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  1. Lots of bored motor traders out there, giving ‘just that bit more’ than the next guy. Pretty normal/average month here, but everything is a work up. Lucky not short of stock as buying sensible seems impossible.
  2. Nobody is that bored or stupid. I for one couldn't make up such drivel if I tried. (Organising Car Dealers is like herding cats- as I've said on many occasions.) These stupid (OP) posts have been an intermittent feature for years. Like an EML on a german car. One will always appear.
  3. 50% you’re doing very well! I wanted to hate Bookface, and resisted it for a long time. It does produce sales, but it’s a slow burner & takes a while to build it. I don’t think the quality of punters/questions is any worse than from elsewhere. In fact, I think they trust you more. (Rory has 12 thousand followers or something heroic, so I guess that takes a long time? We have a 1500 ish, so a way to go yet.) The difficultly for me being SO anti-social in general, is bringing myself to come up with content to keep the interest. And finding interesting content to post is a challenge.
  4. Absolutely agree (as usual)
  5. All German (especially VW Audi), Vauxhall, Ford autos and Ecoboost as above, Minis (particulary 1.4 or Cooper S). Automatic newer Nissans (Juke etc). Diesels. Small manual cars. Surprised I buy anything to be fair.
  6. According to Motors
  7. Diesels have been v hard work here- South Coast (with a few exceptions) for a couple of years now. You can see the punters face change -as if they've just chewed wasp-once they hear the D word. Especially true with the over 60's who make up a large proportion of our local conurbation.
  8. You'll know when you know. However- resist the temptation I would say. Stay part time (paying your taxes of course) and enjoy it as a hobby. Life in this game is MUCH more complicated and difficult than you can possibly imagine. Be very sure before you take the leap.
  9. Yup- for sure they don’t like sitting. The junk has already had a new battery a few weeks ago. I was watching the customers. All they did was open it, open the drivers door and the tailgate. Ha. oh time. Funny addendum: could I find the keys yesterday? No. Searched everywhere & gave up (after grabbing the tree branch again in my mind). I eventually find them in the service history to another car and that car’s key in the Mercedes box. Idiot day. Note to self:wake up.
  10. And yet a Kia is still covered (like your balls I hope) ;o)
  11. Comedians In Cars, Getting Coffee is my favourite show on Netflix.
  12. The proof is in the pudding. Said Merc has done 40k. It’s quite a nice lump to be fair. My CRV started this morning. Just saying. Indeed. V true.
  13. I’m too long in the tooth to let it bother me. Was perversely quite funny. Just got back and I’m even less worried now. I thought about smoking the junk for a while, but it’s too new for me (13 plate) and it’s not as reliable as my ‘95 Crv daily. . :o)
  14. So true. Always a bloody german car too I find. So annoyed with it, that I've not even marked it back up or put the charger on it. If there was a tree nearby I'd go grab a branch and 'give it a damn good thrashing... you sit there for months doing nothing, and when you actually need it'. :0) Pub time for you too Mark. Not been too bad a month here (crap last month) but everything's so difficult. Finance declines, prep, customers. Oh well...This time next year!