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  1. I remember there was a dealer who offered free videos with every car in the dim and distant, that is the machines, not tape i have tried krooklocks, alarms, free mot for life [ the cost of mot, returned to me, i took it for mot, they normally failed ] but top n bottom is now i just say, no gimmicks here, just service and quality
  2. grey is unburnt fuel, start with a oil and filter change, correct oil mind you, someone may have put incorrect grade in previously.
  3. Madness, it is a sales opportunity, might be just me, but most of my sales are completed on the test drive accompanied, do you like it ? yes is it for you? yes that noise on braking is just slight rust on discs, do you understand? yes this switch does this yes this car comes with our warranty, basically covers everything except bulbs and fair wear, is that okay ? yes is it cash did you say? yes are you having it ? YES
  4. "The new way to buy a used car has almost arrived." its not new, it does not work, many have tried, guess why they failed ?
  5. I have never known this situation ? have you double checked the vin matches the reg ? i would also double check the vin numbers on the car for tampering, at a guess i would suggest its got a twin when we had the local dvla offices and there was a situation like this they would send somebody out, not that they were any good at there job, she asked me where the vin number was The other week i applied for one with a £25 cheque, got a 2nd class letter returning cheque saying there was a mistake on it [ and i have studied and studied it, cant fault it ] unusually they did not return the v62 application with it [ they normally do] just said return the letter with another cheque, which i did same day, first class, log book came next day , which was a bit strange to say the least, if i had held out till next day, i would be £25 up, dvla, never ever rely on them, never assume they know what theyre doing, and always if its important send it recorded .
  6. Sorry but i just do not understand this post at all why does dvla want registered owners name and address off you when it is already on there system ? i am taking it that you have applied for the log book, and are wanting to tax it to smoke round in ? then the v5 should arrive in 6 weeks.
  7. could this be dean MARK talbot ? are you claiming through your insurance for the stolen car ? has the identity been swapped on the car ? you need to find out sharpish how much this "innocent purchaser" paid for the car, because if he claims he paid well below book , then a judge will assume he knew the car was "hot" and return the car to you. if he claims he paid the going rate then you maybe in for a struggle. i would, if the insurance is not involved, engage a solicitor straightaway to fight your corner , all the best. He hasn't. what, and pay twice ?
  8. That could lead to all kinds of problems, seller has agreed to supply [invoice] buyer has agreed to buy [ invoice] , no special terms on invoice re collection, car is paid for, buyer could sue for not supplying as per contract, and seek compensation, let this be a reminder for us all ! invoice should have collection date on it and customers attention drawn to it, [ mine has ] you ask the customer when they are collecting it so why not get them to sign for it
  9. in reference to the ex326, if you could kindly let us know, if you apply, how you got along with it, may help someone in the future, thankyou.
  10. application to vary a judgement = £50 form n245 available online read = i cannot pay the judgement ex326 form, again, available online they would do it to you so do it to them, but do,nt hang about