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  1. Morning All, Not sure if anyone has ever dipped their toe before but we had an email a few weeks back in regards to an opportunity toget the company name on a race car, the series is quite a high profile one. I guess it's hard to quantify a return of investment but i guess any exposure is good exposure ? Just wondered if anyone had done similar before and what they thought of it. Cheers
  2. Just been offered

    I think you may be rite
  3. Just been offered

    There was a thread the other day about flaky customer's and people saying they will buy and then don't, but when the shoes on the other foot it's ok to agree a sale but then not go through with it if it works better for you BUT if it works better for the customer (they've found a cheaper, better spec'd car)then that's wrong?? baffled by thethought process on this one to be honest !!
  4. Zuto is £150+VAT for anything non prime, prime stuff is tiered based on lend amount. 24/7 not sure... wouldn't work with them based on how they operate as a company. Moto Novo we binned off when they moaned about the quality of cust we were sending them and it turned out to all be the crapcustomers of Fine And Fund My Car.
  5. Meet-up for forum members at CDX 2019

    They say never meet your favorite celerity... a meet up would shatter my complex visions of what people look like and i'm not sure i like the idea of that.... If @EPVdoesn't actuallylook like Jim out of The Royal Family it would ruin this place for me!
  6. Can anyone recommend a Mini breaker?

    Hands down the best Mini Spares places, we have bought Shells from there before. http://www.mintechspares.co.uk/
  7. HPI checks

    Hitachi do morepersonal loans than secured so may explain your issue there if the customer was confused about the product they had signed for, we get a a few folk in who say the car has finance but it turns out it was unsecured but they just presume as its a loan for the car it's recorded against it. OP - We use Motor Checkhttps://www.motorcheck.co.uk/
  8. Autotrader Finance Add-on

    Zuto have a stock search but its only get access to itif you are an approved customer of theirs (this was explained to us in they way that they don'y use our stock to bate the customers in like 24/7 do, just show it them once they are approved and in a position to buy). I think the £150+VAT is for any subprime deal and they pay up to 50% of total comms on prime deals you send them.
  9. A Place to whinge about cars

    You could have chucked a battery on for the poor sod if he's a regular customer of yours... they will just be twice as annoyed when it stops again in a week or two in this cold weather.
  10. Deposits refundable or not?

    Out of interest do you guys vary the deposit size dependent on the price of the car you are selling or is it fixed across the board ?
  11. Deposits refundable or not?

    Deposit given back if customer pays and is then unsuccessful with the finance (seems unfair to penalize themif they want to buy the car but are unable to do so. Half deposit paid back if they come and test drive and then make us sit on the car for a few days and then change their mind. Full refund given if they reserve then travel and it's not for them when they arrive (see above if they leave and want time to think about it for a few days)
  12. Autotrader

    This is where you are wrong.... and the mistake many men/women/robots have made before you. Dealers go to Auto Trader as that is where the customers are not the other way round, i was hoping 2019 may be different but my god it's boring people moaning about Auto Trader !! If you don't see the benefit then don't use it, don't use it to sell your stock and keep you in a job and then moan about it. Anyway's didn't you have 300k or something in November to invest into a dealer with someone ? there is your start up ! So what your suggesting here is a standard fee BUT if you want your stock to stand out more than the other then you pay for it ... ? So just the same as AutoTarder then ? haha this is gold. It's also not free.. who pays for the admin work, who maintains the site, who deals with issues, who buys the domain ?
  13. Pet hates...What really bugs you....

    When the chocolate in your choc dips is too tough, and when you dip your stick in it break's off and then you have to use your fingers to fish it out again !!
  14. Legal or not

    Hey, Not knocking their business model at all its a cracking one, I've been down a couple of times and the sites never ending... some say you can see it from space on a clear day (disclaimer i'm not sure if that's true)
  15. Legal or not

    Personally i think its a load of crap and regardless of how you spin it none of it oftreating customers/traders fairly. You do less work if a customers takes 3rd party finance as really all you need to do is generate an invoice, no proofs, no docs to sign, no legal scripts to coverso the only reason you charge a higher fee is your being pissy about no being able to sell a customer into your finance and you've been beaten on the rate or by someone who can sell better then you. They are just fees to generate question's "so if i take your finance and not 24/7 then my admin fee is less ??" "yes Mr customer let me get you a quote" customer thinks they are saving money but still get slapped with a GAP and extended warranty. New year same shit ...