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  1. Trade plate receipt

    wehave been invited to a party they're having this year, it's in a brewery end of march when they cashed my cheque last year...............
  2. Expected to see thread about No Brexit Deal

    quantitative easing has put up the property prices, what is THE REAL VALUE ? 20% less? they did say property prices would drop . how cheap is a cheap car ? we might have ration books probably another stoopid scrappage scheme
  3. Deposits refundable or not?

    a deposit is a contract end of a contract to pay the balance on the agreed date
  4. Fair Wear n Tear..... How do you define it ?

    Does a car that's 50% cheaper than new mean its 50% worn out ? no it doesn't, does a car that's 50% of original price mean that some ofits components are worn out, no it doesn't ! At 50% of original price the car will have got daily gradual deprecation, this would be acceptable depreciation considered acceptable by a fair thinking person BUT this 50% could be as low as 10% of original selling price, and , if retailing, should still only show gradual daily depreciation , that is why wehave such vague laws in retailing used cars, and the last word comes down to a judge what he considers fair wear and tear.
  5. Strange BMW fault

    a is for apple
  6. Pet hates...What really bugs you....

    "we are just looking at the minute, can i use your toilet ?" me = have you seen trainspotting ? "yes, we have, doesn't matter then" TRUE STORY!
  7. Buying Advice on Stock Under 5 Grand

    pinto transit on the motorway, inside screen kept freezing, spraying de icer INSIDE to see ahead, then the sleet got on the ht leads, and i spluttered onto hard shoulder, no wd40, so, not wanting to turn it off [ to wipe leads] in case it didn't start again, i sprayed the leads with de icer, the resultant fireball dried the leads, and i continued my journey [note, do NOT spray de icer onto ht].. the york diesel had a single glow filament in the inlet manifold, idea being that it warmed the air going in, it didnt work ! Them lads in the 3rd lane in there sprinters dont know how lucky they are
  8. Pet hates...What really bugs you....

    "glitter" its the new "dog hair" but harder to shift
  9. Pet hates...What really bugs you....

    it was owned by a elderly person, when they went to the shop, they came back in reverse
  10. new year revolutions ?

    Revolutionsget it ? no, nevermind ! buy more cars ? buy less cars ? drink less/more ? retire? be harder? cut down on your carrier bag use ? only half fill washer bottles thereby saving 3.5p per top up realising a saving of £43 at year end put £5 in on cars going out rather £10? whatever your revolutions, have a excellent new year chaps
  11. Refunding customer

    re my previous post page 3 ? he has already refused to pay hearing fee of £170 / struck out/ reapplied / struck out... He paid £115 to start the original claim...... If hes not paid the hearing fee then we quite clearly take for granted hes not receiving help with the fees. SO He has increased the size of the claim [ £3700] To start the the claim will now be £205 the hearing fee will be £335 do you really think he will go ahead ? because i do not, and he is telling you this by "text" on a sunday morning ? mans a fool
  12. Evans Halshaw do make me laugh...

    whos' running the shop ? obviously no one ! unbelievable !
  13. selling car to family

  14. Comparing two sites: Unit vs Roadside

    i constantly [ just like most other traders on here] battle to get over to my customers, that, unlike "people" who "try there luck" at car sales, i , do not. its taken me over a hour today with just one customer to get over to them that i don't " just try my luck" at car sales, sorry but you boil my piss.................. so why anyone's offering advice is beyond me , sorry lads
  15. Your favourite toy / project car

    shame that, you could have sold it as a "exceedingly good runner "