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  1. Lucky lucky , Great end to a problem that could of been expensive
  2. First of all its the customers responsibility to check his /her running costs isn't it If you do buy it back , then its not a faulty car and I would offer trade money for the miles its done , Certainly not full refund , he also should have found out before 5 months too , so it could be buyers remorse , or expecting a free rental for a few months . Could always make the salesman buy it back , if he told them it was compliant . Would teach him to check next time .
  3. There isnt any long distance selling if you have a showroom/ pitch open to public access , we always ask for a copy of their driving licence with that delivery address on as well .
  4. Depends on how good you are at selling Finance, Customers come to see the cars not finance , so they need to be introduced to the benefits , that's the skill of knowing when to introduce it into the conversation . It will hardly sell itself
  5. Presume you mean UN taxed , not in taxed . Trade plates are proof of TAX and Insurance Peter , we pay £165 a year to use plates as TAX system on any car used for trade purposes , WE also put the trade plate number on our Insurance MID so the vehicle displaying them is insured . Does that clear it up ? No plates = no tax + no insurance If he had smashed my windows he would not have any cars left as far as i was concerned either .
  6. They will clear themselves if you create enough fuss , they wont pay for work done so getting it cleared is your priority. They will only pay for work done if its a situation they cant fix , but paying finance off is fixable for them , so push hard for them to clear it .
  7. You want to see where they get taken for dinners , nights out , goody bags , holidays abroad , you name it and the Vendors rule , it was Vendor complaints that made Notts BCA build a new hall with two lanes back to back , two perfectly functioning rooms are now not used all because a certain vendor said he wanted the buyers of both halls in one room .
  8. All vendors do it , dont be fooled by UKCG , it belongs to BCA and they use it as they wish .
  9. BCA have been doing it forever and a day , Works the other way round as well , Vendors take it back and put it in another Auction is the answer .
  10. My daughter bought a new shape Panda , F##Ck### horrible thing in red of all bloody colours , she had it for weeks and weeks and weeks with NONE , ZERO , ZILCH interest in it . Done 60k and was down to £2,495 . Then one morning this guy walks in , " can i have the keys for that Panda ? " of course sir I said , Shows him the car and he says " do you take PX Cars ? . Sure can look I said , what have you got . The 350Z GT over there , GULP well lets have a look , was a 40k car with 9 Nissan services and not a mark on it , "Wife hates it he says " It was like new , I'll swap you I go , as a flippant remark , ONLY went and said that's what I was hoping for Lets go to my office Not had nerve to buy another Panda though OH Forgot to say the 350Z is still in my daughters garage at her house ,
  11. Depends what your selling and how much you want to spend , Ebay for scrap , Ebay pro for better stuff , Ebay/ motors if your more serious , Autotrader will sell most stuff , Car Gurus will sell some stuff not others . Prices range from a few 100 £ to eye watering Costs for Autotrader , depends how brave you are , how committed you are , how many you have in stock , do you go pay as you go , or have a portal , prices vary with which system you choose , results vary depending on your stock type and price range . Confused , Its a mine field My friend
  12. Your correct there Rory we certainly don't use those sort of systems , certainly the best way to lose thousands . If only it was that simple eh .
  13. Hi J You cant put a percentage on repairs , if it needs fixing it needs fixing really . A car that's got to have exhaust , CV boots , New tyres and Discs all round has to have them fitted , another car that doesn't will be cheaper , swings and roundabouts isn't it . Older cheap stock are the worst as new parts are same price for old cars as they are for newer ones , old cars you earn less than newer cars . Simple economics and some good luck sometimes . The experience is what's required ; When looking at purchasing stock all parts required need to be costed in your head before laying out the readies to buy the car . LOT Of people don't J , if its a px be firm as say to them , this car needs £500 so its value is X Regards Garages and prices , well they have to earn a profit and its the labour thats eats into your profits if you cant do the work yourself , to be honest we are in house with all repairs and I don't half think we are lucky , we repair cars for other traders and the bills are eye watering sometimes , makes us think wow how on earth can you make a buck on that now .
  14. Hi Marc Go for it my friend , sounds like you have the correct attitude and more important in this industry some mechanical knowledge too . Not going into debt and using your own resources is also a massive plus to success as well . All the best marc
  15. Always take ID for cash sales and save in a locked file for purpose of proof of whose collected the car . Test drive its also essential , scan copy and date and time of test drive , reg of car on paper to save if they go thru cameras and send you a NIP Selling on finance its absolutely essential you take proof of ID or the finance co will get nasty with you if the shit hits the fan . Licence is sufficient if its a photo one , not a photo one then two forms of ID with same name on , preferably passport though if no pic on driving licence .