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  1. I think much of it is how you deal with customers. I rarely get any comebacks but punters on a viewing are told the facts of life straight to their face. Basically if you’re a Billy Bullshitter promising the earth to get a sale then you’re asking for comebacks. Possibly the types of car have a bearing on this subject. Yes, some nutter trading in a 51 plate Punto will possibly expect an 11 plate Focus to be “like new” but, all things being equal, I’d expect a £3000Focus buyerto be a damn sightmore realistic than some payday loan cretinwho’s bought a wanked-out 190,000 mile A4 estate cos it’s got an S-line badge on it & it’ll impress his gormless peer group.
  2. Pet hates...What really bugs you....

    That’s because are you offering warranties on £1000 end-of-life cars.
  3. Deposits refundable or not?

    +1. You can get around it by saying the deposit ISN’T a deposit but is a feeto remove a car from sale & if the customer chooses to proceed with the purchase followinginspection then this fee will be deducted from the purchase price. If it was in person keep it. If it was a distance deposit then he is entitled to a refund but see if he chases you a few times - let him sweat it out, not you.
  4. TV,you’re absolutely correct. In this country we bend over backwards to offer nationals of many other countries our hospitality. Unfortunately a percentage of them bleedthis country for all they can, have the cheek to whinge about any perceived hardships they experience (answer: you are free to leave) yet forget the reason they left their own ‘glorious’ countriesin the first place. After a few years of living hereingratitude soon sets in & they conveniently forget they are here as our, uninvited, guests. Personally I’d remind a few by laying on a few free one-way flights. Don’t get me started on freedom of speech - many only experienced thisonce on these shores.I suspect I wouldn’t appreciate the response of speaking freely in many other countries. Also as you say, try starting a business in many other countries on your own and you’re knackered from the start. Apparently Italy is almost as knackered as Greece, the Eastern Bloc is sucking up plenty of EU money & that’s without their millions of citizens working elsewhere & helping their economies by sending money home. Imagine what sending 1million Poles back to Poland would do to their economy - they’d have the double whammy of no incoming foreign money ANDthe extra 1 million to cloth,feed &house. Every time I hear Donald Tusk pontificating from the EU pulpit I often think someone should have a word in his ear & offer to send him back 10% of his people. Immigration can be a good thing (I hope to be an immigrant in years to coming living it up in sunnier climes & will expect to integrate) but there’s a reason many nationalities come here -they should be reminded of it & repeated ingratitude rewarded accordingly.
  5. Suzuki Vitara bidding war?

    Is it a fire sale forced by her IVA? How stupid do you have to be to blow tens of millions?
  6. High oil usage - Audi 1.8 tfsi petrol

    Dreadful engines, not for me at the lower end of the market cos they’re usually on their last legs when I’m looking at them. Even if they aren’t burning oil for fun then I’ve seen turbos failing due to oil pumps ‘on half power’, turbos getting changed & failing soon again.Tbh it’s better ifthe oil pump totally knackers then at least you know what you’re dealing with.
  7. The worst month to come

    I suspect unfortunatelythis chap is already signed off due to his issues.
  8. Misrepresentation timing belt

    9 months ago the alleged repair workshavebeen executed & now he comes to you shaking his collection tin. He’d be given VERY short shrift here. Basically “f.o. & do your best”.
  9. The worst month to come

    WTF???? It’s good to see the weekend nutters are moving away from sending me emails via eBay.
  10. 2006 Audi Allroad 3.0 tdi

  11. It’s hardly rocket science, is it?
  12. the shape of a hammer. I actually agree with you but the ‘offender’ chose to park right up against my window on the path with the front of thecar half blocking my front door.I’m a believer in face to face discussion but when that fails I don’t mess about. Anyway I sold up & now have my own little plot with plenty of space & parking so I no longer have to educate cheeky bastards.
  13. eBay decline

    I hadn’t realised but when someone has something in their eBay watchlist occasionally eBay sends them an email reminding them and to “see if you can strike a deal with the seller”. Let’s be honest, with emails like that it’s no f***ing wonder punters think I’m up for heavy discounting.
  14. eBay decline

    Last year I collected a DA purchase from the Vauxhalldealer at Worksop. They had PLENTY of older non-franchise stock stickeredup, one of which I noticed was a 2004 (yes, 2004) CRV with just under 100K on it. I thought surely I was mistaken so as I sat there Ichecked their website at the time & there it was.
  15. That reminds me too; Aprevious homewas an ancient street house with the usual fight for spaces - i.e. a pain in the arse. I had space for 2 outside my house. Everyone stuck to ‘their’ area except for some young smart arsewho started parking right up against my living room windowon a weekend. After a month or so funnily enough their driver’s side windows ‘went through’ one Sunday night. Rather like your van driver they chose never to park there again.