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  1. New start up

    no............. your bloody door bell doesnt work
  2. hourly rates at garages

    now now arfur calm down
  3. Sticking stock

    i get upset after 4 week
  4. hourly rates at garages

    welcome worldboss , youve made some very valid points.
  5. New start up

    well thats your fault, dont mean to be hard here but it is your job to sell the car or find out why theyre not interested, if you dont do this then you will never know why the car isnt selling let me give you a example customer 1 comes, removes oil cap, milky, walks away. you clean the cap customer 2 comes,removes oil cap, clean, buys the car. youve wasted time, money and advertising by not finding out why the 1st customer walked.
  6. Any ideas?????

    incomplete combustion, check timing .
  7. world cup and heat wave trade - dead?

    latest latest latest over 50 percent of the country is racist ignorant and on benefit
  8. world cup and heat wave trade - dead?

    if you want to be told you cant have a hoover that sucks too much or a light bulb that burns too much leccy then so be it, i dont !
  9. world cup and heat wave trade - dead?

    we've got brexit, we've got diesel fright, we've got summer holidaysoh and probably a new prime minister by thursday, course its dead make sure your cars well prepared, keenly priced, and ready to go, oh, and pdi, because we dont want it "coming home, its coming home "
  10. Fiesta Issue

    A 2p coin fits if you cant get the core plug,dont use a 50p coin though, might have problems, bit of satin black and your away
  11. Back of the net

  12. FIAT 500 rear axle rot

    a repair by welding is mot fail, and dangerous .
  13. Advertise before all prep is completed

    no ive been bit too many times, very close to doing one recently as "its quiet" to get phone ringing, then i took it up road, my wheelbarrow drives better , so plenty to sort
  14. Multi-bike policies. who to use?

    78 a kettle ? just a wild guess
  15. Provisional Bids

    Best to confirm with the auction house and get the name of the person who advises you, everyone is different .