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  1. Row

    Hey car

    Just tried to sign up and got the reply below. Currently, we are focusing our attention towards on-boarding franchise affiliated dealer groups.
  2. Karcher is my advice, costs a bit more if bought new but you can replace any part cheaply and easily when required.
  3. I wouldn't dare ask for advice before at least double checking the ad wording on the AT ad which is so obviously wrong.
  4. You must get a smart repair man Tradegirl for the small paint job bits, one of the best things I ever did, he can do a job in 1 or 2 hours that the paint shop would need the car for a week to do, but mopping and buffing I do myself.
  5. I use a clay cloth with soapy water and it gives great results.
  6. You will find that similar competitor sites are 2 3 4 or even 5 times that cost
  7. I call it a race to the bottom :-)
  8. So up to now have you been deliberately aiming your pricing to get a "low price" marker?
  9. Row

    I miss...

    I think I remember Vat going from 7.5 to 8%, I used to invoice out repairs at that time for the garage I worked at in 1975/6 at 16/17 years old.
  10. What actual Zoflora product are you using Simon please.
  11. You would think so, but a couple of years ago I had a couple come from near London (200 mile from me) for a 1500 pound 06 Citroen C3 diesel with about 125k on it !