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  1. Electric Cars

    So, these charging points, where are they in my village ? where are they going to be in that block of flats, no drive roadside houses etc ? bit of work to be done yet i think ! wood pellets drivepower stations, wood all the way from germany / usa, joke ! Onto chargers, this is from gov website = The chargepoint must have appropriate security measures to ensure that its functions are resilient to cyber-attack. The chargepoint must ensure that any communications are exchanged in a secure manner with an appropriate level of encryption to prevent interception by an un-authorised third party. So if you can hack the chargers, you stop the country in 1 day flat ! joke ! and the chargers, fitted by "suppliers" are only guaranteed 3 years so you must add this "cost" after 3 years, you can onlyuse a contractor registered through the Highways and Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS). seems like a job to be in maybe ?
  2. Dodgy auction tactics

    I used to put a LOT of cars through the auction, all sensible reserves, many no reserve [ under a certain price house rules are no reserve] always balanced out at the end of the week or the auction would see me right, one particular example, never forget it, third week through the hall, i had already reduced the reserve to create auctioneer interest [ it shows on entry form], it once again failed to meet my reserve, after getting promising bids and auctioneer looked at me when it was driving out, i announced to the auctioneer, "sell the dam thing " and he said, over the microphone !" i would sell the bloody thing if i had a bid " i felt one foot tall
  3. Electric Cars

    So to meet this "zero emmisions" we are advised to = "eat less meat" "fly less often" oh, and cut down on waste like single use coffee cups, how about doing something a bit nearer home like cutting on back on the essential need of food banks, child poverty and increase policing, we led the way with the industrial revolution, yet we now have no [nearly] no steel industry, country was built on coal, now we have to import it, and now the british broadcasting cockroaches are acting like [deleted] by asking to prove your getting means tested benefits to get a licence [ over 75] . We have a shitty government that will not turn round and say when china and poland [etc] stop throwing shite up in air then we will, and not until. and it looks like were getting boris ! shoot me !
  4. Warranty Newbie

    Do not "sell" warranties unless your fca approved, you give warranties as a consequence of a sale, the cost will be hidden in the purchase price, if you "sell" warranties, as in warranting a car that you haven't sold, is similar to selling insurance [which is what it is] and you need to be approved. "standard with every purchase" ? no! you should assess the car and the customer, car might be a bit evil or old or over mileage, customer might be a bit evil or old or over enthusiastic !
  5. Who is doing well?

    When you have ford closing the wales depot, [ ford edge removed from sale in uk yesterday ] vauxhall announced yesterday £4000 scrappage scheme [conditions apply] and no prime minister from friday, hardly suprising customers are being very careful
  6. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    This, [and the where do you get them from then ?] on the phone, i refer them to the bit where it says "trade seller" in the advert, the "how long have you ad it " is easily answered by well obviously not long because i am a trade seller, it's my job, my business, i am a trade seller
  7. Fiesta 2009 3dr seat wont move forward

    If you find a pound its mine
  8. Main dealer trying to pinch my business [there's a novelty ! ]

  9. Just had a call from one of my customers, he has had a letter from main dealer, his mot is due and he can book it online at evans halshaw, he is concernedthat they are asking to do it , he is not the brightest light out there, i explained to him, because your car went in for a recall 2 month ago, they have all your details on database, and they are fishing for your custom [ every car i sell i offer to service and mot next year, at a fixed price] . Had to explain, anyone can service , mot it, they are just fishing for business. [ my business ! ].
  10. Autotrader shares

    sadiq khan is mr whippy ! dont go on mr whippys turf
  11. Lawgistics Warranty

    excellent !i keep telling someon here , a warranty is a addition to there rights !
  12. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    buys the battery
  13. court Mediation service Help

    do we have a update ? pm me if you wish
  14. Business Slow?

    Business Slow? slow ?ha ! handbrakes on here, like pulling teeth keep laughing though, don't let em get to you. [ i once got sacked for laughing, mind you, i was driving a hearse at the time ]
  15. Another fun valuation

    mk2 !