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  1. Chance your arm & just tell him “Look pal, I’m not a car dealer so fuck off & get on with it yourself”. Feel free to contact me for details of where to send your £100 cheque for the professional advice I’ve imparted.
  2. Fuck me, in your 70s and getting strapped-up
  3. I’d fucked up recently on a car lacking a V5, I’d assumed the lack of log book wouldn’t be a problem, the private plate had been removed but the main dealer HADN’T put it in trade, just SORNed it. Apparently there’s an illicit way, a trader selling a flashy motor told me recently there’s someone dodgy who advertises on the ‘net somewhere. He was very sceptical but deposited this character a £50 along with the customers bank details for the direct debit. Within the hour the car was taxed. Unfortunately I don’t know any more than this.
  4. Probably a tracker for a kids insurance. Can’t you just remove it?
  5. If hardly anyone can get on how long will it be before vendors get sick of not selling? You’d imagine DA/AT will sort this pronto.
  6. Bastards? What’s wrong with using the c-word to describe some of today’s greedy, ignorant, lying punters with their unrealistic expectations .
  7. Rather than shoot them down I’d say give cartotrade a chance. If you don’t like it don’t use it & if vendors are trying for retail prices they’ll soon get the message. Tbh almost anything has got to be an improvement on some of the rascals on DA - assuming they police vendors and enforce some sort of minimum standard of appraisal.
  8. Give a whinger an ear & they’ll talk into it. Conversely, give them a few home truths & they f.o. home.
  9. Perhaps Manheim aren’t allowed to actively chase DA vendors? A local vendor with a few local franchises must of heard all of the good news about DA & suddenly cut-off all direct sales to the trade a year or so ago. Within a short period of time they were pig sick because a percentage of their cars were knocked back (due to their shite descriptions but these main dealer thickheads don’t have the sense to realise) and automatically banned any buyer who didn’t complete the sale. After a month or so, and about 10 banned bidders, they started sending cars to the nearest Manheim & I believe they barely sell on DA nowadays.
  10. Dead as a dodo. I’ve got one man on the hook for a car but that’s it. I think Ebay buying patterns account for my aversion to small cars or, more accurately, small car punters. I’ve done it the ebay way for what must be getting on for 15 years & I don’t think I’ve ever had proper profit from a small car unless it was something for nowt I’d successfully nailed back together. Nowadays if a punter phones with a Corsa, Fiesta, Clio etc. p/x I just groan & tell them it’s worth pennies to me because I don’t like the market. Local punters on small cars are also hopeless - all bottom-dollar nuisances price-conditioned by Gumtree knackered/written-off prices.
  11. I’ve been to four different auction houses this weeks. What connected them all was empty yards & the trade buying up almost anything. This week I’ve seen bidders paying into book for bottom to mid range Focuses with knackered engines.
  12. Nick, that’s mistaking the minimum servicing schedule for actually maintaining a car. Anyone who believes that old tosh will think they’ll never replace another bush, spring, shock, drop link, suspension arm, ball joint, cv joint, gaitor, track rod end etc. etc. ....***feel free to list another 1000 items here***. Maintaining an old car involves a damn sight more than the manufacturers’ service schedules.
  13. Although I don’t use DA I’m still a member (but blocked from bidding) and I received the same email that also referred to another email but I’ve had nowt yet either. As for your second paragraph anyone who thinks Autotrader & a Manheim company are going to honour the £99pa grandfather rights for long are kidding themselves.
  14. Broom shanks have many uses. I remember when I was a young kid in the 70’s, broom shanks were also used to separate dogs copulating. Those were the days
  15. Hahaha, I laughed at that. That must be part of the tool box nowadays. Mind you, what’s wrong with a £1.99 4’ wooden broom shank from Toolstation?