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  1. don't like to worry you but .................

    highly recommend https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bmbhzb/the-bank-that-almost-broke-britain rbs
  2. Do you think they knew?

    they've swapped the battery and not tightened the terminals up, try a jump pack and wiggle [waggle] leads
  3. Who pays for the collision during the test drive?

    I can think of a hundred reasons why i disagree with this, but will just mention two, a test drive is a demonstration of the product its in addition to what is wrote in the window or what you've told them, number 2 hope i am not going the other way when one of yourcars goes other way trade plate thrown in window and driver messing with radio it would be interesting and beneficial if you worked out what percentage of test drivers actually leads to a sale .
  4. don't like to worry you but .................

    there's another recession coming
  5. Who pays for the collision during the test drive?

    i avoid the customer test driving the car the very best i can, tell you this, they dont know the area, they dont know the car, they like to brake hard [ just testing brakes mate] they have no idea of the speed limits, my very best advice, over 25s only, even if your policy says over 21, always but always accompanied, be on your toes at all times, AND be aware of theft, if they do get to talk you into them driving, you drive first, you explain the controls, on swap over, you remove the keys, you hold open the drivers door so customer gets in, you then get in passenger side, and THEN you hand them the keys, one of the very best ways to avoid customer driving is not to go back to base on the same road, as in, go rouind in a circle, all left or right turns if you see what i mean, this way your back at base before customer realises, then you say "oh sorry, you wanted a drive didn't you ? i got a bit carried away talking to you, sorry" and i can guarantee 9 out of ten will say, thats okay, seems good anyway, as you've already demonstrated the car good to them, you've told them clutch is halfway, brakes are at top, you've demonstrated it doesn't "pull" either way. This way youve avoided any bumps, and youve avoided a stain on seat
  6. 1000 sq ft unit

    put a 2 poster ramp in the corner [quite cheap nowadays] and you can put 2 in one space and use it for pdi assuming you have head height, 240v
  7. Oddest faults

    nothing to do with car ? i am puzzled
  8. Parking fine for car in trade.

    Can you squeeze meInto an empty page of your diary Really busy Busy clippers Oh, hairdresser on fire All around Sloane Square And you're just too busy To see me Busy clippers Oh, hairdresser on fire
  9. Parking fine for car in trade.

    seriously ?
  10. October

    unbelievable isnt it ? i get this, i point them to bottom of advert that theyre reading while on there phone and i say, see, it says trade ? and not uncommonly the phone goes down now i always think that either a, they trying to lower the price on a private punter so they can resell it themselves, or, b, they think all traders are rip off merchants, well, good luck to them
  11. Christmas trade?

    if you need a car, december or june, you need a car ! i dont open up between xmas and new year, too many bored tyrekickers about, phone only, and only if they explain theyre desperate to view/need. if memory serves me right pre xmas took a 2 or 3depos last year, in no rush was collecting in new year so that was something to look forward in new year. Warning, folk get this idea over xmas that theyre going to trade a few in the new year [ "i used to do this job"] and turn up at the block jan, they have the parkers guide, and inflate prices, by the end of feb theyve found out paint doesnt dry, mechanics are bloody frozen and dont rush jobs, cars dont dry out, phone hasnt rung because there adverts all wrong, they've not fully worked out how much they've actually got IN a car, so by april its "i used to do this job" [ no you didnt mate] . but as i said, if you need a car, you need a car, and if they phone me and they dont to me seem keen, they may phone you and you may take there money
  12. FORD ECO

    overheating [and apparently they do this within seconds] when the pipe fails doesnt show on dashboard, head cracks and the water directs into exhaust port and from what i can work out on the 1.6 the head cracks on a oil feed , thats what the fire is.
  13. Faulty part exchanges

    thanks for the reply question to other members, your asking for " court location and case number " you cant view the details can you [ small claim's] ?
  14. Faulty part exchanges

    well done, i would like to ask a few questions if i could, did the other party attend court, did they enter a defence, and most importantlyhave they paid , thanks, any further info you could give would be great
  15. Refunding a customer

    interesting yes because ive just seen this on that there google= Payments through an agent or third party It's not unusual for a business taking payment to be acting as an agent for the actual supplier. In this circumstance, Section 75 may not apply and you may not be able to claim against the credit card provider. This is because the card provider may argue that as payment wasn't made directly to the supplier of the goods or service, Section 75 doesn't apply. So where possible, make any credit card payment direct to the company actually supplying the goods or services.