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  1. Tools of the trade

    Hi Brunswick how many minutes use do you get from one battery?
  2. Any bidders for Katie Price's old Suzuki vitara? Should have a good margin in it. Item no.254073076749
  3. (No longer) Looking for a Partner

    Drugs, prostitutes, and alcohol, with a bit of gambling.
  4. Trustworthy Motor Trade insurance

    This is my insurance policy regarding Mid.
  5. Trustworthy Motor Trade insurance

    I'm with Covea only because they were £450 cheaper than anywhere else. Someone put in a claim against me, side swiped my car when I was stationary, reason why I didn't want to claim, because the damage to my stock car was so minimal I polished it out by hand. Covea tried to pressure me with a letter to admit liability, I told them to jog on. They have set a reserve of £14000, because the 4 people in the other car are all claiming soft tissue injuries. Happened in April and It's still ongoing now. Claim management guy came round for 2 hours to take a statement, check drivers licence with DVLA and take copies of V5, purchase invoices, sales receipts, advertising, etc then after all that I get emails/letters from Covea asking for proof that I'm a car dealer. Dash cam is key, wish I had it at the time would have put this to bed ages ago, insurance gone up £400, no claims gone down by 2 years.
  6. 30 day right to reject - Lawgistics clarity

    Did you watch Judge Rinder earlier then(can't stand the man) ..... When the lying Couple took a car dealer there over a shitty £700 banger. They had 4 months use of the car, even drove from Liverpool to Wales, "that's not far" judge Rinder shouted. Anyway the car had a water leak, they took it to independent garage got it repaired, then few weeks later car broke down, and an independent report found 6 Inch hole in engine block, and many nuts & bolts missing, car deemed unsafe and only good for scrap. Judge ruled in their favour £700 full refund, plus £250 for repairs they paid for the car, even though they didn't give dealer a chance to look at the car. The smug look on their faces after. Now I know it's only Judge Rinder and for entertainment, but there are many judges like him (who know F all about the used car business) and the majority will completely dismiss car dealers and side with the consumer regardless of facts. So your not wrong trade vet.
  7. Scratch Repair

    I should of clarified for occasional use with a twin mask like I use will be fine, if your in a spray booth everyday then yes air fed is the way. 1k acrylic paint is just at bad. We all use health, beauty, cleaning products, and stand in an auction hall without a mask, yet they can trigger asthma and all sorts of problems.
  8. Scratch Repair

    Just put a twin mask on, and disposable overall on you'll be fine, could cause skin irritation or asthma(and that's being expose to it many years) but then again so can many other things we use in daily life, have you seen half the Shit the put/spray on our food and drinks nowadays, and as for the fumes the lads breathe in at auctions everday.
  9. Scratch Repair

  10. Scratch Repair

    What blue plastic blade is that? If you don't mind me asking
  11. Scratch Repair

    Thought the heat gun was only good for drying primer and sometimes base coat, was going to invest in a heat lamp. But will just try the heat gun now.
  12. Scratch Repair

    You have up to 24 hours to use it once activated.
  13. Scratch Repair

    Pro xl 2k lacquer, I've used with excellent results, obviously expect orange peel as low pressure, but nothing a cut and buff couldn't sort out. 1k paint dries, 2k hardens/cures, so heat gun wood be pointless for clearcoat you would need a short wave heat lamp which would cure paint in 15-20 minutes, or just leave it to harden over a few days depending on weather. Also heard spraymax is quite good as well, but pricey.
  14. Numatic Hoovers

    Trade plan TFR from Halfords any good?