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  1. I have 40 odd in stock. I do zero running around unless I’m v bored as I soon realised you can easily by the proverbial busy fool years ago! Valeters collect, and we always leave a dumper at the MOT station that doesn’t collect (the other one does collect). Same with the paint shop -they collect and deliver. We have three or four garages etc who deal direct with any screamers & the courtesy car is left permanently at one of them. I have one PT Polish site cleaner and two PT sales/Sunday/weekend guys plus another as needed old chap who fills in the gaps. You can’t do it on your own and you’re better off concentrating on the buying and organising & all the virtual business/answering the phone and emails.
  2. Only 10 so far, but some nice deals and a couple of heavy stickers gone, so ticking over. Have had the same issue with finance props. Mentioned it a few months ago. Sign of the times I guess? I’ve not needed to buy for a while luckily, as was holding enough and didn’t feel the inclination. Started to look again last week tentatively and prices seem more reasonable, but we’ll see.
  3. Maybe somebody else can fill in the blanks...
  4. A week or two? I’m doing something wrong. Or you’re talking bollocks.
  5. I too can't see how it can possibly be your problem (except he may be uninsured and cost you) - I mean as in you did not give him permission (implied or otherwise) to drive it. It surely must be a taking vehicle without consent deal as mentioned. Anyway, what do I know. Would be interesting to hear @Tangovictor32 's take. HIm being an ex-copper and all.
  6. I agree. I think a verified magazine subscription otherwise.
  7. Motonovo do it for free as well - good company and the local rep- Jemma is excellent. Only thing against MN for me is their clawbacks (although it's only happened to me a couple of times over the years) I'll text you her number if you want.
  8. Like TV ever goes to a supermarket! I go once or twice a year (her birthday and valentines day for flowers) I'm not allowed to go with her, as I'm really annoying apparently- pointing out that 'we don't need half the stuff she's buying'. She now gets it delivered. Same here- also true when getting fuel. Shortening your life by worrying about saving fifty quid over your lifetime isn't for me. Either that or I'm lazy.
  9. We rarely show the punter the log book. Nor do they ask to see it. It's not proof of ownership and, as above, just throw in six months tax and go do it at a post office and apply for a new log book at the same time. As Umesh would say hashtaghappycustomer. Agreed.
  10. When scraping the barrel for spec, I liked RWW
  11. People calling Audis 'Or-dees'. (White dog poop is in fact Fox-poop I think).
  12. Character building. :0)
  13. Agh yes. Sorry Tradex- you mentioned it. I see you can still buy them!
  14. I'd forgotten about air fresheners. What were the 'three gems' ones? Bit like a traffic light. v posh. Anyone remember 'tax in post' in windscreens?