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  1. might not be as the thread is 5 year old
  2. How many times do you hear, " i am sick of looking at other cars, and this is the best, i should have come here first " because i get it, and then i explain exactly why my car is allegedly ten bob dearer. bang on exactly, and this is where you explain your business and the merits for buying from you, i have just this minute replied to a message from a punter where we have actually spoke earlier , he has viewed [ and i dam well know he has been looking all day at cheaper] my car and he is asking if i can put it on his drive xmas eve, of course i can !
  3. Quite surprised here at these posts, the reason why you got the v5c in such short time is because the previous owner had informed dvla that they no longer owned the vehicle, quite often, they do not do this, they can "expect" the "motor trader" to sort all this out when they part exchange, they can simply hand over the complete log book to new keeper, who then can "loose" it or they simply dont read the v5 when selling / exchanging there vehicle, it can take 6 weeks [ i shouldn't have to explain this] because dvla have to ask the previous owner if they have sold the vehicle, by 2 nd class post by the way. It is called "being in trade" . There WAS away round this, it has been removed, by the dvla, i have not mentioned this on here before because i am in the middle of a super complaint enquiry with dvla, if the magazine wishes to get involved in this and want a good story then please message me, i can only add, until further notice, that, [for the benefit of car dealer magazine] this move by dvla has introduced a even bigger financial burden on the motor trade that is already suffering great hardship, thankyou.
  4. It is ultimately the customer that controls the market, they're not daft nowadays, not autotrader, the customer can look past this bollox, good luck
  5. Correct, and some customers will say there insurance covers other cars, it does'nt, because there will be no insurance on the car that they are test driving, if they don,t insure it "till they get home" after purchase, i tend not to get involved if i can help it other than, if your local, i will deliver it, a common thing amongst many car dealers i reckon this "i will insure it when i get home " ?
  6. Thank fek thats all over lets hope we now have stability coming back, people will now be not so unsure of whether to spend there money with us and we will all have a great xmas !
  7. not knocking the garage at all, just questioning the reference to the rac on the invoice
  8. No, when he came back with more issues I asked him to have an independent RAC report done on the car. (So it was less likely to be a £20 to a mate jobby). Thats the report (plus he had a quote done for good measure.) this doesnt add up, if you look up rac approved garages, this garage is not rac approved, according to rac website, and the garages website is not advertising as being rac approved ? what is this advisory ?
  9. yes, a vehicle can be recorded many times during its life.
  10. correct me here lads ? re invoice page 1 ? £552 plus vat for timing chain kit ! a chain, a tensioner and 1 / 2 ? guides ? i always look a bit deeper me, had it a week and garage decided to charge him £550 for work not required ? not being funny here but does the guy come across as being easily led/ frightened ? i personally would make a appointment with the guy, borrow a cheap code reader, visit the vehicle, read/delete the codes [if theyve not already been deleted] take it for a drive see if light pops back up [ i would tell the guy your reason for visit but not tell him your reading codes till you get there and that your bringing YOUR mechanic with you for a second opinion, but just go on your own] he cannot refuse you. if light comes back on and it sounds like a overloaded cement mixer [ no pun intended] then fair do, if not, and let me be very clear on this, then any slight rattle is consistent with age and mileage, and no claim will be considered at all, you were quite happy to deliver the car 100 miles so i would definitely do the same again, i, personally think he is using this to his advantage [distance] and the garage are quite happy to cover there arse by doing there job, might be even tempted if you cant borrow a £20 code reader to buy one, let us know.
  11. From what i am reading, being a cat s in this circumstance is actually a help not a hindrance !
  12. vote for me I will by 2021 ensure that every car dealer gets a free windyman I will double the staff at dvla ensuring the phone is answered in 1 minute I will disband the small claims, it is just a burden on our businesses I will introduce carxit, for every car "exiting" your business [sold] you will receive tax free £1000 bonus, carxit. I will bring autotrader into government ownership, guaranteeing no one pays more than £3 per advert. what else would you like ?