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  1. Correct BUT he was told it “is ULEZ compliant”. It isn’t. I think it’s worth trying to blag the customer but there’s no way this would stand if it went legal. It’s certainly worth trying to pay off the customer but if he’s having none of it then this a clear & brazen case of misrepresentation. No ifs or buts, it’s misrepresentation. I’ll sum this up; Just another case of a secondhand car salesmen misleading a customer.
  2. FFb Dr y nu gd hjjgf fb t h g h.
  3. I disagree about your situations being similar. Ebay’s rep obviously told you about the ‘no going back to your old contract’ before he turned off the recorder, which is different to Rich Michaels as he’s claiming this wasn’t disclosed to him. I spoke to 3 (I think) eBay reps who chased me about this and it was perfectly clear on every occasion what the deal was. Additionally all of their emails made it clear what the deal was and EVERY single one of us on here should be immediately suspicious of contracts being handed out with a sweetener of a ‘cheap’ introductory deal. It’s the oldest trick in the book to catch the greedy.
  4. Based upon the evidence before us I suspect this is someone with a poor grasp of the facts. I draw this conclusion from the fact he is passing himself off as Pendle Tow Bars Ltd, a limited company that doesn’t exist. Feel free to prove me wrong. Once an arsehole, always an....
  5. Sorry but I believe you’re incorrect - or at least you are if you received the same contact from them as I received. When they offered me the Gumtree special deal (for want of the correct name) even from the emails it was crystal clear to me that if you joined there was absolutely no way of reverting to ebay-only on your old rate. In my case, and I find it hard to believe ebay actively tried ripping you off, nothing was hidden, it was all in plain sight, as clear as night & day. Sorry.
  6. BHM

    Fiat Panda

    I’ve had a few 4x4 Pandas & they get plenty of interest from absolute tyrekicking bellends - all sad middle- & old-aged men emailing shit or phoning for a chat about fuel consumption. ACTUAL customers for them are few & far between so they sit for a couple of months but when they go do pull a reasonable profit, or strangely enough, attract good swappers. For those tempted I’d like to point out they drive shit, are underpowered, the diesels piss fluids out of every orifice and by the time they get to 80K miles are only fit for the bin.
  7. I don’t sell much so-call prestige (ahem!) German stock but recently had an A6 that needed about 6 items attending too, an older 318 p/x with a stretched timing chain (thankfully moved on & it wiped its face) & have one of BMW’s 4x4s (my first, and my last) that has ‘issues’. All below average miles for age, all historied up. These krautmobiles are an absolute fucking disgrace. Get in a Honda with 150K on it & it runs like clockwork. Get in Germany’s finest at 100K and I’m waiting for the next light on the dashboard to illuminate.
  8. +1. Reasonably profit when they go but it’s a niche market.
  9. Just had what sounded like one of Nigeria’s finest on the phone; “What is your best price?” He sounded wounded when I said he just wanted cheap rubbish so he should go & buy it. He reckons he doesn’t want cheap! He reckons he’s a serious buyer, although he hadn’t bothered reading the advert, didn’t know it was a decent model, historied up & decent miles. All this cnut sees is the bottom line but as he said, he doesn’t want cheap. I’m ashamed to say I wasted 4 minutes of my life trying to educate this thick head, making him open up the internet advert & read it back to me . He’s letting me know..........
  10. What sort of cars & price range are you in? Reading this I assume your business is a small concern? From my one man band point of view it’s mainly in the buying (+ also whether or not you’re badly caught out!) At the end of the day though, if the discs & pads (and a thousand other things) are Donald Ducked you need to spend the money. It’s as simple as that. How much money you spend ‘out of house’ varies greatly. In this game as a one man band you need a tame mechanic, or a small garage, who doesn’t mind trade work, and possibly if they also like a bit of cash (for one of their inevitably cash paid employees) you can buy your own parts without a mark-up. Mind you, I do envy those small businesses with an in-house workshop.