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  1. Hello Everyone!

    No problem, I have replied... Cheers Dean
  2. Honda CRV 2.2 CDTI Starting problem

    No, never got to the bottom of it... customer who purchased the car was happy yo give it a bit of gas...
  3. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome and good luck.... Where are you based ?
  4. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Dinner and lap dancing on you then on the 11th then......
  5. Do you have a personal car?

    Clio 1.5 Diesel & Caterham for the weekend. Love my Clio, leave it anywhere, £30 a year tax and 60 + to the gallon...
  6. Newbie dealer struggling for 2 years

    Exactly this, To be fair it’s nobody’s fault but yoursfor paying to much for cars. Do your reasearch on the cars you are loooking to buy before you get to the auction and have a fixed amount you are willing to pay. You know how much your fees are so do the maths. I understand it’s easy to get caught out with unexpected costs but you are in control of the intitial purchase price.... Anyway, best of luck and listen to the guys on here...
  7. Brand new person

    Welcome & goodluck....
  8. Super Glur

  9. Super Glur

    Great, thanks all for taking the time to reply.... I will photo tomorrow. Mark, you know me to well....
  10. Super Glur

    Ha ha, thanks for your reply, I will raid my wife’s draw to see what I can find....
  11. Super Glur

    What a bugger, it’s a lovely little car as well. Thanks for info, I have googled superglue removal and I think it needs to be an acetone, would this remove the surroundingpaint as well ?.....
  12. Super Glur

    Morning all, Just a note to ask if any of you guys havesuccessfully removed superglue from a Cars paintwork without damaging the paintwork. Brought a Pug 107 andsomeone has stuck the window back in with superglue and it has run down the rear door. Any help would be much appreciated. regards Dean.
  13. If you didn't sell cars what would you be doing?

    Thanks Ian, To be fair Tradex did after myfirst post on here, ha ha
  14. If you didn't sell cars what would you be doing?

    There is definitely no perfect career, I left a very good Job and started trading cars a couple of years ago to get a better work life balance.... The reality is I am actually working more hours at 50 years old than I ever have, but I love it.... (most of the time) For me,we all know the recipe for success and it would be easily achievable if the stock required was readily available, but it isn’t and that’s that. I look at some of the guys on here and it gives me the push I need sometimes to say success is achievable and it’s upme to do it.
  15. How’s January started out?

    Never normally add anything tothis thread but as of today weare 11 for the month...