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  1. More advice please

    I think the main problem is the colour ( I know you can't do anything about that other than not buy that colour in the first place ), I sold the same car a few month ago it was in a nice metallic red but still took 3 months to sell, I kept it at top wack price the hole time and then it sold easily in the end to the right man who popped up, I think the price is ok BTW but that's just me.
  2. Just got one the same Dave great bit of kit
  3. Bank transfer problem

    I've had this when Santander are involved.
  4. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Southern Trader.
  5. Admin fee's

    Putting myself in a punters shoes, if I was a customer I would not pay an admin fee I would sooner walk.
  6. Another Zafira Recall

    I think they have always took a bit of the wiring loom with them, on Corsas as well and to be honest on other makes too.
  7. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Or steering angle sensor
  8. Any Volvo chaps on here?

    Defo get it back to you, letting someone else look at it will get heavy.
  9. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    The gamble is worth the risk, if they want it someone else will want it if need be,that's the mindset you need.
  10. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    You have to show them who's in control here.
  11. AT Portal valuation not working

    Same here this morning, although it works if you use the yellow VRM look up tab at the top right of the home page !
  12. Just been offered

    I would stand on, I think lies tend to come back and bite you.
  13. Car gurus

    The thing that get's me with CG is if the leads are all genuine why do people click on the auto response tab with limited options when I have my number on my photos that they can see and just call me?