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  1. Nice spot. I’m a fucking twat. Next time I’ll make sure to check the dates.
  2. Sounds like this is happening because you taxed it twice using the same green slip? Are you sure the customers car is still taxed as sending in the new v5 in his name might have also cancelled his tax if it was taxed on the previous green slip seeing that you were still waiting for the v5 to come back in your name. Sounds messy.
  3. I rarely seem to get this type of enquiry anymore these past few years. But I wouldn't mind one or 2 just to have a bit of fun. Ask the enquiry how much they want to pay for it, wait for their offer and I then just say I will think about it, and have a chat with the wife etc, and get back to you, then promptly disconnect the call without any further conversation! Sometimes they even call back saying the line went dead. One chap even called back about 5 times once asking if I had spoken to my wife yet. Poor bloke, he just didn't get it. But seriously though, I may have dealt with only just 1 or 2 customers over the years whos opening line has been 'whats your best/last price'. I mean, Nick is correct above saying that they have to buy a car somewhere, but is it really worth speaking at length to 50 odd enquiries explaining the benefits of buying from you, which may result in 1 deal? I don't have the will or the time for this type of customer so my conclusion is fuck them off as they will all ultimately buy a car from a like minded source with a burner phone.
  4. And the same to you David and to everyone else on the forum as well !! I think I will lock up and go home soon-just hanging around for a bit hoping for that last deal of the year--Although I must say i am feeling a bit like Arkwright atm--open all hours
  5. Yes it would change things, however if it’s declared as just a Dvsa input error and it then turns out to be more than that, you would then still have a case. Anyway merry Xmas to all. ‘Clocking’ out out for a few days now. Back when I’ve sobered up.
  6. So, its worth remembering this. You could have returned the car to auction for a refund. If in future if you buy a car 'not warranted miles', that does not excuse the vendor if the miles turn out to be incorrect. I have returned quite a few cars to bca over the years when the main agent/vendor has tried to pull a fast one, thinking the 'not warranted miles' declaration covers them. It does not cover f4ck all! I have cut and paste below some wording from an email I have often used, and it has always worked out fine for me. Might help a few others too. 'Dear Bca , Thanks for your response. I received the email below from J after I emailed you. Hopefully he's sorting it tomorrow. My interpretation is that all mileage readings are either correct or incorrect. A vendors declaration of 'warranted' would be based on available evidence to verify the mileage reading, such as VOSA or full service history. The 'incorrect' declaration is used when there is evidence to support the inaccuracy of a mileage reading, again VOSA discrepancy or incorrect service history, or speedometer change. A 'not warranted' declaration is just as strong a declaration as the other two, and is used used when there is no evidence available to support the mileage reading of a car as being either correct or incorrect. A vendor cannot hide behind the not warranted declaration and use it as an excuse for not showing due care when selling a car on, when a simple check established that this particular car had an incorrect mileage reading. They are using ignorance as a defence in this particular case, and also also trying to use the not warranted declaration as an excuse for their lack of due diligence. But I am sure that being such a large company they would have certain procedures in place for checking their cars & p/exs, as I have noted that they do also often warrant mileages on some of their cars that have minimal or no service history available.'
  7. I agree, Same here. Just the other day I was trying to buy a couple of 2012 cars, each with around 10k miles. They were so overpriced that I was thinking, I would rather pay a grand+ less and buy with 30-40k miles. Much easier to sell.
  8. Ditto. I have a 4 year old (65 plate) Peug 208 with 39k. Autotrader are saying its 9000 above average mileage. ???
  9. If it was stolen recovered then it could probably have been originally stolen without the key, where the thief searches for the key using a booster while opening and starting on the car keyless go. In which case, one would have thought that the insurance company will have collected the original keys from the last owner before payout. just a thought. Different car...but had a similar issue with a Jag XF recently. Fortunately it was parked on the forecourt when it 'died'. Almost identical symptoms. Diagnostic couldnt read it either. Flatbedded to stratstones, and the stop start switch was replaced along with a module, which seemed to cure it.
  10. In the interest of transfuckingparency, looks like the new and exciting HIGH PRICE indicators are coming from A/T. They may as well start handing out Parkers fucking guides next. All thats left is 'days in stock' marker to appear next. Apologies in advance if this subject has been recently discussed. I posted the above yesterday in Umesh's thread on value markers in the private section. I think this is a very serious issue heading our way in December. Don't know about most of you guys but half or more of my cars may show up as 'high price'. I think everyone needs to email Autotrader to complain, and for once they may just listen if there are enough complaints. I am sure most of you know that you can actually completely bypass the price indicators by loading your stock without a reg number!! Might take a minute or 2 longer but may have no other choice. I emailed a complaint to our A/T rep today. I am sure he will read it, realise he is unable to answer as its not in his company script, then hit delete.
  11. 'Motors' We have given them the benefit of the doubt 2 or 3 times over the past 7-8 years. Complete waste of money. Save your pennies pal!
  12. It has been done before by Tescos--it failed miserably and they then sold the business to Virgin I think, who also flopped. Although I must say, back then, the public would not have been as receptive to buying online as they might be today and going forwards. Aprill 2011: BBC News Tesco has become the first general retailer to start a used car buying website.The supermarket giant claims it can offer low prices by controlling costs. It will show detailed pictures of vehicles for sale - including any scrapes and dents - as well as a history report and fuel usage details. It will not, however, give people the chance to test-drive vehicles. Instead, a video of the car being tested will be available for would-be purchasers. Tesco says all vehicles will undergo a strict vetting process, including a mechanical inspection by the RAC. The cars will come with a one month RAC warranty and the price will not be open to negotiation. Tesco says by supplying directly to customers, there is no middle man, no expensive showroom and no salespeople on commission. The majority of cars for sale will come from fleet and lease hire companies, with one registered keeper and a detailed service history. Steve Fowler, editor of What Car? magazine, said it was too early to tell if car buyers would be happy buying without physically seeing or driving the vehicle, but said it did appear to offer a realistic alternative to "standing on a forecourt, haggling".
  13. Hi Jordan, Not enough detailed info. What exactly are these 'faults'? I fault in my book is a part that is broken or not working correctly that detracts from the normal use of the car. Any thing else is simply wear and tear, which may/will require ongoing maintenance relative to the cars age, mileage and value. This customer is just trying to have your pants down mate. Fuck him off. As for trading standards, don't worry. A tip for you. Pre empty his threat and contact them first for their advice and email them a transcript of events. We have used this method in the past. Trust me, Trading Standards want an easy life same as us dealers and will be on your side if they see that you have done nothing wrong. good luck.
  14. High auction prices against the suggested cap values have never been an issue to me, providing there is still what I would call, a proper profit margin left in the car. Who cares what Mr cap or glass's says. A cars worth what we know we can get for it. But these are very strange times the past couple of years, when I see lots and lots of similar cars retailing for within a couple of hundred quid of auction prices. How can anyone run a business with such low margins? Is it because more and more dealers have become increasingly desperate to earn their monthly x's forcing them to cut prices and dragging the whole market down? Whether its over commitment to large storage units and/or overstretched with funding, who knows. Its a self perpetuating downward spiral in my opinion. And btw, yes prices have been super high the past few weeks. Even cheapies are not cheap. I watched a grade 4, 2011 Ibiza with a declared gearbox fault fetch £400 over cap clean yesterday- + fees+paint+mechanical+service+mot etc?