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  1. Mental Ebayers

    Anyone had any experience of In all of my years of trading I’ve heard punters mention “professional mechanical inspections” but they have never paid for one. Voila! Atext comes through & I’ve got one tomorrow. An hour or so ago an eBay punter phoned about one of my cars & asked if I’d object. I said “No, spend what you like, just get them to arrange it with me”. He stated that he wants a good car for his daughter. He then asked“Do I need to know anything else?”. I said “No, it’s all in the advert. Just read it top to bottom. Have you read it?” To which he mumbled somenonsense. The best thing about this? THE F***ING CAR IS BEING SOLDFOR REPAIRS!!!! I’m happy for some nutterto give a local mechanic an hours work but the moral of this story is READ THE BLOODY ADVERT.
  2. Autotrader Price increases

    I’m with grant8064 about 80% on this, although my vehicles are a bit cheaper beingup to £4K max with plenty in the £1500-3000 bracket. eBay - works ok for me. FB - I’m not on it & have no intention of dealing with punters wanting their egos massaged. Gumtree - The cars section is FULL of dodgy traders masquerading as private sellers.I’ll use it next time I have an old washing machine I can’t be bothered taking to the tip. Motors - seems to be dying. Pistonheads - if you want to attract the biggest know-all, dreaming bellends then this is THE place to attract them. Local newspapers/freesheets -advertising was dead a decade ago for small retailers. A/T -at £2K+ per month I won’t be bothering them with my business anytime soon as I’m not looking to increase business. However as RHTradingcorrectly pointed out, the devil’s in the details & his mathematics clearly tells him we’re his money goes & why he puts it there. A/T may not be for me as I’m as busy as I want to be but he likes it & based on his figures I agree 100% with him. Finally, +1 to below! sick of these posts.
  3. flipping cars youtube

    We’ve seen the fella before........ I can’t be arsed watching the link but if it’s anything like last time his financial mathematics will be embarrassing in their optimism.
  4. As I wrote yesterday I’ve yet to see an engineers report. By the sounds of it you aren’t going to see one either! The sort of punter buying 15yr old hatchbacks isnot the sort of person prepared to spend money on engineers reports. Your customer is clearly a pillock.Do not enter into phone discussions. Do not communicate by text. Letters only. Do not communicate with the boyfriend - he has f.a. to do with the purchase. The punter stinks of being a penniless twat & by the sound of it this saga has virtually ended because they’ve tripped themselves up a few times. Tbh if they phoned me they’d be told “Letters only, now f.o. & don’t try taking the piss. Goodbye, do your best”.
  5. Still get the Buzz

    He won’t of. It’s just shite spewing from an emailer’s fingertips. He’ll be hoping to beoffered a few quid compensation. Clowns. Years ago I had one try to bill me for a train -I had phoned him to say “sorry, the car’s gone” and he was on the train. Not a happy bunny, we exchanged ‘pleasantries’ I’ve the phone, gave him the email brush off & when he sent me the ticket I ripped it up& posted it back to him. It’s a hard world andthis game has taught me to ignore the talk and dealon afirst come, first served basis.
  6. It’ll be interesting to see if the alleged inspectionreport materialises. I’ve never seen one in my life - punters will normally say anything & the once I saw “something” in writing it was clearly by a friend & one phone call to the garage on the letterhead confirmed it. Why oh why are you wasting time PDIing 15yr old bangers? (Sorry, but a 15yr old Mini is a banger in my book).They’re clearly of littleuse to you because whether or not you have PDIed them it doesn’t stop a punter complaining. You can do as much prep as you want but a bellend customer will always be a bellend and you can’t PDI your way out of that.
  7. Firstly, I’m making the assumption the car was straight & you’re not a chancer. Do nowt until you’ve received something in writing/email & take it from there. At the moment the ball’sin theircourt. After 2 months of motoring the customer hears a rubbing sound & then gets it checked out. To my mind the customer has clearly stated to you the alleged problem has only just arisen - you need to get that in writing if the matter progresses. At that point you should be in the clear, forget mileage & all that nonsense, it only takes 6” to smash over a kerb. From your version of events I smell apenniless chancer who’s had his fun in an old knacker Mini & now can’t afford to run it????
  8. I assumed it was weak clutch springs cos they feel littlebetter than the clutches I’ve had removed. They do a job but I personally found they don’t improve so even I spend a couple of quid more & I'm greedy.
  9. Autotrader price increase

    I think it’s the general public’s use of the internet that’s flawed, not the auction system per se. Ebaymotorspro only for me, it’s a bargain and I andmany others I know sell purely from that platform. I think it’s fair to say you have to either be keen on pricing or have “rare” stock but as for the bottom dollar brigadejust delete the emailor send them a standard response along the lines of “I don’t discount, blah blah blah” - a couple of times a month it works and the punter stumps up. Horses for courses, I feel another AT mass debate approaching......
  10. Discouraging Offers and Low Ballers

    True BUT an emailerarsehole hiding behind a computer who chipped £3000 due to those faults won’tup their bid by £3000. Mind you, I sell some shite but not at £11K. tbh I wouldn’t expect a punter on an £11K car to be presented with such defects.

    Yep, and it won’t be the last. Like many in this industry full of big talk - why on earth would anyone believe they’d be pumping £25Million into advertising? It surprises me the number of seasoned professionals in this game who are taken in by a salesman’s bull.
  12. No Shows & No Contact

    +1. It may be blunt but that works for me because I really do not have the patience to deal with indecisive punters.
  13. Still get the Buzz

    Couple 1 were probably spending every last penny & couple 2 probably weren’t. It’s usually the greedy penniless bar-stewards who are fussy. As for punters with ridiculous expectations it’s getting crazy at the moment with more & more expecting the earth for a few grand. I’ve started telling them to look at the condition first & if they don’t like what they see we’ll stop there. They only get a test drive when they confirm they’re happy with the condition.
  14. Internet based only

    Reviews aren’t worth a w**k in my opinion.
  15. Bizarre comments by customers

    They’d also want free delivery. Here’s my first email;Hi would you take a trade bid on this Ranger I’m a home trader in Cheshire and need one to pull my trailer as my last one got lifted? Please call me on XXXXXXXXXXXcan collect either today or tomorrow for cash Wants a discount, can’tbe botheredto phone and when I googled his phone no. his trade seems to be gardening.