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  1. Whats it worth - 2001 Skoda Fabia estate auto

    be very lucky to get £595here, would i want to hear " its a bit high on miles mate " ? usp? auto ! but dont be giving warranties
  2. sick of

    because if they did the original manufacturer would claim they had been copied exact. heat guns your friend
  3. Santander News

  4. sick of

    sick of the coldnothings drying, cant feel me toes, 2 of my cars despite drying all day with fans blowing have mould on back seat, paint just laughs and drops on floor being outbid, might as well have xmas and jan off next year customers phoningup panicing management light has come on, you book em in and they dont turn up. buying batteries, theres a bloke on ebay selling recons £25 being blocked in have you got? can i borrow? can you just? and they wont give me a shot gun licence i dont know why what you sick of ?
  5. Cat D

    give it a full pdi, try and see why it was cat d, maybe phone the owner or send him a sae with request for info, put a full mot on it, advertise it as hpi shows cat d insurance claim some time in its past, DONT underprice it and the phone will ring, not being derogatory but there is a bum for every seat
  6. Trade plates

    its just a joke, were not clear how we can display them legally yet safely, theres no site where you can check if theyre indate, they are abused by even the most experienced, and customers always think they are "insurance plates " ?
  7. What do you do with complaints from customers?

    and at the bottom, where the customer signs it states "i have read and fully understand the terms of this contract" Ido my own receipts, years of experience has taught me how best to cover myself, example today, 17 year old, first car, father signed for it, 17 year old cant. judge picked up on my receipts, and questioned the claimant " why are you bringing a claim when you quite clearly have read the contract, signed the contract,and produced it in evidence in my court, yet not followed the terms of the contract ?"
  8. What do you do with complaints from customers?

    i use the words "whom to contact in first instance" followed by name address phone number. top of invoice.
  9. Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI CR DPF Black Edition DSG 5dr

    dsg = doesnt sell gary
  10. Newly part time Trader

  11. Customer reports problem - We can't find it

    no cars have cables anymore, none.
  12. Complaint LAMBDA sensor failure

    i know i know i know ! BUT, hes only had it 10days ! and whatever pdi sheet or quoting its mega miles or 11 year old will not stand up in the eyes of a judge, in my opinion the customer could quite rightly reject the car completely, and the seller can quote all day fault not present at time of sale, butits so easy on the seller because he doesnt have to prove anything, other than what hes already got in his hand, a piece of paper from a garage with a estimate, and probably a recommendation by the garage to not use the vehicle because it could cause further damage [ cat] its the job were in and thats it ! we need to be fair, not fall over, but be aware that it could turn funny, been there, got the scars, i think arfurs come across a very fair guy indeed and should consider himself lucky because theres some right ****s out there [customers]
  13. Customer reports problem - We can't find it

    nope, ive no idea what your on about dependant on set up, a clutch cable can get "damp" internally [ washed off] and freeze internally, press the clutch but it doesnt fully release, the springs in diaphragm let it off just enough but it slips, had this once, and didnt do it again till next -0c
  14. Someone's dropped a dime on my ass

    i repeat as per page 1 = an offence is committed on any land where the public has access. pay the fine, dont chip on your next sale, the customer always pays
  15. Complaint LAMBDA sensor failure

    Wear and tear ? hmmm? what about "fair" wear and tear? more appropriate i think on 11 days use ?