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  1. Electric Cars

    Yeah one lap at the moment as they want them to keep the power cranked up, to keep up the quick average lap times-rather than turn them down and have more laps. Mind you, one lap is what- 37 odd miles. Mugen team /technology is way ahead of the others is the issue. Amazing bit of kit. (Might have been John McGuiness’ last TT,ride & he came second.)
  2. Electric Cars

    Ha-brill. Same here. Do have fully functioning system. No rain though- or punters. Have been offered a 2003 Suzuki Wagon R. How exciting- as you say: not. Can I make it as far as three o'clock I wonder..
  3. Electric Cars

    I think they call it 'range anxiety'. I wonder how many people do more than 80 miles a day? (as a percentage of drivers) 11 miles to work for me.
  4. BCA Not as description!

    A lot of them have no back seats at all so I wouldn’t worry about it. Your punter can take it out if they don’t want it.
  5. As above. Didn’t miss them or their bills one bit.
  6. Electric Cars

    Playing Devil's Advocate: So, tell me- when you have to pay for an auto gearbox rebuild or any number of issues over the years on said (god damn awful) VW or other German product, plus oils, fluids, services, DPF's, DMF Clutches etc on your petrol consuming car where you're handing money over the counter at the petrol station weekly- this is a cheaper option than an electric car with no gearbox, clutch, engine, oils, propshaft etc? Now, for me, anyone doing moderate miles a week like myself can live with an electric car no problem and the 200 odd mile range would mean I would charge it once a fortnight at most. As for the batteries, they can be recycled and are- Prius batteries for example are fairly reasonable already reconditioned. As above, the battery' is not just one battery, but a collection of battery cells, so in the unlikely event of a failure, they are being designed so you just replace a pack or two. When you see taxi drivers driving something, then you know they are OK. Have a look at the mileages they are getting next time you're in a Prius cab. A mate of mine has a high mileage Twizzy in PX the other day- still going strong (I know it's hardly a fair comparison but even so). Now I'm not saying electric cars are THE answer or the finished product but they are AN answer that we need to embrace. I wanted to hate them, but once you drive one, you get it. Well, I did anyway, and I'm a dinosaur. Leaf is ugly yes, but so are all little boring cars but they don't half go well, as does the i3(fantastic little cars them), never been in a Tesla but they seem to fly past me OK. That Jag ipace is a cracking bit of kit...
  7. Feeling Like a

    Rebecca sorted it out for me in the end. It does seem that we are left to our own devices nowadays. Pity our idea of one of us helping with moderating/admin the other month also fell on deaf ears. (Shame no contribution from Big Mike too after his intro) And where’s not Scottish/ScottishDave 2301254321 gone? Hot tub holiday?
  8. Who is doing well?

    We were similar(only one last week)but three in three days all of a sudden and enquires up too. Same last year- crap May, good June, so hopefully everyone will get busy too.
  9. Sold my last diesel

    Amen. Same here. Still have a few but only if they come in PX mostly.
  10. Aren’t you on hols Mark? Having fun?
  11. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    Absolutely. Well, if it's any consolation, I've just been hit with a gearbox rebuild on a 12 plate auto Juke done 22k! I know agreat guy if anyone is ever stuck with auto headaches (Southcoast) he's very reasonable too.
  12. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    I know what you mean TG, but I dunno and don’t let it bother you I think if you come over (even mildly) defensive, you put them a tad on edge. If you use my line about them being main dealer group px’s mostly, they like that - add the caveat that they’ve usually been swapped in for a new car if they do press you further. Not that you can buy anything on Dealer Auction anymore, but that is always a good line when saying it is a closed, main dealer, tradeonly auction etc.
  13. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    My line is ‘we mainly buy from main dealer groups’. Usually is enough to end the interrogation.
  14. Who is doing well?

    Wow! He’s back! Result, well done.
  15. Mazda mx5 2.0 sport

    MK1’s are stupid money. OP’s is a 3 with a hardtop. Dunno if he means a separate hardtop or a roadster car with a folding one. Makes a difference.Good bit of stock. Just check it’s actually got AC. Notjust a button. ;o) £4495 min for me, but Nick would get five grand.