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  1. S60 D5 Head Unit repair

    It’s f***ed I’ve seen theories on it’s “so-and-so” but as we’re dealing with 12 year old radios it’s a case of bin & replace. I opened mine up last week but there’s nothing obviously at fault so it’ll be a circuit board or component issue. Tbh electronic items aren’t made to be repaired (if your TV plays up you bin it & replace nowadays).
  2. Valuation request

    Yep, with that engine it’s not a high performance model andit’s not economical -VERY niche to me. But as I say not my cup of tea at all so I could be talking out of my arse.
  3. Valuation request

    Not my bag at all but a mate has had a nice SLK350, different colour but ok miles, for 18 months. If you aren’t selling it properly presented God help you. And as for the punters...........
  4. S60 D5 Head Unit repair

    I’ve got exactly the same issue,an HU-850 not playing any sound (apart from the occasional ‘pop’ or ‘crackle’ - I think they were made by Kellogg’s). Funnily enough mine’s also an 06 but it’s not age related, it’s a commonHU-850 failing. My answer has been to do sweet f.a. & not refer to it on the adverts. I’ve got four figures wiped across the old knacker so if the punter wants a few quid off I’ll oblige. Tbh I find S60 punters ‘want a deal’ cos they’re nice but a littlebit greedy - they’re usually only buyingan S60 costhey won’t/can’t pay up for a V70. Basically stuff them greedy eBay chancers.
  5. I’mglad most seem to agree. The bare minimum usually and, tbh, half of the time ‘new’ actually means ‘secondhand’.
  6. I assume with your careful wording the replacement engine wasn’t a NEW replacement. Assuming this to be the case destroy every receipt & reference to it andjust sell it as a ‘normal’ car. Forget all of the bullshit about ‘low mileage engine’ or, God forbid, a reconditioned engine (modern engines do NOT respond well to cheap recon’s in back street garages - they’re things of exceptionally fine tolerances).
  7. Towbars For Car

    FFS!!!!!! LORD, GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!! AARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. What is the Full Form of BMW ?

    WTF? I feel like a transatlantic school teacher is about to give me a lecture. Anyone for a good spanking with the cane?
  9. Promo offers to get cars shifted?

    Didn’t the days of handover gifts die25 years ago? As for them being a benefit, possibly for a pitch butI doubt it. As for my carsI guaranteea bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates wouldn’t be appreciated by the sort of penny pinching twat shopping via the internet nowadays. Cars ain’t special nowadays, they’re almost a disposable item and are looked upon as such by 95% of the population. I’ve had a few repeat customers but I don’t kid myself why,it’s nowt to do with my brand of charm, it’s only becausemy cars are competitively priced and I know the buyerslooked elsewhere. Loyalty in retail is something for the history books.
  10. Today's rant: Saturday "Buyers"

    Yes, 99% of us. I do my best to feel them out on the phone but I’m not perfect and understand some people do need to see a car & they may not like it. However if they turn-up and I smell eau de timewaster or hear first “we’ve others to see” I normallydig further but if I don’t hear the answers I’m looking for I refuse the test drive. It’s lead to a couple of stand-offs/unhappy punters but I advisethem it’smy business,my property,my cars so I’m not going to spend time & money on for them to go & play me off against another seller.
  11. Promo offers to get cars shifted?

    The deal I’m looking to do is the advertised deal I’mwith EPV on this.This week I don’t know how many emails I’ve had from the ‘last price’brigade - you can’t work a deal with these people unless you want to slit your own throat. Half of them haven’t even got the money they’re talking about & the other half are fussy/cheeky bastards who’d come & take the piss anyway.
  12. Today's rant: Saturday "Buyers"

    I see your point but I’m going to stick up for Nick. Stopping short of demanding to see hard cash or a bank account statement youcan qualify them all you wantbut it’s not until you come to the part that sorts the wheat from the chaff,the men from the boys, the walkers from the talkers, i.e.THE MONEY, that you get the truth, rather thanthe punters version of the truth. Anyone in this game who says they’ve never been lead up the garden path by a punter is a liar.
  13. Promo offers to get cars shifted?

    Christ, aren’t times hard enough without giving back money? Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m fairly sure the cashback wouldn’t be VAT deductable so it’s be a double whammy and imagineif a car cameback wouldn’t yoube liable to give them the full amount? Anyhow in the £500-4000 internet market there’s no chance of me starting with pisspoor offers like these. As for MOT vouchers if you think I want a conversation about a customer’sMOT failure list 50 weeks after I sold him a £1295 Focus you must be mad! I’ll concentrate on getting the cars safe,pricedcorrectly, sold and (hopefully) never to be seen again.
  14. Why all this talk of enquiries? I couldn’t give a toss about the number of enquiries, or the quality of them. It’s BUYERS that interest me. The smaller the ratio of enquiries to buyers, the better.