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  1. I'll never put you down Marian , find a job you enjoy and you will never work again . I always treat work as a giant hobby Hi Casper Yes my son is a fully trained tech , nothing phases him daughter is like me born to sell . Moments lol, we actually get on well . Reason is we run two firms , Me and Son , then me and Daughter , They get on very well but have their own firms . Simples
  2. You cant head for 10% in this job Marion , 5k car with 10% mark up wont pay the bills . , Advert bills , Mechanical work , Cleaning , Fuel to fetch it and test it , Insurance bills, that's just while your part time . Full time then the bills multiply quite considerably . VAT , Rent , Power , Services for the cars , MOT's , Repairs , Accountancy , Bank charges , and lots more . Then you will have more than 10% in costs to sell the car , There's no shame in profit when your working for yourself , Don't let this phase you though Marion , I made my daughter do it the hard way , Started with a £1,000 C2 , 1 earned a profit , then 1 became 2 , became 3 and so on and now shes into a 200k stock value and makes a good living that makes your Gas work look like a Saturday wage , I'm a cruel old fashioned type though . Get on with it , dont let anything get in your way and remember PROFIT is the key , don't be shy to hold your hand out and take the money because you will be working hard for it .
  3. Karcher is great , Puzzi model Powerful and weve had one 10 years , bit like triggers broom , new pipe , new switch , looks like its a battered mess now but its cleaned 1,000's of seats and carpets . Warm solution of Brisk low foam from autosmart , never failed to clean anything yet . When the motor packs up I'll be having another .
  4. Paid £18,800 and trying to sell it at £18,950 wow £150 well earned pounds . Lets see , role play !!!! I'm a customer in the mkt for a A3 and theres two on sale , one at your house and one at AUDI . Bet you can guess where I've gone Unless you live in 20 acres of manicured grounds with a Manor house in the middle , try a smaller cheaper stock range and don't try competing with main dealers for £150 omg I cant believe that amount of money being laid out for £150 , that figure gives me the shakes , Need a coffee and sit down Last thing i only earned £150 on didn't work when i took it in free for px and didn't work when i sold it for £150 within the hour .
  5. Sounds like you were a greengrocer too in a different life
  6. Told me about the history Twice over , Told me how cheap it is , But haven't told me about the car Heated seats ? Ipod , AUX , Sat Nav , Any extras ? heated seats, Tel Connection , Climate , electric seats , , Spare wheel , Two Keys , ISOFIX Points , Air bags " remember its a Volvo " Tell me about how it drives , tyre tread , MOT expiry , last service date , Then take new pics , chrome looks tired on grille , Driver seat looks marked , paint looks like it requires a polish , tyres need cleaning and tyre gloss . Oh and its too cheap as well
  7. Had one in this morning , Come 50 miles on a £13,795 car . Loved what he saw, got a 05 knackered BMW 320d sport px part service history 184,000 miles and well used shall we say regards body work and interior Wanted £2,000 , silly boy Then offered me £10k for my car , silly silly boy , He left , why do they come shopping with only 80% of the funds needed , No way on earth I would ever go shopping with not enough money , what a weird hobby , No wonder they no funds as they must spend it driving round the 5 counties looking at what they cant have . Another yesterday came on £3,799 little motor in our small car section . Dad says son wants to spend 3k but he will pay me £3,,250 as the car is so clean I said well let me explain it this way We like £650 profit £100 goes to VAT man £135 goes on service and MOT £100 on adverts £75 On valet £50 towards Rent £20 on Fuel £20 on power Electric /water etc £25 web site costs £100 wages = £625 expenses = £50 profit . See why my offer is thought out and not a guess like yours He said i was just trying my luck and paid £3,799 .
  8. MAC , my son swears by them , Built better than Snap On in his opinion . But it did cost the same as a Large car though Now we have three of the things . I remember writing the cheques out
  9. I was watching James May on telly last night in Japan sitting in one of those He had his hair blowing in the wind he did , Your mam might be right
  10. Probably saw him driving it and thought he looks a c*** in that thing
  11. Three at BCA a few months back , not seen them lately though , pity they were very good actually . Maybe they've been looking for you to buy the bargains but you never went to see them A female at Mannheim is very annoying , very loud , very abrupt , "who'll start me off on this one then " ,3 grand then on this one then " What will ya giv me on this one then " Got a bid one this one then " Everyones thinking for god sake shut up
  12. As a 30year time served detailer Trade girl I would say a DA " dual action " polisher is a must to train on . The DA system will not in any way give the finish of a rotary but rotary polishers are a difficult beast to handle when starting out .
  13. Fiats are slow sellers , but yours is too cheap in my opinion . Your missing the search bracket between £4k to £4.5 k Joe bloggs knows what they are worth and your at the top end of the £3,500 to £4,000 search . Your car is cheaper than the privates . Just my opinion
  14. Think we got them all here this afternoon Debit card terminal has overheated today , so hope your right about buying is cheap as we are spending some obscene money this week , be like sending my wife to the shops on her own Whats this Aldi place too " never heard of it " I'm allergic to shopping in actual shops