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  1. An Audi A3 /GOLF , Skoda /SEAT petrol TSI engine has shit timing chain problems , its the tensioners that will let go at some point then the chain jumps on starting and either it rattles its nuts off or shits the engine .Its a known problem . The faults you posted are correlating to the chain requiring a change . this could have been there after the customer had the service performed , If the garage he used did not fit the correct oil filter it will argevate the chain , if its got the incorrect oil then that will also do the same damage . Assuming this chain wasn't faulty when you sold it , then i would assume the servicing garage may have caused the fault . Its a coincidence beyond belief to have a chain go two weeks after you sold it , shit does happen buy i would think one of the services has caused this chain issue , could have been your service or the service the customer has had done too . If the car has been interfered with by another garage by doing a service then I would point him back to them really . We haven't sold a TSI petrol engine without changing the chain , that's how bad they are , Make sure if you do agree to the chain replacement that it goes to a specialist as they are not an easy job and disaster can occur on start up , . Welcome to the motor trade , Chains are not covered by 90% of warranty companies though and are considered wear and tear items , However good practise is to change the chain if required or Perform a service Correctly on the TSI Petrols The question now is . A; Did it rattle before you sold it . B ; Has some fool who serviced it caused this problem , Either your service or his . IF you sold it private , then tell him to sod off . Simples .
  2. Always get a horse couldn't he or do they fart to much ,as well as cows and sheep . Could walk i suppose , but the lack of cows will delete the amount of leather we use too . Synthetic shoes use oil so they are out , oh well bear skin shoes or reindeer shoes it is then , MMMMMM None of those in the UK . Going to be some weird and wonderful options in a while isn't there . Meantime he wants a V8 Petrol , turn off the radio and have fun before they TAX laughing too . My reply fits this one too
  3. I've done a few over 70 years old , pension over £1,000 a month and a bit of private usually works very well , good commission too , only trouble i had was one old guy hadn't got any credit history and just wanted a Mercedes before he copped off the mortal coil , always had bangers he said so his last car was going to be a nice one , takes all sorts .
  4. Mallard Finance do over 70's have to have £1,000 a month income 01206 243100 www.mallardfinance.co.uk
  5. Had this a few times with V62 forms . If you have the previous keepers post code it usually goes through ok and the new keeper gets it taxed and the V5 comes back in their name to their address . BUT I have known it go the other way and on one occasion it took six weeks to get the V5 back and be able to tax the car even with the post code , worst of that one it was a BLOODY free tax car as well . Give him the post code and fingers crossed your ok . You should be ok with the post code though , HOPE anyway
  6. Should of taken her , bacon sarnie and a coffee Or have i got an easy Mrs ? Oh happy belated birthday too
  7. Hi First of all congratulations regarding starting out in business young fella , well done . Insurance is very difficult at your age , but get a parent to put it in their name with you as a named user to start with , did this with my son at 17 COVEA did us a good deal with him as a driver and me at the head of the policy when he started , limited him to 2.5 litre cars and only 600cc bikes till he was 19 , then we found better companies and we were off and running . All the very best with the future of the new venture , its fun , its hard work , its a challenge at times , but anything is possible with the right frame of mind . Cheers David
  8. Sorry although i agree with you , they sell 98% of my stock , so i swap £2,400 for a lot more . Good luck though , hope it works for you
  9. Be a lot of dead people about at that point bzzzzzzzz oh fuck i knew he would walk on the road
  10. Just cancel direct debit and thats it all done
  11. not a shabby idea actually . These wally keyboard heros are just children at the end of the day . remember when people made their own mind up about life and purchases .
  12. This MATT 910 has left a very nice google review on Parkers Site , saying they owe him 30k , forgot to tell us on here its all after 6 mths . Exaggerating liar by the sounds of it as usual But we knew that didn't we really
  13. Just leaving now , its 7.33 pm and stayed back for two customers , both turned up , both bought , happy evening . Both paid full money , one tried but i said i'm on overtime rate Home for dinner now .