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  1. Ferrari - write off?

    Ha made me chuckle although ‘moronic’ might have worked better than ironic. ;o) Seriously though. Are you a dealer or a punter? If it’s repaired right then what are you worried about? Don’t you get new-for-old within the first year of insurance? I wouldn’t want it at all. Let alonerepaired, as I would wager most on here would agree. I especially wouldn’t want to drive it in the wet. Tell the insurance company you don’t want it repaired and they need to weigh you out. Or trade it in for something more within your driving abilities ;op (I remember Casey Winger Stoner saying to the Goat Valentino Rossi that maybe his ambition had outweighed his talent) Right, I’moff out in my MK1 CRV Auto to walk the dog...they’re both pretty good in the rain.
  2. Ferrari - write off?

    Well I imagine the OP’s adrenaline lust was satisfied. Wouldn’tWBAC take the junk? Or do they have a limit?
  3. Am I being had?

    Or is it possible, like a stolen credit card info scam, that it is stolen PayPal details? Also Pay Pal can be recalled like a credit card. I smell a rat, so would not do it personally.
  4. If only I had a crystal ball.........

    Ha - brilliant. I'd confront him with that info for a laugh. It's funny- the nutters come out in force when it's quieter times. I think it's actually that you just pay little attention to them when you're flying.
  5. Business Slow?

    Sorry to hear that TG. V unusual with Jap stuff in my experience (although the new stuff isn’t what it used to be). What ages /trouble and cars were they out of interest? Has picked up a bit here but it is slow and the site walk ons are non-existent. Have done a couple of finance deals so the coms will help a bit. It'll happen -keep plodding on!
  6. Business Slow?

    German stuff? Diesel? Or anything?Do tell. Twomonths isn’t a long time nowadays -so I wouldn’t panic too much. Ifind the key is to have a mixture of stuff, so you’re not putting your eggs in one basket. I know some specialise in one thing, but you’ve really gotta know what you’re doing and it takes time to get the ball rolling. Chin up. It’ll happen.
  7. Company Car

    As I understand it : Lease a new car inc vat through the business. Claim (part) of the vat back each month. You will need a small ish (apx £1600 againsta 35? K car?)deposit and you can offset this also. As itis a company vehicle.used by all, you can claim the fuel costs back at 45 p a mile. Therefore the actual cost to the business is negligible- especially taking into account how much you may have previously spent on fuel in the course of business use previously, and road tax and sometimes service plans are also included Me, I’m happy in my MK1 CRV Auto ;o p. (Do you still smoke that old Rav TV?)
  8. Business Slow?

    There’s always an exception to the rule TG, so here’s hoping it’s your turn.
  9. Paddock Wood

    Absolutely concur. Occasionally you buy a lemon and make lemonade.
  10. Business Slow?

    Hopefully the workshop is busy for you? I just looked back at the sales numbers for the past 6 years and May has always been poor here.
  11. Business Slow?

    Now at a standstill sales wise here on the South Coast too. I consider it a standstill when all sold cars are out the door. As above, loads to doand lots of good stock and more in prep, so now is not the time to panic. Weekend is coming and we nearly always sell a few then. To the OP, many are called, few are chosen in this business and periods of drought are part of the game. A one month or so slow up is nothing unusual or to be concerned with. It can and does get much worse and to us long in the tooth dealers- it has many timesover the years:but the better times always come back around eventually. Being ‘antifragile’ is the key.
  12. profit margins

    My old man was making a grand a car in the early 80’s and if they had it a week it was a ‘bottler’. Shelling peas It’s much tougher now, especially the potential pitfalls. Start slow and feel your way is the best advice I can give. Good luck and keep us posted.
  13. profit margins

    Hi Beckley. Depends on how good you are at buying and how much of the prep etc you farm out or do yourself etcand the list goes on You’ll struggle I’d wager to get the answer you’relooking for on here as a newbie. To give yourself an idea of what you can buy and sell a car for, there are various guides (free or otherwise). Autotrader have a fee one as do Hpi.
  14. Business Slow?

