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  1. Buyers beware.....

    Great sellers, very popular, don't miss this one, 7 seater, Drives and looks nice, Please view photos for condition and service history What a terrible appraisal ^
  2. tell them you have a nice part ex you want top money for..... but don't actually bring it so they can see it. dealers love that
  3. Leggings do not sell cars, balloons do we all know this
  4. not sure what ive done https://www.chapelhouse.co.uk/used-car-results.aspx
  5. Is this allowed ? just looking at Chapelhouse website and none of their cars actually have the price of the car just says £192 a month only !
  6. Just received this award from cargurus always nice. surprising though as we only have had 6 reviews this year so cant see how we were awarded it ? assume a lot of places also got this just to make us feel special lol
  7. Motorhub finally nailed

    its amazing how some customers are willing to be treated like dirt to get a cheap car, serves them right the greedy twats.
  8. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    Just did a live chat with them, under the name mr conn mann they answered I said just a bit of advice, if you are gonna fraud people maybe make your prices a bit more realistic you are just being too silly. was cut off immediately lol
  9. autogroup.com is for sale

    what did they trade it in against ?
  10. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    compensation ? why would you be given that ? and by who exactly.
  11. obviously trying to hide something on the car.
  12. No one ever reads the adds at all EVER

    It also seems that being thick isn't a thing of shame anymore, I understand the text talk and brief enquiries as they don't really have the communication skills or are just too thick in trying to articulate their point. My education was also non existent, in fact I never even attended secondary school, but I am polite enough when making enquires into something I am interested in, I think its a lack of manners to just send a two word enquiry as we often receive also a lot of customers don't seem to have a decent attention span.
  13. Car gurus

    We have sold quite a few through car gurus so there are real leads, also think there are fakes ones with silly names as well that never ever respond. so I think its a bit of both.
  14. Evans Halshaw Prices

    I Have noticed they put they odd * fake car * in adverts that looks dirt cheap to get enquiries in. have had a few friends who have bought from them and they have said the prep on the cars is criminal and even some didn't get a valet on their car.
  15. Used Cars Lancs Ltd

    Cant believe any adult would even believe this could be true utter morons.