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  1. Motor trade insurance

    insurance companies are right on the ball these days. all i can add to this discussion for you, is to be very careful if you have an accident. the insurance company will want proof that you are properly employed on the books ie tax and ni, by your fathers business!! they normally would have asked him to supply your tax reference number etc by now.
  2. stock showing on finance

    I suppose you will never know exactly how many customers have not phoned you because the car they are interested in shows up as having outstanding finance. But if you think that this may contribute to the lack of enquiries, then simply unsubscribe from Autotraders hpi service. The hpi reports will still appear to customers, but minus the finance part. If its still quiet after you have removed the package, then the only advice is pretty much all of the above...see David Horgans post. It can be very easy to fallinto a rut, and the hardest thing can be self motivation and self criticism. Hope it picks up for you.
  3. Petrol or Tar 'n or Glue remover?

    Super unleaded or just the cheap stuff ???:>)
  4. Part-time Trader

    You can just phone dvla and they will tell you over the phone if the cars in trade. They will also tell you if the car can be taxed at a post office with a V62. I have done this many times, just make sure the customer has paid in full for the car before taxing and registering to themat the post office. We always download and partially fill in a v62, which we keep together with the history etc in the car folder for a customer to view. The only timethis does not work is withex-crown cars, with or without v5's.
  5. You can backdate it no problem. Do it online. The fact its been taxed for that period means it wont trigger any untaxed fines your way.
  6. Help with private plate swap please

    ^^ not if dvla have already been informed that the car is in trade. Why cant you just lose the plate when you sell it. Ask dvla for an age related plate at the same time as registering it to the new keeper?
  7. Business Slow?

    Full re-gas always included with their full service and lifetime word is my bond.
  8. Business Slow?

    Just back from 8 days in Italy and catching up. Dealer & Autolink, you have both mirrored my sentiments exactly. I could just have easily made the same comments. Expenses through the roof. The sales volume overall nationally is still there, but theresprobably 5 times the amount oflines and hooks out there all trying to catch the same amount of fish in the lake as there were 5-8 yrs ago. So businessis spread out a lot thinner between more dealers, many of whom just don't seem to want to work with good margins (no disrespect).I have been through lots of peaks and troughs over 28 years working on my own, and the peaks always used to more than made up the troughs. But during the past couple of years, it either troughs or flatline. You can never seem catch up again on the quiet months. My business is split 50-50 internet and passing/repeat trade. Even the passing trade has recently died off. And as for the p/ex cheapies...I just lol when they try and chip me. I tell them the car is push bike money, but at least they have a heater and air con with it!!
  9. AA CARS

    ^^^Same advice from us as David above. ^^^They are a nice bunch of people there but don't waste your money and dont be sucked in by the 'AA dealer promise'. It just doesn't work! Tried them twice now and we cancelled 2nd time round in Jan after almost 3 years. The only reason we kept with them was that they hosted our website for free instead of autotrader, which subsidisedthe overall package cost. Also they insisted on a 3 month cancellation period at the end, which was never previously mentioned and which ensured we will never use them again unless its for free.
  10. Business Recovery Cover

    We are just recovery whores and regularly switch between AA and Rac depending on whos giving us a deal. However when I called out the Rac last year with a failed fuel pump on an Audi TT, they would not recover meuntil I had taxed the car first. Thought it worth mentioning.
  11. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    A CF247 customer on 'a business trip'? not exactly the type of customer profile that springs to mind when dealing with CF247. maybe the business trip involved scoring a bit ofgear down the local estate and he got mugged for his phone. Anyway hope that deal comes through for you
  12. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    ^^Pretty much same for us. Busy March and busy 1st week of April. But this week has completely and utterly died. All we have had is a few fake emails from CG, and strangely, 2 or 3 no show appointments, which rarelyever happens to us. Hope it picks up, but Easter has never been a busy period for me, and May hasalways been quieter than April over the years for some reason. Also have started to destock non ulez compliant diesels now. Really starting to feel the negativity towards them, which is a shame as half the local grubs we deal with don't even know where London is, let alone drive there.
  13. BCA Assured

    Technically avendor cannot use and hide behind the 'sold as seen' disclaimer as a way of not disclosing a known fault. Its mirepresentation. If the car has been entered by the trade/lease co then it would have been appraised at some point. They cannot say that they were not aware of a fault especially if its serious. Admiting that they were unaware of a faultshows negligence on their part, especially when a fault could be a serious safety related issue. Bca will either fobyou off, but sometimes may speak to the vendor on your behalf. But usually its the vendor you have to go after, I usually start with the last owner for information and work backwards. Btw Bin (and provisionals I think) fall outside of the auction rules and the fall of the hammer etc. I think it becomes just a contract between vendor and Buyer. Also, when I entereda couple of bits of shit in Bca last year, they had a manual stamp for the entry form asking if we were aware of any known faults with the cars, even though we were selling them 'sold as seen'. I did ask what the significance of the declaration was for, and they just said ita new new thing theyre doing now.
  14. Taxing a car with no V5C/2

    ^^^ just make sure its not a free road tax car first, as it will go straight through otherwise!!!! Works fine, have been doing this for ages now and has previously been discussed recently on this forum
  15. Autotrader Vehicle Checks

    Yesterday morning we still had the full report appearing. We cancelled the autocheck yesterday and this morning only the basic report appears. Does the full report still appear for the dealers that are still subscribed to the autocheck package, or a/trader now reverted back to the old system for everyone?