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  1. 2 x broken vw polos please help

    Good luck! I sell older stock than you butI haven’t touched a DSG in about 5years when I could ‘feel’ a couple of 100KPassats I had at the time werenot quite right. Tbh I was grateful they never came back. As for the 1.2, that’s always been a piece of shit with either chain issues or valve/head problems. REPLACE with a secondhand unit, cross your fingers & avoid this engine.
  2. Sticky situation

    Haha, how apt this is. It happens. I buried my head in the sand over a gearbox fix& now I’ve had a car at a local gearbox specialist for over18 months. Thecar’s in bits so can’t be moved, about 6mths agoI formally wroteto him to advise him I intend instigating a small claim blah blah. That got him on the phone whinging, promising the earth then f. all since. It’s apt because I’m just sat at the computer now joing the govt portal to instigate proceedings. FFS, what a way to do business. Tbh it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind & I don’t like to put a man down but I either write-off a £2500 car or try him through the courts system. The moral of this tale is only ‘go cheap’ if you know who your dealing with. I didn’t know him or his company but was lured in by the cheap price & am paying the price.
  3. October

    I’ve suddenly flatlined. Since before the weekend I’ve onlyhad one phone call(telling me the deal I’ll give him!) & just one email from an alleged trader hoping to rape me over a lowishmileage diesel CRV (good luck on that score). Yet a friend who’s been dead for weeks has sold 5 since yesterday (Sunday) morning. Swings & roundabouts.
  4. Introduction and advice.

    Errrr...I’m trying to add something else but I think you’ve said it all.
  5. What a day

    Yep, that’s why ‘specialists’ wipe such margins across their cars. They have to sit on them & endure every sad, pathetic, know-all,dreaming twat on the planet. I recently had a near-30yr old Merc in stock. I was sick of middle aged men sending their pathetic, embarrassingly long emails. Not that I answered any but I changed my advert to something along the lines of“Serious enquiries ONLY BY PHONE, emails will not be answered and only contact WHEN YOU HAVE THE MONEY& ARE READY TO DEAL”. Funnily enough not oneof the email pen-pals could stretch to a phone call.
  6. Introduction and advice.

    Absolutely. Mark, you have hit the nail on the head with your last sentence. You are realistic and understand your outgoings substantially reduce profits - something I’m not sure many realise when I hear them quoting fantasy profits. In this day & age overheads should be slashed to the bone. That’s why internet companies are king & high streets are dying on their knees - overheads. Give us a few more years & at this rate we’ll all be able to afford high street units just to use as car storage! Years ago I realised, from my one-man-band viewpoint, that the highlighted sentence above was king. SIMPLE AS THAT. If you want to keep it simple, as opposed to grow the business, then you can make as much as you can butif you’re pissing away thousands every month on rent, advertising etc. it amounts to little because it’s basic mathematics -incomings, minus outgoings, equals profit. It’s not rocket science but it’s where many small businesses struggle.
  7. What a day

    What’s wrong with laughing in their face? Stuff professionalism with a cheeky bastard like that, they need to know where they stand. Let them go to Tesco, load the trolley with £50s worth of produce, offer £30 & see what response they get.
  8. October

    I wouldn’t want to be that dealership! As for the rest of your post I couldn’t agree more. I think every single car, bar one, that I’ve bought over the last 4 months has needed spanner’s putting on it. The 7-10yr oldstock at the block is generallyin a pitiful state, the trade’s so desperate that just about every vendor on DA has turned into a shyster & Sytner’s dealerships’ assessors have all been instructed to under-appraise. However, as forthe prices people are paying at the block! F*** me, yesterdayI thought wewere already experiencing January madness.
  9. October

    This time of year works wonders on the appearance ofmy stock.Everything looks shiney & scratch-free in the compound when the rain clouds are above us.
  10. 1995 one owner golf valuation

    It’s good to hear the age of romance isn’t dead!!
  11. don't like to worry you but .................

    Isn’t that his point?
  12. October

    Plodding on with just one old relic this week after a couple of very busy weeks & a strong couple of months. The trouble is is the latest sale always feels like it could be the last sale because, although I’ve had a good couple of months, enquiries are thinon the ground & most of my contact is from total & utter nutters. Oddly enough just about every other small 1 or 2 man operation I’ve spoken too areclaiming the last 6 weeks have been desperate except for those working for peanuts & selling unprepped cars.
  13. don't like to worry you but .................

    There are plenty in this gamepretending to be the big man & are up to their necks in it. Some of these financial nutters seem to like working for everyone else but themselves & the need to shift metal has resulted in some poor margins on the mid range stock.Tbh ifhard times close afew unsustainablebusinesses run by Champagne Charlies, as someone who believes in living within one’s means,I for one couldn’t give a hoot.