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  1. Hahaha, I saw that. That Rory’s a cheeky chappy
  2. BHM

    Hey car

    I saw an advert on TV for them - although it was on an obscure British channel that I was watching on Cypriot internet-TV. “Hey” is the way a number of Pakistanis/Asians seem to start their emails, presumably trying to grab attention. I find “Hey” downright rude. If some cheeky bastard said “Hey” to me face to face I’d ask them who the fuck they thought they were talking too. Sorry but Hey boils my piss.
  3. Anyone got an emoji that looks like a steaming pile of bullshit?
  4. Poor colour, slightly substandard photos (although they’re not the problem here), too low miles & how much!?!!! Never mind Autotrader telling you how much it should be, it’s looks far too much to a casual observer. It’s mid range rep fodder. I’d want it to be twice the miles & thousands cheaper. With any unwanted cars it’s simply a waiting game.
  5. I’ll join you. Mind you, after some of the recent episodes of dummies being spat out some have already removed themselves.
  6. Dan, you’re just a little bit further away from DA’s offices than a dealer in Northampton
  7. Many years ago at the start of the fleabay gold mine I used to sell EVERYTHING as SorR. After a number of years I was formally, by letter, asked to attend a meeting with my local TS branch. Allegedly the head man had been looking for a Mondeo Estate over his Christmas holiday and had cast his eye over one of my adverts - apparently he spat out his mince pie at my adverts! Anyway I ended up removing all of the SorR bullshit & put up my prices to compensate. I was instructed that even my ebay auction listings weren’t to be SorR as a standard clause because it’s a public forum. Where’s this leading? What surprises me is that in 2019 there are still a number of these outfits advertising vehicles as standard for SorR.
  8. It’s no way wonder many of the vendors actively deceive.
  9. More good advice- keep it coming!
  10. I’ve not had first hand experience but I believe they are. I’ve been told they pay-out on claims under their unofficial ‘warranty’ for about 3 months.
  11. Some great advice here for a member of the general public.
  12. BHM

    Ebay Scam!

    It’s wrong but see below. One greedy c*** conning another greedy c***.
  13. WTF? Cleaning seatbelts cos they don’t retract fast enough!?!! Tell the man to fuck off, he sounds like the sort of punter who’ll live with you.