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  1. Never been this dead before

    We specialise in commercials and are based in Essex. We have been very quiet, what was the van and details? The only things we have had interest on are the bargains
  2. Evolution brokers

    Great, that's what I'm looking for, hopefully they can help me out!
  3. Evolution brokers

    Thank you mate il drop him an email now
  4. Evolution brokers

    I'm based in Essex
  5. Evolution brokers

    Thanks for your reply mate, hopefully therel be able to help me out
  6. Evolution brokers

    Has anybody used evolution as brokers? Currently had a meeting with Motornova finance and they was abit reluctant to work with us due to what I could make out is our stock wasn't higher enough in value. They recommended using a broker recommending evolution firstand then approaching them in a couple of month if we are putting a few through. So before I give them a bell tomorow just wondering if anyone's had any dealings with them? Good or bad. Thanks in advance!
  7. No "September 2017" thread?

    Last month was really quiet but only had a few up for sale as I'm just starting out but done 2 yesterday and have another 2 on the hook for this week so it does seem to be starting to pick up abit but not going to count my chickens. Hopefully a sign for a good month,touch wood !
  8. Commercial/van dealers

    That's what I like about commercials 9 times out of 10 there work horses for people if there's a dink or dent somewhere there not fazed by it and normally don't even use it as a bartering tool
  9. Commercial/van dealers

    Thanks for advice trade vet, suppose it's just trial and era in the early days of any business!
  10. Commercial/van dealers

    I think the vat limits customers because if the person isn't vat registerd 20% on top is quite a chunk extra so people rather go private but obviously there's not much you can do about that, I've currently got a 13 plate berlingo for sale which is priced competitively with no vat and havnt had much interest I don't know if it's because you can get the same shape and mileage on an older platefor quite abit less ? So Mabey people can't warrant the extra money just for a newer year Mabey. I've just gone vat registerd and have my first van up for sale which is +vat which has seemed to put some people off but is hard to tell because I'm a newbie and know it's a slow time of year so Probably that's playing a big factor in things also it's a van I havnt sold before so don't know how popular they are so hard to tell.
  11. Commercial/van dealers

    Fingers crossed then! I'm still finding what stocks good news for me etc so I wernt sure if it was the time of year or the stock I have around me. Thanks for your reply
  12. Commercial/van dealers

    Is there any commercial dealers on here? How did you find last month up until now? im just starting up and have been going for about 5-6months nothing has really been hanging about up until a month ago!
  13. Margin scheme - stock book and XERO

    Our accountant has got us using a app called kashflow, I think they tweeked a few things for us so there's a section to put in reg number etc I find it pretty straight forward and I'm no accountant
  14. TRADE INSURANCE, who do you use?

    I'm 23 me and my uncles insurance is 1100 a year as a limited company and is both being directorsbut he has been with them years, before he had his own policy and I was down as working for him and I think it was around 800 for me to go on the policy. But I'm not allowed to drive certain cars
  15. Finance company's?

    I am based in Essex. Cheers Yeah I have been told this but I'm new to all of the finance side so want to approach it correctly. Cheers