    TV is correct (as often he is). April turned out Ok here but no records broken. May is ticking over. To the OP. I also have a site and staff and others on here do too and will sympathise with you also. For me, not having that AT bill (especially on quiet months) means I worry much less since dumping them. Now I’m not saying you should do the same -before we stir up that topic again. I’m on the fence at best nowadays whether having a site is the way to go forward. If you’re not making (at least a bit of) money over a two/three year period, then I guess your question answers itself. For me, I at least tell myself it still is worth it,and I find that although most of the business is now virtual, it helps to have a site as it gives gravitas to you in the punters eyes. Long term, I think I’ll just do a Mark, Nick, EPV, AD et al and either have a small unit or do it from home on my own. Do you need all your staff? I had another full time salesman up to about three years ago (when I dumped AT) and the PT ones did more hours then too. Streamlining and doing more myself helped greatly.
  15. Paddock Wood

    BIG :0) GRASSHOPPER ;0) If I could bring myself to use those yellow things it'd be the sunglasses one.
  16. Paddock Wood

    Same for me. Must be three years now since I actually went. Blackbusheis my nearest BCA also. I have been to my local dumping ground (SWVA Poole) a couple of times for a laugh. Hasn’t changed a bit since I was a kid. Same old faces. Just have to embrace online buying. On the whole it works out fine. Can’t think of anything that’s particularly bit me on the arse that wouldn’t have had I attended. I do limit my exposure though Rough with the smooth. Quite often descriptions have been better. Occasionally a bit worse. You get the odd issue but mostly not worth moaning about I find Now DA descriptions- that’s another per the other thread. Hows every one doing this Bank Hols? Anyone opening today? Friday andSaturday sold one each day. . Ghost Town yesterday apparently. Not holding out much hope for today but you never know. Glad I’m not in.
  17. Bank transfer problem

    Phew. Splendid.
  18. A few questions from a Newbie

    Hostility? Arrogance? Really? Wow. Some people read what they will...
  19. Part-time Trader

    To Quote Al Murray: (I’ve said it before) ‘Grow Up. It’s James or Jim. Not Jamie’ Absolutely AD. Lucas is thick skinned enough like the rest of us to make it. And to be fair, when and if I get called a c*** on here, I’ll take it on the chin (and like it probably). :0)
  20. Part-time Trader

    Negative? That’s you buddy and your interpretation. Sincerely. Good luck though. Sayonara
  21. Lawgistics Warranty

    I’ve used WMS (safe and sound) for many years. Only because the rep. (Peter) is awesome and ‘one of us’. I was with him when he was with the AA. However, I only use them if out of the area, German or odd ball /exotic now Same as MattR, they are definitely up over the years, but it’s been a good bit of peace of mind and if you don’t take the piss, they will look after you. Eventually though, you just use your own pot once you have it.
  22. Bank transfer problem

    Any update on this OP? Is the dough there now?
  23. Part-time Trader

    Part time can be OK for learning (and taking a bath) and can add a bit of dough to your pocket if you're lucky. You COULD build a business up doing this long term, especially if there's two of you but it'll be very long and tough. My advice is, go with your gut but I think you'll find you're better off where you are with a regular wage, benefits, holidays, sick pay, pension etc. Most start ups will fail and others will go backwards for a few years at least. Some will hit the ground running, but they will have taken the risks and gone all in. This game is MUCHharder than you'll ever imagine. It is nothing like working for a main dealer. Good advice above, and the main one I can see is 'get on and do it and make the mistakes yourself'. Good luck to you if you want to try and, at least part time, you won't be betting the ranch on it all. I think when you're on here a bit down the road having started trying/selling/making and pointing out your successes and failures, you'll get plenty of help and guidance.
  24. Bank transfer problem

    Nat West are brilliant. Unless you need anything. I’m lucky as have my own personal banking slave so I never have to do anything.