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  1. Top Dogs for Finance Commission???

    Fair enough if the customer had an average to poor credit and that was the only rate you could get them on with. If theyweregood and the rate was bumped up to this it’s a bit of a liberty if you ask me.
  2. Who is doing well?

    Exactly the same here, had an excellent month sales wise but seem to be selling new stock quickly and have a few we just can’t seem to shift!
  3. Business Slow?

    I gave up my site about 2 years ago now, best thing I ever did. You couldn’t pay me to have an open site again.
  4. Autotrader

    Exactly this, get on with it and sell enough cars that your autotrader bill becomes irrelevant!
  5. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    If you have got to the stage with a customer where you are negotiating price most of the time they have decided they are going to buythe car and are just after discount for the sake of a discount. Most customers won’t walk away from a car for the sake of £200, as Rory says hold your ground if you know your car is competitively priced.
  6. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Been really busy here, done 10 in the last week. That said I had a quietFebruary when most were busy, no rhym or reason to it.
  7. March sales so far ?????

    That is interesting to know that your business model is working at a slightly higher price bracket.
  8. March sales so far ?????

    I was away last week but did 4 the first week and 6 this week so far with a few appointments tomorrow. Nice to be busy again.
  9. Jesus if citizens advice do not even know how to interpret the law corrrectly no wonder we get these sort of punters. If I was spoken to in such a way by said customer I would be telling them to get on their bike, bonnet catch would have clearly worked if the car was serviced before sale.
  10. Movex

    Anyone else been struggling to get any decent quotes from Movex recently? Use them all the time for deliveries but over the last 2-3 weeks struggling to get any reasonable quotes.
  11. Do you have a personal car?

    As I found out in a recent inspection. They class it as a benefit in kind.
  12. Evans Halshaw Prices

    I went with a friend to look at an RS5 they had for sale a couple of weeks ago. It was pride of place in their showroom and the NS had the worst paint job you have ever seen and more than 1 by the looks of it. Nsr quarter was dull and ns door had awful orange peel. If that’s the standard of car they retail no wonder they are cheap.
  13. February.......

    How did everyone end up this month? After doing 18 in January I ended feb on half that number with doing nothing differently.Really has me scratching my head thisat times this game.
  14. A bit of feedback on my own ads please

    Pictures are excellent, the only thing I pick up on is that they are photographed in 2 different locationsbut that’s just me. Video is not great, I got sent a video guide by autotrader and it helped my own videos greatly if you want me to forward it on.
  15. Autotrader awards

    Did anyone else get an email about being short listed for the auotrader retailer awards? I wasn’t sure if it was a generic email or not.