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  1. Hello

    Welcome BIGNIT . David
  2. Sale or return fee

    We sell cars for two sets of people , usually lumpy stuff at 20k agreement is really they end up slightly better off than selling it to the trade , eg CAP Clean I charge £1,200 + VAT commission £200 advert cost . £200 Valet costs Need the car with a new MOT and serviced , Doesn't sell its the advert costs and Prep costs that are charged , never not sold one though . Finance commissionsand we usually get a nice px which we buy out of the deal . Have to be aware of all the comments above though as I seriously agree with everyone of them , only reason it works for us is the fact we know these people well and the cars too having usually serviced them from new . Right deal and there's some serious profit from nowhere ,
  3. Electric Cars

    IF we are allowed a drop of petrol in the future I reckon we will have the red flag back at 4mph might be a robot instead of a man though or a drone , just how it all started . My old dad always said what goes round comes back round . Imagine in the future 100 yrs from now , some guy will find the black stuff to make petrol and a blue print of a petrol engine and off we go again . Just as the mines for battery minerals die out and someone invents the words Climate , Ozone , again . I'm starting to look at Horses again they are the future , Horses and cross bows
  4. A ‘major discrepancy’ between official petrol car CO2 emissions and real-life on-road testing has led an independent emissions testing agency to warn of an emerging ‘petrolgate’ scandal. Official CO2 figures for petrol cars tested by the firm are ‘significantly underestimating the real-world emissions’. It suggests a 24 percent difference between official CO2 figures and real-world test Just read this , cant help it can they , the establishment is just asking to ruin the entire motortrade in my mind
  5. How many dealers selling without using Autotrader

    This will go on and on wont it . No two of our business are the same , None of our expectations are even similar , stock differs , profits differ , speed of sales differ , burn rate differs , With this in mind its upto each and all to carve out a niche that suits . We will never be the same . I run two companies selling cars , they are very very different even with the same people on board . Auto trader works for us of that there's no doubt at all . Wont suit us all , and to think my system will suit another site is not going to happen , why we cant recommend AT or Not . We have to find what is best for us , build on it , try it , earn money , be happy , that's what matters . I can stock cars others cant sell , others stock cars i cant sell , " WHY " I'll never work that out either , and that's the same subject really isnt it . Long as you earn , Go for it .
  6. Electric Cars

    I'm starting a collection of V8's to off set pollution savings . A tesla thought he'd got me the other day and i whooped his arse . Stopped at the next lights and opened his window saying "man alive whats in that ", "its noise is awesome" Tried me again and got a cars length on me in first 10 yds then BANG he was history again
  7. Who is doing well?

    Ask the wifepermission , she may grant a reprieve in the weather , they do have ultimate control over the final sale conditions and that might extend to the weather . Good luck with the sale
  8. Who is doing well?

    Thats because they see it Wed online , think about it Thurs and wonder how to tell the wife , tell their mate on Friday in the pub working out what to say to wife , Forget on Sat because they had to much pop Friday night or had to take the kids to where ever because the wife said so . Sunday is the time to ask the wife or girlfriend , Then have to wait for permission to call you , That comes Monday , So they call Tuesday . See its SIMPLE
  9. BCA Not as description!

    If its pictured in their description , Its yours as is .
  10. Electric Cars

    Time for a new Government to change things yet before 2030 .
  11. Electric Cars

    We will all , "Well those that's brave enough to stay" have to adapt , cant all be new cars can they , unless the dealers aren't going to let them go and that cant happen I wouldn't think Going to spook the techs of old , No gear boxes as such , No engines to fix , No leaks , No Spark plugs , EGR , Turbo , Starter Motor , No Cam Belts / Chains , Water pumps etc Just fuses , rewires , batteries , Connections , Volt losses , Dry Joints , Furring Up of Connections , Electric motors getting hot , Batteries Giving up altogetherFunny noise , whining power plants , Chargers not workingKeeping them all charged for test drives , Teaching all the customers how to drive the bloody things . can you imagine the calls , Mi cars not Charging , A; Have you plugged it in When does the cam belt need changingA ; now but it will be £300 + vat I cant hear it , A Well F##king Listen then .
  12. Sold my last diesel

    We have sold a diesel 208 this morning , Free tax one and that's why she bought it , Sold a diesel Fiesta Zetec S last week because it was cheaper to insure . Not as much interest as a good few months ago now days , but not all people hate them . I hate the dirty beggars and would refuse to own one , but selling them is different isn't it , cant say we miss clogged up EGR's , turbo's , injectors , DPF's and the rest of the shite that goes wrong with oil burners though as we do have a lot less nowdays in stock . Only had a few Hybrids to sell , but my road we live on is filling up with rent a hybrid . Hate them too really , cant see the point , only do 32 mpg at best not 70 or a million mpg like they advertise , might be my flatout or stop driving style cos I'm used to 500+ bhp in my driver
  13. Tail of Woe - Help Sought

    What about a chrome wrap , Is that to costly ?
  14. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    Friend of ourshad a good auction question last year . arranges the customer to look at a BMW 645i , came to see it and said i was at Blackbushe BCA when this car was sold and saw what you paid for it so I'm going to make an offer with £500 profit in it for you"forgot the fees and transport by the way too " Friend said if you were there why didnt you buy it . Answer was , I wanted a dealer to prep it , MOT it and I've also got warranty rights so I can bring it back if it goes wrong because its in an auction and didn't want the risk Was told to GO away promptly
  15. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    Never buy from auction personally I say But we do sell 90% of the publics part exchanges to auction as they are never looked after or cleaned properly , they also lie about servicing so they are not for retail . Sort of smacks it home that if your car is dirty , dented , and part serviced YOUR getting nothing for it .