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  1. “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!”

    I love those sorts How long you had it ? Longer than you How much did you pay for it ? little as possible How much will you take ? Let me read the advert Whats your lowest price for cash ? Why should I lower my standard of living to improve yours ? I have sold my px so I'm a cash buyer . You will be needing a car quick then so you had better make me an offer above screen price ,
  2. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    SUPPOSED to be franchised dealers only but Iv'e seen on Sytner that the mechanics/ staff sell their cars on the site if they want too . All a con every where you try really , just got to tread careful
  3. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Only ever bought two cars from those crooks One was a Citroen C1 that was that badly described and lied about that much it actually looked like someone had put number plates on a different car when we saw it . I took it back with two huge gym guys and threatened to tip it upside down at the depot , We were refundedincluding travel costs , amazing what 24 stone of muscle does x 2they actually had the car up on its side ready to go over . The other was a direct opposite of conning us but still a stitch up , The car was described as heavily chipped on bonnet , One key , NO Service history , Tyres less than 3mm . Screen cracked , Key mark on off side wing and drivers door , SEAT Cupra R in Blue , Anyway we had a customer desperate for that car and won the bid which surprised me as it went CAP clean , We do our own paintwork , Windscreens are easy as its almost next door , , Fit own tyres so thought there's still a profit " though not enough really " in the car after the work as it was sold for a good price to our customer . Gets to pick up the car and its paint work is Immaculate , NO Marks or chips at all , Screen as new , Two Keys , FULL Service history with Cam belt history , Fourtyres at 6mm min Clearly this was earmarked for someone else but had to go thru the bid system didn't it , I just outbid them simple as that . Last time i ever logged on , Scam . Lies , Deceptive , My view only mind , Sooner the car in the flesh myself
  4. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Bet she still makes him Horlicks at night toosome serious plonkers about isn't there , If they had to buy multiple cars a month they would starve to death . We've had that senerio , Its £12,995 no matter who buys it I say , but its very nice to meet your mum / dad though .
  5. Motorpoint

    One or two laundries round here
  6. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Not been quite today just been a stupid day Had two today on £17k + cars , Got neg equity on the px on finance by a few Quid " well nearly 4k actually. Doesn't get the neg equityis their debt NOT mineYea but don't I hand it back when I want If you can get near £300 a month for 36 months I'll take it with me todayone said , Other had lessmoney per month What planets are they coming from Been a hard day today , another two less priced cars £3,495&£6495 , one 19,000 miles one 22,000 miles , One wants £900 for a Punto 51 plate 103 k that a steam roller ran into last weekyea literally squashed it , BYE The other had a Mazda 2 109,000 on clock 09 plate and wants 3k for itbecause that makes the finance figures meet her needs , BYE Well , er , But ,can we test drive them anyway , No , bye Oh well another day tomorrowand yesterday was so different too .
  7. AT Portal valuation not working

    Working this end .
  8. Sold it again , that's the way to do it . Its a very serious hand holding society we have as this present time isn't it . Daft customer didn't get that it was an 8 yrold car , oh well her loss
  9. Trusted mechanic in Carlisle area

    We have had a PX Jimny in today , 65k on clock 53 plate had it from new , lady said if you take the radio out for me you can call it quits cos its failed its MOT and its not worth anythingshe even had the original radio bless her . Failed on tyres , brake pipes , wipers , and lights . Its fixed now with MOT . Put it on AT and Sold it in 40 mins , Gone to two guys wanting a4X4 fun in the woods car " No warranty there then ", £1,400"Unreal " even left the tape on the sun roof so they didn't get wet when it sinks £20 on wipers and bulbs , £150on tyres , 4ft of Brake pipe , litre of brake fluid , £30 MOT and a wash , Bargain Just wandered in this morning looked at a little car , and left 30 mins later , Bonus day today
  10. Suzuki Jimny’s

    Should have been scrapped as they came out the factory hate the bloody things
  11. AutoTrader is over price

    Too much sugar in sticky buns Jason for me Never ending , It will go on & On & On &ON omg that sounds like Celine Dion song , think it was her anyway
  12. AutoTrader is over price

    We all hate the Autotrader bill Ozz that's for sure . Well those of that use them anyway . I think it depends a lot on a few selling skills and what stocktype a trader sells as to if AT is worth the investment each month , lots make it work some don't . I see it as a business decision investment to trade with Autotrader . If it doesn't work each month and doesn't make YOU a decent profit then its not for you , It works very well for us indeed i hate / love to say , but AT is without doubt the leading site and has been for lots of years , THEY know that fact as well as lotsof us traders . Its called supply and demand , if I was in charge of AT it would be £100 extra , what would you charge ? if your cars were flying out faster than you could buy them they would be £100 extra on the screen . What ever method you chose to sell /advertise your own stock is very personal to your stock levels , expectations of earnings , profit margins you work on , type of stock , where you are located , type of customer you need or want to attract , so many variations that will affect any business decisions you make . So as much as I wish my AT bill was less than £2,800 a month that it is , as a business it earns a lot more than that number and I mean a lot more , I have tried other ways and for US it didn't work but for many other for what ever reason it does work , If I ditch AT I would not earn the amount of money I do so although £2800 is a fair chunk of money its a tiny expense at the side of the profits , pure business decision simple as that So Ozz I'm out and wont be joining your protest march to Manchester , got some cars to sell . All the best though and i really am pleased Ebay pro and Car guru is working for you as its not a system I could say the same about unfortunately as it didn't work for us . Not easy out there just now keeping it earning and you have to make the best choices for your own business
  13. Car Gurus

    There is VAT on the price , its just quoted as inc VAT and not plus VAT
  14. BCA Assured

    Buy Now are the shitters that didn't sell , they advertise everything at CAP money on that part of the site , stay away , stay away from buy it now cos its broke dont sell sale at all auctions , Be lucky if they take that back in my mind .