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  1. Refusal of repair

    Tbh I have £999ers that soundbetter prepped & come fully MOT’d. Big heavy bonnets dropping on punters? F*** me, struts are a few quid on eBay. I think this is a case of the trade thinking that because it comes with an MOT it’s ok to sell it when in reality the present MOT counts for nowt. My prep standards are pisspoor with regards to cosmetics but nothing leaves here half-knackered and/or dangerous unless it’s a £2-400 spares or repair knacker. There is absolutely no excuse for faulty retail cars leaving your premises. Normally I’d say sack off the customer but in this case I think the seller needs to take a look at the car & re-assess their business model.
  2. Refusal of repair

    Taking Zafiras for their free blower motor upgrade gave me an insight into main dealer assessments & charged with their complimentary health checks. £327.60 (Inc vat) for front discs & pads only! One had passed anMOT’d the day before - they suggested over £700 of work (£500 came in the bright redunder immediate/dangerous column). Funnily enough discs & pads feature prominently on their ‘danger’ list - someone moresuspicious than I wouldthink they were frighteningcustomers into paying inflated prices.
  3. I always remember them greedy VW men with their p/xsproudly proclaiming “it’s been belted”, you look at the book, see the date & then tell them “sorry, it’s X years overdue,theseare on 4 year intervals” and deduct another £200 from their p/x.

    The biggest ever transfer of data in the world (apparently). Yes, a balls-up & yes, some inconvenience but speaking as someone who banks with the TSB I just let all of the excitement blow over & got on with my life.
  5. Refusal of repair

    Don’t worry, she’ll of forgotten about the discount as soon as she drove off your forecourt!
  6. Peugeot 2008 Crossover Noise

    I think BSM was looking for something a little more constructive.
  7. Not getting any bites on a mini

    The trouble with running a mid range German, RR Sport etc. is most people assume you’re either a companydriver in a leaseror just another wannabeliving on credit in a leaser - which of course is true in mostcases irrespective of whether or not they could actually afford to buy outright. At least these folk are keeping me supplied in £2-5K bits of flash for not much casha decade or so in the future.
  8. mot sheets

    I was at the MOT station today & there was their external auditor who sort of liaises between them & Vosa (I think a sort of glorified filing clerk who no longer gets his hands dirty &dots the ‘i’s & crosses the ‘t’s on their paperwork). Anyhow, at the moment the official line is that failures should not be allowed on the road & the keys should be kept until the repair is authorised or the carIS TRAILERED AWAY!! However it’s seen as unworkable due to issues over MOT inspectors confiscating cars owned by third parties (I think it may be called theft??). I suspect the official line may change &I’m sure the independent guys will deal with this in a sympathetic manner but I imagine main dealers will make hay - they must be rubbing their hands with glee at the opportunity for profit here.
  9. value?

    Does the use of sandpaper also balance the buckled impeller?
  10. Not getting any bites on a mini

    Funnily enough I’ve had all my enthusiasm for cars knocked out of me by this industry. Or more accurately, by my dealing with the general public
  11. mot sheets

    I don’t think your average independent garage will be uploading to a USB stick for a while yet.
  12. Not getting any bites on a mini

    I sometimes do a few but they need to be ‘looked after’, NOT 10 owner dross or you’ll be asking for trouble. Basically it depends what it is. Forget small cars or Insignia/Mondeo rubbish- you can barelyraffle them off to the greediest of scum with those miles. However, if it’s something like an S-Max/Galaxy (probably half price) or a 4x4 then they’ll look so cheap that they’ll sell fast(ish). Funnily enough, last Xmas I bought a 163K 07 new shape CRV on DA for about £1600. A morning’s travel, the car was on the internet that afternoon at £2999 & the phone almost set on fire. Basically big 7 seaters, vansor 4x4s in my experience. Forget anything else.
  13. Not getting any bites on a mini

    I’ve never understood why in this game do many complain whenthey’ve made a sale & then think they could of got more.You were sick of it so should be happy it’s gone. The internet is very competitive as it’s rammed full of cars so they need tobe photographed correctly to gain interest howeverdecent photos don’t sell overpriced cars. Every couple of months I assess my stock & any sticky cars are blown away & I never feel regret - just pleasure at seeing the back of one & freeing up a space for something more profitable. Is he referring to a few scuffs on the door cill trim? I was staring at the photos to try & work out what the problem is. If that’s what is being referred toI really wouldn’t worry, it’s a 162,000 mile CRV & the sort of man interested won’t give a fuck about a few trim scuffs - he’s buying on price (and a very attractive price it is too).
  14. Plastidip

    I suspectthe finish would stand out a mile. If you’re going to the trouble of painting full bumpers even a cheapskate like me would take it to a painter.