, look at it from their side. If they are unreasonable, tell them straight, if you give an inch they'll take a mile... I quote, don't give an unreasonable moaner an ear.....
  9. We all do our best to look after our billies, but some are clearly deluded. At some point you have to tell them to jog on - do your worst... there is no reasoning with unreasonable.
  10. I’m not sure if that is correct.A Cat B bodyshell should be crushed however the parts can be resold. I agree, TG shouldn’t even be contemplating getting involved, leave it to the breakers.
  11. I’m not clever Cat B’s can’t go back in the road, no point even thinking about it......