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  1. That will be 93 buyers, after antokid buys from them. I'm surprised these guys haven't had a stress related heart attack.
  2. carswithnoreservereading buy high mileage and v cars from bca, auction them off on ebay. Cars are not prepped and a lot of them are shite.
  3. Google sticky stuff remover, to help remove foam number plate tabs, may work.
  4. No. Applying for the V5 is the same as Cat N. Although if its a cat S you don't have to pay the £25 fee.
  5. Yes it was my question. Lots of spam on here lately.
  6. I'm sure if I visit sunny Scotland, it will be sitting outside your workshop :))
  7. Top spec!
  8. 100% have and will never sell anything to them. if I did I'll assume I'd be losing way to much money, for what they'd offer.
  9. Hi guys, as per title, I need to transfer a car I've had in trade for 6 months to my personal name. Can I back date this to 6 months ago? If so is it better to send the V5 off or do it online and say i've sold the car to myself. I know its been discussed before but can't find the thread. Car has been taxed since I bought it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Brunswick how many minutes use do you get from one battery?
  11. Any bidders for Katie Price's old Suzuki vitara? Should have a good margin in it. Item no. 254073076749
  12. Drugs, prostitutes, and alcohol, with a bit of gambling.
  13. This is my insurance policy regarding Mid.