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  1. Bye bye autotrader

    Big margins pop up and you reap the benefit, sometimes you wipe your face, sometimes you lose. Those boasting big profits with stocking loans must be deeply concerned ...
  2. Dodgy auction tactics

    Sparky, there are successful newbies buying online who haven't even visited an auction room, cars are a commodity. Buying remotely isthe future....
  3. Dodgy auction tactics

    If you get in with the auctioneers the gates open... They'll look after you, when they can.. Their hands are tide with unrealistic £'s GTB's (got to be's) and they know its fake. Just play the game, get the auctioneers on your side and reap the benefits, they will look after you.
  4. Dodgy auction tactics

    Bidding against the wall.... great post
  5. We all need this like a hole in the head

    Both our family vehicles are £520+ tax, anything less is crap.
  6. Like I couldn’t imagine dropping AT, theyattract the best quality customers. AT are the pinnacle, it’s the first port of call for the educated quality buyer. The quality of leads from FB are moronic in comparison. eBay bubble had burst and the others Autovulva etc etc are a waste of time. As long ad AT attract the billies I’ll keep paying them.
  7. Who is doing well?

    May and I repeat MAY is historically poor for me, the worst month of the year... I managed 6 in May, but done 7 this month so far.... Bought 9 over the weekend sogonna be busy I know, I'm joking.
  8. Who is doing well?

    they've upped my medication..... wow....are we not in July ????
  9. Who is doing well?

    Done more this month than the whole of June already......
  10. Part-time Trader

    No idea, too busy wheeler dealing
  11. Toyota Yaris MMT

    They clutch judder from new. Poorly designed, poorlymadeshite gearboxes
  12. Part-time Trader

    Only buy without a V5 if it’s dead cheap...
  13. Warranty Newbie

    Welcome JA. The lawgistics booklets are great value for money, they legitimize your business and are very flexible in what you want to cover.
  14. Warranty for home trader

    I suggestyou start a polite new post introducing yourself firstto this forum first before you expect us to help you. We are a community, not an information service.
  15. Warranty for home trader

    Bang on
  16. Warranty for home trader

    In addition to this, if you use the Lawgistics Drive Booklets like myselfit states very clearly anything related to "wear n tear" is excluded, this is a great tool because you are setting the foundations for realistic expectations.
  17. Who writes this durge?

    Crazies.... Loopy is as loopy does..... insane in the brain..... where's my medication...
  18. Who is doing well?

  19. FB Automotive

    Agreed, I originally signed up, then cancelled because only pieces of my adverts were showing. I do it myself now, takes a few minutes to upload an advert. Just one direct sale so far......
  20. Sold my last diesel

    There are no petrolcomparatives for quality diesels. Not everybody needs to transport themselves into central London
  21. Tail of Woe - Help Sought

    I looked at their feedback and not one neg for poor description, also with the Paypal guarantee they would be liable for return postage if misrepresented. No risk to the buyer.
  22. Tail of Woe - Help Sought

    The advert says it’s in perfect condition
  23. Tail of Woe - Help Sought

    The price is in the advert, £176 + £80 postage.