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  1. I have a low mileage Fiat Coupe Turbo (in portafino blue with sunroof). I’ve not started it for two years through laziness. . I daren’t now I suppose. Have the red key, but as with all Fiats I’ve ever had in the old days, I never needed it, but god do I remember punters bitching about them. ‘No red key?’ It was as if you’d covered the interior all of a sudden with doo-do. Nowadays of course it’s the cambelt and god-forbid the lack of locking wheel nut key
  2. Welcome to our world old chap! I think you’re fine personally and should tell him to do his worse. You are not a motor trader, nor do you know anything about cars, or usually sell them. You could otherwise, in writing give a without prejudice offer to him in full and final settlement (to which he needs to reply in writing in agreement before shelling out). Small claims court action will take a year if that’s the route he wants to go. He should have bought a car from a retail establishment at full retail money if he wanted /expected guarantees and protection. Sounds like he could pop his clogs anyway at any time ;o). In all seriousness though, sounds like a load of old bluster to me from him. He’s trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear with your money and good nature. Good luck. Keep us posted. I too would be interested for our esteemed college @trade vet ‘s take.
  3. Spat my cereal out. SWAT. Brill. Wonder what it could stand for in this instance? Serious Woeful Awful Tat? :0) (At our local LR Dealership- they have two full time employees. Their only job is to go fetch broken junk from the punters houses/work and take them to the workshop.)
  4. Indeed. Plus they don't give a fcuk of course. I would think the best angle of attack is for everyone to hound their reps and daily call the office numbers to complain. That and a high profile survey. I think IMDA have done one @umesh what's the stance on this? Any plans to present to them or any feedback so far? I've used this analogy before and it remains true however, that organising independent car dealers is like herding cats. Of course, leaving the robbers and voting with your feet is the best angle of attack- if only for a short period. I think I'm right in saying that although the notice period is a month, that there's nothing to stop you joining right back up again?
  5. So. He blew the computer up. Everywhere. (Gotta laugh). Thanks for the replies though everyone. Much appreciated.
  6. This is where the absence of a like button offends. (Made me chuckle. You couldn’t make it up.)
  7. Yes, why not. You only live once. I guess the finance companies (well some of them) have an age limit as the risk of them not being alive next year/four years/end of term is higher. Have pinged it up to Mallard, so we’ll see tomorrow. Just remembered-I did have one guy (69) get finance on a Jag last year. He popped his clogs before making the third payment. I did bid on the car with the finance company, but didn’t win it.
  8. I know. Poor sod. You’d have hoped to be able to buy a six grand car at that time of life. Maybe he can but doesn’t want to shell out the lump sum? Will try to be (diplomatically) nosey
  9. Do any of you fine folk know of a finance company that considers the over 70’s? I have a punter, and the regular places I use (Motonovo, Blue, Autobahn) can’t help.
  10. Get in! Result! I sold a Kangoo WAV to what must be the first punter I can remember in a long while who hasn’t booked ahead.
  11. Bugger mate. That sinking feeling when you're pretty sure they've cocked off. :0(
  12. Have done four so far. Much better than this time last month. Have another approved on finance, but now dragging their feet- groan. Only did 10 last year in December. 12 year before and 16 year before that