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  1. Complaint #2 Response

    Yet 4.4 rating on auto trader hmmm some nice motors tho lol
  2. Buyers who bring friends 'who know cars'

    Had Sunday off
  3. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    Another trader got garage so easy money for him chewy for me
  4. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    Hahathanks but probs cudnt tell difference, but have a man who can lol its gone anyway someone else’s problem now lol
  5. 2011 Corsa 1.4 SRI P0171

    is this the good one of the 3
  6. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    ok tradex thanks
  7. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    Ohh thanks will get it double checked thanks p
  8. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    Yeah and dual mass flywheel and I’m going to get it some new mats massive selling point haha
  9. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    What would cheap look like 08 plate 130k new flywheel and clutch haha
  10. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    Wow wish you hadn’t replied it’s an s model with 130k ishlol if nothing else I can use it to get rid of me garage full of rubbish then haha looks like them conifers are getting a hair cut aswell then
  11. Ebay Enquiries - Let 'em rip guys

    If it needs 500 paintprep then the vat mansbit and advertising fees etc there’s not much left for a trader? Justmy penneth worth butI’m defiantly still learning and new Looks nice got to be worth retailing
  12. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    Ahh well only one way to learn I suppose see how it goes thanks for help
  13. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    So I need to buy all the others in the area and mine might sell haha yeah know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but will have good money on it so happy to wait, very good money if snove prices are roughly correct
  14. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    Now I’m worried lol if not I’m going to open scrap yard that’s a job I could do
  15. Jag X Type 08 2.2

    Was cheap so thought why not it’s a tidy thing, happy to wait for thought buyer hopefully he’s coming in April tho haha