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  1. Buying and selling vehicles privately - not sure about tax?

    Buying and selling vehicles privately - not sure about tax? is a confusing title, are you selling cars in the course of a business? or privately ?
  2. Suns out & so are the A/C idiots

    correct ! and going a touch further, when a customer climbs into a car, and sees on the dash, a switch, then he will rightly assume, that it works, so, we, the seller, must inform the customer, either verbally, in writing on invoice, or in the pdi, whether it does, or does not, agreed, its impossible to check the hrw for example, but at the end of the day, we buy cars, we sell cars, we make profit in between by supplying a customer with a car that is fit for purpose, sorry, but i disagree,
  3. Unreasonable customer!

    quite reasonable request i think
  4. 2011 Corsa 1.4 SRI P0171

  5. MOT Changes

    its since 2014 that you cant tamper with a dpf, plus the fact if you sell a car with it "tampered" the driver/owner could be fined up to a grand, with all the follow on "oh i didnt know when i bought it " you cant check at the block if its been tampered with, thats just part n parcel of being a trader. as for not being allowed to remove it from test station "dangerous" then dont take a car for test without a pdi. doubt if there will be many who would dare say to a trader, you cant take it away BUT IT IS A RIGHT OPPORTUNITY FOR SOME OF THESE FAST FITS
  6. Complaint letter response

    very good, i see they sent a letter which arrived 3rd jan, so they have been spewing [ upset] over xmas, and decided to try and ruin your new year, swearword
  7. Customer wants to return the car in a week time

    you put the claimant to great suffering, the smoke was so bad the claimant is now on patches, therefore, you will hang by the neck until you are dead
  8. Check licences before test drives

    a suggestion to all, when on a test drive, and its always you first, you explain the switches as you drive, on swapover, you pull up, you remove the keys, you hold the door open for the driver, you walk round to the passenger seat, and you hand the driver the keys ! note= [if you've had to have battery pack on then make sure when you pull up, its on a hill] !
  9. MOT Changes

    youmisread the coming changes.
  10. Buyers who bring friends 'who know cars'

    nothing, you wont win, wipe your mouthand move on it happens every day all across the country, we've all been there, wanting to smack the "friend" right between the eyes, i usually find this "friend" knocks them on something mechanical, maybe he says clutch bites too high or theres a noise that nobody else can hear, the customers happy but the friend isn't, forget em move on, you will not win, and you wont hear from them again, because as you say, trusts friend more than "us". What normally happens is here you get angry when theyve gone, and on wednesday you sell the car and take a part ex on which you make more than the original car, the sales done in 15 mins, and you think hey! why did i loose my head on sunday with them shits !
  11. Wife robbed at Knifepoint

    hello , sorry to hear about this, no tracker i guess, although the police are supposed to inform hpi of vehicle theft, i would a, hpi it, see if it comes up as stolen and b, if it doesnt, phone them straightaway and tell them its stolen.
  12. Check licences before test drives

    wonder if the test drive passenger, ie, "salesperson" will also be fined for allowing the car to be used without insurance or road tax, as i cannot see any reason , other than car not showing on mid and not taxed as to why it was chased in first place
  13. Ebay Enquiries - Let 'em rip guys

    you can open a business account without a vat number, you wont get the same "style"advert for selling motors, but you will be running legal, so thatyour advert clearly states business seller and has a address, its the law of selling, its your trade, and you must clearly state this.
  14. Ebay Enquiries - Let 'em rip guys

    ebay enquires?genuine questions asked this week = ring me i am very interested keep it for me will be down saturday and ring friday to confirm [ tuesday] it says sold in your advert, is it sold ? i keep leaving you messages on your ebay so have had sent you this text, i need more pics of this car ! your customer service needs sorting !
  15. 2011 Corsa 1.4 SRI P0171

    check for air leaks split pipes to begin, does this thing have a maf ? does it have normal air filter ? [or k&n ] unplug the maf, take it for a drive, see if misfire goes [ this will put light on ]