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  1. Something different

    loved the Gt Turbo been looking for one of them or a 205 1.9 but prices are now ridiculous for a car that I just wanted to have a bit of fun
  2. Received an unlicensed letter from DVLA

    I thought my tax was paid monthly, but apparently I paid in full just before new system came In effect. Accountant mentioned this checked in gov site and hadn't been taxed for 4 months rang and held hands up had to pay tax and fine think it was 60 quid but that's as far as it went i know it's slightly different but wouldn't think they would prosecute. Expect a fine and paying the tax sorry to hear about your loss, thoughts with you and family
  3. What really annoys you about customers ??

    I've had same issues in retail with Asians around here they seem to like to buy from fellow Asians the amount of time I used to waste measuring and pricing job got daft. Even on a job where they wanted it for 1500 said 1200 and still didn't get it now I let them wander around and do what they want be polite say hi etc but that's it complete waste of time in fairness exactly the same as the Jewish community waste hours of your time then never buy anything. The Jewish community asleays seem to buy from themselves but find neee to waste everyone's time running around pricing jobs etc with no intention to buy a thing from you!
  4. Received an unlicensed letter from DVLA

    Hi Just picking brains as usual so he should have just put trader plates on and everything would have been ok? Thanks
  5. Received an unlicensed letter from DVLA

    Sorry new to this so if I add car to my trade policy how do I tax it? If I want to use it myself thanks
  6. you know about these nissans dont you ?

    Nissan bought one back after inspection from a bloke doen my street. Has to be certain year etc tho
  7. Something different

    Not jealous
  8. Something different

    Which track? Did track days years ago with think it was 360 Ferrari Loved it, bikes however that's a bit scarier
  9. Something different

    That's Ducati sounds like fun suprised you still have a license lol
  10. Something different

    Justthough be interesting to know what cars people actually drive as own car, maybe bit of a laugh who knows.
  11. Bmw 320d se any idea

    lol Age is irrelevant I think if I want to make a go of it I need to learn and cant see nother way of picking up the basics quickly, or alternatively I just employ a mechanic buy what I want and he will be more than busy lol
  12. Bmw 320d se any idea

    Why isn't it an option? It could well be not necessarily a year. I'm stuggling to see any other way to gain the necessary knowledge. More likely I just need to spend maybe a few month picking everyones brain in a garage while tidying up and helping do what ever is needed. Think a few months of free labour in exchange for getting the basics I need is fair. I know I wont learn much in few months but sure I will gain a knowledge of major faults.That on its own could save me thousands on buying problem cars. Ive been in various businesses over the years and starting to realise that this ones probably by far the hardest, which I love who wants an easy life! Plus think il enjoy it that's the main thing
  13. Bmw 320d se any idea

    thanks could be an option I need to understand the mechanical side or I'm going to be in trouble