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  1. Depends on the turnover you can provide them with , how long you been in business? , Where your premises are at? . Selling from home could be a problem , if they see only a few cars that also could be a problem , haven't got any signs up outside your business that's a problem . Then it depends on the type of terminal you want too . Roaming mobile , internet based , wired in,all have differing costs from £15 / £35 a month Ring round a few and see where the land lies in your area and what the rules are would be my advice . No one company fits all situations .
  2. Silly modern day daft need a cuddle comment is this one . CAN YOU IMAGINE THE FFING FEES IF THEY HAD TO WARRANT CARS OMG
  3. Casper the A4 Actually booked at £1,900 Clean on CAP , £1,450 0n Autotrader Bag of shite it was Casper , I thought the daughter was being very GENUINE Indeed
  4. Be some difficult times ahead for these loons 14 day return , love it or return it wow , think i might have one for the long trips , day 13 back it goes , Didn't love pal
  5. Good honest previous Joe public car owner Hey , " Don't you just love them " The public 70% of the time have another agenda for PX ing their beloved well cared for family pet that we are oh sorry to see go Then have audacity to ask if everything works on their new proposed purchase My daughter had a guy yesterday on a TT , Can i see its advertised history? , is it genuine ?, is it FULL Audi , have you verified it ? Then goes on the present her with an A4 Diesel thats lumpy on tick over Needed new front discs 10,000 miles ago 117,000 miles and NO history told her it had a long life cambelt on , they all have lumpy tickovers cos its diesel , and he wants £5k for it She said sell it yourself and come back "whats your your offer he shouts back,,,,, £250 at best she returned " Sorry I have no idea about Yaris fuel flaps
  6. I love those sort of money multiplications Man after my own thinking
  7. Bought one to me last week with NO MOT on it , the driver had no idea , Good luck with Nottingham
  8. Say that again , some of the prices yesterday were eye watering . Did you also know BCA / WBAC actively go through the adverts looking for private cars to buy , they have dedicated staff to do the job and trawl the country .
  9. I'm certainly not reliant on trade with the EU , But i remember when two friends lost their trawlers after the EU stole their fishing grounds , one committed suicide actually his losses were so high , We lost touch with great traders after we joined the Common mkt and wasn't allowed to trade with them, after that it got worse . So trading deals works both ways in my view and i have never liked the close shop EU way . Regards my customers and yours , My view again is there will be customers in abundance when we get Britain back under our control again and stop the EU taking our factories and work out of this country , Plenty of British people would like the work I bet and that's were all our customers are , give people the work and pay them " they will spend it if they have it in their pockets " that money is no good for Britain if its in a Dutch/French/Polish/ workers pocket . We cant pay them if we don't make things , That's were my customers are . Regard trading with the EU , what on gods earth makes people think the EU farmers , Car Makers , Wine cheese and anything else trades wont want to trade with us after we leave , we want Britain back not build a bloody wall , we like our EU friends , its not war . We just need control back . watch others leave when we go . I for one don't believe a down turn is heading our way , but we need out before we lose anything else , to make it work , or we will get the euro , and a bunch of rules and they will bleed us dry doing it .
  10. The economy is heading up not down isn't it ,making our own choices will be the benefit not the disaster but that's brexit and its also very British . Every business that goes to the wall has done something wrong THEMSELVES not Brexit , Not the lack of trade , not the so called lack of customers . They actually stretched their business with too heavy a loans , Stock funded , overdrafts , finance loans , 2nd mortgages and the rest they get up to . Looks good , even great on paper but they just push too FAR . They forget that a loan is there in principle to making money to invest BACK in the business not spend on houses, holidays, and whatever else . So those that choose this way to achieve the business are their own regression in the making if they don't control it , some lots don't . I feel for those who go under for genuine reasons , but the high flying loan mad junkies that go bust , " good riddance i say " I was taught the hard way , sell invest , sell invest , slower i admit& harder oh it is , but when it gets going and the takings are yours as well as the profits its a nice feeling as many of you old school traders will agree with .
  11. Agree with your thoughts all the way .
  12. You wont catch me buying an electric bike there's a camper van place next door and hes got one , Spezialised I think its called ,£7,000 its cost he said , I pinch it for fetching milk and take it in the shop too