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  1. Someone's dropped a dime on my ass

    Paint windows on house black always a winner
  2. Someone's dropped a dime on my ass

    Hi ive got some that are on land that’s looked after by the leaseholder and they have signs saying parking for flats only does that mean I’m ok? thanks
  3. Someone's dropped a dime on my ass

    haha hes not daft
  4. Someone's dropped a dime on my ass

    Hmm not gated but says private parking for flats only? At a guess you may be to blame for me having a not so good sunday dinner at a local pub that looked busy
  5. Someone's dropped a dime on my ass

    Ive got some parked on what says private land, how can I confirm it is private land? Its basically a car park for a block of flats? Is this an offence
  6. Diesel Tax Hike

    And all after they told us all to get diesels vehicles as it’s better for enviroment hmmm
  7. Never been this dead before

    says £1000 in advert lol
  8. Showroom / Workshop Floor

    Only give 2/3kwheat outmight aswell just buy a 3kw electric heater from delonghi for £30 air con would work and not as expensive as it sounds and cheap to run 3kw wouldn’t touch a unit size wud do office 3x3 tho
  9. Showroom / Workshop Floor

    That's best option guessing it will be expensive and very messy though. But looks amazing
  10. Showroom / Workshop Floor

    Hi Id paint the floor, far cheaper and easier You cant just roll out vinyl, even if it is commercial grade and leave it, its got to be fully stuck to the floor. Also floor may need prep work to get it flat and smooth enough.
  11. PDI's....WTF do all the jacks go?

    Maybe I’m wrong but I’d defo get one
  12. PDI's....WTF do all the jacks go?

    Now this I can help solve, we’ve had 2 tennants move out of their houses in last few month and I ended up with 2 parcel shelves and one head rest hmmm
  13. Never been this dead before

    Pick up was Nissan navara and van was transit had fuel pump done and flew out think was lucky as who bought it needed it for work and guess didn't have much choice So guess its not as good as I was hoping then in general just hit lucky
  14. another nail

    Yeah there’s a few near me do it use burner phones aswell lol maybe that’s the future
  15. cheer up