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  1. Makes me wonder what they do with them Casper .
  2. Different Block to me then Think I'm trying to compete with Mr Retail Twat + fees at the block with the prices saw a battered Fiesta this morning make well over RETAIL
  3. What big mistakes do they make when looking at a car themselves then ?, If they come to me for the same car your trying to look for, it wouldn't be a mistake would it as they have what they wanted in the first place . If they wanted an Audi S3 from you and went and bought Ford Fiesta ST instead then that shows how unstable they were in the first place . You obviously make it work after 15 yrs and bloody good luck to you as well as you deserve the deals after searching for their requirements , I just think those sort of customers expect me to find it , clean it , service it , present it, stump up the cash , price it less than mkt , ring them up for them to say " Sorry i changed my mind I now want a black one " and thats why its a Deposit in my books .
  4. 9k for an 18 plate Merc . mmmmmmm thats cheap Terrible thing that happened but it was to good to be true wasn't it .
  5. Same with mine pal . They must have a search / viewing glitch
  6. £3,000 on the nose , 4 of us on the policy including son and daughter , SDP for our own cars SDP for Motor cycles , personal and sales bikes , business use , test drives , customer loan car , 4 sets of trade plates , No age restrictions , Public liability inc , Tools in workshop to 50k , tools and products in detail unit to 40k
  7. So it was you who bodged that car i bought
  8. Them were the days Casper , fixing exhausts with coke cans and that stuff you had to wet then apply to the said repair , went bone hard and come off 10 miles down the road
  9. Mate of mine back then had a dad who bought 4 of those Simca Vans i 1975 for his business , they rattled their tits off after about 2,000 miles . Sounded grim , and the paint fell off too in great big rusty blebs . My god they were crap
  10. Talking about newspaper ! We have a chap across from us sells a few obscure old motors , has them hanging around forever type of thing . He had a Sorento 05 plate that needed welding on rear arches , so instead of getting it welded he filled it and undersealed the thing went for MOT and the guy there shoved his finger through it shite job mind . Brings it to us and asks us to weld it up , my son pulls reams of newspaper out of it , The Chap says dont know whos done that till my son says to him , Mate its got last weeks date on it Still goes on today obviously. And yes cardboard was used frequently back in the day of P38 wow some old names there , Bet you remember the Simca Engine Tappet Rattle too , was in those talbot things wasn't it if i remember
  11. Remember the chicken wire and coke can metal to fill the holes too , before P38 and P40 applications Welcome aboard , Remember the Hillman Imps very well
  12. Out the frying pan into the fire with Audi pal . Should have bought a 6 cylinder BMW diesel or petrol , Audi OMG the list is endless
  13. Guy came in three days ago and bought a little 58 plate Clio PX 43k with 15 services with receipts, two keys , Cam belt last year and 4 yrs ago too , 4 new Michelin tyres , new discs , immaculate condition inside and out . £2,295 . Left us fully serviced and new MOT . Guy comes looks at it , likes it , makes a comment that its the one for him with it only having one owner from new and the history too . Will i take £2,000 "NO " sorry its a proper genuine little thing its £2,295 . So he took it away , just now he calls to tell me he's found 4 cars all same at £1,495x2 , £1,795 and even one at £1,395 so will i do a deal at his requested £2,000 , really are they all 43k with that history I say . Top and bottom they've all done 80k plus , and only one mentioned cam belt . I did say the car was already his as he paid for it , so the deals the deal because you liked the history , and low miles . Well would i give him a free service next year then , NO as Iv'e just done a free service for you Bloody hell just bring it back every week and I'll wash it hoover it , fill it with petrol and wax the thing for him .
  14. Just come back from BCA and CAP is useless there as it is anywhere i suppose really . BMW in the row = CAP @ £8995 clean , Glasses @ £9,250 , Auto trader priced @ £9,730 . All retail guides point to 13k Nice looking thing , Msport and actually making £13,000 on AT at same mileage retail too Kicks off at 8k and swiftly moved to 10k , slowed down and the net kicked in to 13700, Hall bought it at £13,800 on the hammer +14200 out the door , wants two rear tyres , a service and a new MOT , 14,650 min before valet and advert costs Done 89500 miles with two services and 5 owners , where is that going to i wonder
  15. Only thing CAP is used for here is finding what the retail value is for working the 120% of CAP retail for FINANCE reasons . Regards buying guides well non are any good really are they , not since all and his pet hamster have produced one , so much variation in sites , they have all lost any sense of accuracy.
  16. Pleasure Chan , don't waste money on AA nobody even looks at the AA
  17. My thoughts exactly AA waste of money , did i say waste of money "oh yes " CHAN , ITS A WASTE OF MONEY . God I hate reading capitals
  18. 4k trade max in my opinion . Like selling ice to an eskimo is one of them with that engine . He does know he is on a trade site You aint gonna get 7k for it private either , its 10+ years old you know . Retail on gumtree £5,495 max if your lucky
  19. There's a MAN & DOM is his name , I'm out no grinding for me
  20. Lucky lucky , Great end to a problem that could of been expensive
  21. First of all its the customers responsibility to check his /her running costs isn't it If you do buy it back , then its not a faulty car and I would offer trade money for the miles its done , Certainly not full refund , he also should have found out before 5 months too , so it could be buyers remorse , or expecting a free rental for a few months . Could always make the salesman buy it back , if he told them it was compliant . Would teach him to check next time .
  22. There isnt any long distance selling if you have a showroom/ pitch open to public access , we always ask for a copy of their driving licence with that delivery address on as well .
  23. Depends on how good you are at selling Finance, Customers come to see the cars not finance , so they need to be introduced to the benefits , that's the skill of knowing when to introduce it into the conversation . It will hardly sell itself
  24. Presume you mean UN taxed , not in taxed . Trade plates are proof of TAX and Insurance Peter , we pay £165 a year to use plates as TAX system on any car used for trade purposes , WE also put the trade plate number on our Insurance MID so the vehicle displaying them is insured . Does that clear it up ? No plates = no tax + no insurance If he had smashed my windows he would not have any cars left as far as i was concerned either .