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  1. How did you start in the Trade ?

    Lol so am I doesn’t look like they are coming for him anytime soon tho, good World Cup can’t do any harm tho
  2. How did you start in the Trade ?

    Some profit is that not what you meant? Made more money backing mitro to score for Serbia than trading cars lol
  3. How did you start in the Trade ?

    I can’t wait till I get reward how long does that normally take to get lol i thought high street retail was hard, it’s a breeze compared to car game
  4. Selling at the block

    are you going to do a big reveal on it lol
  5. Selling at the block

    Benji come on then what’s the crack with alto waited long enough now?
  6. How did you start in the Trade ?

    That’s the motivation you need to be successful
  7. Nice Mercedes

    Got to be a traveller surely
  8. My first Part-ex query

    We gona start a new topic for the alto tho lol
  9. My first Part-ex query

    whoop well done
  10. My first Part-ex query

    Did you do the deal?
  11. why i dont open sunday

    like lol
  12. Is this a new build? There lots of covents on these properties, friends buying of persimmon, solicitots noticed it and said you cant park van at house? Persimmons sales knew he had a van, she even mentioned how big it was lol
  13. It's time to take action

    Ive done it with lots of cars so far lol But getting a better idea of what I can sell from home helps, just an expensive lesson learned
  14. It's time to take action

    You have had it 2/3 month could have turned another 3 cars with the money in that time, I would drop it and lesson learned don't buy another sorry 2/3 cars not 2/3 month lol