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  1. Nice to see the Easter holidays have kicked in...

    over 25 only need to see licence forms to fill before test drive and if all else fails, temporarily loose the keys
  2. No one ever reads the adds at all EVER

    have you still got car ? yes what will you take ? price is advertised where are you ? in bed, but the cars location is next to the advertised price
  3. Claim cost of insurance increase from third party insurer?

    if you have "legal protection" ask them, you may have this with house insurance for example, its what you paid for
  4. 2003 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec SE MOT Emissions High

    can you post up all 4 figures ? co high and hc high would indicate a faulty cts ? vacum leak ? i also note on the "failure" = Exhaust noise is clearly in excess of that emitted by a similar vehicle fitted with a standard silencer in average condition and you say "sons" car, and lamda was loose, has said boy, i refer you to heat sheild missing, removed the internals ofsaid cat ? [ your honour ]
  5. Interior grab handle snapped!

    sorry but got to laughyour not alone, i once had a bonnet fall off on a old fiesta, hinges snapped, they were a poor design, very similar to gate hinges [ crap] i tried to convince customer that shows how reliable they are, previous owner never had to lift bonnet it didn't work
  6. Royal Mail vans service history

    i sometimes go to meet my postman in the yard, he drives a combo, handbrakes in roof lining, tyres are 2mm, rims are well bent, and the engine is a grenade with pin out, not serviced properly where i work from
  7. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    busy sales last week dead sales this week jobs booked in not turned up [service / mot ] good job i am a millionaire
  8. Farcical Court Case!

    they will need proof of repair, you will be of course claiming, [and letting the defendant know if they go ahead] costs, i don't think they will claim , i hope, keep us to date please, and thanks for posting this .
  9. Unit Size

    its not the size, its the location, and then finding a drive in, then finding "no motor trade" then the security, then the neighbours, then the lease, it just goes on
  10. Recovery of a vehicle under the Consumer Rights Act

    yes, its quite simple, and quoted in many trading standards "help" forms . justina, its quite simple , on the sales invoice simply state who to contact in the first instance eg = jo bloggs car sales 078965432 to be contacted in any instance. they sign that they have agreed to the terms on the invoice, obviously not taking away there rights, thats a unfair contract, i tell them straight, READ, DIGEST, SIGN, it states on my invoice if your not happy with the conditions, do not sign, do not buy the vehicle
  11. Consumer rights - valid reason for rejecting a car within 30 days

    shock horror newsflash "lady opens a bonnet"
  12. Expecting retail money back OMG

    in my local pub it was suggested that i put i a card up on the "contacts" board, i disagreed strongly, and, not one customer could work out why, i told them i do not mix business with pleasure, and would not sell a single car to anyone there, i was greeted by shock, and the general consensus that then my cars must be poor quality although they wouldnt say so, the majority of these people who were listening actually work for someone, and could not see a problem in me being approached after a few drinks and being reminded that 6 month ago i sold them a car that now had a "problem". two people agreed with me, and they both work for themselves a friend in need is a pest arthur daley 1979
  13. Ten Year Old Vehicle Main Dealer Health Check

    235/60/18 103 VNew:Continental 235/60/18 103 V Cost£60.00 Wheel AlignmentRecommend full 4 wheel alignment. Cost£104.16 Glass/Mirrors/Door Locksoffside front door strap broken Cost£650.40 Water/Oil/Fluid LeaksRadiator leaking Cost£601.20 Power Steering FluidPower steering pump leaking Cost£15.48 Mandatory Lights Rear (external)nearside rear upper/inner sidelight bulb blown Cost£285.60 Front Suspensionplay in offside inner steering rack arm Cost£251.28 Front SuspensionO/S/F lower arm bushes worn N/S/F lower arm bushes worn Cost£89.52 Miscellaneousfront gearbox stabilizer deteriorated --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- get the name of the person who did this check, ask for him to ring you with about impending court case, advise him that you will ask the court for him to appear to substantiate this claim, advise him his best course of action is for the company he works for that the safety check picked out items that were consistent with the cars age and mileage, remind him the car has recently passed a mot and ask what his qualifications are, if "reception" wont put you through, tell them you are coming down with recording equipment unless they contact you in 24 hours with a explanation as to why, as a example they want £600+ for a power steering pump that is merely damp not leaking after 150k+ miles, you want the company to say that this check had picked out items consistent with the age and mileage of the vehicle .