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  1. Not at all - it’s anyone who doesn’t want to spend a single penny. Tbh in the past it was standard practice on cheapies & most ‘clocks’ can be out, Blu-Taked & back in within 15 minutes or so - quicker (as well as significantly cheaper) than getting it on a ramp & doing the job the right way.
  2. On Friday I ran a car reg. through their on-line valuation procedure as I know a potential customer is going to do the same. Funnily enough their local branch had loads of available appointment slots including same day. Anyhow, if said punter does arrive with their car & online valuation I’ll be more than happy to match WBAC’s ‘kick in the nuts’ valuation.
  3. Too true Mark. Any seller thinking getting a layman’s signature on a mechanical report is a ‘get out of jail free’ card is kidding themselves. We’ve all heard some of the professional advice doled out by some of these self appointed legal expertise services. Some of it sounds like absolute bollocks.
  4. It’s funny how we all do things differently. I don’t allow a purchase without a test drive. I tell them I want them to drive the car to confirm it’s suitable for them - they won’t be bringing it back on a whim here! Some people want 10 miles, some want 100yds - I’m happy either way. The vast majority I accompany but if it’s a couple (as in man & wife), there’s no b/s and they know the area I’ll give them the keys because they can do their ‘family car buying chit-chat’ in the car & by the time they return 10 minutes later they know whether or not they’re buying - they usually do - I think a seller who is confident enough in the car to tell them it’s fine & to go out on their own automatically instills confidence. I don’t let younger punters out on their own. Neither do I allow father/offspring punters out unaccompanied or £999 p/x punters because they end up being out 40 minutes doing about 30 miles & performing inspections in lay-bys. Also ‘expert’ fathers who know it all about cars & cheapie punters often need their expectations firmly managed & because they are naturally suspicious people the slightest thing can be blown out of all proportion.
  5. A daft one but it immediately sprang to mind on an oldie like this. Are you sure the cluster’s not been out before & someone’s hidden a light or two? This car must be an ideal candidate for this sort of nefarious activity. Juddering can be caused by the printed backing face being stood slightly proud & catching the back of the needle. Also, very occasionally if a speedo needle was moved & reset they would want to go return to a minus position - God only knows why. The only way to cure was set the needle to a plus position (say 15 mph), plug-in the clocks with the clear screen removed and repeatedly stop, start & momentarily use the car and play around with the needle position until it stabilised, replace the screen & then you’re sorted.
  6. Where do these cnuts come from?
  7. Funnily enough I had a phone call today from a punter considering visiting but he’s “a distance away”. He lives 5 miles away & considers me almost too far to travel. I’ve sold an £800 car to a man who travelled 350 miles on the bus for it - 700 miles in one day for an old shitter. I’ve sold cars abroad. I’ve occasionally sold a car that looks expensive locally if it’s slightly ’oddball’. There’s no set way of selling - every person & every deal is different.
  8. A bit of both tbh. Human nature dictates many want something cheap, however many then get lazy & can’t be bothered to travel. Tbh though, it’s always surprised me that people will travel half a day for a cheap car but many will.
  9. Of no interest to me whatsoever. I can beat that (You’ve got one itchy arsehole so I’ve got two ). The Mrs’s Honda auto, almost 3 years & added almost 30K miles, made £200 (admittedly that’s not factoring in 3 oil changes + discs & pads). The downside was I recently paid over a grand into book for her replacement. The funny thing is she got the car because I couldn’t sell it originally even after advertising it at cost! And even stranger still is a few cars before that the same happened with her Corolla auto - originally I couldn’t sell it but a few years later there was a scrummage for it.