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  1. Hi Jordan, Not enough detailed info. What exactly are these 'faults'? I fault in my book is a part that is broken or not working correctly that detracts from the normal use of the car. Any thing else is simply wear and tear, which may/will require ongoing maintenance relative to the cars age, mileage and value. This customer is just trying to have your pants down mate. Fuck him off. As for trading standards, don't worry. A tip for you. Pre empty his threat and contact them first for their advice and email them a transcript of events. We have used this method in the past. Trust me, Trading Standards want an easy life same as us dealers and will be on your side if they see that you have done nothing wrong. good luck.
  2. High auction prices against the suggested cap values have never been an issue to me, providing there is still what I would call, a proper profit margin left in the car. Who cares what Mr cap or glass's says. A cars worth what we know we can get for it. But these are very strange times the past couple of years, when I see lots and lots of similar cars retailing for within a couple of hundred quid of auction prices. How can anyone run a business with such low margins? Is it because more and more dealers have become increasingly desperate to earn their monthly x's forcing them to cut prices and dragging the whole market down? Whether its over commitment to large storage units and/or overstretched with funding, who knows. Its a self perpetuating downward spiral in my opinion. And btw, yes prices have been super high the past few weeks. Even cheapies are not cheap. I watched a grade 4, 2011 Ibiza with a declared gearbox fault fetch £400 over cap clean yesterday- + fees+paint+mechanical+service+mot etc?
  3. So if based on this theory, every advertiser completed and ticked every box, photos etc available, thereby making every ad equal, the search results filter would be unable to sort out the results. Rendering the sort by! The only real difference I have noticed is that they have substituted the word 'sponsored ad' and renamed it 'relevance'. I would guess that this change by a/t indicates they are just gearing up for another passive/agressive price hike. They probably have a thoroughly researched 'new and exiting' package coming soon, that will put u ahead of the competition for just an xtra monkey a week blah blah, or am i being unjustly cynical. Deja vu. One last thought here. Why do any of us need standard or enhanced packages anymore, if search results are now filtered by relevance? We all may as well downgrade and save a packet. Just wondering what our a/t reps answer to that one might be. Might call him tomorrow actually.
  4. Hey chaps..sorry. I have seen the adverts on tv. another f@@king platform. I think they are a german company who have decided that theres lots of easy money to be made out of the uk dealers. I'm sure I read somewhere that they will plan to charge per lead. Saw another advert last night immediatey followed by an ad for
  5. By chance, if bca have a copy of V5 or can get a copy from vendor for you, then you only need the doc ref number. Can still register and tax online when you sell it!
  6. Unless it picks up in the next 5 days, then this will officially be our quietest month...ever!
  7. We have always done well with these. Sold a 14 plate just last week while it was still being valeted before it even made it on the net. They tick a lot of boxes for a lot of customers. But they do attract a certain type of profile as Tradex said. Their opening line & explanation is usually--- 'hello mate, wot it is ,is, i need a new car cos my missus has run off with my brother and taken the car, and i've now hooked up with my cousin (but its ok cos she aint blood) and shes got 3 kids and i've got 4 kids and my ex wifes 2 stepkids, so when we are all together we need a 7 seater'. I comment that it adds up to 11 people with adults. He explains that its ok cos the 8 year olds will just have the 2 year olds sitting on their laps and they will all fit in ok, but just gets a bit difficult balancing all their food when they visit the drive through burger king.
  8. Its now worth £250 instead of £200.
  9. We were caught out with a 2009 A5 about 6 years ago that was using 1 litre of oil every 150 miles. Purchased 1 week before BBC watchdog highlighted the issue. We called Audi uk and explained that as an 'Audi customer', we were 'very concerned' about the watchdog report, and we had also been experiencing these issues. Anyway, they booked us into a local Audi dealer, where long story short, they carried out a 5 grand engine rebuild under warranty. Good result for us!
  10. this Welcome and good luck. 3 Parts to this job. 1.Buying, 2. knowing how to prep, 3. dealing with the public and more importantly, understanding what goes on in their heads. No matter how much or little you know about cars, its useless without number 3. The nicest people in world can turn into complicated, neurotic arseholes as soon as they put on their 'car buying hat' and become 'a customer'. Learning how to control and understand customers is a huge part of the job.
  11. insurance companies are right on the ball these days. all i can add to this discussion for you, is to be very careful if you have an accident. the insurance company will want proof that you are properly employed on the books ie tax and ni, by your fathers business!! they normally would have asked him to supply your tax reference number etc by now.
  12. I suppose you will never know exactly how many customers have not phoned you because the car they are interested in shows up as having outstanding finance. But if you think that this may contribute to the lack of enquiries, then simply unsubscribe from Autotraders hpi service. The hpi reports will still appear to customers, but minus the finance part. If its still quiet after you have removed the package, then the only advice is pretty much all of the above...see David Horgans post. It can be very easy to fall into a rut, and the hardest thing can be self motivation and self criticism. Hope it picks up for you.
  13. You can just phone dvla and they will tell you over the phone if the cars in trade. They will also tell you if the car can be taxed at a post office with a V62. I have done this many times, just make sure the customer has paid in full for the car before taxing and registering to them at the post office. We always download and partially fill in a v62, which we keep together with the history etc in the car folder for a customer to view. The only time this does not work is with ex-crown cars, with or without v5's.