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  1. Recalled car question

    What a fucking arsehole.
  2. Electric Cars

    Correct. Although with a new set of issues but at least it won’t be pissing about with EGRs & DPFs. Cancel??? Second referendum??? The instruction was OUT. Too many lefties whining like a knackered diff on a Vauxhall Carlton. All this has shown me is what a shower of shit most of our elected members are - the days of me bothering to vote are probably over.
  3. sfi air box

  4. The only Lincoln I know has a cathedral in it.
  5. Electric Cars

  6. Warranty for home trader

    Threereasons.Cars correctly prepared (i.e. money spent on them to sell)& honestly advertised. Both are things that 99% ofprivate sellers fail to do.
  7. Warranty for home trader

    The trouble is the average Billy Bunter doesn’t read or understand that. Certainly on cars up to £5K the lack of any warranty isn’ta problem here. I guess if you feel a warranty is gaining you custom then they’re worth it but very rarely am I even asked about them.
  8. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    Does it really? It doesn’t around these parts! I also struggle to believe £1200 can be added to the retail price of one ofPeugeot’s finest.
  9. Sold my last diesel

    When I was a boy any reference to a Lez at school was an insult that referred to a female who preferred the company of other females to males. How times have changed!
  10. There are certainly a small minorityon ebay who advertise as a monthlyfigure.
  11. MrV, are you interested in some Yoga-wear?
  12. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    Punters hate the ‘A’ word because many of them have little understanding of how this industry works so think only the shit goes to the block - they think big dealer groups negotiate singleyevery part exchanged car!
  13. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Tbh would you bother? In my experience adding oil doesn’t unstretch a chain or rebuild worn guides
  14. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    I’m surehe’ll have plenty of experience with these fine gearboxes!! Best of luck as I imaginethe customer ‘forgot’ to mention the issue.
  15. Cargurus top rated dealer

    It just goes to show what I’ve always said about reviews. Absolute bullshit. I solda car yesterday. The buyer commented on my good reviews. The strangest thing isI haven'ta clue what he was going on about. There’s no fucker left me any good reviews that I’m aware of.
  16. Any BMW experts in here?

    Have you ever known a brand new clutch/DMF defective? When I had one that I suspectedwas defective I was told by a couple of garages they’ve never seen one & a few members of this forum said the same & suggested it was something else. 400 miles later the gearbox ate itself.
  17. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    EGS/EGCgearboxes - is it possible to ever get one of these pieces of shit to 100,000 miles without knacking up? Good luck Blenheim, after experiencing two of these, & countless punters trying to offload them,they’re also on my AVOID list unless they’re scrap money.
  18. You’re correct & they have been. The trouble is their incentives can only be something like£50 off indemnity (or similar),cheap deliver or a canteen voucher soisn’t really enough to get me to go to an auction with a pisspoor selection of cars.
  19. Ferrari - write off?

    More like his hand slipped pastthe knot whilsttyping his drivel.
  20. I must have spoken to about 10 traders this week. Every single one has said it’s desperate. Just ignore the arsehole offers, they never come to anything & just suck the life out of you if you let them. It’ssodead the auction halls are all half-empty of bidders -I’ve been to five different sites in the last fortnight & they were all the same.After wading through the battered shite there are a few nicecheapishcars if you’ve got money to spend. Retailing is currently knackered just about everywhere. I see yet another majorhigh street operator (Arcadia Group) are closing more stores than anticipated. It’s the start of the slippery slope -I assume they’ll be historyin another couple of years. I struggle to believe anything above 5K is an automatic seller and alsothat anyone’s ‘having it off’ at the moment.
  21. Sometimes the passenger seat does but the driver’s doesn’t.
  22. You must see a different page to me. Are you looking on youjizz?
  23. WTF!?!! Is this a wind-up?
  24. Ferrari - write off?

    The only thing AJ has rolled is the five fingered widow along his shaft as he typed hisinitial post.