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  1. Mileage descrepancies

    It would of sucked the oil wells dry doing 700K in one of those
  2. Manheim surecheck help please

    I think your correct. Unless it’s something they can plug in & convince themselves it’s a £30 bodge repair. If there’s a code or two to be read on the shit £25 code reader I have in my drawer then the ‘Spares Or Repair Brigade’ struggle with the concept ofspending £150 in parts & a mornings graft - basically it’sbeyond their mental grasp. There’s a reason why many people are skint. It’s because they are lazy & greedy.
  3. Yes, the switch flicked at the beginning of the year - if you look at the prices of them there are some VERY cheap cars on the pitches so I’d guess many have been sat around for ages. Done well with them on & off for a decadebut then all of a sudden......nothing. I’ve just soldthe Mrs’s & have one mega-mileage heap of shit left that’s showing me about a £50 profit & I still can’t get rid. In theory this should mean I can pick up anotherpetrol auto CRV for ‘er indoors on the cheap
  4. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    ....and despite NOT opening on a Sunday I switched on my phone, a local man immediately phoned, promised to be 10 minutes & not mess me about. In fact it took him 12 minutes to get here but he stuck to theother part of his statement. I’ll be a Sunday convert shortly I’ve got about 4 or 5 long-termersbut if I’m honest I look at 3 of them & think ‘Why on earth did I buy that?’. Inmy case it was greed (cheapish) &stupidity overcoming common sense & experience.
  5. BCA bank hol opening times?

    Years ago I’d of said you might nab one or two but tbh I find nowadays it makes little differencecos if they don’t get bids the auctioneers bounce bids off the walls. They might as well replace auctioneers with machines nowadays. I don’t know with your type of stock but with mine I can hardly find any cars I really want anyway. Finding suitable stock seemsdesperate at the moment, or the stock offered is in desperate condition
  6. Cheeky sod ...and funny how some cars attract no one. I have a selection
  7. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    I was complaining a few days ago that it’sbeen dead but I’ve sold/taken deposits on 5.I suspect just a temporary flurry before I’m back to my usual couple a week. Very few other calls though so it still ‘feels’ quiet. As is the norm, the newer stock has soldbut the last of my DA cast offs have been sat months without a sniff & still are. I’ll be having a fire sale shortly just to move some of the shit.
  8. BCA bank hol opening times?

    They’ve had sales on bank holidays as long as I’ve been in this game.
  9. That’s called “The Mrs”. So so true. My last two XC90s (£5500 & 5750) the buyers did not give a toss, both deals done in about 15minutes. It’s worth mentioning that they had usual Volvo side bolster material splitting - I pointed it out to the buyers this weekend & they looked at me as though I was from outer space for even mentioning it. Now imaginethe response of the typical BMW/VAG man! What would follow would be apitiful display ofgreed, whinging& nonsensical comments brought on by theirexpectations of perfection.
  10. Straight talk & mechanical preparation - it’s easier doing the job right in the first place. They ALLget used for a few miles (usually at least 50), I correct anything mechanically deficient (or sell those beyond hope clearly as such), reMOT about 90%,fuck off what I consider to be arseholes over the phone, I do not respond to texts,only sell to people who I consider acceptable customers, talk straight & deal straight. The fact I only shift about100 per year obviously helps. In the last 2.5 years I’ve put my hand in my pocket once (£50 & told the man to goto Trading Standards if he wasn’t happy - an old p/x Astra that he wanted new alternator money for but as I pointed out old cars have old parts). In that time I’ve probably had 2 or 3 other phone calls from chancers trying it on(usuallyon my bottom end stock) “cos mymechanic says xxxxxx”- a few questions soon catches out this scum at which point I tell them to jog on. However in that time I’ve lost count of the number of NEW clutches, tyres, calipers, batteries, wheel bearings,disc & pads I’ve renewed prior to sale so I guess my ALMOST hassle-free business model has its price. I’ve cursed myself now, there’ll be a flood of whingers on Tuesday
  11. Who Can Recommend a Turntable?

    Honestly Dave, you have to ask yourself are these numbskulls for real?
  12. Dear me! I hope you’re a big pitch cos as a one man band I’ve not had 2 returns in 2 years.
  13. “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!”

    The trouble is greedy messers are greedy messers, it’s in their genes. Theysay they’ve missed out on other cars yetfuck about & miss out again.
  14. Diesel or Petrol? - Advice please!

    That reminds me, I must make an appointment at the dentist.
  15. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    They are until you take one of their vendors to court
  16. Yep, I’ve sacked offa couple of arseholes over the phone. Mind you today I’ve done two, a (proper) friend has just texted to say he wants one of my cars and I’ve a serious viewing tomorrow. Bank holidays to me means to be extra cautious who to let visit because there’ll be thousands of middle aged men with time to kill wanting to look at cars.
  17. Mileage descrepancies

    Tbh I’ve had a few & if it’s written clearly in the advert it’s not been a bar to a sale - mind you, it’s always been on cheap shit where the price is all that matters.
  18. Business Recovery Cover

    I’ve been with them for over a decade. They don’t have any recovery vehicles, they’re just a call centre who farm out the work to local recovery companies. As such the local recoverers do not give a toss cos they just want paying. The only proviso is I know Auto Aidcheck the MID to check the car is insured before allocating it to a job so put your cars on your MID. I’m sure if you ask “Do you cover trade?” the answer will be no so don’t bother asking. I’ve used them 4 or 5 times& can’tspeak highly enough of the service they offer.
  19. “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!”

    “None of your business but I don’t discount anyway”. This is usually met with huffing & puffing as I put the phone down. The email enquiries are ignored.
  20. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    Yep, + wanting free assistance using the goodwill of complete strangers.